Jerry’s World – Melanie

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Jerry’s World – MelanieI gave her another big glass of squash although she was already feeling pretty relaxed and noticed the lack of activity had forced my cock to droop and hang down which was again something that fascinated her and while we were having a little break from the assessment I decided to finalize the sleeping arrangements throwing out a suggestion to monitor the response, “So Mel, you can sleep in my bed and I will have the sofa, is that ok for you? I asked putting it out there, she looked up at me, “Oooh sir, I don’t mind sharing sir if you want to sir” she replied with a smile as she took another gulp of her drink.She then went on to say, “Oooh sir, I shared with my daddy and brother before sir when I was scared at night sir so I don’t mind sir” she said which opened up a whole new ball game. I obviously started to wonder about the circumstances behind that and it turns out her brother who is just a bit younger than me often slept in the same bed, she looked up to her older brother which in itself was nice.She then got excited when I told her I would happily share my bed if it means she feels safe and comfortable and looking at the time I figured we could work on another exercise before turning in.“Ok Mel” I said softly, “Shall we do another exercise before bed?” I asked and she jumped up feeling more energized, “Oooh yes sir, can we sir? I don’t mind doing another one sir” she said in her excited voice.“I want to test the flexibility of your hips Mel and also the strength in your legs” I said as I sat down in my chair with my cock and balls hanging down the front, “Oooh sir, ok sir, I don’t mind doing that sir, what do you want me to do sir?” she asked and I instructed her to stand in front of me with her legs about 12” apart, she stepped into position, “Oooh sir, I do feel so tingly sir” she said as she stood there looking down at my tackle hanging down.She was standing within reach but with my hands on my outstretched knees I took a few moments to look at her little naked body, MmmI looked up at her flat chest and saw her nipples poking out of her little bee stings and then down her flat belly to the little tuft of fine pubic hair and then in between her legs were her little pink lips protruding and I could just make out the musky aroma emitting from between her legs.“Turn around please Mel, I just want to check out your back” I requested softly and she turned round and OMG she did have the cutest rear end, perfectly symmetrical.I put my hands on her hips with my thumbs on her cheeks and I gently pulled them wide to expose her little pouting starfish which has slight shading, Mmm it looked so sweet I could smell her skin and she sighed as I gently blew in the direction of her hole, “Mmm Mel, your hips look and feel very good” I said softly and as I massaged her cheeks a little I definitely felt her pushing her arse out a little bit, “Oooh sir, thank you sir” she said and moaned softly as I pulled her cheeks even wider.I slowly ran my hands down to the back of her thighs seeing her cheeks close up and then gently squeezed her thigh muscles, “Bend down for me Mel” I instructed and OMG when she bent down her cheeks opened up slightly, Mmm.I slowly moved my hands back up her thighs to the base of her arse and then gently widened her cheeks again and this time I just couldn’t resist but to lean forward as run my tongue up her crack just the once to gauge her reaction followed by.. “Oops so sorry Mel” and heard her moan softly, “Oooh sir, that’s ok sir.. it tickles but I don’t mind kıbrıs escort you doing that sir, I quite like it sir” she sighed and even pushed back a little.I don’t need telling twice and I ran my tongue up her crack again and then back down pushing it further into her crack while my fingers widened her cheeks, “Oooh sir, um… Mmm.. OMG sir that tickles sir but um… Mmm so nice sir” she sighed in a bit of a stutter as I rand my tongue around her pouting starfish, WOW! what a lovely taste.My cock was coming to life and I wasn’t sure she could see it but then those thoughts rectified themselves when she widened her legs a bit more bending further down, she now had a perfect view between her legs at my stiffening meat.Her breathing increased and her moans got louder as my tongue tried to push in her little forbidden entrance and then when I started to run my tongue down to her sweet protruding pink lips her body started to spasm and shake as she experienced another orgasm, OMG her juices flowed and I did my best to lap them up although some did start running down her thigh, “Oooh sir.. OMG sir.. I so sorry sir I got wet sir” she sighed softly but I carried on licking between her legs and then going back to concentrate