Jenna becomes a toy.

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Jenna becomes a toy.Jenna wakes up from her sleep, her eyes open, she looks around. Jenna sees she is on a bed in a room with bare walls. She stretches her arms and legs, trying to pull her arms down but they won’t move. She turns her head to look why not. She sees that her wrists are tied to the bed frame. Jenna lifts her head to look at her legs without trying to move them and see that they are also secured wide apart at the bottom of the frame. She tries to call out but cannot. It is then that she feels the ache in her jaw. There is a large ball gag behind her teeth keeping her mouth wide open and stopping her from calling out.  She thinks how did I get here? Thinking back to last night she remembers Jenna was out for an end of year drink when two blokes picked her up. She took them back to her home; they striped her and made her suck them off. While she had one cock forced down her throat the other guy looked round her room. He found a pair of handcuffs and a dildo collection. They quickly cuffed her hands behind her back before putting her over the arm of the sofa. Bent over like this Jenna can be filled from both ends at the same time. When her mouth is filled by the first cock one of  her dildos is pushed deep into her pussy stretching it wide. Her ass is pulled open before the other cock is slid deep inside. There is some resistance before her sphincter gives way causing her to try and cry out but the cock in her mouth stops this.  Slowly a rhythm is built up as she gets fucked; one cock slides into her as the other slides out.  Eventually both cocks explode and fill Jenna with cum.  When she has also cum they pull out and let her sit back on the sofa to get her composure back.  When everybody has calmed down they release Jenna’s arms and pussy. Three drinks are then put on the table and everybody has a drink reflecting on how they enjoyed fucking her. Jenna said she liked being used by the two guys.  That is the last thing she can remember before waking up tied naked to the bed.Lifting her head Jenna to looks down her body just to confirm what she knows and yes she is naked and immobile. Her long brown hair has been pulled back over the end of the bed. As she puts her head back down the door opens, a man with a mask on walks in carrying a bag, which he puts down by the side of the bed out of sight. He takes a cuff out of the bag and puts it round her wrist before repeating the procedure with the other wrist. He then unties her arms and makes her sit up.  This is not easy as her legs are still tied wide apart.  When she is sitting up she tries to hit her captor, he slaps her face and tits before waving a finger. A harness is now placed over her, two rings are put over her breasts and the harness is then placed over her head and tied behind her back. Jenna’s breasts are pulled through the metal hoops squeezing them as they are roughly pulled. When all of the breasts are pulled through the harness is tightened behind her back. Jenna’s wrists are then locked high on the back of the harness pushing her breasts outwards. She is then pushed back down to lie on her tied arms. A cuff is now placed round each ankle. One leg is untied and she is made to lie on her side. An anal plug is now pushed into her stretching her wide. “Do not push out” is what she is told by her captor in a heavily accented voice. The other leg is now untied. Jenna is made to stand up which is not easy after being tied and the arm hold does not help. Jenna’s captor grabs one of her breasts roughly and says “Follow” before leading her out of the door.Jenna has no option but to follow, the speed he walks is making it difficult for her to follow with her arms tied behind her back. She is taken along a number of corridors before a door is opened and pushed in. The room is totally bare apart from a couple of rings set close together in the floor.  Jenna is put between the bolts and her ankle cuffs are locked together before being secured to the rings in the floor. The ball gag is then taken out of her mouth and she starts to ask questions about what is happening to her. These protests are quickly cut off with a slap to her tits. A hood is then placed over Jenna’s head and secured below her chin. She can feel pads over her ears and knows that she will not be able to hear any thing if they are tight against her ears. The hood is adjusted so that the eye slits are in the correct position and the nostril and mouth openings are all correct. A penis shaped dildo is now brought to her and Jenna’s captor ties to put it in her mouth but she keeps it closed. Another quick slap on her tits gets her to open your mouth as she cries in pain. When Jenna thinks she cannot take any more in it is pushed a little harder in and the zip for the mouth is closed keeping the rubber gag firmly in place. Now the hood is tightened behind her head, cutting off all sound. They eye openings are then closed cutting off all senses. Finally Jenna feels something being attached to the top of the hood. It is a rope, which is then pulled tightly forcing her to stand on, tip toes. This rope is then secured leaving her to stand in the middle of the room. Finally a finger pushes the anal plug in deeper before the hand slides over her pussy teasing her clit. Jenna is now left standing in the middle of the room in a very strict upright bondage.After being forced to stand for 3 hours like that Jenna feels the rope at the top slackening and relaxes a little. The hood is removed causing her to blink in the light. Jenna’s ankles are released and she is moved over to a post that has been put towards the edge of the room. There is a wooden block on the floor at the base of the post and she is made to stand on that. Her ankles are tied together and secured in place. A rope it then tied round her calf and the post, another over her thighs and finally one round her waist.  