Like Mom Like Daughter – Mom’s First Dp

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Like Mom Like Daughter – Mom’s First DpdeleteddeletedThis is the third part of the story, Like mom like daughter.For the past one week, my brain activity must have been really high as I have been planning and plotting ideas to get my mom between my legs. Ever since I knew that a lesbian is dormant within my mother, I couldn’t stop imaging about her and fingering my pussy before going bed.I’m an open minded girl and I didn’t consider i****t as a taboo or sin. I came to this realization when someone special (will be reviled later), once lend me an article about i****t. It said that in olden days many cultures around the globe practiced i****t sex to have pure bloodlines, but the purity caused a weakness in the immune system. So to avoid having babies with a weak immune system, many cultures stopped having i****t relationships and when religion took over the world, they made i****t taboo, a punishable sin. Still there are a few cultures, where i****t is still practised.At the same time my school announced study holidays to prepare for the final exams. It has been two weeks since Ranuk fucked me last and we both were getting restless. I decided to convince him about my mom’s proposal to fuck in the house.So on the first day of my study holiday, I went to meet Ranuk in a coffee shop. There, once again I offered my mom’s proposal to him but he was not sure about it. Then I told him how open minded my mom is and she will never mind about our love sessions. He was not ready to give in, so at last I had to show him the video of my mom, where she talks about her lesbian college life.After watching the video Ranuk asked me “wow, is this really your mom? I can’t believe she is so open towards her daughter”“I told you my mom was open minded” I said with pride.“So the story you told earlier about your mom losing her virginity at teenage was also true huh?”“ya it was” I said proving myself trusty to Ranuk.I spoke again “So what do you say about having a fuck in my house?”“Huh, mm I’m not sure about it?” he protested.After debating with him for an hour, he finally agreed. I was very happy thinking about the next day. That night when mom and I was having dinner I spoke “Mom, Ranuk will be coming home tomorrow and he will be staying for lunch”Mom had a wild grin as she spoke “So you will be rewarded tomorrow for your hard work huh?”“Mom, stop teasing me, and don’t tease Ranuk tomorrow, he will be pissed if you do so and he will never come here again” I said.Mom spoke” oh don’t worry, I know how to handle young men” “And I also don’t want to spoil my daughters special treat” she said teasing me again.“Mom, you are a real teaser, don’t you dare tease my boyfriend with your sexy talks tomorrow” I replied smiling.“Well I can’t promise you that, if find him attractive I may flirt around a little” mom said teasing me again.“You will be a selfish mom, if you steal your daughter’s boyfriend” I threated her with a fake anger.“I would rather be a selfish mom than being a lonely mom” she countered.I didn’t understand what she actually meant. Did she imply that she wants to fuck my boyfriend or did I get it wrong? We continued teasing each other we finished our dinner. Then I had to study, to meets my time tables deadline. I really enjoyed the talk with my mom.Next day Ranuk came to my house at around 10. Mom and Ranuk introduced each other over a cup of tea. Mom was behaving normally, she didn’t tease him nor did she show a shallow anger to the guy who has come to fuck her daughter in her own house. Yet mom had her way with Ranuk by asking him questions involving a pun, like when she asked him “So Ranuk I heard that you have been riding my daughter quite well?” Ranuk choked over the tea he was having. Mom clarified again “I meant, you were riding your car well, when Manjali was with you”Finally I took Ranuk to my room by saying “Mom, we have a lot to study, so we better get started” I was afraid if she would counter by her word play but she simply shook her head. I showed Ranuk my room, my dolls and everything that was in my room.After a few minutes of casual talk and romance we were making out in my bed. The thought of having sex with my boyfriend in my own room was thrilling. I have been waiting for this moment, ever since mom kept forward this proposal. Even Ranuk seemed to be excited to his core as I could feel an extra energy in him as he thrusts his cock in to my pussy. I think the excitement got him to come soon as he moaned “I’m gonna cum” he pulled his cock out from my pussy and thrusts it in to my mouth. I always enjoyed sucking his cock and taste his cum inside me. He was mouth fucking