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Landlord Deal’s a deal PT4Whatever the long-term results, Jess’s cuckolding me with my brother and father seemed to have shredded whatever need for privacy and discretion she previously required. Courtesy of my father, she’d had all her body hair removed by laser and was now completely smooth and soft. Much to my discomfort, she’d “outed” us to her mom and older sister, but her mom had been supportive and her sister – 26 and married – had been intrigued and expressed considerable interest in meeting Derrick, the hung young black guy Jess had been seeing for a while.If that had surprised Jess, she didn’t show it. “Might as well make it a family thing,” she said. “I know Derrick would love to add a couple of sisters to his conquests.”Of late, Jess had started wearing risqué stuff that hinted pretty directly at our lifestyle. She’d acquired a couple of slim leather collars with tags that read “Slut” and “Black Owned.” She also had several tee-shirts in a similar vein. One read “My Boyfriend Owns My Heart, But My Pussy’s Owned By BBC.” If I was uncomfortable with it, she laughed it off.Among our circle of college friends, our relationship invoked more curious questions than anything else. At first, it was just Jess’s girlfriends who wanted to know more about us, but of late several of their white boyfriends had started asking me questions. I’d patiently explained to one of them – Tom – that being a cuckold didn’t necessarily mean you had to be a wimp, inadequate in bed, or underendowed, and that Jess wasn’t cheating because cuckolding was both open between her and me, and participatory.Tom and his girlfriend Cathy were both just 21, but had been together as a couple for three years. They were obviously head over heels in love. Tom was an engineering major; Cathy was studying business and economics. She was a very pretty brunette with straight black hair cropped short in a goth/punk style that set off her startling grey eyes perfectly. I couldn’t picture her as a business major, but she was apparently a very good student. Cathy was perhaps five and a half feet tall and very slender, with narrow hips, long legs, and very small breasts.According to Jess, Cathy was very curious about cuckolding and particularly about black guys, and had been pushing Tom to consider it. “Cathy’s only ever been with Tom, and she wants to see what else is out there,” Jess had explained. “She loves him like crazy, but he’s very vanilla in bed and she wants to push their boundaries. Tom’s hesitant but wants Cathy to be happy.”We’d invited them over to talk about the lifestyle. After dinner and plenty of wine, Jess and Cathy had gone off to the bedroom to chat in private. Tom and I were in the living room.”I guess I’m thinking that one time can’t hurt,” Tom said. “If it makes Cathy happy, that is.”I sighed. “Get that scenario out of your head, Tom. It won’t be just one time unless Cathy hates it, and I guarantee you she’ll love it. You’ve got to be prepared for a profound change in your relationship, at least in the bedroom. Derrick will absolutely own Cathy’s pussy. Once you go down this road, there’s rarely an opportunity to turn back, though none of the cucks I know would want to.”At that moment, the bedroom door popped open and Cathy leaned out and called to her boyfriend. “Tom, come here. You’ve got see this video! It’s Jess fucking Derrick and it’s totally hot.”Jess was showing Cathy the video we’d made with and for Derrick, who collected them from his cuckold couples. For a guy who was only 18, Derrick had an impressive collection of videos featuring more than 15 of his conquests. All of the wives and girlfriends were under 30, and most were under 25. It was powerfully effective advertising and Jess’s video was no exception. She’d been particularly turned on by being videotaped and was enthusiastic, noisy, talkative, and orgasmic. The tape ran for 15 minutes and ended with a long shot of Jess with her pussy gaped wide open and Derrick’s cum load running out.When the tape concluded, there was dead silence in the room. Then Cathy let out a long breath. “Wow!” she said. “That was just amazing. No wonder you give it up to Derrick. You think he’d be interested in me?””I’m sure he would,” Jess said. “Why don’t I take a couple of shots of you and send them along to him to make sure.” She went to the bedside table and pulled out our small digital camera.”Sure thing!” Cathy said, and jumped up and started pulling off her clothes. She was naked in a flash. She was slender and