Just a quick favour

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Just a quick favour
This was written on behalf of a couple that follow my posts, they provided me key words ( images removed) and I did the rest.

Our long overdue vacation

Having missed our vacation last year Anne and I (John) decided we needed to get away from our every day to day routine and just chill besides a pool at a luxurious resort, Anne said I should choose where we went but it had to be smart and somewhere hot. Browsing on-line I found what I thought would be perfect and told Anne we were all booked and would be going to Jamaica and leave in three weeks, Anne asked to see where we were going and sat on my lap in front of the PC.

Oh, John this looks awesome and very up market said Anne, I can take some nice clothes, but I think I will have to do a little shopping and get a couple of new swim suits to make the most of the sun. Make sure you get some new lingerie I said and a nice dress for the evening events, OK said Anne it will be nice to dress up while away and do not forget you have to get your black suit dry cleaned.

As our vacation approached Anne did her shopping which included a new red bra and G string pantie set plus a stunning black lace set with little flowers on it but still very see through, Wow I said why not try it on now when Anne said we should just get packed as we had a very early start in the morning. Everything packed and cases ready we set our alarm for 05.00 and went to bed, boom the alarm went off and made us both jump but anticipation then kicked in and we got going to the airport.

Everything went to plan, and we arrived in Jamaica right on time and met our driver (Errol) to take us to the hotel, As Anne got into the taxi her blue summer dress rode up a little exposing a lot of leg and I could help notice Errol taking a good hard look at Anne’s legs. As I went to the other door of the limo and Errol opened it he just said “you have a beautiful lady and are very lucky” to which I replied I know, as we set off I could see Errol had adjusted his rear view mirror and was blatantly looking at Anne’s legs as he said he said we had selected the perfect hotel as it was both luxurious and did not accept c***dren.

Arriving at the hotel Errol shot round to Anne’s door and opened it and offered her his had to help her get out, as she took his hand her dress rode right up exposing her panties giving Errol yet another glimpse of Anne’s legs, as I came round to Anne’s side Errol had got our bags out of the car when he handed Anne a card and said if we needed a ride somewhere while we staying just give him a call ( yeah I thought you just want another look at Anne’s legs – but so would I).
All checked in we were shown to our room and bags put besides the bed, Anne looked at me and said how lovely it was and the view from the balcony was fabulous. The room had a very large Queen Size bed with a silver coloured stool at the end and a large wooden headboard and two side tables; there was also a nice cosy sofa to one side and large TV. All unpacked we ambled down to the pool area and bar, Anne had put on her new mauve swim suit that showed a lot of cleavage and was fully cut to the waist at the back and she looked so bloody hot.
As we sat with a drink near the pool Anne said she was going in for swim and was I going to join her? I said I would just sit and chill with my beer.

Ok said Anne and I just watched her and admired the view of her walking to the pool, at one end of the pool were a group of lads messing around who noticed Anne and made sure they got a good look at her as she slipped into the water, Anne was oblivious to their eyes focusing on her as she swam around and when she got to their end of the pool they just stood still and watched her every move. Anne still oblivious to them stood and was right next to the lads when one started to talk to her, as the chat continued a couple of the other lads joined in but from where I was sat at the other end of the pool, I had no idea what it was all about.

As Anne came back to join me and sat on the lounger, I asked her what the lads were talking to her about? Anne looked at me and said that they had asked if she was on her own and that she had told them no she was with her husband when one of them named Tony had said it was a shame, Anne said that Tony was really looking at her breasts all the time he was talking to her when he again asked her if she was sure she was not on her own and just k**ding him. Anne said again that she was with her husband and not to be so cheeky when Tony said that if she got bored then he was around for another three days and was always around the pool.

I said to Anne I would go and put him straight when she said that he must only be about 20 years old and just trying his luck with any female that happens to passing and not to bother, I looked at Anne and said I suppose at his age and looking at you in that swim suit I would have also had a go. What do you mean by that Anne asked me; well I replied you know tried to get in your pants! You dirty bugger John and I am sure that is not what Tony was thinking and let’s face it he is more than half my age and could get a lot younger if that is what he wanted Anne said.

