Kellie’s First Fuck

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Kellie’s First FuckPaul is a guy that I met in an AOL chat group (yes, that long ago!) who shared an interest in wearing pantyhose and stockings. He was more of a manly guy that liked the feel of the nylon rather than a femme crossdressing sissy like me. But we eventually met a few times with Kellie kneeling before him, rubbing his hosed legs as he came in my mouth. Paul and I both had mornings free at the time and we could sometimes meet a couple times a week if we were both available and needed each other’s satisfaction. One particular morning as I was blowing him he abruptly stopped me and pulled me to my feet. Since we were both in heels we were about the same height with him slightly taller than me. This was a new surprise for me because all we’ve ever done before was him feeding me his cock and cum. He pulled me close and kissed me hard and told me to turn around. I figured he wanted to see my hosed ass and shake it for him to get him even more horny. Much to my shock he got right behind me and started to rub his cock against my nylon covered bum. He made sure to allow his hard on to land in the crevice of my ass cheeks as he began to gyrate his hips as if he was dry-humping me. Having never been fucked yet, I was nervous as to where this was leading. The last time I prepared for a good fucking I ended up being finger banged and disappointed. I had not prepared today to be fucked and knew I was too tight to accept any visitors in my sissy cunt. Paul still tried, I mildly objected telling him I wasn’t ready, and I didn’t have a condom but he man-handled his sissy and yanked my pantyhose down exposing my gurly ass. He shed his heels and used his muscle and might to kick my legs apart until my pussy was at the right height for his fuck piston. I was a little scared because I was not ready for this, I needed to physically and mentally prepare to have my virginity properly taken. Paul tried in vain to get his cock into my boi-cunt, even with enough lube to grease an axle, he just could not get the head of his prick past my cherry. Eventually he became frustrated and needed to cum so he demanded his sissy bitch get on her knees to accept his load. He teased me into a frenzy as I was sucking him, face fucking me wildly and then stopping, not only edging himself but also getting me wild with lust by withholding his sperm. He told me to beg for his cum and I complied, “Give me your cum, Baby” I squealed, “I want you so badly to fill my mouth.” I could tell by the nasty grin on his face he had an idea brewing: “I’ll give you my cum if you let me fuck you tomorrow.” I paused for a moment to just let that sink in… I really wanted fucked, that would give me time to prepare and even have a condom available…”Yes, Baby, you can fuck me tomorrow!” I barely got the words out when he grabbed a handful of my hair and jammed his cock in my mouth. He immediately came, filling my mouth completely before I swallowed every drop. He allowed me to suck his dick until he got flaccid and then he withdrew to get dressed. I thanked him for stopping by and was satisfied that I got his cum. I figured he wasn’t too serious about fucking me since we were both in the height of lust and just being in the moment. Back in his man clothes and on the way out the door, he said ‘see you tomorrow güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri morning’, he winked and got in his truck to leave.I was excited and nervous at the same time There was no turning back, I promised him a fuck in exchange for his cum. He held up his end of the bargain so I figured I should do the same. The rest of the day dragged on as all I could think about was having my virginity taken. I fantasized about this ever since I started dressing for cock so many years ago. I couldn’t keep my clitty under control as it kept stiff with excitement and anticipation of my coming christening. I didn’t want to jerk my sissy stick because I did not want to become ashamed and embarrassed about what I agreed to. This is difficult when you don’t have a chastity cage to keep yourself in check! I was able to restrain myself and survive the day at work and came home and fell asleep next to my wife that night knowing I would become Paul’s total sissy bitch in the morning. I barely slept a wink that night and the moment my wife got in her car and drove off to work in the morning I sprang out of bed to become Kellie. I jumped in the shower and shaved my boi pussy smooth. I was sure to slowly work my 10-inch dildo in and out of my ass as the hot water relaxed my muscles. Paul was about 7 inches and not nearly as long as my dildo but I still wanted to be completely prepared so after getting out of the shower, I squeezed a little KY into my pussy and worked my dildo all the way in until it’s firm rubber balls where resting agaist mine. I left it in as I sat on the bed and pulled on my suntan, sheer-to-waist pantyhose, black waist cincher with garter straps, a black lace bra and then a pair of black nylon stockings over my tan pantyhose. My legs looked amazing and I hoped Paul would approve. I wanted my clit imprisoned in my pantyhose as I was getting fucked and the pantyhose would keep my dildo nice and deep in my pussy as I moved around. Finally, I put on a pair of strappy, 5” sandals and some light makeup. I didn’t bother with the wig today as Paul didn’t really care how femme I looked. I think he reveled in the idea of making another guy submit to him as his sissy. Now I just had to wait for him to show. I hooked up my laptop to the television and streamed some sissy hypnosis videos making sure to get me – and keep me – in a lust fueled frenzy. Of course, every time I moved, my dildo reminded me what was about to happen…I just hope Paul was going to show.Then right on cue, his truck pulled in front of my house, I watched with butterflies filling my stomach as he walked down the sidewalk. I didn’t even wait for him to knock, I opened the door to let him in, I was crazy in heat and I didn’t even care if the neighbors could see me dressed as a sissy slut standing at my front door. As he stepped in, he greeted me with a quick, open mouth kiss, asking if his ‘special sissy’ was ready for today. I moaned a ‘yes’ as our tongues danced and my clit jumped. He playfully slapped my hosed ass and could see the bottom part of my dildo protruding from my pussy. ‘I see you’re prepared today.’ “Yes, I’ve been thinking about it all night.” “I bet you have, slut. Get on your knees.” He undressed and commanded me to my usual place and made me get him güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri nice and hard. I worked his cock for 15 minutes or so, wanting to savor his muskiness and manhood. I was completely cock crazed and was ready to submit to both of our wishes. Replaying yesterday’s scenario, I stood up, leaned against the back of the couch and arched my back. I wanted him to know that I was his to have and was fully committed. Again, he got behind me and rubbed his leaking cock against the nylon covered cheeks of my ass. He said he loved the feel of the smooth nylon against his prick and it made him even harder than he was already. He wanted me to pull my pantyhose down but I told him I wanted my clit encased – “just rip them” I said. I felt him probe around until he found the seam and he was able to start a small hole. He knelt behind me and opened the hole with two fingers, making it big enough to extract my rubber friend from my pussy. He slowly worked my dildo out, careful not to cause me any discomfort. Just as it was about to pop all the way out, he held it in place and slowly worked it back into my cunt. I moaned softly in ecstasy as this was the first time someone other than myself used a dildo in me. I quickly got disappointed thinking that this is how he was going to fuck me, but that thought quickly disappeared as he completely removed it leaving a void that I needed filled! I passed a condom back to him as he used a paper towel to remove some of the excess lube left from my self-impalement. I heard the cap of the lube snap shut and felt his fingers begin to poke and prod at my pussy. This time I was not nervous or hesitant since I was well prepared and wanted this as much as he did. I bent forward a little more offering more of myself to him. He now had full access to my pussy. My legs quivered a little as I anticipated my coming fate. I suddenly felt the tip of his cock against my pussy lips and I tried to relax my entire body – always a tough thing to do when standing spread-eagle in a pair of slutty heels!! Soon his cock head had entered me and it felt warm and comfortable, filling the void left by the fake cock. The pressure was the same as when I used a dildo so I was able to react the same and let him inch in a little further. When he got to my cherry I could tell that this may not hurt as bad as I anticipated – plus it seemed like he had done this before. I was breathing heavy and loving the way it felt. His dick was shorter but thicker than my dildo and he filled me up fast. He told me to relax as he slowly pushed past my cherry which allowed him to quickly slide all the way in. I let out a gasp and soft moan as I was finally a complete sissy. Another man’s cock was inside of me!! He asked if I was okay to which I purred ‘oh yes’ and he began to slowly withdraw. I could feel the head of his cock as it made its way down my pussy canal. I thought he was going to plop out of me so I quickly pulled my right hand back and grasped behind his right thigh to keep him inside of me. This delighted him and it prompted him to ask; “you like that, don’t you?” ‘Oh, Baby, you have NO idea!’ I muttered. Of course, with me pulling him closer into me, that was his cue to speed up his thrusts. He put both of his hands on güvenilir bahis şirketleri my hips and began to fuck me with a little more purpose and power. I could feel my eyes rolling back into my skull as I was filled with unsurmountable pleasure! I felt unashamed and completely content to be this man’s bitch. His rhythm picked up and I was able to meet his thrusts with thrusts of my own. This caused his cock to go as deep as it could with his low hanging nut sack bouncing into my tiny, contracted balls and hard clit as they strained against their silken confines. My God, I was in sissy heaven! I wanted more and more of his cock inside of me, I wanted it to last forever. He would fuck me hard then slow down to a love-making pace. I never felt this good before as he repeatedly hit my G-spot and got me close to cumming! After about 20 minutes of him fucking me from behind, I felt his grip tighten on my hips. I knew he was close. In a gruff voice he asked, “Do you want me to cum inside of you?” I have always wanted to be bred for sissydom and figured he wanted the same thing. I hope that the condom I gave him would hold up and told him to ‘Make me your sissy, cum inside me.’ I heard him say something to the effect of; ‘Goddamn right slut, you’re my bitch now’ and felt him swell inside of me. He stopped pumping and buried himself deep in my ass. I wanted to reach down and stroke my pantyhosed clit but with his weight pressing on me I couldn’t let go of the back of the couch without falling to the floor. He groaned to the point of screaming as he released inside of me. I felt the hot cum deep inside of me and thought about pulling the used condom off of him and eating his cum when he was done ejaculating. He stayed buried inside of me for a few minutes and slowly fucked me for another few minutes. My legs were shaking and I nearly collapsed as he completely withdrew from my ass. Since I was still lost in cock-starved lust, I spun around and knelt before him wanting to remove the condom and let him watch me eat every drop of his cum from the rubber. But I was shocked when I reached for his cock and there was nothing there. Paul figured I was being a proper slut and was there to clean him off so he just grabbed me by the back of the head and shoved his cock in my mouth. I was mortified! Was the condom still in my ass, what happened. As I was worshiping his cock he stepped back a little to give me room between him and the couch and there it was…still in the wrapper. The condom had fallen on the floor and he had stepped on it in his rush to make me his property. Now, kneeling on my living room floor with Paul’s seed leaking from my ass pussy, his cock in my mouth, I suddenly became okay with the whole thing. The thought of totally submitting to this man to the point that he fucked me and came inside of me made me feel completely feminized. To try and minimized the mess on my living room carpet, I grabbed my dildo and inserted it as a cum plug. I rode my rubber cock as I sucked Paul and the feelings of pleasure and ecstasy became too much. I erupted in my pantyhose in a powerful sissygasm without ever touching myself. Paul just pulled his cock from my mouth and stood back and watched as his faggot slut unashamedly pleasured himself. In a heap, I fell onto my back, my dildo still plugging another man’s cum inside of me, my own pathetic sissy cum saturating my ruined pantyhose. I laid there recovering for about thirty minutes unable to wipe the smile from my face. Paul was long gone by then and I was left to grapple with the thought of now being an owned sissy…but first, I needed a shower…

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