Looks by Missy

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Looks by MissyI had met him several times before, and now that he and his new wife,June, had moved into our neighborhood, we interacted more frequently. Ihad actually dated her for a while before she and Jeff married, so I wasaware of more intimate aspects of her as well as their relationship. Ihad always found it strange that they got married, as they seemed an oddpair. He was not particularly attractive, nor personable. Also, Junecomplained a lot about him, in particular his tendency to be rude to herand her friends, as well as flirtatious with other women. In fact, shestopped dating me to be with him, but as we started tapering off Juneintroduced me to one of her friends from college, Susan; setting us upon a blind date that went well. It went so well, that we continued todate, became serious, and then got married. June and Susan remained goodfriends, requiring we interact as couples. Recently, June had askedSusan if they could borrow a folding table from us and after using it,she called about returning it. I told them to come on over. Although ithad been in the past and we were both married now, I still found herattractive and had to admit, I would agree to do things for her just soI could spend time with her. That was particularly true now, since ithad been months since we had been together, because our work scheduleshad been so hectic.To say I was disappointed when I saw their van pull up and only Jeff wasinside was an understatement. But I was friendly and helped him get thetable out of his vehicle and into our garage. As we did so, I couldn’thelp but notice the way he looked at me, a sort of combination of asneer, amusement, and ogling. It made me feel both uncomfortable andawkward. I knew my appearance had changed a lot lately. I had let myhair grow out, so it was now down to my shoulders. Susan hadn’t liked itbut insisted if I was going to wear it long, that I take care of it andthat included covering the gray that was creeping in. Maybe that waswhat caught his attention, as my hair was now a light honey blonde colorand was shiny and smooth from the hair products Susan gave me. I had itpulled back in a loose ponytail with a tortoise-shell clip, a femininelook but one I used around the house a lot. I had also lost a lot ofweight, a conscious effort to slim down, dropping nearly 25 pounds inthe last three months. So I no longer had the pudgy belly that Jeff wasused to seeing. My waist was now a trim 28 inches, but unfortunately thelost weight didn’t include my chest. As a teenager, I had a bout ofgynecomastia which when combined with my weight gave me a definiteprotruding set of ‘male boobs’. When I also had a large stomach, itwasn’t as noticeable as I looked like any other fat guy. But now my bustwas more prominent, projecting out from my smooth trunk. I hadn’tthought about how they might look under my loose t-shirt, bouncing as wemoved the table. So maybe that was what caught his eye. In any case, heleft and I went back to doing my chores around the house. I forgot allabout it until a few days later when June called.”Hello Roger, how’s it going? Sorry I missed you the other day, it seemslike forever since we’ve been together. Jeff mentioned that you lookedso different. That you are much trimmer and your hair looked nicer too.I wanted to come by and give you guys a thank you gift, is now a goodtime?””That’s nice June, but you don’t need to do that. Besides, Susan isn’there.””Well I want to give you something. I don’t mind that Susan is not athome. I’ll be over in a few minutes.”She hung up and I was left standing there. I had tried to deflect her,as she really didn’t need to reward us for loaning her the table, but Iwould be glad to see her. I just didn’t want to sound too eager. Soon, Iheard a knock at the front door and I opened it to let her in. Standingthere, June looked great as always. Her soft brown hair was cut in ashort style that framed her face perfectly. She had just enough makeupto highlight her bright blue eyes, high cheeks, and full lips. The cutof her top, a white sleeveless mock turtleneck in a sheer fabric,emphasized her large breasts. The lace bra she wore underneath wasvisible and you could tell she was a D- or even DD-cup. The rest of heroutfit was a simple pair of jean short-shorts paired with high heelsandals. Maybe because she was only about 5’3″ in height, but she almostalways wore heels. The fact that they made her ass look good too, wasalso a plus, I’m sure. Seeing me, she smiled and reached out to lightlygrab my upper arm.”Oh my! Jeff is so right. Your hair is lovely. I hadn’t realized it hadgotten so long and that color is suited perfectly to your skin tone andhazel eyes. I can see why he was so struck by it. I also have to admityour weight loss is very noticeable as well. Not that you were fat, butwithout that typical male paunch like Jeff’s, you look years younger andso trim. He told me you seemed to have developed up top as well. I cansee what he meant, although if I remember correctly, when we weretogether you had a bit of that already, didn’t you?”Her barrage of compliments and then questions about my appearance caughtme off-guard. Especially about my chest. I had gotten somewhat used toit being atypical and most people didn’t mention it if they noticed. Iblushed and stuttered out something about it being a condition I hadsince puberty. She quickly agreed that I was probably the same size asbefore, but it just looked different with a trim waistline. As wetalked, she moved closer and I caught a whiff of perfume. I recognizedit immediately as it was a fragrance she wore when we had dated. Ihadn’t smelled it on her since she and Jeff married. The mere smellbought back pleasant memories of our time together and put me in abetter mood. But June soon went back to my hair.”Jeff told me, that he thought your hair was as pretty as any woman’sand I agree. I would love to do something with it once, just for fun.You know, he has been pestering me constantly about it. He’d love to seehow you would look with your hair done and maybe wearing something uptop that would show off your bust. I can see what he means now. I couldreally work something out I think. How about it, would you do me a favorand let me try? If you don’t, I know Jeff won’t give me a rest. He canbe so annoying about things he wants.”I wasn’t quite sure I understood what she was asking, so I questionedher.”What do you mean try something? Try what?””Oh just let me style your hair. You know, put some curl in it or maybesome soft waves with a flip. That will be the hard part, deciding whatstyle might look best. I can already imagine four or five looks thatwould be perfect for your hair and face. I could do even more, if we hadit cut right. Then if you wore some cute top or something that wouldshow off your bust, I think that would do the trick for Jeff.””What? You must be joking. I wouldn’t do something like that. Even ifagreed, Susan would think it would be silly too.””Susan’s fine with the idea. As soon as Jeff got home the other night hestarted on me, so I called her to talk about it. She said it was okayand acted like it wouldn’t be a big deal at all to her. Besides it wouldjust be us, a one-time thing you know. I’m sure you realize what a houndJeff is about boobs. He can’t seem to get enough of them.”Although I was startled first by the idea itself, the fact that Susanhad agreed really put me off balance. I stuttered around trying tofigure out what to say. I seized on her last statements about how Jefflike boobs.”Well if Jeff is such a breast guy, why would he be interested in me? Imay be unusually large for a guy, but compared to women, especiallysomeone like you with your figure, I would look like a board. There’sreally not much there. Plus I’m a guy. The idea is just too strange.””I agree you’re not like me or even your lovely wife, but youunderestimate Jeff’s range of interest. He’s as hot for small boobs asbig ones really. In fact, he seems to get fascinated as much by someonewith ones different than my size. That’s what I like about this idea. Imean, I know it is just a form of visual stimulation and since you’re aguy, looking is all he’d want. I know it might seem pretty odd, but forme I’d like the chance to do this. For one thing, I really enjoy beingtogether, just you and me. If we were to do it, you could come over toour house, and we’d spend the day together. Try different looks, havelunch, just be close. Ideally, if you would agree to Saturday, thatwould be perfect. Jeff has to work till 4 PM, and we could have all dayto hang out, just the two of us. Then he could come check out how youlook. I’m sure once he got a few looks, he’d be satisfied. Please thinkabout it. I’d make it fun I promise. I just don’t think I can take morepressure from Jeff about this.”As she spoke, June moved even closer. So close that her bare leg rubbedagainst mine and her breasts were literally brushing my shirt. The headyaroma of her perfume filled my brain and I felt like I was in a fog. Themere idea