me and I quickly felt his hot cum hitting my throat.As I was sucking his cock dry and trying to squeeze every last drop of cum from his cock, I saw a shadow moment behind my room door. I couldn’t make out if it was mom passing by our room. But there was no reason for her to be upstairs other than to sneak a peek.During lunch, mom was quiet and we enjoyed my mom’s special dhum biryani. After lunch Ranuk and I had one more steamy session. Ranuk was rough during the entire session. He was squeezing my breasts hard and fucking me hard and deep. He was calling me names as he knew they would turn me on. “That’s it bitch, thrust your hips on to my cock, ohh yaa like that yaa” were one of his favourite lines as he fucked me in doggy.We decided to change position and he went and sat on the char, he made me to ride his cock by sitting on his lap and facing away from him. His hands were on my nipples rubbing, twisting and pinching them.As I was jumping up and down on his cock, I saw a shadow at the bottom of the door. Someone was on the other side of the door. I was sure, it was mom. But why isn’t she moving. Is she watching us through the key hole? My attention drifted back as Ranuk said “move that hips bitch”. I saw some movement kaçak bahis in the shadow but it wasn’t moving away from the door. By now I knew that my mom was watching her daughter getting fucked.The thought of my mom watching us made me hornier and an orgasm that was so far away, took me like a storm and for the first time I had an orgasm before Ranuk discharged his load. Ranuk couldn’t hold on much as my hot pussy juice flowed all over his cock and he pulled his cock out and thrust it into my mouth. His cum hit me in no time and it was the first time I tasted my pussy juice and his cum together in my mouth. My mom was responsible for all this.Ranuk was a happy man, when he left my house in the evening.At dinner mom started her word play “So, I guess you studied Biology today, huh?” mom asked me in her dramatic tone.“Ya mom, we were studying about the reproduction chapter” I replied her in the same tone.“I sure hope the practical session did not involve any reproduction” mom said being a bit concerned.“No mom, you don’t have to worry about that” I said cheering her up.“That’s good; you can have fun, but use protection always. Is that clear dr?”“Yaa, okay mom. you don’t need to repeat it often” I said.“okay, I’m just saying. So did you enjoy the day?”“Ya mom, I did as much as you enjoyed the show” I said spilling the beans.“What are you talking about?” mom said acting as if she was innocent.“Come on mom, we both know what we are talking about. Don’t act too innocent my mother. I saw you watching us fuck” I said mocking her.She was taken back a bit and it took her some time to digest the fact that I knew she was watching us fuck.“You knew, I was watching you huh? I’m so sorry dr” she said with concern. “I was just..” Before she could complete I told her “Relax mom, I’m not mad at you. In fact I liked it, it made me hornier when I knew that you were watching us”“It did” mom gasped.“Ya, and it made me so horny that for the first time I had an orgasm before Ranuk, all thanks to you mom”“I’m glad that you are not mad at me and even more when I’m the reason for your orgasm” she said before adding “I’m not going to repeat that again”“Well that’s up to you mom, but I don’t really care, if you watch us” I said wanting her to watch us again.“It may not be a problem to you, but Ranuk may freak out, if he finds that I have been watching you guys”“I sure hope I can make him understand” I said as my mind was thinking of ways to involve Ranuk.Mom became bolder and started to ask questions openly.“I’m proud that you are not allowing Ranuk to deposit his load into your pussy, instead huh, you know taking it in…” mom stammered, so I helped her “In to my mouth huh mom?”“Ya, I meant that” she said.“Mom it’s not that I’m not allowing him to cum in my pussy, I like the taste of his cum, so I always take it in my mouth” I said her the truth.“You are so much like me dr, Like mom like daughter” mom giggled.“So you too love to take it in your mouth huh mom” I asked curiously.“Ya, I like the way some men’s cum taste”“How many men have you tasted mom” I asked more curious than ever.“I better don’t replay for that, but a name always pops up when I think about tasting a man’s cum” she answered diplomatically.“Whose name is that?”“Peter Crain!” mom replied“Whose is that mom?”“Just a sweet guy, who’s cum taste as sweet as him”Mom replied.“Where is he now?”“Probably Australia” mom replied.“Whoa mom, how did you get a man from Australia?”“It’s a long story dr”“Hurray! One more story let me hear it mom” I said jumping up. I was about to hear one more tale of my mom’s pre marriage life.Mom started.