Jock Tales–Senior Year–Week One–Pt 2

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Jock Tales–Senior Year–Week One–Pt 2Braxton clamped is whole throat around my thick pulsating cock—NOT this bois first dick, for sure. I threw my head back into my pillow, and clasping my hands back behind my head, let out a low throaty groan. Oh fuck me ! Damm this boi could suck a dick. Kelso and Patroni each, in sync, let out their own respective ‘woooaahh’, and jumped up at the foot of the bed, flanking me and Braxton, and immediately took their own cocks into their fists. Braxton went to town, up and down, along my entire 10” of massive jock meat, swirling his tongue around my piss slit at the same time, coaxing the fuck juice out. Never letting up, he just keeps going—like a fuckin Energizer battery. Taking a whiff of my pits naturally caused me to swell up even thicker, and my big mushroom head was now flared out like a d o g s. Keslo barks out “can we fuck him Dillon—huh–can we fuck him”? Braxton looks up at me with the cutest beady eyes, and nods his head up and down, never loosing his grip on my ever increasing swelling dick. I can feel his mouth almost ‘bump’ as he slides over my thickening veins, now popped out like a junkies arm. Reaching over to the nite-stand drawer, I fish out the lube, and toss it to bodrum escort Kelso. He and Patroni take turns slicking up, and Kelso grabs Braxton by his waist. SLAM—with one brutal force, Kelso slams Braxton in his tite pink Freshman hole, and buries to the hilt. Braxton opens his mouth wide—and lets out a Banshee yell, contorting his face but still, never comes off my dick. Kelso fires back with another slam, hitting him so hard that his balls swung forward, and smacked into Braxton’s .Patroni, knowing most of my ‘seceret’ feteshis, jumps up and straddles my face. Turning around, drops down and plants his ass right in my face. I grab his cheeks, and spreading them open, sling my tongue straight for his musky jock hole. Diving in as far as I could get, I quickly get the taste of Patroni’s guts. This boi is dirty, lol.Braxton continues his worship of my thick jock meat, and with the ever increasing pressure of his tight lips, begins now to just go from my head, to just below the cut. Yup—I know that trick too—he’s going for the nut.The funk of Patroni’s ass crack is about to send me over the edge—he obviously had sneaked a dump somewhere between the shower after practice, and getting here to my house. But—the bois escort bodrum nasty jock funk was driving me crazy.Kelso was the first—with a sudden yell, consisting of only one word “Cuuuuum”, he yanks from Braxton’s ass, and blows a stream of heavy jock junk just under his balls, and right to my belly—leaving a unbroken stream of thick unbroken jizz. As I crammed my tongue as deep as possible into Patroni’s hairy hole, he was next, and also unloaded all over my hard exploding 8-pac, at least a pint of jizz. Grabbing Braxton by the back of his head, I pushed his throat down until my pubes were going up his nose. He bucked, and started trembling from his feet up to his shoulders, and then he too, without even touching his dick, shot quite an impressive volley up my torso, with three shots hitting me just under the chin.I was covered in heavy jock jizz now, from my pubes up to my face. But now—it was my turn. I pushed Braxton back by his forehead, and he set back on his haunches. Kelso and Patroni moved in close, wrapping their arms around each others shoulders, clamping Braxton in the middle. Kelso looks at Braxton, and with a big shit-eatin grin, softly says, ‘this is where we see how much he likes ya” With bodrum escort bayan that, Patroni, again knowing all my secrets, raises his right arm up full length into the air—almost touching the ceiling, and brings his open palm crashing down onto my abs. And the same time, kelso invades my hairy jock hole with two well lubed fingers, and shoves them so hard, you could see his muscle flex. And that was it—-BAMM—BAMM—-BAMM—BAMM–I volley 4 shots, straight up into the air, of thick unbroken rope, of heavy jock jizz, striking the ceiling. You could actually hear the ‘splat’ as the jizz hit like a bullet. Braxton, in shock, falls backwards into Kelso and Patroni’s laps. Five more shots, now aiming at my face, but the first two go sailing over my head, striking the wall above. The last three, leaving a perfect straight line, from my face down to my pubes. Finally exhausted, I let go, and now lay sprawled across my bed, with my arms at each side, heaving for air. My chest and abs put on an excellent show as I breathed in and out—flexing to the max, and then subsiding. Finally we all collapse onto the bed in a big pile. The stench of ripe pits and ass from fresh jock sex filled the room. We were silent for several minutes. Patroni finally spoke–”So Braxton—was it everything you hoped for”?Braxton just stared off into the distance, with a gleam in his eyes.“Seriously dude—I really was just hoping that I might get to work out with you”“But now—I’m your fuckin punk” !

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