of trying to dress to look like a woman was so outlandish asto be ridiculous. I knew I was not overly masculine, with neither bigmuscles nor lots of body hair, but even with a modest 5’8″ frame, I didnot think I had a feminine profile. Plus, the way Jeff looked at me inthe garage was creepy enough. This would be way worse. But then the ideaof spending all day with June, just us two was a big draw. I mean I hadgotten hard as soon as she arrived and now it seemed like it was goingto explode. I had a serious crush on her and still consider the night wewent to bed together to be one of the high points of my life. Even mysubpar sexual performance didn’t alter how I looked at that night. So Istuttered a second, trying to think of what to do. June must have sensedmy indecision, as she stared at me deeply before leaning in to kiss mycheek. Her boobs pressed against my arm and it seemed like her perfumewas swirling around me. Staying close to my face she whispered again.”Please say yes. I need your help, okay?”That pushed me over the edge. Although I couldn’t voice it, I managed tonod my head in the affirmative. Getting the response she wanted, shegrabbed me in a big hug and again kissed my cheek. I could feel my faceflush from embarrassment, as I was sure she felt my erection as we werepressed together. Finally she let me go and stepped back. As if bymagic, she pulled a cloth tape measure from her pocket. Stepping behindme, she looped it around me, and quickly measured around a few places onmy frame. Finally satisfied, she rolled it back up and moved in front ofme.”This should give me enough to work with, I mean for what he wants. Ipromise you won’t regret this at all. Just come over about 10 onSaturday morning so we can get started. No need to dress up either, atee shirt and jeans will be fine. Thanks again, I knew I could count onyou to be there for me.”As she headed back to her car, I began to realize what I had agreed todo and started to panic. But seeing her smile so big, with reliefobvious on her face, made me swallow my protests. Plus her nipples werehard and poking through her top, suggesting to me that she was excitedtoo. I would just have to do it, get it over with, and forget it. Itseemed a small price to pay to have time alone with her. Later whenSusan came home, I thought of telling her but before I could sayanything she matter-of-factly mentioned that she had plans to shop onSaturday, would be gone all day, and that I should find something tokeep me busy. She had a knowing smile as she talked, which told me shehad spoken with June and was apparently okay with it all. The next twodays were crazy as I alternated between excitement about being with Juneand dread at what I had agreed to do. The visual of Jeff leering at me,haunted my thoughts about the day, but I tried to balance that withknowing I could be close to June.Finally, it was time. I took a quick shower and shaved my face. I was sonervous, I could only eat a slice of toast. Susan was prepping for herday and as she left she told me to have fun, behave, and she would seeme later for dinner. I headed over to June’s house, dressed as shesuggested in jeans and a tee. When she opened the door, I wasimmediately glad I had agreed to do this for her. She was wearing a sexyromper with cutouts on the sides and a deep v-neckline revealing lots ofcleavage. Her boobs were taut against the fabric and I could tell shewasn’t wearing a bra. She gave me a big hug and a quick kiss on thecheek. I started getting hard immediately as I smelled the perfume shehad worn for me before. Taking me by the hand she led me to the kitchen.”Roger I am so glad you are here. We are going to have a wonderful day.A day we will remember for a long time. But before we start getting youready, I want to just relax and chat. I’ve brewed up some tea and we cantalk and catch up on each other’s lives, okay?”I followed her to the kitchen, where we sat at her table and talked forthe next 30 minutes sipping tea and just being with each other. It wasperhaps the most we had talked and the closest we had been since westopped dating. I loved it, as she was both interested in me and flirtyas well. It was hard not to just stare at that wonderful cleavage. Thatkept me hard as well as interested, as my cock seemed to like beingclose to her even more than my mind did. Even when she described howexcited Jeff was about today, it did little to dampen my growingenthusiasm. I did have to ask how her marriage was and couldn’t resistdigging a bit to see what she had found so intriguing about him. I didfeel a bit awkward after I asked her, but she merely smiled and answeredmy personal question.”Jeff does have some disagreeable qualities and tends to annoy me attimes, but he has a few things that most women desire. Although hedoesn’t seem to be a smooth talker most of the time, especially in agroup, he is really skilled at it. When you’re alone with him, he has away of talking with you that makes you feel like you’re the sexiest,most special woman in the world. He seems to know what buttons to pushto get you excited or feeling good about yourself. He also has a sort ofinner command that radiates confidence, control, and experience; that heknows what he is doing at all times and will be there to protect andprovide for you. That is a sort of masculinity that a lot of women love.That personality strength is combined with a physicality that isspecial. Jeff isn’t the handsomest guy and in everyday situations hedoesn’t stand out. But I’ll tell you, in the bedroom arena, so to speak,he shines. He has the right equipment you might say that puts him inelite company. It’s a kind of sexual experience you can’t get from mostmen. He does know he is special and that he can get his way with manywomen, so you have to deal with his wandering, but that’s a price I waswilling to pay.”I had to blush when she answered, because it immediately made me thinkof our sexual encounter. I had finally lured her to bed and when she laynaked before me I tried to make her as pleased sexually as I could. Idid give her multiple orgasms, but it was only by kissing and lickingher sweet pussy until she came. Unfortunately, when I moved up and beganto fuck her, I was so excited that I didn’t last but a few strokes. Shetold me it was okay and we cuddled after I came. But that was the onlytime we had sex and we only had one more date, although we’d gettogether for lunch or other daytime activities. I had to know that Ididn’t really deliver the sexual excitement she wanted. So when shedescribed how Jeff was able to please her that answered my question in away I was not ready for. But that seemed to be the perfect transitionfor her to indicate that it was time we started my transformation. I wasdocile by that time and having resigned myself to do this, I went withher upstairs to their master suite. Following her as she went upward,my eyes gravitated to the bottom of her romper where her butt cheekswere showing and I could see she had no more than a thong pantyunderneath. Of course my cock was rock hard. As we entered the room, sheturned and gestured toward the bed.”Go ahead and slip out of your clothes. Also put your hair up with theclip I left on the nightstand. I want to see what I have to work withand how much we need to do.”I started to hesitate, but she waved me on, and then turned to go intothe adjoining bath. This was where my nerves kicked in. Swallowing andtrying to convince myself it would be fine, I pulled off my shirt andthen slid the pants down my legs. I pulled my hair back and twisted itso the clip would keep it on top of my head. Standing there in myunderwear, I interlocked my fingers and held my hands just in front ofmy still erect cock. I was trying to wish it to get soft, but with noresponse. She returned and smiled again.”I need everything off Roger. We don’t need to be coy, I mean we’ve seeneach other nude before, right?”Glancing downward, her slight smile turned into a wide grin.”Oh I understand now. That’s so cute, you still find me sexy.”Moving closer, she put her hands on each side of my briefs and slowlybut steadily pulled them down. My cock hung in the fabric a secondbefore popping out and bobbing in the air while she pulled my briefsdown far enough for me to step out of them. I nearly jumped when shewrapped her hand around it, lightly grasping the shaft.”There’s my little fellow. Glad to see he’s still perky. I just love howhe fits so easily in my hand. Sometimes it feels like I can barely wrapmy fingers around Jeff, you know? I’m also pleased that I remembered howyou look. I was hoping that I was right that you didn’t have a lot ofbody hair. It should be easier to make you presentable.”Turning, she kept a light grip on me and pulled me toward the bath. Iwas blushing furiously now, both from what she said as well as from heractions. But what worried me most was her statement about my hair. I wasright to worry, as once we were in the room, she let go of me to turn onthe water in the claw-foot bathtub. She reached over and began to put onsome vinyl gloves that were on