pale. Her ass was tight, but small, and her breasts were really small, maybe a 32A. Both her nipples were pierced, and she had jewel in her belly button. Her pussy was shaved bare except for a small triangle of sparse pubic hair well above her clitoris, and she had a vertical piercing of her clit hood to boot. Jess snapped off about 10 images as Cathy posed for the camera. When she was finished, she went off to e-mail the images to Derrick. I had to confess that I was surprised by Cathy’s behavior and body modifications. She certainly didn’t strike me as the shy and retiring type, nor could I imagine that she and Tom had a “vanilla” sex life. Something did not add up.Cathy made no attempt to get dressed. “Well, Tom, what do you think? Did you like watching Jess take that monster black dick?” Tom nodded. “Wouldn’t it be even hotter to fuck Jess yourself?” she asked. Tom nodded again. “I thought so,” she said.Jess came back a moment later and smiled. “Mission accomplished!” she said. “Derrick wants to meet you.”Cathy giggled. “Time to celebrate,” she said, and went to her backpack, rummaged around in it, and came back with small water pipe and a plastic film canister. She opened the canister and tapped out what was in it, filling up the bowl of the pipe. Then she held the pipe to her mouth, lit it and inhaled deeply, passing the pipe to Jess, who did the same and passed it to me. I inhaled the acrid smoke and held it down, passing the pipe back to Cathy, who promptly refilled it, relit it, and passed it back to Jess.I rarely get high, but whatever was in the mix was astoundingly potent. I was instantly, heavily stoned, nearly hallucinating from the single inhalation. Time seemed oddly distorted, my skin tingled, and I felt like I was underwater. Jess tried to pass the pipe to me, but I shook my head and she took another big hit and gave it back to Cathy, who refilled it and gave it back to Jess. This occurred several more times. Even in my intoxicated state, I could see that Cathy was making sure Jess smoked almost the entire bowl each time. I could only imagine how out of it Jess must be. Jess passed the pipe back to me and gestured that she wanted me to smoke some more. I took a hit, then another, and passed the pipe back to her.My head was spinning, and I leaned back against a chair to steady myself. Cathy got up, rummaged through our CDs, found one she liked, and put it on. Smooth, sensual jazz filled the room, and Cathy started swaying to the music. Then she pulled Jess to her feet and started dancing with her, her arms around Jess’s neck as they swayed together. Jess had her hands on Cathy’s slim ass, and then Cathy grabbed Jess’s butt and started softly stroking it through the terrycloth shorts she was wearing as Jess ran her fingertips up and down Cathy’s spine. A moment later, Cathy had slipped her hands under the back of Jess’s tee shirt and slowly pulled the shirt up and off, tossing it to Tom. Then Cathy slipped Jess’s shorts down until she stepped out of them. She wasn’t wearing any panties.The two of them danced together. Jess’s eyes were closed, and it was pretty clear that Cathy was leading. She was running her hands up and down Jess’s body, nuzzling her lips as she did so. I could see that Jess’s mouth was open and her tongue flicked over Cathy’s lips until Cathy kissed her, hard, and their tongues danced together. Cathy caressed Jess’s breasts and ran her hands down over her stomac
h until her right hand pressed against Jess’s pussy, stroking her lips with her fingertips. Jess was almost limp in the embrace as Cathy fingered her until she was glistening and had started making small moaning noises.With a lingering kiss, Cathy pushed Jess down to her knees. “Let’s give Tom a real show. I want you to suck my cunt, you hot little bitch!” she said and taking a handful of Jess’s hair, pushed my girlfriend’s face into her pussy, rubbing it around as she did so. Jess needed no encouragement, though I was far from certain she knew what she was doing. She slipped her tongue into Cathy and licked her clitoris, letting herself be face fucked while she did it. Cathy pushed Jess to the bed and manhandled her so that her ass was right at the edge of the bed. Then she straddled Jess’s head and pushed her wet pussy back down, reaching around to roughly finger Jess’s pussy as she did so, at the same time roughly rubbing her cunt up and down on Jess’s face.”Your slut girlfriend sure likes to eat pussy,” Cathy said, looking right at me. “Let’s see how much she likes to fuck Tom’s big cock.” Then she turned