With that Anne said we should think about going back to the room and get ready for the reception dinner later, OK I said as we can take another drink up to the room and get ready at our leisure as we have a few hours yet. Drinks obtained and back in the room, as I shut the door Anne was all over me and kissed me hard while running her hand over my cock. Wow I said to Anne what has got into you? John I just need to feel you in me so get those shorts off and fuck me now. Anne stepped out of her swim suit and pulled my trunks down exposing my hard cock, taking my cock in her warm hand Anne pulled me to the bed on top of her and started rub the head of my cock up and down her opening.
I could feel Anne was really wet when she pulled me straight into her pussy with one full stroke; Anne’s pussy was so warm and just waiting for me to fill her. Anne was veracious and bucked against my every hardening stroke when she said she just had to come and to fuck her like never, stride after stride I would hit her pussy when she dug her fingers into my back and squeezed my cock tight and just came as I also shot her full of my own spewing sperm.

Wow Anne I said you were amazing and so bloody hot it was like fucking a new woman, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Anne just said that she had felt the urge to be fucked for the last two hours and could wait no longer. Showered and ready to get dressed Anne slipped into a black lace trim bra and panties and did a little pose on the bed asking if I approved?

Anne then pulled on her little black cocktail dress she had brought with her and she looked so demure, simply dressed but every part a sophisticated woman.
Going down to reception and through to the ballroom, we asked another couple waiting to go in if they mind taking a picture for us which they did, once taken we immediately thanked them and uploaded it to Facebook for our friends to see.

As we sat down, we were with 4 other couples of a similar age when Anne said to me in my ear “look over there it’s that Tony chap “but I wonder where his other mates are? No idea I whispered back, and we carried on with the superb dinner, once dinner was over and the tables cleared apart from copious amounts of alcohol being left the music started.

Now I am no John Travolta but Anne on the other hand has some great sexy moves and knows her way round a dance floor, come on John said Anne let’s just have a few dances together and we can sit back down and watch the others. Ok dances over and even more wine put on the table we sat back down and did some serious people watching, time had flown, and it was already near 23.30 when the band stopped, and it went to a DJ playing records with tunes from all eras. As the DJ played his first slow song Tony appeared at our table and said Hi to Anne and this must be your husband putting out his hand for me to shake, yes said Anne when Tony asked if Anne would like to dance provided I did not object?

Anne looked at me and I said if Anne wants to then who am I to stop her and off to the dancefloor they both went, as the next slow record started playing Tony was still talking with Anne when he let his right hand slip down just below her waist, now for some reason Anne did not move his hand away and I must admit I started to find the whole scene rather erotic.

As the record ended Anne came back to our table which was now empty apart from the two us when she asked Tony if he wanted to join us, yep that would be great he said as he was on his own and it would be nice to chat.
With even more free flowing booze inside Anne the idle chat turned a bit intimate and Anne asking Tony why he was not with a girlfriend, Tony hesitantly replied that he found it a little difficult to keep a relationship going as he found those his own age just so immature and wanting to party all the time. Anne looked at him and just said “well you are a dammed good looking guy with a great body and felt sure he would find someone soon” Tony turned to Anne and right in front of me and said “I thought I had till you said you were married”, Anne blushed heavily and told Tony not to be silly when I asked Anne if she had not heard of the term MILF?

What Anne said when I explained it meant “Mature I would Like to Fuck” what she said, you mean there is a term for young guys after older women? Yes, I replied, and I am sure Tony knows the term, he just looked and nodded that he did. It was now near two in the morning and Anne was a little tipsy when the DJ said it was the last record of the night and a slow one, Tony just grasped Anne’s hand and said let’s go, slightly uneasy on her feet Anne had the last dance and again Tony let his hands slide over Anne’s ass and pulled her tight to his own body.