the counter.”Roger go ahead tipobet giriş and step in the tub. I’m going to apply some depilatorycrème to make your skin smooth and soft.””June, you didn’t mention anything like this. I don’t know if that issomething I want to do. I mean, I thought you just wanted me to let Jefflook at my chest? Why do I need to remove my body hair?””Oh don’t worry, you have such fine hair, and it’s so light in color, noone will really notice. But Jeff expects you to look feminine for him.Besides, you do have a little patch of chest hair that is totally wrongfor the outfit I chose for you. This will only take about 15 minutes.The crème is real effective, although so gentle you can use it to removepubic hair. You still remember how smooth I was for you when we had sex,don’t you?”By now June was applying the crème, as she had not waited for me toagree. She had just started. I had to admit I didn’t have a lot of hair,as it was only noticeable on my legs, forearms, the small patch in thecenter of my chest, and under my arms. The thickest area was my pubichair and even that was so light it didn’t really hide anything. Juneseemed oblivious to how this might affect me later, but as she smoothedit over my body I couldn’t help but wonder how I would explain this toSusan. I would have to tell her I had done it, as she would surely bejealous if she knew I had allowed June to see me completely nude, not tomention handle my cock. These thoughts tumbled in my head as Junefinished by putting crème on the base of my cock, all over my balls andbetween my cheeks. She did leave a narrow strip of hair above my cockwhich immediately made me remember that was how she had looked when Iwent down on her. Having completed the application, June peeled off hergloves and told me to just stand there, it would only be about 15minutes and she could wash me off.That was the longest quarter hour of my life. I could see myselfreflected in the mirror over the sinks, and I couldn’t help but focus onhow feminine I looked in this situation. The shock of what I was doingbegan to affect me and my hard-on quickly softened making everythingworse. As it shriveled up, it appeared so small. All I could think aboutwas that I was going to present my body as a female to another man. Bythe time June re-entered the bath, I was almost shaking from the cold ofstanding there nude, nerves, and embarrassment. If she noticed, Junedidn’t say anything but picked up the hand-nozzle, a washcloth, andimmediately began to wipe and then wash the crème and the dissolved hairoff my legs. As she worked her way upward, she smiled at me.”Time for the unveiling! I know you’re going to look so cute when I’mdone getting you ready. I hope you are as excited as I am, but honestlyI’m glad you’ve gone back to your tiny softness. It will make the restof the transition a lot easier.”The shower of slightly cool water had been aimed right at my cock andballs as she talked and when she moved it up to rinse off my stomach andchest hair, I couldn’t help but see how small and powerless they looked.It was almost as if my cock was reticent to be seen, as it had shrunkback on itself. My balls were no better, being like almonds inside mysack. When she finished rinsing the crème off my body, June told me tosit on the edge of the tub so she could wash my hair. She went throughthe process, first shampooing, then conditioning and lastly a finalrinse. After my hair drained a bit, she wrapped it up in a turban towelto allow it to dry and handed me another bath towel to dry my body. As Idid so, I couldn’t get over how my appearance had changed by the simpleremoval of body hair. I knew I wasn’t overly masculine but my soft,smooth skin highlighted the feminine aspects of my appearance. It wasn’thelped by how small my cock and balls looked without pubes; they stillseemed in shock over this whole episode. Once I was dry, I went to thebedroom where June was waiting. Entering the room, I subconsciouslyplaced my hands in front of my genitals as if I instinctively knew thathad to look small and delicate. If June noticed she didn’t say butmerely indicated for me to stand in front of her. I noticed she washolding a small tube and a spray can.”Okay Roger, time for the next step. This may seem extreme, but I thinkit will work for the best. Even though you are small for a man, yourcock still can disrupt the appearance we want for Jeff. So, what I’mgoing to do is apply some medical adhesive to help cover it up. The goodthing is the adhesive is very gentle and non-toxic, plus it’s easy toremove. Here let me show you how it works.”June sprayed a little of the clear liquid on the forefinger and thumb ofher left hand. Pressing them together, they were immediately gluedtight. She had me pull slightly on them and I could tell that they wouldnot come apart without tearing the skin. June then put some liquid fromthe bottle where they were stuck together. The liquid rapidly dissolvedthe medical adhesive and her fingers separated easily. She smiledbroadly at me.”See, it works like a charm. What I want to do is use this to help tuckyour male parts, so they are hidden. I think it should work well forwhat we need. You’ll have to help but it should only take a few minutesto complete. Just do as I say.””June, it looks safe, but this is too much. I mean, I really didn’t wantto remove my body hair, but I could kind of understand it. But why is itnecessary to glue me like this? Can’t I just push my cock back betweenmy legs?””Well that might help a little, but the panty I picked for you is fairlysheer, so I just don’t want to take any chances on what might show. Tellyou what, let me try it and if you don’t see how it improves your newlook, then I’ll remove the glue.”Not really convinced, I felt like I had no other choice, so I let herproceed. It went pretty easily, I had to admit, although it felt odd tohave her handle me so much. We first worked on keeping my balls insideof me; I pushed them one at a time into the cavity on each side whileshe pulled back my sack skin and glued it tight against my body. Sheonly had to hold it a minute or two to allow the glue to set. The ballsprotruded a little against my taut skin, but mostly stayed concealed.June finished by spraying the underside of my cock, avoiding the moresensitive skin on the glans, and then stretched it back toward my ass.Since it was pulled tightly backwards, she held it for a good fiveminutes to be sure the glue was firm. Releasing her hand, my cock stayedin place, making it feel quite weird between my legs. From the front, Inow had a smooth curve running from my narrow patch of pubic hair downbetween my legs. It didn’t really look like a woman’s labia but itlooked even less like a man’s genitals. June was very pleased. Seeinghow she had solved that issue, she had me slip on the panties she hadchosen. They were a cheeky tanga style made of a sheer beige nylon withlace trim around the waist, legs and up the cheeks. I understood whatshe meant now, as I looked very feminine from the front with the pubiclanding strip and flat front providing a convincing look.”Oh Roger that looks so much better, better than I had even hoped. Iguess I had forgotten how small you really were. That made it mucheasier to convert you to a smooth sexy look under your panties. Now weneed to work on your hair. Just slip on this robe and sit down at myvanity. I’m going to use rollers to give you the curl and wave I want inyour hairstyle. Once your hair is in curlers, then we can take a breakfor lunch. Later I can do your makeup and we can finish getting youdressed. We should have lots of time before we show you off to Jeff.”That short conversation sort of summed up my relationship with June. Shecould praise me and insult me within the same sentence. Despite all thechanges she had done to my appearance, I enjoyed being with her. Ihadn’t spent this much time with her, or been this close since westopped dating. Just having her hold my cock, even if it was to glue itout of the way, gave me a special feeling inside. Of course, my thoughtsalso flashed to my wife and I felt a tinge of guilt at still lusting forJune, but I convinced myself that Susan was okay with me being here.Overall, I was beginning to adjust to following June’s lead and doing asshe said. You could tell that she was used to setting hair, because ittook her only about 15 minutes to roll mine in large plastic curlers.She used setting gel on each one and secured them with bobby pins sothey would stay in place. Once she had all my hair done, June covered itwith a stretchy hair bonnet. She seemed really pleased and assured methat my hair would looked really nice once she styled it. We would needto let my hair dry naturally for a while and then I could sit under herportable hair dryer to finish it.Taking my hand in hers, June began to file my fingernails. She wanted topolish my nails, telling me she wished we had gone to a nail salonfirst. I would look much cuter with nail extensions, but she could atleast shape them and give them a pretty color. June worked quickly,doing first my right and then left