With the ropes keeping Jenna tight to the post her arms secured still behind her back are making her lean forwards. Jenna’s arms are now untied from behind her back and secured high overhead to the post. The harness holding her breasts out is also removed. The pain as the circulation comes back into her breasts causes Jenna to cry in pain. This causes a laugh from her captor. The hook, which the cuffs are placed, is slightly higher than is comfortable for Jenna, making her stretch up to keep her feet on the block. A new rope is then placed round her chest just below her breasts and tied tightly in place. Another is tied tightly just above her breasts, a final rope is tied securing her arms above and below the elbows to the post. When Jenna’s captor has made sure that she are tied to the post tightly he kicks away the block from under her feet so that the ropes are keeping her in place. The pain that is then transferred through her arms as she drops slightly causing Jenna to cry out and shout. The captor now comes back to Jenna with the large ball gag and ties to put it back in her mouth. Jenna begins to resist, but as he moves his hand to slap her still sore tits she opens wide and he secures the gag in place before walking off leaving her hanging on the post to look round and survey where she is.Jenna can see various gags, whips and what look like restraints along the wall as well as other things, which she does not want to think about. But what really Jenna cannot keep her eyes off is the table at the end which is made of 9 metal plates with various straps on them, from the way she is tied at the moment she feels that if she as tied on the table then her arms and legs could be moved in to various positions leaving her vulnerable for whatever the captors had in mind. With her mind wondering she feels nervous when the door opens, looking over to the door, she cannot see who opened it, but in walks a girl carrying a covered tray. That is not the first thing she notices. What she notes first is that she is naked except for cuffs on her wrists and ankles, also she had a collar round her neck. The collar looks the same as the cuffs but has more rings attached eryaman escort at various locations. She bends down to put the tray on one of the tables and Jenna watches closely. Rather than move her arms forward to put the tray down she bends her knees and leans forwards before placing the tray down. It is only when she turns round do Jenna realises why she moved awkwardly – her wrist cuffs are locked to her nipple rings. As she comes past Jenna,  she looks at her and says, “You will learn to like this, but don’t aggravate them” This leaves Jenna’s mind turning over, that is until she sees, the girl walking away towards the door, 6 straight lines across her ass.Jenna is now scared about what will happen to her. Who knows where she is? Is any body looking for her?  It was the end of term drink when this nightmare started, Jenna had been planning on going travelling over the summer, everything was packed, she had said her good byes and was due to leave in the morning after the party. It now strikes Jenna that nobody would be looking for her for the next 3 months.The door opening again and her captor walking in interrupting Jenna’s thoughts. He walks over to her and begins to untie the ropes holding her in place. This feels good at first but then Jenna realises how much they are holding her up as when each rope is removed more of her weight if being transferred to her arms and wrists. Jenna wants the block to be put back under her feet.  Jenna tries to tell her captor what she wants but with the gag in her mouth all she can make are muffled sounds.  When all of the ropes are removed her ankles are released from the post, but still locked together. Jenna’s captor now puts his shoulder against her and lifts he off the hook before making her stand on the floor. Jenna brings her arms down in front to relive the tension in them. The wrist cuffs are undone before quickly being tied again behind her back. Before she realises what is happening next Jenna’s captor lifts her over his shoulder. He grabs the anal plug and pulls it sharply out bringing a muffled cry from her. With her still over his shoulder he walks out of the room and down the corridors again. All Jenna can see are the walls and floor, which are grey in colour. After a few minutes they stop and he knocks on a door, which opens, and they enter a well-lit room. Jenna is carried into the middle of the room before being placed on the floor on her back. Jenna’s captor now walks backwards away from her bowing as he does. Jenna turns her head to see who he is bowing to and sees a man in very fine dress sitting on a large golden chair. He gets up and leans down to Jenna. Jenna tries to back away causing the man to grab her tits hard pulling them and stretching them before he does the same to the nipples. The harshness brings a cry from Jenna and a tear forms in her eye. As he sees this he smiles and puts a finger between her legs and rubs hard, this has the effect of making her wet. He stands back up and, in perfect English says“I am sheik Mohammed, your new owner. My two men last night decided that you would enjoy being a pleasure slave for me. You should be honoured that I have chosen you; it takes a lot for a white slut to be chosen as one of my pleasure slaves. I had to show you what could happen to you if you displease me. What you have endured so far is only a little of what I will do if you displease me. You have seen one my other white slave Liz; she is getting better but still needs some corrections occasionally.  