It’s Cold Ouside

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It’s Cold Ouside“ It’s cold outside “Your through with this winter. The days almost done.You pile more wood inside the furnace to warm up your freezing abode …then just as you strip to step inside the shower you hear a knock at the door(knock ,knock)“Excuse me , is anyone home???”a deep unfamiliar voice cry’s out…” my car broke down and I’d kill for a place to stay for maybe a hour or so… whenever the tow truck man makes it out” … you are hesitant and wonder is being a good person worth the risk … standing in your towel you cover with a blanket to answer the door… look I’m not one to allow strangers in ,but this blizzard is only supposed to get worse…. you can stay but I’ll need your wallet as collateral?!?! He reply’s “yes ma’am ,anything you want!!!!!”…. your able to lock this room off from the rest of the house but the man is young and handsome and your horny and warming up… maybe you’ll take him up on his offer to anything you want?!?!…you tell him to stay put ,feel free to enjoy the fire as you yourself aksaray escort get a quick rinse! He finds you irresistible but wants to remain professional and not scare you into thinking he’s a creep . So he keeps his slightly aroused member under wraps as gently strokes it through his pants as he sits around waiting on your return!You return with coffee and a fur night robe not much underneath but a small pair of cotton panties . And your mind says pounce 🙂 you ask” did you mean what you said earlier about anything I want???” He says nervously “absolutely anything!!” then instruct him to get on his knees in front of you and eat your pussy! He replies “my pleasure!!!!!!“you sit back pressing his face into your moisture and make him earn his warmth! Rocking your hips back n forth so his tongue licks inside and out of both your delicious love holes! He unzips his pants and starts stroking his cock so hard and fast you just smile in seeing someone pleasuring themselves so well to you, it had been so long!!You escort aksaray ask him is this better then sitting out in the snow?? He said back “better then being anywhere else at anytime!!!”you then pulled his face from between your legs and told him to just admire your bare body …stroke stroke stroke he did but when you seen his precut you knew to tell him to slow and stop you told him stand up and bring that to me and you stuck your tongue into the tip of his cock licking up his juice and touching all about with your smooth hands just moisturized after your shower how his cock and balls felt being touched by such a beautiful woman … he moaned gently and deeply as you explored him and as one hand touched his shaft the other moved around his ass and balls he muttered and he closed his eyes almost in pure heaven… you then asked him if he would like to put it in your mouth pussy or ass… he shot a load all over your breasts and hand… he said “ I’m so sorry :(( but you didn’t mind you told him to clean aksaray escort bayan you and you’d clean him off but by the time he licked it off your breasts you could see he was already ready to go again and you told him take me shove it in deep and hard make me cum and I’ll let you shoot your load deep inside…. he kissed you fast and sloppy pumping you thrust after thrust and you came it oozed out at first but then you squirted after another good five or six thrusts…. he asked then may I please cum again…. but that’s when you thought not yet you must make me cum again!!! He then asked if he could enter your sweet little butthole and you laughed and said sure if you promise me another orgasm and so he did… he pulled out of your soaking wet pussy and he bent you over and licked up you juice from your pussy right off your beautiful little asshole then he pressed his hard throbbing cock right into you and it slides inside no one had been in for so long it was gripping he wholeheartedly and you loved the way he thrusted it almost cumming immediately he said I gotta cum and you said “do it deep and hard as you rubbed you clit his balls slapped your hands and both of you came again together…. (knock knock) Tow trucks here… but do either of you want him to leave ?

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