on her little arsehole. I couldn’t believe how sensitive she was down there as she had multiple orgasms and my cock was now solid and throbbing and I could tell from her body language that she needed a break and some refreshment, I pulled away from her licking the juices from my lips and as she straightened up I could see her legs wobble so I helped her over to the sofa and passed her drink so she could rehydrate, “Oooh sir, thank you sir.. gulp” she sighed as she drank more squash.She laid back on the sofa so I thought I would let her relax a little before turning in, I got down on my knees in front of more in a sitting position as we chatted about how she felt about gymnastics and she knew I was glancing between her legs and subconsciously widened them, I could see that she was tired and I didn’t want to push her too far but the view up her thighs was hot.“Oooh sir I feel so tingly sir” she sighed and she edged her body closer to the edge of the sofa allowing me to put my hand on her knee as a show of comfort.She was so relaxed that the pressure of my hand on her knee widened her legs a bit more and with her in the relaxed state that she was I suggested that maybe to finish we would just do some breathing exercises and all she needed to do was to lay back, close her eyes and breath, she looked at me and smiled, “Oooh sir, I can do that sir, that sounds nice sir” she said so I took her glass and put it on the side while she laid back on the sofa closing her eyes and began breathing, deep breath and exhale.. deep breath and exhale.I resumed my position and looked up at her little naked body lying there, her face was blank and her eyes shut tight, I put both my hands on her knees and gently widened them watching for any adverse reaction and after receiving none I widened them a bit further, I did notice that with her legs as wide as this it did increase her breathing, that was a good thing.As her legs widened her little pink lips glistened and opened and they looked so enticing, her eyes were closed tight so I leant forward and OMG the head rush I got as I got closer sent tingles down my spine.I could see her little nubbin protruding from its hood and let my tongue run over it a couple of times before wrapping my lips around it and gently sucking and OMG did she moan, “Oooh sir that escort kıbrıs is so um.. YESSS! Sir so um.. good sir” she sighed as her hands came forward holding my head, I soon put my tongue to work flicking around her flaps and then making her gasp as I pushed it home between her little pink lips.Her body soon went into spasm again and her sweet juices flowed but she kept her eyes closed and continued with the breathing albeit it was a bit erratic which under the circumstances was no surprise.My cock was throbbing and I had been edged too many times tonight so it was time to inject a load of protein into Mel’s belly, I raised my head out of her muff and ran my tongue slowly across her stiff little button which made her gasp and then through the fine pubic bush which tickled my nose and started to lick up her belly, her breathing increased as I licked around her little stiff nipples while taking my cock in my hand positioning it between her outstretched legs. I felt my swollen head brush against her wet lips and as I slowly pushed in Mel gasped and her mou
th was open wide, “Oooh sir.. OMG sirrrr!! What is um… Oooh sir that is OMG Yessss!” she sighed not really knowing what she was saying but I knew she was enjoying it as I pushed my cock in inch by inch, she gripped onto my shoulders and I felt the tightness however I was able to start the movement slowly pushing in and out, in and out as Mel, with her eyes closed gasped for air.. “Mmm” she mumbled as I got into a rhythm, she was tight and it was an awesome feeling sending all kinds of sensations through my body, OMG Mmm.I knew this was going to be over all to quick and with Mel laying there shaking and the slopping and slurping coming from between her legs I knew it would be very soon and my mess would be adding to the mix.“Oooh YESSSS!!” she cried out which was the straw that broke the camel’s back and I felt my cock start to pulsate, “OMG YESSSS!” I cried out as my hot creamy cum shot hard and fast into Mel’s belly and it kept cumming spurt after spurt until finally it all quietened down and I was able to get my breath back.