If you please me well then in 18 months you will have the option to return to your old life, if you do not then you will be punished.”Sheik Mohammed now looks away from Jenna and turns to her captor and, for her benefit, says “Take her back and prepare her for her training to commence” With that Jenna is picked up and carried out of the room.After meeting her master Jenna is picked up off the floor and taken back to her cell. Her master carries Jenna over his shoulder, as her arms are still locked behind her back and ankles locked together. As he carries her he puts a finger over Jennas’ pussy making her wet and cry into the ball gag. He then pushes a finger into her ass hole and he laughs as he feels some resistance.  When Jenna is back in her cell she is put on the bed on her back, arms and legs still tied together. He grabs her ankles and lifts Jennas legs up. He takes a rope and attaches it to the hoop between her ankle cuffs. He ties her ankles to the top of the bed bending Jenna backwards. Next he removes his clothes and climbs on to the bed and moves so that his cock is pressed against her pussy making his cock wet with her juices.  He can feel how wet she is. He holds his cock and pushes in deeply into her ass in one long slow movement. He smiles as he sees her face as he pushes his weight behind his cock filling her deeply.  He continues to fuck Jenna with long hard strokes watching her face as he sees her passion rising. Jenna wants to cry out but the ball gag prevents any sound coming from her, which makes her captor thrust harder.  Eventually he cums inside and fills her ass with his cum. He will not be cruel; he wants Jenna to cum as well. When he has gone soft he pulls out and begins to flick her clit. He also pulls on it making her cum. As she cums and tries to cry out he pulls hard on Jennas clit and slaps her tits at the same time. Although her tits are in agony from the pain she cannot help but cum from having her clit teased and pulled. He laughs as he sees Jenna trying to cry out as she cums but the gag behind her teeth keeps he quiet. When Jenna has cum he unties her ankle cuffs from the top of the bed and lets Jenna lie on her back with wrists and ankles tied together. “Have good sleep, training start tomorrow” he tells her as he walks out turning the light off as he goes. Although she is not tied to the bed Jenna cannot risk moving off with her arms and ankles tied together she could only jump, and Jenna doesn’t know that if she fell she would be heard. Eventually Jenna falls asleep.Jenna wakes up when the light is put on. She does not know how long she has slept, as there are no clocks or windows so that she cannot tell the passing of time. The gag is finally released from her jaw, but after having it in for so long it aches and she cannot speak. “No talk from girly then” her captor says with a grin on his face as if he knows how her jaw hurts.  He unclips her ankles and helps Jenna to walk over to the table and chair. He sits her down and attaches the ankles cuffs to the chair legs, before he releases her wrists. He puts some food in front of Jenna on the table and leaves her to eat. Jenna is starving hungry and the food looks good. Despite the pain in her jaw she eats ravenously and the food tastes good as well. Jenna eats all of the food before her captor enters the room again. “Good you eat all up, you need energy today” he says. He ties the wrist cuffs in front and unlocks her ankles. He tells Jenna to follow him as he pulls one nipple dragging her out of the room. Jenna is taken down a series of corridors until she is taken into a room when her captor bows and leaves her standing by the door. Another man dressed in black jeans and t-shirt walks over to Jenna.“My name is Sloan, but if I want you to reply to me you will add Master or Sir to the end of everything you say. Is that understood?” Jenna nods her head. “I did not hear you reply” Sloan says sharply as he slaps her ass. “Yes” Jenna replies. Again he slaps her ass looking at her with a quizzical look. “Yes sir I understand” she says to him as the heat goes through your ass. “Today we are going to find out your orgasm methods. We will see if you can cum from just penetration and if so how often” He takes hold of her wrist cuffs and takes Jenna over to a “Y” shaped table in the middle of the room. Jenna is placed where the 3 pieces join facing the open end of the table. She is put on the table and legs spread wide. Her arms are pulled above her head and a rope attached to the cuffs keeping escort eryaman the wrists together. Belts and buckles are placed over her legs at ankle; one