to batman escort Tom. “Tom, get your ass over here and fuck Jess’s cunt. She needs it filled right now!”Tom stood up and stripped. I nearly fell over. His cock was huge, easily 10 inches and maybe more, and very thick, with huge heavy balls hanging below. Like Cathy, he was shaved all over except for a small triangle of pubic hair above his cock. He was wearing a metal ring between his cock and his balls, and had two piercings in his glans that ran vertically with stainless balls on either end. They looked vaguely threatening.Cathy looked at her boyfriend. “No gentle stuff, Tom, she needs it rough. Fuck her hard in front of her cuck boyfriend, baby,” she instructed. “Let’s make Jess our fuck slut.”Tom positioned himself at the side of the bed and rubbed the head of his cock up and down on Jess’s wet slit. Cathy took him in her one hand, spread Jess open with the other, and guided Tom in. He pushed forward and slid his cock all the way in with a single motion as Jess raised her back to meet him. Then he started pumping in and out of her slowly. Jess groaned loudly.Tom responded by increasing his pace and driving his cock down and then in as deeply as it would go. The bedsprings squeaked with his motions, and I could hear Jess’s muffled moans as he fucked her. Cathy pressed Jess’s face into her pussy and groaned aloud.Cathy laughed, wickedly. “I guess we’re here under false pretenses,” she said. “I’m not interested in cuckolding Tom. We’re into turning wives and girlfriends and couples like you into our sex slaves. When I met her, Jess seemed like the perfect type. Do you like my boyfriend’s big thick cock, bitch?” Cathy demanded. I heard a muffled response and a groan. “What was that?” Cathy asked again, this time sliding off Jess’s face so she could answer.”I said ‘Yes’,” Jess replied.”‘Yes,’what?” Cathy demanded.”God, yes, I love Tom’s big thick cock,” Jess moaned.”Tell him what you want him to do to you, Jess,” Cathy said. Jess hesitated and Cathy pinched her nipples viciously until she squealed. “You’ll learn to do what I say, you little bitch. Now answer my question.””I want him to fuck me like a whore,” Jess sobbed. “I want him to stretch me open, pound my pussy, fuck me hard and nasty, and fill my slut cunt with his hot cum.”Tom rearranged himself so that he was sitting on the bed with his legs over the edge. He picked up Jess and sat her on his cock so that she was facing me and started pumping her up and down. Her pussy was stretched wide open, and she was dripping wet. Cathy knelt down in front of them and started licking Jess’s clit as she rode up and down. It didn’t take very long before Jess was shuddering and squealing as she came, but Tom didn’t pause at all and just kept right on fucking her. Cathy walked over and picked up her pipe, refilled it, and crossed back to Jess, holding the pipe close to her lips. Jess shook her head vigorously.”I don’t want anymore,” she said. “I’m totally wasted already.”Tom grabbed her wrists and held her still as Cathy forced the pipe into Jess’s mouth and lit it. Then she pinched Jess’s nose shut, forcing her to inhale deeply. She repeated the process, but the second time she did not have to hold Jess’s nose closed to get her to inhale. Jess took a third hit, and Cathy refilled the pipe and repeated the process until the pipe was dead. Jess’s head dropped back to Tom’s shoulder, and her eyes were glazed and fixed. She seemed lost in her own world.Cathy filled the pipe and brought it to me. I smoked the bowl. By the time it was done, I was totally out of it. It felt like I was outside my body, passively watching myself. As I bemusedly “watched” myself, Cathy pulled my shirt over my head and yanked my shorts down over my knees and tossed them on the floor. She ran her hands over my chest and abdomen. Then she went over to her bag, rummaged around in it and came back with something that looked like an electric razor. She grabbed my tee shirt, put it under my hips, and pushed me back down. The razor had two ends. One looked like a conventional electric razor, while the other looked like barber’s clippers. She turned it on and, using the barber’s clippers, started shaving me. It didn’t take long before she’d trimmed off all of my pubic hair from my belly button all the way down to my balls. Then she turned the razor to the other end and started shaving me down to my skin. By the time she was done, I was completely bare from my waist to my thighs. She surveyed her work and smiled.”Looks good for a cucky slave boy,” she said. Then she went back to her bag