Its the Teacher that Counts

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Its the Teacher that CountsAs my university days came to a close, it was clear to me that it would be best to finish grad school now rather than put it off for later. I had ‘pounded the pavement’ for work with no luck. I figured that my best job opportunities would come after graduate school. My grades were not exactly stellar, but a good recommendation and interview can go a long way. I had already had my interview and I am very sure they were impressed. My dad had told me that if I could get into his alma mater, Duke, then he would pay my tuition. It seemed like a great plan but there was one catch that could muck everything up.The catch was Mrs. Maggs who was was the new department head. I did not really know that much about her. What I had heard was not exactly the most encouraging news. A few people had told me she was a hard ass that demanded a lot in return for any assistance. I knew she also had a lot of pull in the academic community. Her research on SIDS was groundbreaking and certainly enough to give her as much credibility as anyone in the field. A good word from her went a long way. She also happened to graduate from Duke so I am sure she had some pull there as well. I was not in the mood to be involved in any kind of negotiation. It was almost summer and I already had plans. I set up my meeting with Mrs. Maggs for the end of the day. I was hoping that she would want to get my recommendation over with then be on her way.Her sizable office was very ordinarily decorated and fairly dimly lit for my tastes. She had the usual groups of photos of friends and family as well as awards and commendations. This was a accomplished woman but I was somewhat amazed that I had not heard anything about her achievements other than her SIDS work. She had a modest desk and to her left she had a chair as well as chairs in front of her desk.I walked into her office and she was doing paper work almost unaware of my presence. I gave her a good once over attempting to perhaps size her up psychologically. She sat with an air of confidence but at the same time seemed very approachable. Although I was told she was an older woman she certainly did not look it. Her face was warm and friendly, a far cry from the stand offish person I had been told about. She had tied back her long blond hair for clearly practical purposes. She was in outstanding shape, in fact I would have guessed her age to be twenty years younger than what I had been told. She wore what looked like a very expensive business suit. Appearance wise she could hold her own with just about anyone. She caught me staring and spoke up.”Are you my 5:00?” her voice came off light and airy.”Yes, I am.””Ok, have a seat here then and lets get started.” She pointed to the brown leather chair beside her desk. I sat down and waited for her to finish what she was doing. It seemed she was in a hurry to be out of the office so I knew I would have to be very convincing.”I looked over your records and I am wondering why are you going to apply to Duke? It seems far beyond your reach. I am not sure what you are expecting from me?”Her words were like a slap in the face. I was not expecting her to be so frank regarding my academic record. In my mind, I scrambled for a counter plan to canlı kaçak bahis combat her presumptions about my abilities. It was true that I had not fulfilled my potential but I thought she would at least hear me out. “My dad went there and will pay for tuition if I can get in. I know its a stretch for me but I thought maybe you could talk to the right people to help me get in? I know I have not done as well as what they expect but my grades are on the upswing the past few years. Maybe they could look at that.””I really do not know you from Adam. If you want my help I will give it however, I need to get know you better. I will need your assistance on weekends with some research. If this suits you then I will see you this Saturday, if not then good luck to you.”We have a deal.” I was at a loss and really was not in a position to say ‘no’. It was going to suck, but I could not loose sight of the big picture.Saturday came and I made my way over to her office. Her door was locked and I thought I could hear someone inside so I knocked. I did not hear anything inside and thought ‘great now I will have to sit and wait’. After a moment I heard some shuffling inside and decided to knock.”Mrs. Maggs, are you in there?””One moment…be right there.”She opened the door as if she had ran a marathon. Her face was very flushed and she seemed out of breath. I thought nothing of it and she invited me in. She showed me that she needed me to collate her files. I thought back to all the time I wasted at school. Instead of goofing off I could have worked harder and not have to ‘slave’ for this woman. The work was about as boring as it gets with little there to entertain me. Mrs. Maggs just sat there working and barely spoke to me. Perhaps she enjoyed watching me suffer. Lunch time came and she kindly offered to buy me lunch. I thought if we sat and eat we could finally have a conversation and she could get what she wanted and I could get the hell out of here.”Are you almost done with my paperwork?””No, about halfway.” “My God, what have you been doing all morning? I figured you would be at least three quarters done by now. Maybe there is something else I can have you do.”I sat there very pissed off. I had worked all morning and this woman didn’t appreciate squat! I began to doubt if she was even willing to help me. I had been wasting my time and this woman thought it was a joke. I sat there aggravated, bored, and annoyed looking straight down at the floor determined not to say another word to her today. I had not realized that she was standing in front of me with a smirk on her face. I first noticed her feet, they looked so dainty inside a pair of very high black heels. Her legs were cloaked inside a pair of white nylons. She wore a pleated black skirt and a nearly sheer white blouse. She stood over me waiting for me to notice her.”What do you think I was doing before you got here?””I have no idea.””I think you know, you are a big boy now. Come on you saw what I looked like when I opened the door. I was not happy with your punctuality as I was not finished taking care of myself. That is the reason I was none too pleased with you but I think we can change that.”She stood almost on top of me with each of her legs on the tipobet güvenilir mi outside of mine. She squatted down and sat right on top of