above the knee and finally one round the top of each thigh. Jenna is then pulled back on the table and her arms are pulled by the rope and secured at the top stretching her. Further belts are placed over her stomach, one just above and just below the breast. Sloan walks over to the side of the room; Jennas eyes and head follow him. He picks a medium dildo from those lined up, but when she sees it in his hands you see it is not medium but large. He walks back to her and begins to rub the dildo up and down her pussy lips. Jenna gets wet as he does this. “You like being fucked then I see,” he says. He takes the dildo away and attaches it to a 3-foot pole. He then gets a machine and puts it between her legs. He pushes the dildo most of the way in stretching Jennas pussy as he does. She grimaces as the dildo forces its way into her pussy. The pole is then attached to the machine and turned on.The dildo begins to move in and out of Jennas cunt. At the deepest there is 8 inches in you and at the other end 1 inch is still in her. Sloan then gets a chair and sits down to watch as the machine fucks Jenna at a medium pace. Slowly her pussy lubricates the dildo so that each thrust is not painful as it stretches her open. Slowly Jenna begins to feel her orgasm rising but at this pace and with no other stimulations it takes a long time. Also being tied down and arms stretched does not help with her orgasm. Eventually Jenna has to orgasm as the machine continues to fuck you long and slow. When she does cum without the gag in place she is allowed to cry out in release. When her orgasm begins to slow down Sloan slightly speeds up the machine so that Jenna is fucked quicker. This cycle of cumming and machine speeds up continues for hours and eventually Jenna is totally exhausted from cumming over and over again.  Before she collapse totally the dildo is stopped and pulled out her cunt dripping wet. It is then put to her mouth for Jenna to clean with her tongue. At least it is not pushed down her throat for he to clean only over her lips and tongue.When the dildo is clean and put away Jenna is untied from the table and pulled upright, but as she has been tied down for so long and is exhausted she cannot walk or stand. Sloan laughs as he puts Jenna over his shoulder and takes her back to her room and puts her on the bed. When he puts Jenna on the bed he locks her ankles together which causes her to pull her legs up to keep from pressing her pussy lips together as they are sore from the dildo fucking. Sloan tells Jenna that as she has cum all day she can now make him cum. He lifts her legs again like last night and she cries at the thought of having her sore pussy fucked again. Sloan looks at Jennas pussy and it is still open from earlier so he decided he will fuck her mouth. He sits Jenna up on the bed and pushes his cock into her mouth and begins to fuck it deeply. Jenna can feel his cock on the back of her throat and she gaga. As he pushes a little deeper she gets past the reflex and lets him fuck her mouth. Jenna feels him begin to cum in her mouth, as he explodes he pushes her head deeper on to his cock forcing her to swallow all of his cum. When he has cum he wipes his cock on her face and leaves Jenna to fall asleep on the bed. Jenna is woken again the next morning and the same procedure occurs except this time a larger dildo is forced into her cunt. This continues for a few days until she cannot take a larger dildo into her cunt. At this stage as Jennas pussy is so stretched it does not take long for her to cum when it is inserted. Sloan tells Jenna that he has been taking notes on her training so that he knows what size dildo to use if he wants to make her cum quickly or slowly.After the dildo training Jenna is given a couple of days to relax in her room. When she is relaxed Jenna is not left totally in comfort. Jenna is tied to your bed legs wide to ease the pain in her pussy. Her arms are either behind her back or to the top of the bed. Jennas movement is not fully restricted during this time. To keep her entertained a TV screen is put in her room for viewing. However the only thing that is shown is Jennas training. Sometimes the shot is all of her, sometimes her face and others a close up of her stretched cunt being fucked by the dildos. The only sound she can hear is that of herself being forced to cum for hours on end. Tied as she is Jenna cannot relive the sexual frustration that is building up inside her. After repeating this for a few says Sloan walks in at the end of a day when Jenna has seen herself fucked by the large dildo and forced to cum over and over again. Sloan can see how much her pussy has been dripping from watching herself cum. He climbs on the bed and shoves his cock in deep into her pussy. It does not take long for Jenna to cum as he fucks in and out of her pussy. He continues to fuck you until he cums filing her cunt with his warm cum making you orgasm again. “I see your training and conditioning are beginning to work,” he says as he climbs off her.Tomorrow we will begin the next part.Jenna is taken again to the room with the “Y” table and tied in place again. However this time instead of a dildo being forced into her cunt a vibrator is pushed onto her clit and tuned on to a low buzz.  