and came back with some sort of leather thing. First she took my bare balls in her hand and wrapped part of the device around my balls, stretching them down in the process. She closed a couple of snaps and fiddled around at the base of my cock, snapping another leather ring closed between my abdomen and my balls. Finally, she closed a third ring around the base of my shaft in front of my balls. The effect of the cock and balls harness was to make my now-tumescent cock stand out and away from body, with my falls stretched out below.”Now you look like a real slave boy,” she said. “We’ll get Jess’s nipples and clitoris pierced later, and maybe we’ll get you an ampellang glans piercing.”I looked over at Jess. She was riding Tom’s big cock with fixed determination, grunting and moaning as he fucked her. As I watched she shuddered and came again, but Tom fucked her without respite. Her orgasm peaked but seemed to keep on going. All of a sudden her entire body seemed to spasm, shake and shiver, and a jet of pussy juice erupted from her. I had never seen her squirt before, and here she was coming repeatedly like a fountain, her eyes rolled back up in her head as she lost herself in her orgasms.”Time for some serious nasty fun,” Cathy said. She rummaged around yet again in her bag and this time pulled out a lifelike strap on dildo and harness. She stepped into it, checked the fitting, and walked over to Jess. The dildo was black, realistic looking, and about 8 inches long, but not too thick.Cathy strode over the bed, stood on it, thrust out her dildo and made Jess lean toward it. “Time to suck my cock!” she said.Jess didn’t hesitate, bobbing her head up and down on the shaft like it was the real thing. Though the angle was awkward, she was able to swallow most of it, and for a few minutes the room was quiet, as Tom pumped her up and down on his cock while Jess slobbered all over Cathy’s dong. Eventually, Tom swung his legs around so he was lying under Jess and turned her around so she was now facing him.Cathy turned to me. “Get the lube from my bag and bring it here,” she instructed, and I did as I was told. Cathy took the lube and coated the cock with it, and then squeezed a generous amount into Jess’s ass. If it surprised her, Jess didn’t show it. Cathy kn
elt behind Jess and Tom spread her ass open, leaving her exposed, while his girlfriend inserted the head of the dong into Jess’s ass. Jess grunted, but did not resist, which was a surprise to me, considering that we’d never done anal and Jess had expressed no interest in it. Cathy pushed slowly but steadily forward and I watched in astonishment as she slid her artificial cock all the way in, apparently without much difficulty. Jess groaned as she did it, and then Cathy and Tom began to double penetrate her, alternating strokes.Cathy laughed. “Looks like Jess likes it in the ass,” she said. “Do you fuck her in the ass a lot?” I shook my head. “Well, she must be giving it up to someone pretty regularly, cause it sure is easy to fuck her.” With that, she slapped Jess’s ass hard. “Have you given up your backdoor before?” she asked.Jess groaned and nodded. “Yes,” she said.”Who gets it?” Cathy asked.”Leonard and his friends,” Jess replied. Another shock. I hadn’t known that Leonard had shared Jess.”How do you like it, Jess?” Cathy asked. “Do you like getting DPd?”Jess groaned loudly and nodded vigorously. “It’s nasty as hell, but I love it. I want you to fuck me like you own me, just like Derrick and his friends.”Cathy grabbed Jess by her hair and pulled her head back so they could kiss, which they did, passionately. Then she started fucking Jess’s ass hard, slapping her ass cheeks as she did so. Jess granted and moaned and shuddered. For a few moments, the room was filled with the rhythmic sounds of Tom and Cathy fucking Jess, the wetness of my girlfriend’s pussy as it squelched on Tom’s big cock, and the abrupt slaps as Cathy slapped her ass.”Oh, god,” Jess moaned, “I’m gonna cum so fucking hard!”Cathy laughed. “You really are a little, slut,” she said. “How about it, bitch? Do you want you and your cuck boyfriend to be our sex slaves?””Yesssss,” Jess hissed.”Good girl,” Cathy replied. “We’ve got lots of dom couples who’d love to use you.”By now, Jess was moaning “Oh my god!” like a mantra, over and over. Suddenly she started gasping and shuddering, her whole body shaking as she did so. Her pussy started squirting again as her climax went on and on, escort batman until she fell forward limply. Cathy withdrew from her ass and took off the harness.”Fuck the