It Just Happened!

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It Just Happened!It Just Happened!Jim and Lucy have three grown daughters; all of them beautiful, and all of them married to older men. Each daughter had initially married someone their own age, only to replace them after a couple years with someone closer to their Dad’s age. There may be a hidden message in that fact, but who knows. It can be truthfully said that never during the time the girls lived at home with their Dad, did he ever entertain the thoughts of fucking any one of them. He was their father and was raised that i****t is a sin.He has strict rules in his house and they follow them. He did not want the temptations that naked or scantily clad young females can cause. Now don’t get the wrong impression; he isn’t a tyrant or a dictator, out to smother their feminine charms or personalities. As young ch!ldren they were always allowed to roam around the house in their pyjamas, but the pyjamas couldn’t be provocative. They were allowed to wear cotton pyjamas tops that were either long sleeve or short sleeve; and cotton pyjama bottoms that were either long leg or short. Jim also didn’t want to totally suppress their feminine need to feel beautiful and sexy. So, after they were teenagers and had that need to feel more feminine and grownup; they were also allowed to wear sexy nightgowns, but covered with a robe if they wandered outside of their bedrooms when he was in the house.Everything went smoothly under his rule, but he had to admit that his middle daughter, Cathy, did present some challenges for him. She is blonde and beautiful just like her mother. In fact, she is almost a carbon copy of her mother. Both are curvaceous and lean, with long blonde curly hair and weigh about the same. The other two girls have equally nice figures, but dark brown hair like their Dad. Cathy has the larger breasts of his three girls. He knows her size because he picked up one of her bras from the bathroom floor once to put in the clothes hamper and noticed she was a 36D.Her large breasts always proudly push her tops out for everyone to notice no matter what she wears. Her favorite t-shirts especially emphases her voluptuousness, but her Dad always insists she wear a robe if she roams around the house dressed in that manner. When she wears a button up type pyjama top her breasts will strain against the buttons and creates a small fold where anyone can see her bare rounded breast. A few times Jim has gotten a glimpse at her nipple. He has to admit that seeing her nipple is arousing, but still he never entertained the thought of pulling her into a bed and have sex with her. He has higher morals than to violate her like that.Cathy had been in her second marriage for about six years when she decides it wasn’t going to work and she needed to get a divorce. Jim had advised her not to marry the SOB in the first place. The first time Jim meets him he senses bad vibes from him. It turns out her second husband is a real control freak. He not only wants to control all of her free time, kaçak bahis he also wants to take full control of her pay check. She had to get his permission to buy anything. He even made her sign over control to him of her 401k at her place of employment. When Jim hears this, he tells her to leave him and come back home until everything is settled.Cathy moves back into her old bedroom upstairs. That bedroom is almost like having a separate apartment because the room has its own private bath. She settles in with her parents and prepares for a long divorce battle with this creep. The first night back home, Cathy, comes down to watch TV with her father and her mother. She is dressed for bed which consists of a tight fitting white t-shirt and boxer type pyjama bottoms. It did not really comply with the pyjama rules of her youth.Jim doesn’t say anything because she is a grown woman now and had adopted this type of sleepwear while attending college. Her manner of dress does have its sensual effect on Jim, but he decides it is up to him to control his emotions and let her dress as she pleases. He has difficulty keeping his eyes from wandering to her breasts. The tight t-shirt accents every curve of her upper body.Any normal man would have trouble preventing an erection.Often when the family watches ‘R rated’ movies in the evening, and especially during certain love scenes, Cathy’s nipples become hard and very obvious. Jim always has problems hiding his constant erections when that happens. He can’t even get up to go to the bathroom without first finding a way to cover his erections.He is almost sure his wife and daughter have both noticed his problem at one time, or another.Since Cathy was a small ch!ld, she makes it a habit to always give her father a big hug before going to bed. She always puts her breasts squarely against his chest and squeezes him real tight. Jim doesn’t know if she realizes it, or not, but sometimes her nipples are hard and poke into his chest. As she gets older and her breasts get larger he notices it more and more, but quietly enjoys the feel. He never gives it much thought because she has done it since she was a small ch!ld.One-night Jim completely forgets about his erection and jumps up and gives her a big goodnight hug. Then he hears her gasp and squeeze him real tight. She presses her groin tightly against his groin. She holds him like she doesn’t want to let him go. That’s when he realizes he is pressing his hard erection into her crotch. It just happened.Lucy has a shocked expression on her face, but says nothing. Cathy sees her expression and pulls away quickly, rushing up to her bedroom. No mention of that incident is every spoken by any of them. Jim is so embarrassed by the accident, the next night he slips away to bed before giving his daughter a good night hug. The next morning, he finds she is highly offended by his slipping away without the customary hug. He makes a mental note to be more careful not to let that happen again.One casino firmalari night, while Cathy watches one of her favorite TV