Again Sloan sits and watches as she is forced to cum over and over again. Each time you cum the buzz is set a little higher. As the stimulation is directly onto her clit it does not take long before she is almost cumming constantly from the vibrator hard on her clit. Sloan laughs as she is forced to cum again.  Before her orgasm has begun to slow he turns up the vibrator speed making her begin to cum again.  At this high speed she are constantly cumming and almost passes out from exhaustion, as she has no time to prepare her body for the next orgasm. “You will make a good pleasure slave,” He tells Jenna as he takes the vibrator away from her clit. Before he unties Jenna, Sloan decides he is going to make her cum again. He takes his cock out and pushes deep into her open pussy. As he begins to fuck Jenna he takes hold of her clit and pulls it, twisting and turning it as he does, this sets off an orgasm in her almost immediately. As her pussy spasms it grips Sloans’ cock making him cum deep inside. “Glad you enjoyed that, you will like tomorrows training” Sloan tells Jenna as he pulls out and wipes his cock on her pussy lips. He unties Jenna and carries her back to the room and places her on the bed before leaving again.Next day when Jenna is put on the table again Sloan gets the fucking machine again and sets it between her exposed legs and gets a small dildo to put inside. However before he sets the machine going he gets the vibrator and puts that on her clit at the same time. Over the next 2 days various sized dildos, speeds and vibrators are used to make Jenna cum over and over again.  Jenna is now left to rest for 3 days while her cunt recovers from the usage it has been given. While recovering Jenna is left to watch herself undergoing the training and being forced to cum over and over again.When Jennas pussy has recovered she is taken back to the training room only to notice that the table has been removed. Jenna is told to stand in the middle of the room. With her wrists cuffed together she stands still and watches Sloan as he gets a metal bar with 4 hoops along its length, the outer two larger then the inner two. Sloan removes Jennas ankle cuffs and puts her ankles into the outer two hoops. He now removes her wrist cuffs and locks them into the inner two hoops. He tries to put a ball gag behind Jennas teeth again; she resists him until a harsh slap on her ass tells her to open her mouth. He now tells Jenna to put her head on the floor and ass in the air. When he is happy with the position he takes his trousers off. He rubs his hard cock over her pussy, which gets wet under his attentions. eryaman escort bayan When it is lubricated he pushes in deeply into Jennas cunt and begins to fuck her with long hard strokes. He holds her hips as he begins to cum deep in her cunt, as he does she also cums, but the gag in her mouth cuts off the cries.  When Sloan has cum he pulls out and goes to get one of the smaller dildos this time and puts a new fucking machine behind Jenna. This one is angled so that it will fuck her deeply while her ass is up in the air. Sloan gets the dildo and gets the angle about right before he puts some cold cream over Jennas’ ass hole, as he rubs the cream over your opening she realises that he is going to use the dildo on her ass hole. As she realise this Sloan pushes 4 inches of the dildo into her ass. With the cream acting as an anaesthetic she feels her ass stretching but no pain.  The machine is then set to fuck your ass with 3.5 inch stokes. The speed of the stokes is not too quick, but over time the speed increases, but what Sloan notices is that Jenna is crying out as if she wants to cum but by ass fucking alone she does not cum.  Sloan ties 3 different sized dildos to see if Jenna can cum by ass fucking and even with the large dildo stretching her very wide she cannot cum. Sloan laughs at Jenna when he can see how much she needs to cum after being ass fucked. He reaches below her and barely touches her clit with his finger when she cums hard. He smiles when he notices her release and makes a note of what ass fucking does to Jenna for future reference.When Sloan takes the dildo out of her ass he watches as it leaves her gaping before slowly closing up again. Without untying Jenna, Sloan picks her up and carries her back to the room. He ties Jenna on the bed so that her arms are at the top and legs spread wide tied to the bottom of the bed, this time though Jenna is lying on her front as her ass is sore from the dildo fucking she has had all day. The next day Jenna is taken back to the training room and tied as the day before, however this time as well as having her ass fucked she is also pussy fucked by the dildo. Sometimes Jenna is only ass fucked but with the vibrator on her clit. Each time Jenna cums what stimulations have been used to make her cum are noted for when she is used as a pleasure slave for someone else’s fun. There is just one more piece of initial training that Jenna needs to undertake.She is taken from her room, this time not to the training room but in the opposite direction. When she enters the room there is nothing there except a stainless steel table. Jenna is told to lie on the floor. She hogtied tightly while on the floor before Sloan lifts her off the floor and places her on the table. He pulls Jennas hair back and ties it to your ankle cuffs pulling her head upwards. He now gets his cock out and pushes into her mouth. He tells Jenna to lick the head as he puts it into her mouth. As he pushes in her