Interlude – Fetishes – Smoking

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Interlude – Fetishes – SmokingInterlude – Fetishes – SmokingFor as long as I can remember, I have had a smoking fetish. Let me properly define my particular parameters of the smoking fetish as I experience it. I am sexually aroused by feminine females and feminine-looking crossdressers smoking cigarettes. Men smoking are a turn-off. Cigars are a turn-off. Pipes are a turn-off. Non-white cigarettes are a turn-off. “Cork”-tipped cigarettes are a turn-off, they must be all-whites. Length must be at least 100 mm; 120 mm are vastly better. I dislike superslims. I dislike lights or ultralights, simply because the exhales they provide are less dense. I generally dislike lipstick marks on the filter. Holders I am neutral to, but if they are present, they need to be longer than the cigarette – not short, stubby ones, and if they are present, they should be black.The point of smoking is the exhale. To that end, holding the smoke end lessens the opaqueness of the exhale. Bright lighting in front of the smoker, and a dark background in back of the smoker is best. (Coherent Light Photography really knew what it was doing).Smoking gives the smoker a sense of power, to me. Many is the time I wished a female or CD smoker would smoke for me and dominate me.Where did this come from? Likely from advertising. I am old enough to remember canlı bahis siteleri cigarette advertising on television and in magazines and on billboards. The Virginia Slims TV ads and billboard were particularly mesmerizing. The MAX 120 print ads were great.Growing up, I had an aunt who was buxom (another fetish), wore beehive and bouffant wigs (another fetish) and smoked. Was she my favorite aunt to visit? You bet she was! She would put me to bed, and after waiting for a half-hour or so, I would sneak to the bathroom, lock the door, and masturbate into the toilet, to the memory or her smoking that day. Whenever she would ask me why I had to go to the bathroom at night, I told her I didn’t want to pee the bed. She never caught on.Years later, when my parents played bridge with another couple, the woman of the other couple wasn’t particularly attractive, but she smoked Tall 120s, the first time I had ever seen a 120 mm cigarette in real life. When I was using her bathroom, and looking for more toilet paper, I found an almost empty pack under the sink. I put it a pocket of the Army jacket I was wearing. Next day I got some privacy and tried one – what a nicotine rush! Instant erection! A few strokes – huge orgasm!Years later, one of my friends had a girlfriend who was a sexy blonde who smoked. She was a risksiz bahis veren siteler total bitch, but the sex was good, so he put up with her for about four months. She didn’t want anything to do with any of his friends, but about twice there was some overlap at a restaurant or bar, and she was a sight to see when she smoked. She dragged long and hard, tilted her head back, and plumed out a tight, thick, long cloud towards the ceiling. Just amazing! It must have been a spear of smoke six to eight feet long.So of course, when I started crossdressing, I decided my persona had to smoke! At the time I wanted to try all the available 120 brands. The VS 120s at the time were only lights, so the exhales weren’t thick. The Eve 120s were light or ultra light – the lights were OK, and the decoration on the paper around the filter was pretty. Talls were OK. Capris were too slim for me. But my absolute favorites were Max 120s! What a huge kick they gave! And such rich thick white exhales!As sexy as I though blonde hair was, I gravitated towards jet-black wigs. I would wear huge fake boobs (much more on which in another tale), so the long black tresses would tumble down onto the “shelf” my tits made. I would slowly exhale the thick white smoke into the hair, and watch it drift up slowly casino siteleri from the black hair – such a sexy sight! Since I also wanted to have someone exhale into my face, I would take two flexible bendy straws, make a U-shaped tube by inserting the end of one straw into the other, then exhale into one end, and aim the other end at my face. So I was exhaling into my own face! Or into my own hair, and again, watching the smoke drift up from it! Just incredibly erotic!There are many, many TV shows and movies which feature great smoking scenes, and whole web sites and companies devoted to same. But here are some I want to mention. A made-for-TV movie, “T.A.G. – The Assassination Game,”, starred Linda Hamilton in one of her first roles, and her smoking scene at night in a car was excellent! Ingrid Pitt in , “The House That Dripped Blood.” Almost any movie with Virginia Madsden is a good bet. Christina Hendricks and January Jones had great scenes in “Mad Men” series from AMC on TV. “Twin Peaks” also had some good scenes. Your best bet is to visit the “female Celebrities Smoking Database” — Google it.As a twenty- and thirty- year old single man, I visited the strip clubs, mainly when feature dancers were appearing, to get magazines signed. One of my favorite actresses, Wendy Whoppers, smoked at her table while she was signing items and taking Polaroid photos. What a thrill that was!Favorite smoking celebs: Lynda Carter, Christina Hendricks, Valerie Bertinelli, Ingrid Pitt, Lady Gaga, Penelope Cruz.So, fellow smoking fetishists, please reply with comments if any of this turned you on, to return the favor!

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