hands. While the bright red polishdried, she repeated her work on my toenails, even buffing my feet tomake them smoother. I questioned her a bit about removing the polishwhen we were done, but she said it would only take a few minutes toremove it. After Jeff had seen me, she would remove the glue, polish,and I could take a quick shower so that I was free of all traces of herfeminization efforts. That made me feel a little more comfortable withhow far she was going with all of this. Once the polish was done, I satthere waiting for it to get dry enough for me to move around. Sittingthere, I could see my image in her vanity mirror. I appeared as feminineas could be with my hair in curlers, polished nails, smooth hairlessskin and light pink satin robe. Although I was loving being so close toher, I was paying a high price for June’s attentions. While we waited,we talked about how my marriage to Susan was going and exchangedintimate details about each other’s love lives. The more we talked thecloser I felt we were getting. Maybe it was just coincidental, but shemade a lot of contact with me as we talked, letting her fingers traceover much of my body and face or occasionally brushing against me withher breasts or hips. Finally, she felt my nails were dry enough andpulled out a pair of high-heel slippers. She wanted me to wear them so Icould practice walking in heels. They felt really odd as they shifted mywhole body posture, but combined with the other unique feelings of mytucked genitals and the tight pull of the rollers on my hair, it didn’tseem out of place. I followed her gingerly downstairs to get somethingto eat.We spent the next hour in her kitchen, snacking on a tray of fruits,vegetables, and cheeses, while we sipped a glass of white wine. June wasso bubbly about all of this, it made me more relaxed. She emphasized howmuch she appreciated me doing this for Jeff, since it would keep himfrom lusting after some other woman. That theme had surfaced severaltimes as we had talked through the day, giving me the feeling that hiswomanizing ways had made her doubt her own self-worth andattractiveness. So I took special pains to compliment her on herappearance, sexiness and style. She didn’t quite seem to get how much Iwas drawn to her, as she constantly reflected my comments back to me;she assured me I would look spectacular once she had finished mytransformation. For example, she insisted I walk back and forth in theheels, while she gave me pointers on a sexy walk. June praised me forbeing such a quick study and said I had a naturally sexy twitch when Imoved in my heels. Not exactly what I was going for, but I did enjoy ourintimate conversations. The most embarrassing point was when I needed topee. The wine had worked its way through me and I excused myself to goto the bathroom. Of course, I had to sit on the toilet, and the way itfelt when I peed, was surprisingly natural. It only reinforced howfeminine I was becoming in both actions and image. Finally, it wasnearly two o’clock and she said it was time to get ready. With a fairamount of trepidation, I finished my wine and we went upstairs.The first step was for me to sit for about 10 minutes under her portablehair dryer. It finished drying my hair while June got ready to do mymakeup. Once she turned off the dryer, she had me sit at her vanity andbegan the process. I expressed my reservations again, and asked her ifwe could just do the minimum necessary. Her laugh, a lilting, teasingchuckle, told me that she would have none of that. For the next 30minutes, she worked her magic on me starting with foundation andfinishing with thick false eyelashes and glossy red lipstick. I couldsee the transformation in her mirror and was stunned both by how muchdetail she took with each step and how successful she was in crafting afemale appearance to my face. When she lightly stroked a shiny lip glosson my blood red lips, I wanted to cringe. I no longer looked like a manand could only imagine how Jeff would see me. Of course, June wasoverjoyed, telling me I was much cuter than she had ever hoped for. Withmy face done, she had me shed the robe and stand in front of her.Smiling she picked up some brownish red lip color.”Now Roger, you may have the cute little breasts that Jeff is seeking,but your nipples and areolas still look like a boys’. So I’m going touse a little lip stain to give you some more size and darker color.Although this is a stain, we need to let it dry a bit before we dressyou. But I assure you, Jeff will love your new look.”Using a narrow makeup brush, June carefully worked on each nipple. Withsmall strokes, she doubled the size of my areolas and made them muchdarker. When she had applied enough, she had me turn to look at my newboobs in the mirror. The effect was sobering; they now looked much morefeminine with this small step resulting in a big change in appearance.June had to compliment me and tease me a bit at how cute my boobs werewhile we waited for the stain to dry. Once she felt the color was set,she indicated it was time to put them in my first bra. June took a beigebra, trimmed in lace with sheer cups and fitted it around my chest. Asshe adjusted the shoulder straps and lifted my small boobs on top of thepush-up pads at the bottom of each cup, I blushed a bright red visibleeven through my new makeup. I was flabbergasted by how much cleavage shehad created and it was even worse, because my enhanced areolas werevisible through the sheer lace at the top of the bra cups. She wasbeside herself, telling me I had a killer body. It was hard to argue atthat point, as my chest was very prominent while my panties were smoothwith no sign of a cock. I was now regretting my decision to go alongwith this. Maybe it wasn’t too late to back out.”June, I’m having second thoughts about this. I mean, I didn’t expect tohave to go this far and you’ve done such a good job that I am nervousabout Jeff seeing me like this. How can he look at me as a man after hesees how feminine you have portrayed me? I thought I was just going tohave to wear a girl’s top or some sort of lingerie camisole, but you’vetotally redesigned my whole image. It feels unnatural to have mymanhood glued down as if it doesn’t exist and the way you’ve highlightedmy chest plays on my sensitivity about how it looks. Plus, I can’timagine that Susan thought you would take me this far. If she saw menow, I’m sure she would want me to stop as well. I’m sure she wouldn’twant her husband to look like a woman. I should have said more about myconcerns earlier, but I think it’s time I put my foot down.”I tried to look stern and determined as I finished, but I felt nothingbut fear of my upcoming humiliation. My insides felt like they werebeing squeezed, with stomach in knots and my chest compressed tightly. Iwas acutely aware of my cleavage and uplifted breasts as I breathed;they rose and fell with each breath which were now coming faster as Ibegan to get more and more nervous. It was even worse because you couldsee my enhanced nipples peeking through the lace. My cock seemed to becrying out for help, as it was pressed tightly against me, snuglytrapped between my legs, covered in silky nylon. I sensed it was not howI should look or be dressed. I had been so overcome by my desire tospend one-on-one time with June that I had overlooked how much I wassacrificing. Finally I had to look down at my hands, as I was getting soupset I was afraid I would cry. They were folded across my body, armspushing my padded breasts further forward. I had them resting at the topof my panty, the shiny red nails making my fingers look longer andthinner. I couldn’t help but see how my fingers were trembling, myresolve fading as I hoped that June would allow me to escape thistorment. I could sense her moving closer and glanced upward, my thicklashes partially shading my eyes as she looked at me. She took my handsin hers, lightly squeezing them as if to give me the strength to stopshaking. My lower lip quivered as I waited for her response.”Oh Roger, you are so adorable. I figured you might have doubts aboutthis as we got closer to making it real. But don’t worry, you lookfantastic, so sexy yet vulnerable and demure. Jeff will go crazy overyou. I mean, you’re like a virginal sex goddess. This will be more thanhe ever expected. As far as how he will see you in the future, I bethe’ll have a new found appreciation of your potential. I have to admit,he has always teased me about the fact that we dated and how you aren’tthe kind of man I needed. But I’m sure once he sees you as a beautiful,sexy woman, he’ll understand what I found appealing about you. Susanwill have the same reaction, too. Bet you didn’t know she had a hotlesbian fling with one of her sorority sisters when she was in college,did you? If she saw you like this, she’d eat you alive. I know she’sbragged to me before about how good you are with your lips and tongue. Iknow you were the best pussy licker I ever had and to be truthful, Imiss that tipobet güvenilir mi now, as Roger is not the kind of guy to do that for his women.So just try to