“Oooh sir that was so good sir, I didn’t mind you doing that sir, OMG sir” she said really excited at the feelings running through her little body, her smile lit up the room and her eyes were now wide open, she was glowing.I laid there on top of her for a few minutes looking into her smiling eyes while feeling the sensation of my cock going soft inside of her seemingly sucking the last drops from and then eventually I felt it drop out so I stood up offering my hand to help her up, “Oooh sir, oops” she sighed as her legs buckled and I had to grab her under her arms while she regained her balance, “Shall we go to bed Mel?” I said softly.We got into the bedroom and I laid her down and she looked ready for sleep trying hard to keep her eyes open, “Oooh sir, good night sir” she said softly as she rolled over into the foetal position and within minutes she was asleep.I got in beside her and for comfort put my arms around her, she had her back to me and I could feel my soft cock pressing up against her little arse, it felt nice but I think sleep was the order of the day and it didn’t take me long to doze off in the moonlight.I liked Melanie, she was so unlike Tiff in so far as she didn’t move a muscle all night, she stayed in the same position without moving a muscle and I know I woke up a couple of times with my stiff erection pushed up against her and I thought I should show restraint and was amazed with my success.It was kıbrıs escort bayan just after 5.30am and I woke with the customary morning wood so decided to sit up in bed and crack one off while looking down at the sleeping Melanie.OMG it felt good as I slowly stroked my meat, I do like to take my time with my thoughts in the mornings however today was different as I had a visual to concentrate on but I still took my time as I wanted to savour every moment looking down at her naked body curled up in a ball.Old habits die hard and I must have closed my eyes as I didn’t notice Mel waking up, “Oooh sir, that looks like fun sir, I seen my brother do that sir, can I help you sir I don’t mind helping sir if you want me to sir” she said looking remarkably awake but how could I refuse such an offer.Mel sat up as I laid down on my back and I gasped as I felt her warm fingers wrap around the shaft pulling the skin back exposing the swollen head and I was beginning to think she wasn’t as innocent as she had made out, she was good as she cupped and squeezed my balls with one hand while massaging my shaft with the other, I was impressed.. “Do you help your brother like this too Mel?” I asked really feeling good with how she was wanking me, she looked at me and smiled, “Oooh sir, yes sir I do help sir and sometimes he lets me put it in my mouth sir, I don’t mind putting it in my mouth sir if you want me to sir” she said and looked quite excited as she turned her attention back to my throbbing man meat.I didn’t even have time to answer as she lowered her head and started to lick around the exposed helmet, OMG I nearly came there and then as I felt her warm tongue swirling around the shaft even licking my balls before going back up and gently sucking on the swollen tip, OMG.. she must have practiced a lot on her brother.She glanced at me as I watched my cock slowly disappear into her warm mouth and although she did gag a little I still felt the tightness of her throat as she went to town worshipping my young cock.My cock was getting extremely wet as she slurped away and her little head was bobbing up and down, I felt my body tense and she saw the signs that I was about to blow and OMG I grunted hard as my cock pulsated shooting a stream of hot creamy cum directly down her throat. She didn’t stop there as she licked around the helmet and sucked the last drops of protein from my now softening cock, she looked at me, “Oooh sir, that was so nice sir did you enjoy that sir?” she asked and I have to say she scored pretty high in the blow job charts.It was pretty obvious where Mel learnt her technique but I wasn’t going to judge, she was good and it was nice to see her enjoying herself. I made some coffee and found her clothes and luckily all her buttons on her dress were intact, she looked good in her little pink and white checked summer dress, I just hope her knicker elastic holds out. We said our goodbyes and she went upstairs to get Tiff and no doubt will discuss the assessment, hopefully I will get to see Mel again but for right now another cup of coffee followed by a long cool shower is the order of the day.I relished the shower and probably spent more time in there than I should have but hey-ho it’s not like I have a busy day planned, I needed to check in with Sophie but was looking forward to a relaxing day.I left a voicemail with Sophie and sent her a text so she will get back to me if anything comes in and just when I was about to get dressed I had an incoming text.“Hello sir, I saw your add for a cleaner in your naturist household, I am a good cleaner or so my mum says and can I come for interview this morning as I have a free period, thank you sir, Andi x”Well that was a surprise but dang! There goes my easy chilled out day..To Be Continued….

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