my thighs. I had not had even a thought of sex because of her crabby demeanor. She smiled and that would be all it would take for me to fall under her spell. I could not believe this was the same woman. She was so cold and distant earlier but now all I could see was a woman of pure sensuality. Her mouth was only inches from my face. I wanted to pull her closer and lock her lips with mine but she beat me to it! Her arms were around my back as she made herself comfortable on my lap. Her mouth grasped at mine pulling my trembling lips to hers.She moved her lower legs on top of my thighs and instinctively my hands went down to her calves. I cradled and massaged her calf muscles as our tongues became entwined. The whoosh sound of my hand moving up and down her legs was irresistibly echoing in the room. The slap and smooch of our lips locking intermittently was driving my senses to a fevered pitch. I could not help but notice Mrs. Magg’s crotch moving further and further towards my pants tent. She was almost on top of my hard pole when her mouth moved from my lips and began nibbling my ear lobes.Earlier, when we were face to face I had noticed her full, crimson red lips. Those lips were now lavishing attention on my lobes. Her tongue probed every inch that it could, I tried as best as I could to contain my pants but it was near impossible. Her hands had unbuttoned my shirt and I felt her small hands under my shirt as she stroked my hairy chest. Her mouth suddenly became very ferocious as she was not biting and tugging on my ears. The sc**** of her teeth along my ear was almost more than I could take. I was ready to lift her skirt and pull down her panties and fuck her twat until she couldn’t take it. Not being too presumptuous I decided instead to open up that white blouse and do a little nibbling of my own.My hands nearly ripped open her blouse as I was ready to just maul my dear Mrs. Magg. Our passions were getting a bit out of control as we pawed at each other like a****ls Sucking lips, necks or any other body part that came within range of our mouths. I am not sure how many buttons actually flew off but I heard at least two hit the ground. The only obstacle to what looked like a grade A rack was a flimsy,white, lace bra. Apparently she wanted a good sucking as much as I wanted to give it. She unclasped her bra and threw it across the room landing on lamp.I leaned her back, exposing her tits to my eager mouth. I started to kiss and bite her neck. In truth I wanted to leave a mark on her neck. I had no problem showing her that I could be equally aggressive with my mouth. Slowly, my tongue trailed down her neck to her ample cleavage. I planted kiss after kiss on her tits making sure I was very delicate and gentle but that eventually would give way to a complete assault on her nipples. I would ply her nipples locking it between my teeth and flicked at it with my tongue on the other end like a snake. Her coos and groans were driving me crazy as my cock throbbed between my legs waiting to be released.She must have got a sense of this as well as she sat bets10 up. We said very little to each other but I did hear the word ‘help’. We were once again face to face and once again wrapped up in a passionate embrace but this time it was a little different. She was unbuckling my belt as expeditiously as she could and I literally yanked her skirt down. I didn’t mean to pull so much but it was a heat of the moment kind of excitement. I stood there gawking at Mrs. Magg realizing that she had not been wearing panties the entire time. She slide my boxers down revealing my largest erection to date. She leaned in close to me bury her face in my chest while her hand twisted itself down the length of my shaft.She went to her closet and pulled out a blanket and laid it on the floor. I went to lay down and she had laid herself down so that my cock was in her face and her pussy was in my face. She quipped.”Wellll, I will play with yours if you play with mine.””Sounds like a plan.”With that the slurp fest began. Before I knew it her sweet mound was mine for the taking. I used my thumbs to open her rose petals and take a gander at her sensitive lips. At the same time she was chowing down my pole like a German at a sausage festival. Although she was older than myself her experience showed. It took all my power not to cum in her mouth. I tried to keep my focus on slurping her slit. For every deep throat she gave me, I wanted to harden my tongue and tongue fuck her. It became almost like a game as I felt her cunt pressing down on my face so I would lift my hips and try and give the vivacious Mrs. Magg more cock than she could handle. She again had the upper hand as whenever my hips began to rise she would massage my balls, bringing me to the brink of cumming. Instead I pulled her clit between my lips and continually pecked it with kisses. It was very clear by now we both needed to have each other RIGHT NOW!I pushed Mrs. Magg’s ass to the side and she got the message. She turned and faced me with my steel hard cock in her hand. She knelt in front of me then she rubbed my cock against her entrance teasing herself. The sound of her juices sloshing was driving me insane, if it killed me I wanted to be inside this woman immediately. I grabbed the Mrs. by the ass and plopped her right on top of my rod. It filled her with great delight as she moaned and laughed at the same time. I pulled her upper body towards me so I could begin to suckle her perfect jugs yet again. She told me ‘bite’ and I once again clenched and unclenched her rock hard nipples in my mouth. The slaps coming from her office must have been quite the sound to hear. My cock’s invasion of her honey pot stirred up the honey. I felt our dripping juices pooling near my ass cheeks. Her maturity was certainly unknown to my cock. She was tight as a glove. Our bodies dripped with sweat as her pussy pounded my cock. Her pussy began to contract on my thick cock, the squeezing sent waves of pleasure throughout my body. My exquisite pleasure brought a smile to the face of Mrs. Magg who leaned even closer for leverage. Her snatch slammed my cock with monstrous force until I could hold out no longer. My balls emptied and I came like a gusher. The shock waves of my ejaculation continued to spray her love tunnel. In a collapsed, sweaty, heap on the floor we laid, attempting to recuperate. My cock still very hard in her sweet hole I pulled out and like a broken dam my cum flowed out like a gusher. I certainly preferred this type of work.

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