****After three years of Lesbian life in college, I got a job as an air hostess in an international flight connecting India and Australia. I think my Breasts got me the job. Soon I up in my ranks and was serving as an air hostess in the business class. It was on my third flight as an air hostess in the business class, that I met Peter.The flight took off from the airport at 11pm. It was off season and the business class was almost empty, except for a couple in the front row, a family with a baby also at the front. Then there were a few other people in the middle. The last four rows were completely empty. As it was a 11 hours flight, almost everyone drifted to sleep. It must have been around 2am when I heard a buzz in the passenger requirement system. It was from seat C8, while I was making my way to the front row, I saw a man and women making out. The woman was sitting on the man’s lap and he was humping her. The left breast had slipped out from her dress and it was sucked by the man.They made no attempts to cover, when I saw them. When I was near them, I saw the lady; she must have been in her early 30’s. Had a small breasts. She didn’t even look at me as I passed them. The scene was fixed in my mind as I walked to an old lady in C8 and she asked me for a glass of water. When returning back to my crew quarters, I saw the man clearly. He must be in his late 30’s but he was handsome. He looked at me and smiled as he pumped into the lady on his lap. I wanted to see his cock but it was covered by the women’s skirt. I smiled back at him and returned to my seat.An hour passed and I was checking the stock of water and beverages when I heard someone saying “Excuse me!” I turned back and it was the same man I saw an hour ago who was fucking his girlfriend. He asked me if I could fix him a drink and while making his drink he asked about my name, he told me his name was Peter and he imports spices from India and distributes it all over Australia and he had to often travel to India to make new deals and contracts.I had him the drink and in one shot he finished it, he asked me to make two more. I did and gave it to him. He handed one glass to me and asked me to drink. I told him, air hostess were not allowed to drink during flight casino firmalari but he insisted and I had to drink it with him.I didn’t know if it was the alcohol or his charms that made me to enjoy his company. Soon we were cracking jokes and laughing. Slowly he started to flirt with me and I also played along. He was continuously praising my good looks.“So, dose your girlfriend knows you are flirting with me?” I asked him“Girlfriend? Who are you talking about”“The one you were… know .. making love with”“Oh, you totally got it wrong, she was a fellow passenger” he replied.I don’t know why I felt happy on hearing that the lady was not his girlfriend. “So how did you..” before I could complete he said “She needed some love and I gave her some love” he said with a brief smile.Soon we had one more drink and the conversation drifted to his family, sex and other things. I don’t know what I said but he replied that I should be spanked for my naughty behaviour. I dared him to spank me. I knew that the other Air hostess Bindu must be in the cockpit, flirting around with the pilot and co-pilot.In no time I was lying in his lap and my skirt was raided up and Peter was spanking my panty clad ass. I was moaning lightly and I could feel his cock on my belly. It was hard as a rock; I slid my hands under my belly and felt his cock. It was huge both in terms of width and length.As I rubbed his cock over his pants, I felt his hands pushing aside my panty and feeling my pussy “Damn, you are dripping wet!” he said and started to finger my pussy. To stop me from moaning he unzipped his pants and shoved his monster cock in to my mouth. It was the biggest I had ever taken. Within no time we were in sixty nine position and sucking each other. After a while, which felt like an eternity, I saw his balls tightening and his cock pumping. A heavy load of hot cum was gifted to me for my pro sucking.His cum was so tasty, that I milked his cock to get more. By then my pussy was flowing like a river. After Peter recovered and was hard again. He took me in missionary style and penetrated his cock into me. “oh your pussy is so tight, this is going to be a hard fit” he groaned as his cock filled my pussy. I was biting my lips to stop moaning.Once he was in, he fucked me slow until I asked him to fuck me harder. My top was lifted to expose my breast and his hands couldn’t stop squeezing and moulding my breast. After 10 minutes of fucking he announced he was going to cum again. I asked him