relax, have fun and enjoy the moment. I guarantee onceJeff starts drooling over you, you’ll forget your worries and realizewhat you are capable of.”She gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Earlier, I would havebeen thrilled to be this close to June, but looking down all I could seewas how her breasts were pushed up against mine, accentuating both ourcleavages. That was not how I wanted it. Plus rather than be reassuring,her little speech made my mind reel. Not only imagining Jeff ‘drooling’over me but the idea that my wife had a lesbian past. I thought I knewall her inner secrets. If she had gone that far, what else had she doneor was still doing that I didn’t have a clue about? At least this lastworry got my mind off my catwalk for Jeff. I had decided if I wentthrough with this, it would be a brief walk around so he could see meand then I would retreat and change back to my own attire. June had beenvery clear that I could stop at any point. So with that small plan inmind, I let her continue the last phases of my transformation.Getting fully dressed didn’t take much time. June gave me a pair offishnet thigh-hi stockings in a light beige with lace trim on theelastic at the top. She showed me how to bunch them up and slowly workthem up each leg. I had to admit the feel of the silky material on mynow smooth legs gave me a sexual rush. My cock twitched even as it washeld in place between my legs by the medical adhesive. The stockingswent almost to my panty, giving me a much longer leaner look. June hadme slip on the dress she had selected and helped me by zipping up theback. It was a simple sundress with spaghetti straps, triangular cupsfor the top, and a baby-doll style that extended just past the top of myhose. The cups covered my bra cups, but left the straps exposed andhighlighted the padded cleavage. It was a cream white, with eyeletdetails on the cups, around the hem, and under the bust. I was a bitsurprised at this choice because it was a relaxed style. With my dresson, she had me fastened my shoes, a pair of strappy high heel sandals ina nude color. Once I was fully dressed she had me walk around a bit andI could see that I looked quite feminine in the outfit and although itwas very short, the dress still kept my stocking tops covered most ofthe time.Now that I was dressed, June turned to styling my hair. She slowlyunwound each roller, letting the resulting softly curled hair bouncetoward my shoulders. With each one, I saw more and more how curling myhair would finalize the change of my overall image. Once she had thenall removed, she lightly tousled my hair with her fingers, separatingthe curls only a bit to make then a little looser. She also used a hairpick to position them, but she made it clear that my hair style would bevery curly. Satisfied that she had it the way she wanted, June used hairspray to help the curls maintain their shape. She was very excited, asJeff loved curly hair. I had to admit, looking at my image in themirror, I could see why she was excited. I had the look of a realfemale. Enough to make me resume my worries about how Jeff would thinkof me going forward. As my mind focused on my upcoming debut, she gaveme some jewelry accessories, including a necklace, bracelet, anklet andclip on earrings, all in a silver-rhinestone theme. The last piece ofjewelry made me blush again. It was a solitaire-style ring with a singlelarge rhinestone simulating a diamond. She slid it up my left ringfinger against my silver wedding band, giving me the appearance of amarried woman. Her final act was to spray me with perfume. I recognizedit right away as the perfume she used to wear when we dated and glancedup at her. June sensed my question.”Yes, I used to wear this for you, but now I only use it occasionally.Jeff calls it my ‘please fuck me’ perfume, because I use it to signalhim when I’m horny. He’ll flip when he smells it on you, as he will getthe impression that you want him. I’m making sure that we’ve pushed allhis buttons. He’ll think of you as all female in every way: sight,smell, sound, and touch. Just remember how women react with you, andmimic those moves and you’ll be fine. I know you look all girl to me.”With that she gave me a quick hug, then told me to go downstairs thatJeff would be here any minute. As I negotiated the stairs in my heels,my mind was numb. Her description of how I should approach him confirmedmy worst fears. The five minutes waiting for her to join me weretorture, as I was worried he would come in first. I felt the need forher presence to support me. Luckily, she came down and we went in to thekitchen, just as I heard his car pull into the garage. The sound of thegarage door sent my heart racing and I felt light-headed as if I weregoing to pass out. June sensed my nervousness and took my hands in hersand squeezed them.”Now just relax, you look wonderful. Jeff is going to be overwhelmed byyour appearance. I think once you see how taken he is with your newlook, that you’ll calm down and enjoy the experience. You’re lucky in away, because most guys never get to feel what a woman feels when she isnoticed by a man. I can guarantee that Jeff will make you feel totallybeautiful, sexy, and desirable. Remember to treat him with respect,answer his questions and do as he asks. Jeff is forceful, especially ifhe is attracted to you, but his demeanor is positive if he gets his way.That strength and confidence in a man, is what a lot of women look forin a guy and Jeff certainly will ease your sense of vulnerability withhis strength.”She finished with another hug and a light kiss on my cheek. Despite herassurances, I began to tremble and my head was still spinning. I knew Ino longer looked like a man. My masculine shortcomings and femininetendencies, like my flabby chest and longer hair, were emphasized somuch that I had to look like a total wuss to him. How could I have letJune talk me into this? Why had I agreed to sacrifice my masculinity,just to please Jeff? I mean, I didn’t even like the guy and had littlerespect for him because of how he treated June. I just wanted to curlup and die, but June was whispering in my ear that I was to wait inhere, until she called for me to join them in the living room. She leftto greet her husband as we heard him shut the door from the garage andmake his way into the house. Standing there alone, I resolved to neverallow this to happen again. I was going to walk out there, let him havehis looks, and then ask her to help me change back. I realized I hadgone too far down this path and I needed to stop it now. If I lingeredthis way, dressed like a needy girl seeking attention, then I may neverbe able to regain my male identity in front of him. I would get June topromise to never tell Susan the details of this and to never bring it uparound Jeff or her. As I built this wall of containment to convincemyself that this event would not change my future, I heard her tell meto come join them.With the sounds of my pounding heart echoing in my ears, I took my firststeps from the kitchen, concentrating on my short stride so I wouldn’twobble in my high heels. Beginning to turn the corner into the livingroom, I felt a sudden coolness swirl around the bottom of my skirt,chilling the small gap of bare skin between my panty and the lace top ofmy stockings. It felt like an omen of bad things ahead, but all I coulddo is reflexive pull down the hem of my dress, attempting in vain tomake it longer so my legs would not be so exposed. As I pulled I couldsee that motion unintentionally exposed more of my upper chest, giving ahint of the lace detailing on my bra cups. Focused as I was on myclothing, I barely noticed Jeff and June sitting on the couch. It wasonly when I heard the click and accompanying flash of the camera in hersmart phone did I really look at them. That was followed by several morephotos in quick succession, documenting my approach. June was perched onthe couch arm, close to Jeff who had sat down there. His grinning facesickened my stomach immediately, making me wish I were dead. June waslooking at her phone, glancing my way in between photos. I really beganto panic now.”June don’t take my picture. I want this to remain our secret. There’sno need for photos of this.””Don’t be silly, you look lovely. Besides, Susan’s been pestering me allday about how you look. We’ve been texting back and forth, and I’vegiven her lots of details to her questions but I delayed sending her aphoto until you were all done.””Yes don’t be shy, little one, you look great. I must admit I was rightto assume that June could take the raw material I saw in you and producea sexy vixen. Honey you’ve done a fantastic job with him. I wouldn’tthink he was anything but a woman if I didn’t know the truth. How’d youconvince him to go so far? I mean I just wanted to see what his littleboobs looked like, but you made him a regular sex doll. By the way, didyou give him a new name to fit his new look?””Yes, Susan suggested we use her old lover’s name, Roxanne. She felt itwould be appropriate for her hubby’s feminine alter ego