little slut until you cum in her, Tom” Cathy said, and her boyfriend rolled Jess onto her back, hoisted her legs over his shoulders and started banging her pussy. Jess lay limply, her eyes half closed and unfocused.”I’m pretty sure she’s passed out or close to it,” Tom said, but then Jess reached around and grabbed his ass with her hands, showing that she was still conscious of her surroundings. Tom responded by increasing his thrusts, and she groaned softly as he did so.Cathy came over to me and sat down next to me, reached down, and stroked my cock, which was painfully erect. “You’re better hung than most of our male slaves,” she said. “You’d make a good breeding bull for the sub wives and girlfriends. It would give you some fun while your little girlfriend gets passed around to the doms.”Tom was finally reaching his orgasm, and I watched as he thrust deeply into Jess and his big balls contracted over and over as he shot his cum into her womb. She lay limply under him as he filled her with his seed. He finally withdrew, leaving her pussy gaping open as his cum leaked out of her slowly.Cathy, meanwhile, had picked up her cell phone and was making a call. When she finished, she looked at me and Jess. “If you want, we can get you pierced this afternoon. We’ll take you to a woman who pierces all of our slaves. She’s really excellent and safe.””I don’t know,” I said. “This is all kind of sudden.”Cathy smiled. “Why don’t we let Jess make up her own mind? How about it, Jess?”Jess giggled. “I don’t know if I can walk at this point, but if you take me, I’ll get my nipples done. Let me shower and get dressed.”Fifteen minutes later, Jess and Cathy headed out the door. I got Tom a beer and one for myself and sat down. We drank in silence for a couple of minutes, and then Tom turned to me. “You’ve undoubtedly got a lot of questions, so why don’t you ask whatever’s on your mind,” he said.”Tell me a bit about your group,” I said.”There are 10 dominant couples ranging in age from their early 20s to their 60s. We’re all in good shape and the bulls are all hung pretty large – I’m about average, but we have some really enormous guys, upwards of 12 inches,” Tom explained. “The doms are ethnically mixed: white, black, middle Eastern, and Asian.”Tom must have seen the skeptical look on my face because he laughed. “I know what you’re thinking, but we have two Asian bulls – one’s Korean and the other is Japanese. One is my size and the other is bigger,” he said. “Anyway, we recruit young couples to be our subs. They’re mostly white and range in age from 19 to their late 20s. We prefer college students or young professionals – lawyers, business managers, medical residents, and junior military officers and so on.””What are your expectations for the couples?” I asked.Tom smiled. “Submission and obedience. We’ve had good luck recruiting cuckold couples because typically the husband is submissive and even where the wife is relatively dominant in the relationship she’s usually submissive to her bull. We find it easier to train them,” he explained. “You and Jess fit the bill. You’re young, fit, attractive, and already pretty deeply into cuckolding. You’re hung plenty big enough to be a bull if you wanted, but it’s pretty clear you enjoy getting cucked. And Jess just showed us that she’s very capable of being submissive.”Tom sipped his beer and continued. “The wives serve us collectively, which means they fuck whoever wants them. The husbands watch and also serve, depending on their interests. They all prep their wives orally, most hold their wives open and guide the master into them, virtually all the husbands get under the wives while they’re being used, and they all clean their wives’ pussies afterwards. I’d say about three-quarters also provide oral service to the masters. You’d be surprised, but it drives their wives crazy when they do it.””What about breeding?” I asked.”There is no required breeding,” Tom answered. “If, however, a wife wishes to get pregnant, then she is bred by the masters. Several have been. Right now, we have two pregnant wives in our group. One is 20 and a junior in college; the other is 26 and an attorney. We’ll arrange for you to meet both of them before you decide to join the group.”The door opened a moment later and Jess and Cathy entered our apartment. “Jess did just fine,” Cathy said. “She looks great, but you’ll have to wait until she takes the bandages off tonight to clean the piercings before you get see for yourself.”Tom smiled. “We have to get going. Hope you enjoy the rest of the evening.”As he and Cathy left, it struck me that the way he’d made his last comment, with a big smirk, was a bit odd. I didn’t give it much thought and had forgotten about it when there was another knock at the door. I opened the door to find two Asian men waiting outside. They brushed past me and pushed their way into the apartment.”Hey!” I exclaimed. