Male teen watch’s his friend’s dad masturbate.

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Male teen watch’s his friend’s dad masturbate.I was staying the week at my friend Jon’s house. When Jon left with his mother to go shopping, I stayed behind to finish my home work. Inside Jon’s room, i began to hear the unmistakable music and sex sounds of an adult movie from the room next door, Jon’s parents room. Curious, I quietly stepped out and went to the door of his parents room. When I peeked thought he crack in the door, the sight took my breath away. I gasped, I saw Jon’s dad laying on his bed and he appeared to be totally nude! Their TV was on the opposite wall, so he was looking away from the bedroom door, watching the porn. I seemed to be to be drawn in by the sight of him. He was a big, burly, hairy man. Heavy set, but muscular, he was an athlete when he was younger. As I watched him, watch his porn, He shifted on the bed and opened his thick, hairy legs slightly. He was totally nude, and I could see his thick cock resting on his full, tight hairy balls. My cock became instantly hard and began to throb in my jeans as I watched. I was surprised kaçak bahis by how erotic and sensual the sight was. I was also surprised by how turned on I was. I felt my dick strain against the fabric of my jeans and I leaned in to get a better look. His dad grapped his semi hard cock and moved it to his stomach. With one hand he began to pull on his dick as it layed there and with the other he began to rub and stroke his nipples. My hand mimicked his and ran under my shirt and found my own nipple. It felt as if they were directly connected to my cock, rubbing them felt amazing. My cock throbbed and I could hear my own heart beat in my ears. My heart raced when he clenched his fist around the base of his now hard dick and began to slowly move his hand up and down it. I could see him squeeze around the head and a drop of clear fluid formed at the tip. I reached down and squeezed my own hard dick through my jeans. I breathed in sharply when I saw his dad run his fingers across the top of his cock, collecting the sticky clear pre cum and bringing them up bets10 giriş to his mouth. He rubbed his fingers across his lips and then stuck out his tongue and licked off his own pre cum. I stepped away from the door, afraid he had heard me. I turned to walk away but I couldn’t. I had to see more of him and quickly returned to the crack in the door. I felt light headed as I watched in disbelief. He then placed his hand on his full, tight hairy ball sack and began lightly squeezing them and caressing them with his finger tips. His other hand continued to stroke his thick hard dick. As he stroked himself, I too, stroked myself through my jeans.Within a few moments, I could see his dads body begin to shake slightly. With his hand gripping the base of his dick and his other hand moving from his balls back to his nipples. I watched as thick, white sticky cum oozed from his cocks head and run down his shaft, over his fingers and down his balls, resting there in the hair that covers his fat balls. The sight sent me over the edge and my knees went bets10 güvenilir mi weak as I was rocked by my own orgasm. I squeezed and rubbed my cum out, into my underwear as I watched a man masturbate. When he brought his cum coated fingers to his mouth and lick them, I dove my own hand down my pants and covered my own fingers in my cum and brought them up to my mouth as well. I rubbed the silky cum across my lips before licking them. The taste of my cum was odd at first, different, but quickly became addictive. I found I like the taste and wanted more. I ran my hand back down my pants, gathering more jizz and them licked them clean once more. As I watched him taste his own thick cum, he also rubbed his thick white semen into the hair on his chest and stomach. He looked for sexy and incredibly manly.When he stood up, I almost stepped away in fear of getting caught. Thankfully, he continued to watch the porno and ran his cum covered hands up and down his big hairy ass, chest, stomach and softening cock and balls. He then turned towards his bathroom and I watched his big, muscular ass as he walked inside. I quitly returned to Jon’ room, but I could not finish my home work. All I could think about was what I had just seen. Thankfully, It would not be the only time I saw Jon’s dad’s naked body.

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