saliva lubricates his cock. He pushes in and out fucking Jennas mouth deeper and deeper. Eventually when he is about to cum he puts a hand on the back of her head and pushes his cock down her throat before cumming. With Jennnas’ mouth full of cock and our nose pressed against Sloan’s stomach she is forced to swallow his cum quickly. When she has swallowed all of his cum he pulls out and wipes his cock on her face. “You are good at sucking, but I think you need some more practice” Sloan informs you as he walks away from her. He gets a large dildo and pushes that into her mouth stretching your lips wide. He pushes it in and out a few times before pulling it out leaving Jenna gasping for air as when he pushed it towards her throat she could not breath. ”No, that is not what we need” he says. “Today you are to be left here and you will suck any cock that is put before you” With that he leaves Jenna tied on the table. It does not take long before a series of cocks are presented to her mouth and she is forced to suck and swallow cum all day.   At the end of the day Sloan returns and unties Jenna before taking her back to her room. When he puts Jenna back on her bed he tells her that she is ready to become a pleasure slave.The next day Sloan takes Jenna from her room and takes her to a bathroom where there is a bath of warm water waiting. He unties Jenna and tells her to have a bath and clean herself before he turns and leaves the room locking it behind him. Jenna washes herself all over as she has not washed during all of her training and there are cum marks all over herself. Soon Sloan returns and tells Jenna to dry herself before he puts new cuffs on writs and ankles. Jenna’s writs are secured together in front of her. Sloan then gets a short rope and attaches it to the wrist cuffs. “You are now ready to be a pleasure slave,” he tells her.  He takes Jenna by the rope not too quick along a series of corridors where she have not been. A door opens eventually leading to a room where the “Y” shaped table is in the middle. Jenna is taken to the table and placed on her back before being secured back in place, this time a little tighter than before. Sloan leaves her tied there. After a short time lots of people begin to enter the room and stand round the edges looking at Jenna they are all dressed in fine clothes. Finally Sloan walks back and he is followed by Liz, the other white pleasure slave you saw when you first came to the place before your training began. She is carrying a silver tray in front of herself. Sloan turns and addresses the group“Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present out latest pleasure slave. She has undergone her initial training and you are all here to witness her marking as a pleasure slave. After she has been marked you will be able to observe her before she will be available at the weekends entertainment.”Sloan now moves over to Liz and takes a bottle from the tray she is holding and proceeds to put some of the cold liquid onto Jennas’ nipples. At this point she remember when she saw Liz before she had rings through her nipples and Jenna now realises that they are going to pierce her nipples and she cries out in fear. What the liquid has done apart from make her nipples rock hard is to give them some anaesthetic so that when Sloan pushes the needle through the nipple Jenna do not feel any pain. He repeats the same with her other nipple and pulls gently on them to make sure they will not pull out.  Sloan then moves between her legs and takes a razor off the tray. During her training Jennas’ pubic hair was allowed to grow. Sloan now begins to shave her completely smooth, she dare not move in case he slips with the razor and cuts her sensitive skin. When she is totally smooth he runs a hand over her pubic area and tells her that from now on she will be kept completely smooth at all times. While he was shaving Jenna Liz moved so that she was next to Sloan again. He takes the liquid bottle from the tray and smiles at her. He puts some of the liquid over her pussy lips and she screams at the thought of him piercing her there. He puts 4 rings though her lips, one at the top and one at the bottom of each lip. Again he pulls on the rings to make sure they do not tear the skin. Pleased with the look of her pussy now he begins to play with Jennas clit making it hard. He keeps doing this bringing her closer to orgasm as he rubs hard. Before she has the release of orgasm he stops rubbing and suddenly puts some liquid on her hard clit. The ear splitting cry of “No” rings through the room as she realise he is about to pierce her clit. He gently pierces Jennas clit and slides a ring through and securing it before a gentle tug to make sure it is firmly in place.“Ladies and Gentlemen, she is now ready for your viewing.” With that Sloan walks out followed by Liz, as she walks past you look at her pussy and see a little glint of gold where she is also pierced. Slowly everybody moves round Jenna to view her newly pierced body. Eventually everybody leaves her tied to the table and the anaesthetic slowly begins to wear off and she feels the piercing in her body. As the feeling increases Jenna remembers Sloan’s words telling the viewers that she will be available for the weekend’s entertainment. Her mind works overtime wondering what else they have planned for her.

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