As the dance ended and the lights came up a little, Tony had disappeared to the men’s room when Anne said she was convinced that Tony had got a partial hard on while dancing with her and he felt huge. Really, I said did that turn you on? Don’t be silly John I am a married woman said Anne, and I said, “your point is”? I am married to you John and we have a lovely fulfilling relationship so why would I want to be turned on by a young stranger? Ok Anne I said, and what if you were not married? Would you rush him to your room and fuck his brains out? Anne paused before answering and just said “yes I suppose hypothetically speaking I would”

As she uttered those words Tony walked back and sat back down, you two Ok he asked and is there some booze left? Yes, I said and help yourself, glasses all toped up again Anne was fidgeting in her seat and asked Tony what he was doing for the rest of evening “out clubbing or onto more bars” I am not sure said Tony as I am have a great time just sitting with both of you. Anne looked at him and said that he should be out there looking to get laid, what did Anne just say? I was astounded by her comment but put it down to maybe too much alcohol and let is pass.

Tony however did not let is go and said that it was a nice thought but felt it could be a little late to go out on the pull and just wanted to chill with a nightcap, Anne looked at me and just said to Tony that we could not let him sit all alone and he was welcome to join us in our room as she also fancied a night cap. This was becoming a night of firsts and for Anne to ask this 20 something fit guy to our room was beyond belief; off we went and arrived in our room.
Anne asked me to fix some drinks and raid the large mini bar in room, having sorted out what everyone wanted Anne sat on the edge of the bed and Tony sat on the sofa opposite and I closed the blinds to our room.

Anne facing Tony simply asked him why he felt a more mature woman would be better for him and would not a younger woman/girl be more appropriate? Tony looked at Anne and said it was simple, younger women or girls are just too immature and want very different things to him, Anne asked Tony what those things may be while taking another large slurp of her drink.

Tony looked at me and then back at Anne and said, well you guys can just fuck when you want, how you want and know that there will be no pressure from others to get engaged or even married which is what I had. I stepped in and said that marriage was just a term used but we both had our own minds, desires and goals in life so not to get hung up on daft things this early in his life, Tony said he sort of agreed but if he was in a room alone with Anne he would not be able to keep his hands off her and that I was a very lucky guy.

Well thank you Tony Anne said in a tipsy güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri way, John and I have now been married for 15 years now and he continues to surprise me sexually. I looked at Anne and said that perhaps it was time to finish our drinks and say goodnight to Tony, with that Tony looked at me and asked if he could just stay a little longer and just watch Anne undress to her under ware and he would go with her embedded in his mind?

Anne just stood a little shaky and said “why not as you have seen me in my swim suit and you can have happy dreams thinking about me” I looked at Anne and said that I did not think this was a good idea as she will get Tony all aroused and he would have to go back to his room trying to hide a hard on, don’t be silly John and let me show what a forty something woman actually looks like up close and personal as he may change his mind in going for a mature woman in the future.

Anne, I said again, I am not sure this is a good idea and you may regret it in the morning when the booze is not hampering your judgement. No sooner had I said this than she had turned back to face Tony and started to ease her black dress off her shoulders and let it plummet to the floor, then Anne sat on the edge of the bed facing Tony with her legs slightly splayed in just her red bra and panties. Tony shuffled on the sofa and could clearly see her partially shaven pussy through the lacy fabric of her panties and her breasts were barely held in place in the bra. Tony just stared avidly at Anne and said how lucky I was to get to play with her when I wanted and that if he was me, he would never get out of bed and leave Anne alone.

Anne again thanked Tony for his comments but said after 15 years together we each knew what each other wanted, our fantasies, what our bodies liked, disliked, what turned each other on and how fantasies sometimes came into play. Tony still having not taken his eyes of Anne’s body and the area between her legs asked Anne “so what fantasies do you have Anne” Anne just said that this was not something for discussion as it was very personal, and fantasies are not always acted on in real life – just in one’s head.

Tony now managed to steal his fixated stare away from Ann’s lace clad pussy and turned to me and asked the same question, go on John you two must have fantasies you can share with me that would not be embarrassing. I told Tony that if Anne would not say then nor would I, Anne looked towards me and asked for another drink when Tony asked if he could use the bathroom. As tony stood he had a huge bulge in the front of his trousers and was clearly a little nervous as he moved to the bathroom, Anne quickly said do you see what I meant about his bulge” yes I replied that is impressive but does it turn you on knowing you are having that effect on the poor lad?

