Jackpot: Chapter Six

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Jackpot: Chapter SixDisclaimers & Warnings: This tale includes, elements of BDSM, and a healthy sprinkling of verbal humiliation. Readers who are offended or triggered by such material are advised to proceed with caution or bail out now. © SheriffBart 2020. All rights reserved.Feedback is welcome. Enjoy!~~~~~ Chapter Six: Trisha Philled ~~~~~It had only been a day, but I was still concerned about Trisha. After I got home from my cuddle date with June, I settled into my home office, reclined in my big leather chair and got comfortable. I texted Trisha and asked for an update. To my surprise, she responded with a phone call. “Hi Bart! Checking up on me again?”“You know me too well. Yes I am. I was a little worried after hearing about what happened on your first ride out of Tulsa. How did the second one go? What happened with the guy who interrupted our chat last night? Did he give you a ride?”She laughed in response. “You could say that. He gave me a ride and I returned the favor.”“Do tell!”“Well, he’s a nice guy. Not as cute as you, but okay. Early thirties I guess. Medium build, brown eyes. He’s got a bit of a belly, but in pretty decent shape. Nice guy. Phil….damn. I just realized I don’t know his last name yet. I’ll have to ask him.”“Wait. You’re still with him? Where are you?”“Somewhere in Arizona. We stopped for the night. He’s in the truck stop taking a shower and getting us some grub. He has a limit to how many hours he can do in one day, so we’re parked until morning. At least that’s what he says. I think we could probably have made to Vegas in a few more hours, but – well, I think maybe he just wants my…company for another night.”“Oh ,really? Sounds like you two have been getting along pretty well.” “You could say that. Like I said, he’s a nice guy. And kinda cute. Anyway, back in Amarillo, we got in his truck and he asked me what I was doing out in the middle of nowhere. So I told him a little about what happened and where I was going. I was so nervous after what happened with the bat-shit crazy bible lady.”“I guess he noticed, and he thought I was scared so he’s like, ‘hey calm down, I’m not a serial killer or anything. And I’m not gonna rob you’. He saw me get the money at the Western Union terminal thing and he was concerned that somebody else might try to rob me. Anyway, he’s like, ‘my name’s Phil. I just thought you might need a ride and, well, I’d like some company. And you look like you’d make really nice company.’ ““So I’m like, thanks and I’m like, ‘sure I’d love to keep you company. I’m trying to get to Vegas. How far can you take me?’ And his face lights up and he’s like, ‘I can take you all the way there! I’ve got a delivery at a convention center right on the strip!”“And I’m like, Yes! Thank you, that’s perfect. And I might have, you know, cried a little cause I was so happy that I forgot all about what happened the last time. I volunteered to, you know, help pay for my fare. I was lik, ‘I’ve got some gas money and I can help pay for snacks or something. I know the drill. Ass, cash, or gas. Nobody rides for free.’ He gets this weird smile on his face and he’s like,’Well, I don’t do d**gs. And I don’t need your money.” “So, what can I say, Bart? You know me. And like I said, he wasn’t bad-looking and he did offer me a free ride all the way to Vegas. So, I smile at him and I’m like, ‘so I guess we know how I’m payin’.”“So he gets this big smile and he’s ‘like hold on a minute’. And he locks the doors and pulls the shades over the front windows for privacy. Those things are pretty cool, by the way. Totally blocks out most of the light in the cab. So I did a little strip tease for him. And I could tell he’s really into my boobs, so I played with them a while and he got hard from that, gaziemir escort so naturally…”“Being a woman of exceptionally fine breeding and manners” – I quipped.“Yeah. Being a natural born cock-sucker, I unzipped his pants and went after it. He’s got a pretty nice one. Not as long as yours of course, but nice & fat. And clean. So I blew him for a while and he’s really getting into it. Stroking my hair and reaching around fondling my boobs. I can tell he’s getting close, and I wanted to make it last. And, let’s face it you left me high & dry Friday night. And then, after that phone sex call at the TA, I was really fucking horny. I needed some dick.” “Yeah, sorry about that.”“No problem, I get it. So I’m like, ‘Hey Phil, it’s been a while since I’ve had any, and my kitty’s really hungry. You wouldn’t happen to have any condoms in here would you?’ And he’s like ‘Hell yes! He reaches up, pulls his sun visor down, and boom! Fresh pack of Trojans! Next thing I know, he’s ready to go and I’m ripping my fucking jeans off. I don’t remember the last time I got naked so fast! I jumped on his lap and sank down on that nice fat cock and damn it was good.”“Lucky Phil. I wish I’d seen that.”