shows; Lucy and Jim sit in the den, reading their favorite books. Around nine o’clock, Lucy decides to go to bed early. She kisses Jim good night and quietly slips away to the bedroom. Jim continues to read and Cathy continues to watch her TV shows.Around eleven o’clock Jim’s eyes start burning from the reading and he goes to the master bathroom for eye drops. He decides to shave and get ready for bed. He puts on his pyjamas then remembers he had not given Cathy her customary good night hug. When he returns to the den the TV is off and Cathy is nowhere to be found. He can hear her stomping around upstairs. He feels certain she is upset about the absence of the good night hug.He slowly makes his way up to her room. He can see her pouting and roughly jerking the covers back on her bed. He raps lightly on her door. When she looks up he mouths, “I’m sorry.”She smiles and motions him into her room.”I went to put my pyjamas on and when I returned to the den you were gone.” Jim apologizes.”I thought you had forgotten my hug again, Daddy.” She pouts.”No, I could never fall asleeep without giving my Baby girl a good night hug,” he says as he approaches and holds his arms open for the customary hug.Cathy eagerly rushes into his open arms. He immediately feels her hard nipples poke against his chest and ‘it just happened’. His cock springs to life; she squeezes him tighter and presses her groin against his cock. All his fatherly control vanishes and his mind fills with insestuous desire for his daughter. They continue to hold each other close and he can feel her nipples harden even more as she presses and grinds her hips harder against his throbbing twitching cock.In his mind she is no longer his daughter, but a sexy desirable full-grown woman. His lust assumes control of his mind and he runs his hand under her t-shirt and begins to fondle her breast while rolling the nipple between his thumb and index finger. He leans forward and presses his lips to her neck. Her pulse beats rapidly in the veins of her neck. He feels a quiver move through her body; her breathing is short and hurried.”Daddy, this is not supposed to happen. I am your daughter”, she moans softly in his ear.He doesn’t answer. He moves his mouth from her neck to breast and sucks the hard nipple into his mouth. He flicks it several times with his tongue then begins to gently chew on her nipple. She puts her hand on the back of his head and pulls him tightly into her breast.She lets out a low moan and in soft sleepy sounding voice she says, “We shouldn’t be doing this, Daddy.”He pauses and looks up into her tearing eyes and says, “Do you really want me to stop?”She returns his gaze for a long moment but says nothing. After a minute or so, she takes a deep breath; letting it out slowly.She closes her eyes and gives her approval by slowly shaking her head ‘no’.Jim continues güvenilir casino to suck and nibble on her breast as he slides one hand up into the leg opening of her boxer style panama bottoms. She is not wearing panties. Her vagina is soaking wet and his finger slides easily into her cavity. He inserts two fingers and moves them slowly in and out as he gently bites her hard nipple. Her body trembles and his hand floods with her orgasmic juices. He has to hold her up as her legs try to give way under her.Once the orgasm passes and she regains use of her legs, Jim drops to his knees while pulling her pyjama bottoms to her ankles. She places her hands on his shoulders for balance as she steps out of her pyjamas and kicks them away. Jim kisses her belly button as he makes his way down to her vagina.He notices she has a thin blonde patch of hair covering her pubic area. He places his hands on her hips and guides her back into a sitting position on the edge of her bed. He kneels between her legs and pushes them open to grant easier access. He leans forward and blows his hot breath on her vagina. She shivers and coos lowly. He spreads her labia open with his thumbs and blows his hot breath again. Her clit immediately pokes its head out of its protective hood. He leans in and closes his lips around her clit and sucks it into his warm wet mouth. She slams her thighs shut trapping Jim’s head and shakes with another orgasm.Once her orgasm subsides, she releases her thighs and Jim begins slow upward licks on her pussy with his broad flat tongue. He refers to them as puppy dog licks. He spreads her vagina open again with his thumbs. He begins inserting his tongue like it is his penis. She pulls his face tightly against her crotch and starts humping and fucking his tongue with her pussy. After a minute of this, she pushes him off as her next orgasm comes crashing in like a tsunami.Jim give her a minute to recover and then pulls her up by her hips and repositions her on her hands and knees as he enters her doggy style. He pushes his cock in as far as it will go and her vaginal muscles close on it and starts sucking and milking his hard cock. He pulls his cock almost out, but her vagina grips it and refuses to let it exit. He slowly pushes it back in all the way to her cervix and then repeats the exit manoeuvre.Each time her vaginal muscles fight to hold him in. After several minutes of this they both build to the ultimate earth-shaking orgasm that they so dearly need. When their orgasms finally hit, Cathy shakes for a minute then falls forward on her stomach. Jim rolls over on his back. Their bodies glisten with perspiration as they both lie there panting; basking in the afterglow of the most amazing and exhausting orgasm ever.”I am so sorry, Baby. It just happened. You are so beautiful I couldn’t control myself,” Jim whispers as he struggles to catch his breath.”It’s okay, Daddy. I wanted it to happen as much as you did,” she answers in a soft comforting voice. “Can we do it again tomorrow night?”Jim slowly crawls out of her bed. He gathers his pyjamas as he ponders his response.”Can we, Daddy?” She urges.”We’ll see, Baby. Why don’t we sleeep on it and see how we both feel about it in the morning?” THE END

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