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”The two guys laughed. Then one of them said, “What we’re going to be doing is fucking the hell out of your little slut girlfriend. Where is she?”Before I could answer, Jess came out of the bathroom dressed only in cotton shorts and a tank top. “What’s going on, David?” she asked.”I don’t know,” I said. “These two guys just pushed their way in here.”The guy who’d spoken to me looked at Jess. “Tom sent us over to bang the shit out of you in front of your boyfriend and we’re not leaving until we do, whether you want to give it up or not,” he said. “You can cooperate and participate willingly or you can resist, but ei
ther way you’re going to get fucked.”Jess looked shocked. “You mean you’ll force me? We’ll call the cops if you try it.”The guy smirked. “I don’t think so. You and your boyfriend are in possession of enough of a contraband stash to make your lives very difficult. Besides,” he said, “I am a cop. Whose word do you think will carry weight?””This is complete bullshit,” I said, as I grabbed the guy by the arm and started to push him towards the door. Before I’d gotten half a step, the guy flicked his arm, twisted mine around and started putting pressure on my hand. It was excruciatingly painful, and I had no choice but to follow the pressure and get down on my knees.”This is just a taste,” he said. “I can put your wrist out of action for a week without breaking a sweat.””Stop it, you’re hurting him!” Jess exclaimed. “Let him go. Please let him go and I’ll do what you want.””That’s a good little slut,” the guy said. “Now go get the weed and the pipe.” Jess did as she was instructed, and handed them to the guy. “You’ll be a whole lot more cooperative with this,” he said, and filled up the pipe. He made her smoke a whole bowl, then refilled it and had her smoke it again. Then he had me smoke an entire bowlful before returning to Jess and giving her a third. I could barely stand up, and could only imagine how Jess was feeling. She looked totally dazed and wasted.”Let’s go to the bedroom,” the guy said. He had to help Jess move. When we got there, he told me to strip and put on the cock and ball harness, which I managed to do after some fumbling around. Then he walked over to Jess and in two quick moves pulled off her shorts and yanked off her tank top. Then he and his buddy stripped. Both of them were ripped to the extreme. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on them. They were both hung like stallions, their massive cocks curving away from their bodies. The guy in control was a bit bigger than his companion, but it was kind of academic since they were both huge.”Hey, cuck!” the second bull said. “Get over here and get your girl’s pussy nice and wet for us.”I went over next to the bed and lay down on my back, and Jess straddled my face as she knelt over me. I reached up to hold on to her butt cheeks and started moving her back and forth as I tongued her. She was wet in an instant. At the same time, the two bulls stepped in front of her. Jess never hesitated, but took a cock in each hand and started stroking them. As they grew erect, she started sucking them, first one, then the other, bobbing her head back and forth as she did so, slowly taking more and more of the massive cocks down her throat. After a while, Jess started making little moaning noises and pressed her pussy down on me, rubbing it wetly across my lips and tongue. I flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue and she ground down and grunted, and I could tell from her shuddering that she was climaxing.She looked up at the two bulls. “Fuck me, please! I want you to fuck me like the whore that I am for huge cocks,” she said. “Do anything you want to me.””Get on your knees,” the first guy said, and Jess got on the bed on her hands and knees. The bull got behind her and rubbed the head of his cock on her sopping pussy. She reached between her legs and spread herself open for him and, after inserting the head of his cock, pushed into her all the batman escort bayan way in one smooth thrust.Jess groaned aloud. “God, that’s a hell of a big cock. You’re really filling me up.”He laughed. “For such a petite white girl, you have