Anne said it did and it was like being in her 20s again but could not get past him being so young and in our room looking at her in her underwear, Tony re-entered the room and sat again facing Anne on the bed and again asked Anne if she would not at least let him know one of her fantasies and then turning to me one of mine. Anne said as it was just talk then why not, Anne hesitantly looked at Tony and said that one of her fantasies was to have both her breasts and pussy sucked at the same time by me and joined by another man.

Blimey said Tony, you mean a threesome? Yes, said Anne but this is just a fantasy and not something we have done-it is just a fantasy. What about you John, I looked to Anne and said that a fantasy I had shared with her was for her to be fucked by a big cock while I sit and watch and then possibly join in. Tony just looked between both of us and said how hot these fantasies were and how come we have never done anything about them, Anne replied first and said that these were fantasies that we shared and got us both hot when making love to
each other so no need to act on them. Tony paused and looked at me and asked what turned me on about Anne, I did not have to think long and said watching Anne undress and being naked in front of me so I could not only sense her but also smell her. What about you Anne and what turns you on about John? I love the tender feel of his hands on my breasts as I undress for him and when he slips his hand between my legs as I stand in front of him.

You guys are so lucky to have each other said Tony but wish I could see Anne strip for me, let’s face it Anne you are virtually naked now and I am sure John would not mind given he wants you fucked by a big cock!
Now while Tony had a good point, I thought this was a move too far and that Anne would say it was time he left but she did not, so Tony you want to see me strip and let John run his hands over me do you said Anne? Ok then said Anne but you stay sitting on the sofa and do not move or it’s over, Anne did no more than start to tease our young guest and would drop the strap on her bra to rest on her shoulder, then the next one and then rest a couple of fingers on the edge of her panties as if to pull them down.

Tony was licking his lips as the show continued and tease became more intensive as Anne then just let her bra fall leaving her breasts exposed, standing in front of Tony in just her panties she asked him did he like what he was seeing to which he replied “oh my god yes”
Anne was getting into it now and moved onto the bed and gave Tony a great show with different poses but still leaving her panties on, I just stood and took it all in my stride and could not believe what a different woman Anne was.

As I looked at Tony he was now sitting on the edge of sofa gently rubbing the bulge in his trousers and something Anne must have seen when she said it was time I showed Tony just how good my hands were and to Join her on the bed, this I did and it was then that Tony asked if he could take a picture and we both said why not it’s only harmless fun.

Laying on the bed beside Anne we got into position and rolled to face him Anne had now lost her panties but for some reason had cupped her right breast; we both looked back at Tony who had now got his cock out of pants. Now this young man had a cock and a half, while not overly thick it had to be a good 10 inches long and the head was a deep purple and looked ready to explode. Anne just looked and could not believe what she was looking at when Tony güvenilir bahis şirketleri asked if he could watch us having sex, I said to Tony that if Anne was OK with it then so was I, but I could not give her something the size of what he had in his hand.

Tony chuckled and said you just go with what you’ve got as I want to see Anne cum all over you, Anne took my hand and placed it between her legs and whispered in my ear that she wanted me to fuck her hard and just knew she would not let me down.

Eagerly I started to play with Anne’s sopping wet pussy as I lay next her, Anne was now pulling my foreskin hard back until it got so far back it was near to being painful. We continued playing hard with each other when Anne rolled onto her side and faced Tony who was slowly stroking his huge cock, Anne took hold of my cock from between her legs and positioned it at the opening of her pussy so Tony could see and pushed hard.

I was in her pussy with no effort and she just bucked against me but all the time watching Tony and the slow strokes he was using on that monster cock, oh god John you are so hard, and I need to feel you cum in me. Anne kept pressing hard against my erection and started to play with her clit while still watching Tony slowly stroking his monster cock, Anne said she was close to coming which is when Tony stood right next to the bed just inches from us with his cock in his hand. Anne bucked furiously against my cock when she just let go and erupted into orgasmic heaven, this threw me over the edge, and I pulled back a little and shot my spunk all over her clit.

Tony just stood there and said wow, you guys know how to fuck and Anne your pussy looks so wet and slippery with John’s spunk dribbling down it. Anne just looked up at Tony as he continued to stroke his monster cock just inches from her when he asked me if Anne could stroke his cock, I told Tony it was not my decision and that Anne had already said that he should not move from the sofa. Anne told Tony to sit back down when she moved and whispered in my ear “John you have always wanted to watch me take a big cock and I think Tony fits the bill – do you want to watch him fuck me?”