to cum in my mouth. He pulled his cock out and came up to my lips and I sucked him till his last drop of cum hit my lips.I met Peter again after a month in a jam packed business class flight to Australia. We were desperate to fuck each other but the flight was full of people. We waited till everyone fell asleep and then Peter came up to the crew quarters. When Peter saw another air hostess with me, he asked for a bottle of water and then returned back. When I was passing through the restroom, I heard Peter calling me from the restroom. “Hey mam, I think there is something wrong with the latch. I can’t close the door.”I went in to inspect with a cheeky smile and when I turned to inspect the latch, Peter closed the door and lifted my skirt, pulled my panty to my ankle and started to lick my pussy. I was so wet by then and he stood up and shoved his cock into my wet pussy. I was in doggy style and he was pounding me harder. My hands were playing with my breasts and I was having a hard time, keeping my mouth shut.Then we used to fuck in the flight whenever he was there and in hotel room in India, but all were quick fucks.Once when the flight landed in Australia, we got information from India that, a storm have developed over Indian ocean and it was not safe to fly back, so I called Peter and he came and took me to a hotel. There we were like young couples who just got married. We fucked like rabbit.Peter was Ass fetish. He always wanted to put his fat cock in my ass hole. Whenever he licked me, he gave special attention to my ass. During our stay in the hotel, he used to lubricate my asshole and finger them. I had no idea he was loosening my asshole to get his cock in.During the second day of our stay in the hotel, Peter broke the cherry of my ass. His cock felt bigger than ever as he rammed into my ass. He had never deposited his load in my pussy as he always used to pull out and cum in my mouth. But when was fucking my ass he deposited his cum deep in my ass. Two continuous orgasms rocked my body as he fucked my ass. I was starting to enjoy his cock up in my ass. Peter had complete access to all the three fuckable holes in my body.It has been three days and the storm showed no sign of disappearing.On the fourth day Peter introduced me to his partner Josh. He was a tall and well build man like Peter. He was younger than Peter and probably in his early 30’s. All three of us had a good time over a coffee and then Josh invited us to a nearby pub to enjoy the evening.As we three entered the pub, I saw a few couples kissing passionately and few were a bit too much involved in their passion that they had forgotten about their surroundings.We all had a few shots of vodka and I don’t know about others but I was feeling tipsy. Josh asked me dance with him and I offered my hands. As we were dancing I felt his hands all over my back. he was only moving his feet, his hands were roaming all over my body. Sometimes he pulls me towards him and my breast crashes in to his chest. I didn’t feel to object as I felt horny. Peter was watching us by sipping a glass of vodka.After a moment Peter came up to us and asked me “Shall I join you guys”. I nodded and Peter began to dance behind me by holding my hips. I was wearing a tube top without any bra and a knee length skirt.Peter whispered into my ear’s “Let’s have some fun dr” and before güvenilir casino I could react he dropped on his knees and put a hand under my skirt and pulled down my panty till my thighs. Then his hands brushed my pussy and he said “You naughty girl, you are wet by the minute”I saw his damp fingers covered in my juice and I saw where my panties were. They were hidden under my skirt. Peter returned to his position and opened his zippers. His cock was out and I was afraid if anyone would catch us in the act. Peter was like he read my mind and said “Don’t worry, its quite common around here, no one will bother about us”Before I could anything, my skirt was raided up and Peter tried to push his cock into my wet pussy. “Lift her up a bit mate” he said to Josh and he lifted me by my hips and lowered me into Peters cock. I couldn’t believe I was letting Peter fuck me in public and that too with his partner having a good view. I looked down behind and saw that my ass and his cock was covered by my skirt and my panties could be seen. I pulled up my panties to disappear under my skirt.Peter came into a rhythm and was thrusting his cock in me at a steady pace, Meanwhile Josh pulled the tip of my top down and my breast were in full view to the public. Most of the lights in the pub were party lights so it was quite dark, but I saw the bartender looking at us. Even though he was a good 50 meters far, he could clearly see my