“I bet you do” – she responded with that sexy purr in her voice – “If you’d been able to peek into the cab, you would have seen me buck naked, riding Phil’s cock. You’d have been standing there outside the truck watching Phil get what you passed up, Bart. You probably would have gotten hard peeking at us and had to take your cock out. Are you hard now, Bart?”“Fuck yeah, Trisha. You always make me hard.” Damn, this girl’s incredible. She knows exactly what I want. “Why don’t you take it out and stroke it for me?”I complied, switched the phone to speaker and set it on the desk. “I’m hard as a rock. Stroking my big, black cock, thinking about you and Phil. What did you do with him, you little slut?”She purred a little before continuing. “I pulled his jeans down around his knees and sat on his big fat cock. I was so wet, it slide right in. God it felt good! Nice and hard and thick. I started grinding on his lap and he went crazy on my boobs, licking and squeezing, sucking them like crazy. That just made me wetter, so I kind of lost it. I bounced on that cock like a head cheerleader in the locker room.”“Oh fuck yeah, I bet you did ” – I whispered as my hand worked in sync with the lewd images she’s planted in my mind.“Since you got me so worked up in the truck stop, it didn’t take long for me to get off. I slammed down on his cock and started cumming. That set him off and he groped my ass and started bucking with me, cursing and sweating. I would have liked it better if I could have felt him shoot his load in me, but I could still tell he was cumming and it made me cum even harder. Fuck, it was good. Quick, but hot. Just what I needed.” “If you’d been there watching me fuck Phil, I bet you would’ve jerked off and cum with us, shooting a huge load all over the door of his bright red Peterbilt. And I would’ve opened the door, climbed out, got down on my knees and sucked you dry – and licked your cum off the door.”“Oh fuck Trisha!” I grunted, bucked and gave up the tribute she’d earned, staining my shirt and the arm of the chair. It wasn’t the first time I was relieved I’d chosen leather for my office furniture.“Mmmm did that feel good, Bart?”“Good is an understatement. But yeah, Trisha” – I gasped and added “Damn you’re a sexy bitch. You sure know just how to push my buttons. You sound more like an experienced porn star than a girl fresh out of high school.”“Like I said, I guess I’m naturally gifted. And this trip has been a learning experience. Kind of like a field tip, only a helluva lot more interesting. So anyway, after escort gaziemir I fucked Phil in the cab, he pulled the condom off and tied it up. Of course, I sucked him clean before I let him pull his pants up. We got dressed and took off, headed for Nevada.”“I crawled up into the sleeper cab to take a nap and he’s got all this porn back there. Magazines, DVDs – did you know truckers have TV and DVD players back there? It’s pretty comfy.”“I’ve never been in one but I’ve heard. I guess they need to be comfortable to accommodate the long hours on the road.”“Yeah, they are that. So I really wanted to rest, but you know, I was curious. So I started looking through his stuff and he’s got a pretty big collection. And well, you know, I start flipping through the magazines and then I checked out some of the DVDs. There was one DVD that was all gang bangs. I watched the first scene. It was actually pretty hot. A pretty blonde with fake tits was fucking six guys. I didn’t expect to like that, but I watched her sucking all those big dicks and fucking all those hunky guys, and” – “Naturally, you got wet again.”“Hell yeah. I started playing with myself and thought about rubbing one out. So I climbed back up front and sat with him a while. So I’m like, ‘nice collection, Phil. You’ve got some pretty hot stuff back there. Hope you don’t mind my looking. And hes like, ‘no, not at all’, but I could tell he was a little, you know, nervous. I think he was afraid I’d see how much porn he had, and think he was some kind of perv and stop talking to him or something.”“That would probably be most women’s reactions.” “Well not me. So I’m like, ‘I really like some of your videos. They got me so hot’. And I’m rubbing my boobs and stuff,cause he’s obviously a tit man. I started talking about how hot I got watching that blonde fucking all those guys, and he’s like glancing over at me and licking his lips. So I started teasing him, playing with my legs and stuff.”“I think I’ve seen that performance.”She laughed brightly. “That’s right, you have! So I had some fun playing with my tits and rubbing my pussy and talking about how much I loved watching that video. Next thing I know, I see him tenting his jeans and squirming. So…being the natural born cock-sucker that I am” – “You didn’t. On the highway?”“I did. I leaned over, unbuckled his jeans, took it out, and started sucking his cock while we were doing 70 on the interstate. I’ve always wanted to do that. He had one hand on the wheel and the other on my neck. I think he must have adjusted his seat or something because he moved up a little and made it easier to get all of him in my mouth. I guess my fucking him before we left helped because he lasted a lot longer. I was starting to get a sore jaw from stretching around his dick so I started fondling his balls and sucking harder and I finally got him off.” “I swallowed most of it, turned my face up so he could see, and jerked the rest onto my face, like the girl did on the DVD. I heard the rumble strips form him veering onto the shoulder and he’s like ‘Fuck!’ And looks back up and jerks the wheel.” “Aaand that’s the downside of sex while driving. You could have been killed.” There was a long pause and I felt like a scold, an old fogie. And a bit of a hypocrite. “But I’m glad you’re okay. And, to be honest, Lilly and I have done that more than once. It’s really exciting. Having to keep the car under control while a hot lady sucks your dick limits your responses. It’s almost like a form of bondage. So it’s really intense. But, as I said, it can be a bit risky – especially if the girl involved is as sexy as you.”“Aww, thanks Bart. So, after that, I finished him off in my mouth, rubbed his belly and kissed him on the cheek. Then, gaziemir escort bayan I went back to my seat and I’m like,”Sorry Phil, I didn’t mean to distract you that much. And he’s like, ‘No, no problem Trisha I just wasn’t ready for that. I didn’t expect to you let me cum on your face.’”“Then we both got quiet for a minute and – get this, the next thing that happens is we’ re both like, ‘I’ve always wanted to do that’ at the same time. Then both laughed our asses off. It was pretty cool.” “Sounds like you’ve found the perfect traveling companion.”“Yep. And he’s gonna companion me all the way to Vegas! We’re gonna head out in the morning and we should be there by noon. He says he knows about a shelter there where I’ll be able to stay for a while until I get settled.”“Oh, that’s perfect. You’ll be safe there. And technically, I guess you’re homeless now so…”“Yeah, I guess I am. I hadn’t thought of it that way.”Another long pause had me wishing I’d said something more encouraging. “So, what are you going to do then? Any idea how long they’ll let you stay at the shelter?”“No, but I figure there’s gotta be like a million places there where I can get a decent job.” “You’re right. There should be plenty of opportunities in the service industry for a smart, pretty, young lady like you.”She laughed out loud. “Lady? That’s not the word that guy’s wife used. To be honest, it’s not the word I would use either. They don’t hire nice young ladies in the ‘service industry.’”The way she talks about sex, I keep forgetting she’s only 19. “Trisha, the term ‘service industry’ includes an entire segment of the economy. Maids, waitresses – the entire hospitality industry is in the service sector.”“Hospitality industry? What’s that, greeting cards?”“Hotels, Trisha. With which you will soon be surrounded. Sin City happens to be the hospitality capital of the world. You should be able to get a job at any of the resort casinos. Although I’m not sure what the qualifications are. Most of the maids I’ve seen there are Hispanic, which probably means the wages suck, but there are lots of other positions.” “Cool. Thanks Bart, I’ll look into that. I knew there was a good reason I chose Vegas. And considering how I’m getting there, I was thinking more along the lines of a cat house. Prostitution is legal there, you know. I thought I might give it a try, at least for a little while. I could probably make enough to start saving for college and go to UNLV or something.” “Actually, it’s not” – I countered – “prostitution is legal in most of the state of Nevada. The most famous brothel in the country is the Bunny Ranch in Carson city. But it’s not legal in Las Vegas. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen there. There are lots of escorts in Vegas. They’re just working under the radar. Uh, don’t ask me how I know that.”“I think I can guess. You’ll have to tell me all about that sometime.”“Some other time. I think the idea of working your way back to your college dream is a great idea. But you need to think of some other line of work. One that doesn’t put you on the wrong side of the law. Besides, being a sex worker is dangerous. You need to look into other options. If you want to take advantage of your appearance, you could easily work at a resort hotel, at the reception desk, or maybe as a cocktail waitress. Their uniforms are on opposite ends of the spectrum of professional attire, but they’re all gorgeous.” “Okay, that sounds like good advice. Thanks again.” “No problem, sweetheart. I wish could be more helpful. Do you need any more money?” Sweetheart? Where did that come from?“No thanks. I still have the $200 you wired me yesterday and Phil won’t let me pay for anything. Well, not with cash anyway” – she chuckled – “oh, speak of the devil. Here he comes with a big bag from Jack in the Box. We’re uh…gonna watch a DVD and have a little fun. What’re you gonna do with the rest of your evening?”“I think I’m going to go find Lilly and see if she wants to go for a long drive in the country.”

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