Anne I said, it is your decision but if you want to feel Tony slide that monster in your pussy then yes as no one will ever know apart from the three of us, Anne looked at Tony and said he should lose his clothes and join her on the bed and I would sit on the sofa. Tony disrobed in seconds and as I moved to the sofa, he took my place on the bed and started kissing Anne, fumbling with her breasts, running his hand over her pussy and making Anne sigh with pleasure. This was Anne’s first time with another man well boy since we married 15 years ago, and it showed.

Anne laid flat on her back when she told Tony to eat her pussy and clean up the residue of my spunk, Tony dived between her legs like a k** in a sweet shop, lapping at her pussy and darting his tongue in and out of her already open lips. Tony was good and he was simply feasting on her woman hood like a starved a****l, Anne Told Tony she is coming and not to stop and be a good boy. Tony did as he was told and after a minute or two Anne came hard pulling his face tight to her pussy while she let rip.

Anne looked at me and I was now again hard as a rock when she told Tony she wanted to let him put his monster cock in her, Tony glanced over at me stroking my own cock like a good cuckold and with cock in hand edged towards Anne’s pussy opening. Anne was looking between her own legs and watched as Tony nudged her pussy lips with his monster cock, with a little more pressure from Tony his cock head slipped right in making Anne gasp and say “oh my heavens Tony you feel huge so go slow”

Tony again put pressure on Anne’s pussy and slowly and deliberately started to work his huge length in and out of Anne’s pussy, Anne kept adjusting her position on the bed so she could accommodate Tony’s length and as he neared getting his full 10-inch cock buried in her she froze and said she was coming. Anne let out a scream and shook with pleasure when she squirted all round his cock with juices running down on the bed sheets below, Tony looked over to me still slowly stroking my own cock and said I think Anne likes my cock John should I fuck her hard now?

Go for it Tony I said as Anne obviously loves your cock and I love seeing her enjoying your cock slide in and out of her, with that Tony moved Anne onto her side facing me and re-entered her pussy with ease. Tony now picked up his pace and was going ever deeper, long and strong thrusts in and out of Anne’s spread pussy making slurping juicy sounds on each stroke.

Anne loved it and was shouting fuck me harder Tony, put that monster all the way in me and squirt your seed deep in my pussy and make me cum again. Tony now pushed harder and after more strokes and more pressure hit Anne’s cervix, fucking hell said Anne I feel so full and your monster cock feels so hot buried deep in me. Anne looked to me and said it was time to fulfil her fantasy of a threesome and to join them on the bed, at last I thought as my cock was ready to explode.

As I got on the bed Anne said she wanted me in her mouth and I moved behind her so I could watch Tony thrusting hard in and out of my now hot wife, Anne took me in her mouth and she just started to dart her tongue around the head of my cock and make me jerk with pleasure. Tony again picked up his pace and told
Anne that he could feel every part of her pussy and could he now cum in her, Anne told Tony that she was also close to coming again and to let his hot sperm splatter her cervix as hard and deep as he could.

Anne really got to work on my cock, and I was also at the point of no return when her lips encompassed my length making me fill her mouth with my own spunk. Tony was now going full speed slamming Anne’s pussy when she again tightened her body and Told Tony it was now! Just let rip Tony and be a good boy and fill me, Anne just let go “oh shit I am coming, fuck this is amazing Tony which put Tony into a spin and I could see him tighten his hold on Anne when he let it flow, spurt after spurt he filled Anne to over flowing with both his spunk and Anne’s juices seeping from her pussy.
Anne said nothing except “well that was fun and looking to Tony’s slippery cock dangling at her pussy entrance I think it is time you went to bed young man” Tony looked at Anne and just said you were fucking awesome Anne and perhaps we could do it again if John wants “Tony got dressed and left leaving Anne spread on the bed with a gaping pussy covered in spunk and pussy juice and her chin dripping with my own sperm.

Anne and I said nothing to each other and just fell asleep exhausted.

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