since both ofthem loved to give oral. I have to admit, he looks a lot like her too ifmy memory serves me right. Both are blonde, small up top but sexy, withlong legs and a tight little ass. Did I meet your expectations withRoxie’s new image?””Oh more than that, he or maybe we should just say she, looks so realit’s unbelievable. I know she is cuter this way than before. But let’schill a bit, I could sure use a cold one. How about you bring us allsome drinks Roxanne? Then we can get to know each other better.”I was left speechless by the turn of events, as more and more I feltlike a trapped a****l. Finding out that Susan was involved so heavily inmy transformation was gut-wrenching, plus the level to which Jeff foundme attractive was terrifying. I could see the lust in his eyes as hespoke. I hurried back to the kitchen to get some drinks, happy for thisshort reprieve. June had told me that Jeff would want a drink, so I knewwhat beer to get and to pour white wine for her and myself. I reallywanted something stiffer than wine, but she had told me we wantedsomething lady-like to start with. I put the drinks on a mirrored trayand headed to the living room again. The break had been too short forsure, although I had moved as slow as possible. When I returned, Junehad sat in the chair next to the sofa, so I offered her the wine first,then gave Jeff his beer and took my wine as I put the tray on the endtable. I glanced around the room, but the only seat options were next toJeff on the couch, or far across the room at a small writing desk with astraight back chair. June could tell I didn’t want to sit next to Jeffso she spoke up.”Roxanne, why don’t you just stand in front of Jeff so he can take inyour whole image? The whole idea of this party was for you to show offyour cute figure to him and let him fully appreciate the hidden talentshe had noticed before. Do a slow twirl and then move closer to him.”I swallowed about half my glass of wine as she spoke. I had made up mymind to end this humiliation at this point and figured if I did as shesaid, it would make a good breaking point. I felt ridiculous, turningaround on the balls of my feet to complete my twirl and I’m sure my facewas a bright red as it felt warm to me. Once I was facing Jeff again, Ifelt this surge of fear wash across me. His eyes were intently focusedon my chest and glancing down I could see my rouged up nipples pokingthrough the sheer lace of my bra. I plunged ahead with my hasty plan andleaned forward just a bit, so he could get a good look. I figured thatwould meet all my obligations of my earlier promises.”There you go. I did as you wanted as a favor for June, but now thatyou’ve seen what you asked for, I think it is time to stop. Surely thissatisfied your desire to see my hair and body done up as a girl and Igave you all the looks, and more, that you told June about. So June,let’s go upstairs so I can start getting out of this stuff, okay? Yousaid whenever I was ready to let you know.”Just as I was finishing, I felt Jeff put his hand on my leg, running itup my stocking. I almost jumped as this was totally unexpected. I hadturned to look at June as I spoke as I figured my deal was with her. ButJeff’s action caused me to look back at him. His face had a sneer to it,making him look like a real life Snidely Whiplash. My heart was racingnow, as I was worried about whether he would allow me to leave and getchanged. I knew June did almost everything he asked, so I wasn’t sureshe would go along with my plan. The presence of his hand, lightlygripping my thigh, highlighted this fear. I was about to speak up when Iheard June giggle a bit.”Roxie, don’t be in such a hurry. You’ve not even let him see all yourpretty lingerie yet. When I told you that I would help you get changed,it was with the understanding that Jeff said it was okay. This party isreally for him, don’t you know. You’ve barely been with him at all. Whydon’t you sit down next to him, so you two can get better acquainted? Ithink once you relax, you’ll enjoy being a pretty girl.””Sit down here and relax. I promise I won’t bite, nibble maybe, but notbite.”June chuckled again at Jeff’s weak joke, but I could tell that Iwouldn’t get any support from her, and he wasn’t relinquishing his gripon my leg, so I nervously obeyed. I sat down, on the edge of the couch,trying to maintain some distance from him. Because my skirt was soshort, I ran my free hand over my rear and then held the hem when I satdown to be sure it covered as much of my legs as possible. I knew thismotion would make me look more feminine, but I felt I needed to do it.Once I was on the couch, Jeff easily slid his arm around my waist andpulled me closer toward him. His hand was wandering up and down my side,going from my hip to my enhanced bust. This made me really feel awkwardas it seemed so creepy to be felt this way by a man. I nervously took abig sip of wine, as I tried to calm myself. That seemed to catch Jeff’seye and he leaned in to whisper in my ear.”I like the way you swallow. I love girls that can handle a big loadwithout choking. I must admit, I didn’t think June could deliver youlike this. When I saw you the other day I just knew you had an innergirl that needed to come out. Now that you’ve released your feminineside, I’ll be sure to make your experience a full blown one.”As he finished, he took my ear lobe between his teeth and pulledslightly. The whole episode made my body shiver and his last moveprompted goosebumps over my exposed skin. I felt sick inside, as hisinsinuations as to my interest in being feminine struck to core of myself-worth. Ever since June had proposed this idea to me, I had worriedabout how I would be able to put it behind me. Now I knew Jeff wouldnever see me as a man again, and maybe June wouldn’t either. I justwanted to end this as quickly as possible. Despite how it might look toJeff, I took another big swig of wine, emptying my glass. Watching mefinish my drink, he followed suit and emptied his beer. Smiling thatevil grin, he handed me his empty bottle.”I think were both ready for a little more, don’t you Roxie? How aboutyou honey, you need a refill?””Sure, I can use some more. Why don’t you go back to the kitchen and getus all another drink Roxanne?”I obeyed June’s request and stood up to get more drinks. As I gatheredmy tray and the empties, she stood up and came over behind me. Grabbingthe zipper at the back of dress, she slowly pulled it down and leaned into whisper.”When you get to the kitchen, why don’t’ you go ahead and slip out ofthis? I think Jeff would love to see you in just your pretty lingerie.That way he can get a real taste of what you have to offer. I know heloves it when I anticipate his needs. I’m sure he will feel the sametowards you. Just remember, pleasing him is the goal tonight, okaysugar?”I should have known it would come to this, but her actions blindsidedme. I could only nod my head and go to the kitchen. I refilled the wineglasses and got Jeff another beer. I stood there a moment, feeling mylegs start to shake. The idea had seemed so innocent when June firsttalked to me about it. Just the thought of being near her all day, hadclouded my judgement and helped me avoid thinking about what I wasreally agreeing to do. But now, it was time. I slowly slipped the strapsoff my shoulders and let the dress fall around my feet. Stepping out ofit gingerly so my heels wouldn’t catch, I reached down and picked it up.I carefully folded it and put it on the table, taking my time so as todelay the inevitable. I felt a shiver run up my spine, both from thecoolness of being half naked and the fear of what Jeff would do. Iadjusted my panty slightly and tugged on my stockings, making minutechanges as if they would provide better cover for me. I finished bypulling up the cups of my bra to cover my nipples. I knew inside thatthe sheer fabric of my bra and panties would hide little and I wouldappear to be totally a woman. I had to reach between my legs to feel mycock, hoping it had somehow worked free of the adhesive so I couldposition it in front, as a sign of my masculinity. But it wassteadfastly attached, even as it had shrunk from the cool air and thefear of my impending show for Jeff making it retract as much as theadhesive would allow. It would be no help to me now. Taking a deepbreath and trying to steady myself, I turned and began the slow walk tothe living room. I focused on the tray, to be sure I didn’t spillanything and to take my mind off how I would appear to him. It seemedodd, but I walked smoothly now in my heels and noticed the soft soundsof my stockings rubbing against each other and the change in the soundof my stilettos as I moved from the tile floor of the kitchen to thecarpeted living room.I avoided looking at Jeff, although I could hear a hiss of breath fromhim as I came into the room. I went to June to give tipobet her the wine. Beforeshe had reached out for the glass, but this time she lay back forcing meto bend forward to get it to her. I knew instinctively that this actionwould push my ass out and give Jeff a bit of a