boobs.Josh started sucking my breast and my moans were supressed by the sound of the music in the pub. This continued for a while and Josh was sucking my breasts alternatively. Peter was finding it difficult to fuck me in suck a position, but there I was sang waged between two Australians, one fucking me and the other sucking me.Peter turned my head to his side and our lips met, as we kissed he was moaning into my mouth, then he asked me “ I’m about to cum, shall I cum in your pussy?” Peter had never cummed in my pussy and I wanted to feel his seed in my pussy. “Ya, cum in my pussy”His cock stiffed and he cummed into my pussy. as he withdrew his cock from my pussy, Josh turned me back and asked Peter to lift me, while he unzipped his cock and shoved it in to my pussy. Josh didn’t even ask me if he could fuck me instead he just put his cock into my pussy which was dripping with Peters cum. He was hard and rough; my tits were jumping up and down as he fucked me. Peter got hold my tits and sucked them.Josh came in no time and as he pulled out, my pussy was leaking with cum. I pulled up my panty and it was wet in no time. I pulled my tube top up and covered my breast. By then Peter was hard again, he wanted to ride me again. Josh suggested that we can go to his private room.As we entered the private room, both the men wanted to fuck me, Peter being an ass fetish wanted to fuck me in my ass. Josh couldn’t wait to put his cock into my fucking pussy. Finally they agreed to Double penetrate me.I had no idea what a double penetration or dp was, until Peter told me that they are going to fuck my ass and pussy at the same time. I protested but Josh sat on a couch and pulled me to him. The alcohol had got me tipsy and I had no control over my body.Josh lay on the couch and pulled me towards him, he lowered my tube top to my belly. Josh seems to be obsessed with my breast as he couldn’t keep his hands and tongue away from them. As Josh pleased my breast, I felt Peter pulling down my skirt and panty. He lifted my hips so that my ass projected out. In no time I felt his tongue on my ass.Peters tongue was invading my asshole and going in deeper, I wished if he would suck my pussy too, then I thought about the cum load both the men have deposited in my pussy. Peter wouldn’t lick on a pussy with another man’s cum dripping from it. My thoughts were shattered as I felt Peters tongue on my pussy. The thought of Peter licking on another man’s cum got me horny and I had an orgasm.After minutes of licking peter announced to Josh “All ready to take in!” then Josh lowered me a little to his lap and his cock penetrated my pussy. His cock slowly went in to its full length. He didn’t start pumping. Then I felt a cock in my ass, it was Peter. As his cock filled my ass, they both started to pump in unison. They must have done it before as they got into the rhythm pretty quickly. It was the best ride of my life. Two cock invading two holes. I could feel both the cock rubbing each other, only a wall separating the two cocks.Peters was standing with one leg on the couch and the other on the floor, so he had great control over his hips and that allowed him to thrust his cock deeper. I had my second orgasm in no time. Both Peter and Josh were calling me names and it turned me on. My ass checks were spanked hard and I could feel another orgasm building up. Then after minutes of fucking, Josh announced the arrival of his load. He deposited in my pussy and I felt his hot cum mixing with my juice. Peter was still going strong.Josh pulled out of me and slides out of the couch, Giving Peter all the control of my hips. Now I was in doggy and my ass fucked. Josh came with his cock to my face. I happily accepted his cock and tasted his cum along with my juice. Peter groaned and deposited his load, while I sucked Josh dry. Then Peter pulled out and took Josh’s position. I sucked him and tasted my ass.For the next two days I was fucked in all three holes by the two men. I was their cumbucket as they deposited loads and loads of their cum in my mouth, breast and body. The third day, I was called back duty.***The reflection in the mirror opposite to me, showed my facial reaction. It was a mixed emotion of shock, excitement and many more. As I slowly came back to the real world, I asked “Mom, I can’t believe that you had a dp?”“Well, I was a horny little slut then”“What about now, mom?” I asked eagerly waiting for her reply.“Well now I’m a homemaker”I was sad hearing her reply, but I knew I could wake the slut in her. I had already planned a few tricks to get the slut in her. Hope everything turns out the way, I had planned.****Hope you all enjoyed this part.

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