a pretty loose pussy. Most women can’t take me like that at first. You must be getting your pussy stretched out pretty regularly,” he said.”More and more all the time,” Jess grunted. “I haven’t told David all about it, but the black bull I’ve been fucking is passing me around to some of his friends, and believe me when I tell you they’re all hung large. They love to DP me and lately have been stuffing two cocks in my pussy at the same time.””And how do you like that?” the bull asked.”It wasn’t really easy at first,” Jess replied. “Fortunately, no one tried to force it. Once I did it a few times I learned how to relax enough to take it a lot more easily and once that happened it was hot as hell. I have these incredible vaginal orgasms that just seem to go on and on.”I was dumbfounded. The bull looked my way and laughed. “Looks like your cuck boyfriend wasn’t expecting that,” he said.Jess giggled. “There’s a lot I haven’t told David yet, but I will.”The second bull stood in front of Jess. “Time to put your mouth to better use,” he said, and stuck his big cock in her face. She opened her mouth and let him slide halfway down her throat. For the next 15 minutes, the room was free of chatter but full of the sounds of one bull’s cock pumping her sopping pussy while his balls slapped her ass and the gurgling as the other throat fucked her. I could tell from her muffled moans that Jess was getting into it, confirmed in the end by her grunts and finally by her arched back and shudders as she surrendered to a powerful orgasm. No sooner had she finished than the two bulls switched places and continued to fuck her mouth and pussy with the same merciless rhythm. It didn’t take long before she had another big climax.This time, the second bull lay on his back with his legs hanging over the edge of the bed and had Jess mount him so that she faced away from him. She slid easily down the length of his cock and then he had her lean back against him while he held her legs apart. The first bull approached her from the front and, putting one leg on the bed, took his cock and slipped the head into her pussy, slightly above and to the side of the cock that was already buried to the hilt. Jess gasped as he did it, but did not try to stop him. I watched in astonishment as he slowly and carefully pushed his cock into her distended pussy, taking his time as he worked it into her inch by inch as she rubbed her clit while he did so.”Oh, fuuuuck you guys are big,” Jess groaned. “Keep going and really stretch my slut pussy out. I’m gonna cum real soon and then you can fuck my cunt.” As she said so, her thighs started shuddering and her face grimaced. “Fuck, I’m cumming so hard,” she wailed as her climax shook through her. It went on for quite a while, at the end of which she lay back limply.Sensing the moment had arrived, the first bull pushed forward. I watched in stunned silence as his big cock slid into Jess’s pussy. He held it there for a moment and then slowly drew it out about half way before sliding it back in, a process he repeated several times over. Then, satisfied that Jess was taking both cocks inside her with no damage, he began slowly to fuck in and out. As he did so, the second bull started to do the same.Jess moaned and looked at me. “Get me some lube,” she said, and I went to the nightstand and pulled out the lubricant. She had the first bull pull out, and squirted a generous amount of lube into her gaping pussy. Then she squirted more lubricant on his cock and motioned for him to remount. He slid in much more easily this time, and resumed a careful but steady rhythm. The bull under Jess resumed his own rhythm, eliciting moans and groans from Jess as he did so. I could see Jess’s toes curling under as the two huge cocks pumped in and out of her pussy. Her moans were more or less constant. Abruptly, she dug her heels into the first bull’s back and pressed him deeply into her.”Oh, jeez,” she grunted. “I’m cumming again! It’s sooo fucking good. My cunt is just so filled with cock. You’re stretching me completely!”With that, she started climaxing again, this time squirting as she did so, until the bedcover under them was stained and wet. Her orgasm was long and intense, leaving her limp and seemingly fucked out, but the bulls were having none of it. The first bull withdrew and then turned Jess around so she was riding the second bull’s cock. He pulled her forward so that her ass was up and her puss