show, but I saw no otherway. As I held the tray out for her, she moved her hands to my brarather than taking the drink. With a slight tug downward, sherepositioned it, so that my nipples were clearly visible through thelace trim. She winked at me and mouthed “Don’t be shy” before she tookher glass. Now that I had served her, I had no other choice but to turnand face Jeff. I walked to him and as with June, I reached the tray outto him. He too hesitated to take his beer off the tray. I could see hiseyes widen as he looked up and down my body. Jeff took a moment to stareat my breasts and then again at my crotch. I could only imagine what hewas thinking, but it had to be bad for me. Finally he reached out andplaced his hands on my hips, looking over at June. He smiled in thatcreepy way I had seen before and slowly ran his hands back around mypanties until he could caress my butt cheeks. He gave them a softsqueeze and then another. With a chuckle he looked up at me.”Well this is a sweet surprise. I knew you had a woman’s tits, but aplump woman’s ass as well is a nice bonus. Tell me Roxie, have youalways been this much of a girl, or did you come by it late in life? Youcertainly look sexy in these panties. I imagine now that you see how hotyou look, you will want to wear them more often.”I didn’t bother to answer his lewd question, as I could tell it was morerhetorical than real. I was becoming super annoyed at this point, so Ipushed the tray forward even more to try to force him to take his beerand remove his hands from my body. But he just looked up at me with thatsick grin. I could feel him move his hands back to the front of mypanties. He pulled out the front a bit, exposing my trimmed pubic hair.Looking down the front of my panty, he had a questioning look on hisface. Releasing the fabric, he used his right hand to trace over thepanty feeling the flat surface below my pubes and following the smoothcurve down until his hand rested between my legs. Jeff lightly strokedthe shaft of my penis, still held tight against my body by the adhesive.I shivered reflexively at this point, totally uncomfortable with hissexual advances. As my body twitched he grinned widely and looked at meeye to eye, while he continued to fondle me through the silky fabric ofmy panty.”Getting excited little girl? I know you girls pretend to be cool andnot as horny as men, but you really like it as much as we do. June youtold me he’d be small, but I had no idea he’d feel and look like a pussydown there. What’d you do, cut it off?””Oh Jeff, don’t be silly. He just wanted to really look the part. So hesuggested we tuck it away and it just took a tiny bit of glue to hold itall back. You like his new look?””Definitely, I mean he looks so fem already, this just makes sense. Sohow well does the glue work? I mean, how long will it hold?””It’s good until we use the solvent to release it. The adhesive is ahigh-grade medical brand that’s designed for extended applications.””That’s good, more or less permanent, or at least until she shows meotherwise. As I said before honey, you done a wonderful job with her.She looks and feels so real.”Jeff had moved two of his fingers even further back so they rubbedacross the top of my cock head. This was too much and I squeezed mythighs together tightly, so I trapped his hand in place. Jeff grinnedagain and looked up at me as he wiggled his fingers.”Am I making your pussy hot little girl? Don’t worry, I’ll take care ofyou. I bet you’re getting wet too, huh?”As he spoke he freed his hand from the pressure of my thighs andcontinued to push back. I was mortified by his brazen actions and words.But what was even worse, was that I knew how I had reacted to his touch.Despite my embarrassment at being displayed to a man as a woman, themere stroking of my cock had caused a natural reaction. I had beenaroused all day by my interactions with June. Seeing her body, feelingher touch, and imagining what could have been, these had all kept mycock hard, or at least aroused even after she glued me down. So thesensual movement of Jeff’s hand on my penis had caused it to leak thepre-cum that had been just inside. To me it was a natural response, as Ihad been doing it all day with June, but now as his fingers found thewet spot in my panties, it looked like I was indeed turned on by him andhis fondling.”Just like I thought, you love being a girl don’t you? I can tell youlove showing off and really want to please me don’t you? Otherwise, yourpussy wouldn’t be dripping wet when I touched you.”Now I was getting mad. He was cocky and seemed to have no sense ofdecency about touching me in such a personal area. I had been scared andembarrassed by his attention, but this triggered a defensive responsefrom me, unfortunately I tripped over my words when I tried to set himstraight.”Jeff stop that. My pussy is not wet because of you. I mean, my cock isnot wet. Aggh, whatever, I’ve just been leaking because it’s been such astressful day. I’ve just dressed this way because June asked me tohelp. Having your hand down there is not acceptable and I want you tostop. I agreed to let you have your looks, but not to be manhandled.”I had tried to be firm and forceful, but when I realized I said pussy,my voice cracked and I trembled a bit. I was more mortified now thanbefore I spoke up. Partly, because as soon as I stumbled over my words,Jeff laughed and began to pinch my cock head harder. That made it evenworse because a little more pre-com leaked out as he did so. My pantywas so wet you could actually hear his fingers squish as he rubbed me.Continuing to laugh, Jeff removed his hand from between my legs andfinally reached for the bottle on the tray, taking a quick slug of beer.As he finished he put it on the side table and looked up at me.”Whatever, cock, pussy, I guess there all the same when you’re builtlike that. I love it. Roxie you are so cute, you’re driving me crazy.But don’t worry I’ll respect you and realize that no means no. Just letme get a closer look at those Grade-A tits of yours. Take your drink andput down that tray.”I did as he asked, grateful to have his hand off my cock, grabbing mywine glass and placing the tray on the couch. I was still shaking andmad. Mad at myself for flubbing my response to his groping and for evenagreeing to this whole thing in the first place. Mad at him for being sodamn smug and condescending. It irked me to no end the way he felt hecould just touch me anywhere he wanted. Even now, just the presence ofhis left hand on my hip felt unnatural. I have never been interested inmen and now, despite being dressed like a woman, my desire remainedfocused on women, like June and Susan. Jeff was just an annoyance,highlighted by how vulnerable I felt being dressed only in girls’underwear. I was ready to get this over with and change out of thishumiliating outfit. I noticed when I moved to place the tray on thecouch that Jeff shifted slightly, so his legs were together and centeredbetween mine. As I reached to place the tray and began to stand upstraight, I felt his hand shift toward my ass while he moved his otherone up so he could cup my left breast. I was now steaming mad; he wascontinuing to fondle me in the most inappropriate places and I needed tostop it.But just as I was about to say something, he swiftly pulled my bra strapoff my shoulder, exposing my nipple. His eyes were focused on it, but hesmoothly pulled the strap forward while at the same time he pushed myass with his other hand. Those motions put me off balance and I began totopple forward. Aware that I had a glass of wine in one hand, I focusedon keeping it steady so I wouldn’t spill it on June’s couch. At the sametime I glanced quickly down and realized I could place my knees on thecouch to steady myself. Unfortunately that put Jeff squarely between myspread legs and let him lean forward to take my exposed breast into hismouth, which he did. I was trapped with his hand holding my ass inplace, his lips sucking my breast into his mouth, and my kneesprecariously balanced on the couch, leaving only the toes of my highheels touching the floor. I gasped as soon as I felt Jeff’s mouth on mybreast, which turned into a squeal when he lightly bit my nipple andsucked hard on it. I felt like I had touched an electric wire, as thefeel of his mouth on my breast shocked me throughout. I was also trappedas I was off-balance but held teetering in place by his teeth lightlygrasping my hard nipple.”Oh Jeff, what are you doing? I thought you understood I was just forshow. Please stop.”My plea, in a high octave expressed between an even higher pitchedsqueal and a breathy gasp, only caused him to chuckle lightly withouteven releasing my nipple from the grip of his teeth. But he did move hisother hand, sliding over my cheek, down the crack until he once againfound the head of my trapped cock. Other than my shocked gasps, theloudest sounds were the suckling noises he made as he tasted my breastand the squishy noise of his thumb rubbing across my panty to stroke mycock. He had placed his right hand on my waist so as to maximize controlof my body. I was limited in my defense to placing my free hand on hisshoulder in a pitiful attempt to push him off me. Behind me I could hearJune giggling. I must have made an embarrassing sight, since I straddledacross her husband as he devoured me. My face was blazing hot from thehumiliation of being in this position and I couldn’t imagine anythingworse. Until I heard the doorbell ring. I glanced over my shoulder infear, which escalated as June called out that the door was unlocked andto come on in. I was panicking now, as the only thing worse than theposition I found myself in, was to have to face another person. Ofcourse, Jeff never wavered, but kept sucking my boob, and feeling mycrotch while he tightened his grip on my waist. I heard the steps ofsomeone enter the house, and close the door. I made another pitifulattempt to push Jeff away, but he remained focused. As the steps drewcloser, my heartbeat raced and I glanced over that way again, trying tofigure out how to escape and find somewhere to hide. But it was toolate, the visitor came into the room. I about had a heart attack. It wasmy wife.”Oh my gosh, Susan, this is not what it looks like. Please believe methis is not my fault or what I wanted. Thank goodness you are here tohelp me. I can’t get him to stop.”She didn’t respond, but stood and stared. The only sounds were thesquish of Jeff’s fingers in my wet crotch and the slurp from his kisseson my boob. I finally had enough and took my free hand to push his faceoff my chest and then grab his hand to pull it away from me.”Jeff, just stop. Leave me alone. I’m not just a plaything, plus I’mmarried for goodness sake.”Having reclaimed my body, I turned toward my wife again to try to makeher understand. I carefully readjusted my bra, pulling up the strap somy small breast was nestled in the cup, with the lace trim once againpartially covering my wet nipple. I also tugged down on the rear of mypanty, trying to free the fabric wedged between my cheeks by Jeff’sfingers. The moves were both clearly feminine, as was the last one whereI pushed back my curled locks from where they had fallen across my eyes.I was scared to death to have Susan see me this way, blushing both fromembarrassment at how I looked and from how forward Jeff had been. Iwanted to tell her how this day had gone so wrong, but I couldn’t figureout where to start. Just when I was ready to speak, she beat me to it.”Well Roxie this is just wonderful. It certainly looks clear to mewhat’s going on. I mean you seem to be sitting all over my best friend’shusband, letting him have his way with you. Not to mention, how cuteyou’re dressed. Seems you’ve really embraced this role. I mean it lookslike you’re shaved all over, you hair is curled into a pretty hairdowhich goes perfectly with your new made-up face, and you’re practicallynude in those tiny panties and pushup bra. How could I not expect Jeffto find you so desirable? Plus if I’m not mistaken, it sounded like youwere dripping wet between your legs as well. You’re not going to tellme, that you aren’t enjoying his attention now are you? But don’t worry,I know how persuasive Jeff can be and I understand how a hot little slutlike you would be eager to experience all he has to offer. I know Icertainly did. Well June, you were right about Roger. He seemed to haveembraced his new persona as Roxanne eagerly. She just looks perfect andso adorable. When I walked in I was afraid I was too late and the partyhad started without me.”Her laugher rang out as she quickly hugged June and then to myamazement, kissed her before leaning in to kiss Jeff. He was grinninglike a madman as they broke their kiss. Susan turned without hesitationand gave me a hot kiss, our lipsticks sliding smoothly against eachother, as her tongue plunged into my mouth. I was totally confused now,my head spinning from what was going on. As we kissed, she lightlygrabbed one of my breasts and squeezed it softly, moving her fingers totweak the nipple before releasing it. Finally she broke off the kiss andlooked down, as if mystified. She hesitantly ran her hand down the frontof my panty, obviously seeking the cock that should be there. Moving herhand down until she lightly grasped the shaft of my cock, she smiled andturned toward June.”June you are a magician. Roxanne looks so believable. It’s like you’veturned my meek little boy of a husband into my dream lesbian partner.You told me that he would be realistic and he is. I just can’t wait tohave my way with him at home, now that his real identity has beenexposed. But first, I want Jeff to finish what he has started. If Roxieis going to be all girl from now on, then she needs to know what a man’scock feels like. We both know Jeff can deliver that and more.”She turned back to me, while she put her hand further back between mylegs. Slowly she began to stroke my cock head, the light sounds of thewetness apparent to everyone. Smiling, she leaned down as she took herother hand to pull down my bra freeing the other boob. Kissing it andthen lightly sucking the nipple, she assumed the assault on me that Jeffhad started. This allowed him to unzip his pants and slide them downslightly exposing his tented briefs. I was focused on Susan’s actionsbut out of the corner of my eye, saw what Jeff was doing. I began topanic now, which turned into full blown terror, once Susan stopped andstepped back so that I was face to face with Jeff again. I glanced downand involuntarily inhaled – he looked huge down there. I was stilltrying to understand what all was happening to me, particularly the factthat Susan seemed to be so pleased by my appearance and her suggestionthat she had been with June and Jeff before. The confusion must havebeen apparent on my face, as June stood up and came to join our closecircle. She slid her romper off her shoulders, freeing her large bouncybreasts that had captivated me for so long. While my eyes were nowfocused on her, Susan took the glass of wine from my hand and moved itso I could hold one of June’s boobs.”Go on Roxanne, I know you’ve wanted these for a long time. June and Idecided that it was time to bring you in on our fun. Jeff had lusted foryou and wanted to make you part of his harem. So, when you eagerlyagreed to June’s request that you dress up for him, then we knew it wastime. You see, June and I have shared each other ever since college; Ijust have a fondness for the female form. Since Jeff is always so horny,it was natural that we eventually included him in our lovemaking. Once Iwas properly fucked by his large cock, I knew I didn’t need your littleone that way anymore. What I did want from you, is your marvelouslesbian kisses on my body. I just wanted to have you look more like myold college flame. That fit perfectly with Jeff’s desire to have you ashis A-cup alternative. So this is just the start of a new life. From nowon, you will assume the role that suits you best; your looks will matchyour real persona. Plus you can now please June like you do me, sinceJeff prefers to fuck rather than suck pussy. I’m sure once you’ve seenwhat he can do, that you’ll realize that looks aren’t what makes a man,but in your case, looks are what makes a girl.”I glanced at both women totally stunned by what was happening. Thenrealizing I had little choice I looked down at Jeff, his large cock laythere slowly getting hard right before my eyes. I couldn’t believe howbig and menacing it appeared. I knew my cock looked nothing like thisand despite hearing that my wife had been fucked by it, I was moreworried about what it meant for me. June obviously saw my fears andleaned to my ear, her bare breast resting on my shoulder.”Go ahead and hold it. Once you feel it you’ll want to do more. It’s onething that’s actually bigger than it looks.”I was shaking now, but knew what I had to do. As I looked again towardhis huge cock, I saw my reflection in the small mirrored tray on thecouch. What I saw made me realize that I was becoming just like I lookedlike, my face, hair and body looked totally female. Closing my eyes, mynew image swirled in my brain reinforcing that my looks were now rightfor who I would be. The idea that I would be able to lick, kiss, andtaste Susan’s lovely pussy again made me feel warm inside. Seeing howthe women had kissed, also made my trapped cock twitch with lust. Icould already imagine lying in bed with both of them, alternating mykisses between each pussy. All I had to do now, was take the leap withJeff. Opening my eyes, I gazed at it again as it jutted upward,twitching in the air as it waited for my touch. Being honest withmyself, I had to admit his cock looked magnificent, representingmasculinity far better than my little one did. With my mind made up, Iopened my mouth, ran my tongue over my lips tasting the lipstick andpreparing them to be stretched out by his size, and reached out to grabonto it. As my small hands with their red polished nails, wrapped aroundhis cock, I could see how my looks now matched my true self and I wasready to begin my new life.

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