y exposed to the first bull, who pushed his cock down until it was on top of the cock Jess was riding. Then he pushed in. The position allowed for more effective penetration and the first bull began fucking her much more vigorously than before, while the one below began to thrust up and into her now thoroughly stretched pussy.For a while, the room was filled with the sound of Jess’s moans and grunts, and the obscene squelching of her pussy as the two huge cocks pumped in and out of her in a steady rhythm. Then, for the first time, Jess began active fucking back, riding back against the cocks as the pushed up into her. Her groans got louder as she started to shudder and shake as another orgasm hit her. This time, the two bulls kept fucking her as her climax crested and broke, pushing her into another orgasm while she made incoherent noises and her pussy squirted again.Still the bulls kept pumping in and out of her, increasing their tempo as they fucked her. The first bull grunted. “Man, your girlfriend is one hot little slut,” he said. “I can hardly believe she can take it, but her pussy’s taking both of us. She must have had plenty of double vaginal fucks before we got her, but if she keeps this up she’ll have to fuck a horse to really fill herself up. By the time we’re done with her, you won’t be feeling much friction when your fuck her.”Jess groaned. “Fuck my hot cunt with your two big cocks, you bastards! Stretch me out so I won’t ever be able to feel David’s cock and then pump me full of cum,” she said. “Come on, fuck my pussy and use me like your whore!”The two bulls were fucking her with abandon now, pumping their cocks in syncopated rhythm in and out of her overstretched cunt. I could tell that they were reaching the crisis point. The first bull grunted with the exertion, and looked down toward his comrade.”I’m getting ready to pop, bro,” he said. “Can you shoot too so we can fill this slut’s cum totally full?””Fuck yeah!” came the reply.At the same time, Jess was moaning and gasping as another climax started to hit her. “Come on, fuck me with your big bull cocks! Shove them in me and shoot your bull cum right into my womb,” she screamed. “Breed me and make my belly swell! Do it!”With roars of lust, the two bulls shoved their cocks as deeply into Jess as they could. I was able to see the top bull’s ass contract again and again as he ejaculated into her, and I knew the bull underneath was doing the same. At the same time, Jess was screaming as her own climax went on and on, sending her into orgasmic spasms. Her eyes were rolled up into her head so that only the whites were visible. Finally, she collapsed forward limply, shuddered, and was still. The top bull slowly withdrew his cock and rolled Jess onto her back on the bed.”She’s passed out,” he said. “Man, she is one incredible little fuck.” He and his partner got up slowly and went into the bathroom to clean up.I crossed over to the bed to examine Jess. Her clitoris was engorged and red, her labia were swollen, and her pussy gaped open far wider than I had ever seen it before. As I watched, a steady stream of thick white cum flowed out of her and down her thighs to collect on the bedspread. I went to the bathroom to get a washcloth and towel to clean her up. The bulls were just leaving.”Thanks for letting us use your girlfriend’s pussy,” the first bull said. “I have a feeling she’ll be wanting us to use it a whole lot more.” With that, the two men let themselves out of the apartment.I went back into the bedroom and began to gently clean up the mess they had left in and on Jess, sponging her down with a cool washcloth and drying her with the towel. When I was done, I slipped the towel under her hips to absorb the cum that was still leaking out of her gaping pussy. She was still out, so I went back to the kitchen, popped the top off a cold beer, and slowly drank it down. I checked back on Jess when I had finished the beer and found that she had awakened. She smiled sweetly when she saw me.”Well, sweetie, what did you think?” she asked. “Did you like seeing your girlfriend used like a fuck toy?”I nodded. “I was worried you were going to get hurt, but it was really hot.”Jess giggled. “Not much to worry about there,” she said. “I’ve had enough big cocks in my pussy and ass so I can take a lot more than I used to. I’m really glad you like it because I love having you watch it happen. Next time I think I’ll have Derrick and some of his friends come over and gangbang me I front of you. How does that sound, David?””It sounds really intense,” I said.”Good,” Jess replied. “I’ll call Derrick tomorrow and set it up.”

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