Illegal Drilling

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The crime rate was pretty low in our part of Adelaide.

My company’s head office occupied two professionally restored Edwardian brick houses, set back from a busy six lane road and sitting next to each other in an old garden. In spite of our central location the two buildings were an oasis of quiet.

The modern glass extension at the rear of the main building, which housed the administration offices and the boardroom, gave me a spacious office overlooking the back garden. The garden was small but always immaculate, with a perfect half circle of lawn, some climbers over the big corrugated iron storage shed beyond it and a leaning old fig tree hanging over a well-placed wooden bench.

Not bad, I thought, looking up from my computer screen and sighting the bench. Not bad at all.

In business there’s nothing better than an optimistic budget that’s being realized. And the wooden bench situated only yards away from me through the floor to ceiling glass reminded me of Arnold. Working back on long summer evenings had it’s advantages, and Arnold’s willingness to lie back over anything and have his arse mined had always been the principal one. I could even now see him draped over the back of the wooden bench, moaning, as I drilled deep inside his tight access shaft, set between the round hills of his bubble butt. There sure was gold in them thar hills I thought. My white creamy gold. Shame he was out bush exploring for the real thing at the moment I thought. I sighed, and returned to my forecasts.

At the very rear of the block, behind the shed, was a cream gravelled parking area, and I’d vaguely noticed a white van driving in as I’d looked back at my spreadsheets. There was plenty of room in the carpark. I knew that most of the staff had already left for the weekend as the big boss was off at our mine site. So being a summer Friday afternoon it was a race to leave and get to the beach or head off down the coast for the weekend.

I had an empty house to go back to or some really good figures to massage into a glowing report for Monday’s month end meeting. So I was happy to hang about finishing it off and putting in a bit more effort than I would have with Arnold about. By now he’d be waiting to be driven home for his early evening fuck, or be ready to be fucked at the office if we had the place to ourselves. An advantage of us both working for the same small company.

I was briefly distracted by two guys walking past through the garden and turning off to the back door of the other house, which was the main office for the exploration team. Shortly after they reappeared, and came around to the rear entrance of my building. I may not have taken much notice earlier but now I certainly couldn’t help seeing how good they both looked as they entered the sparsely furnished, open plan rear office. Both were wearing white singlets and long dark shorts, the white setting off their deep even golden tans and the well-defined muscles of their shoulders and arms.

One smiled broadly at me, and I realized that I didn’t recognize either of them and it was a bit late for visitors. I got up and went out to meet them wondering vaguely if anyone was still inside the other building.

“Hi,” I said, “Can I help you?”

“Sure hope so,” the taller, more muscular of the two replied, “Have you got a key for the building next door? We came to pick up some tenement maps but there doesn’t seem to be anyone in there.”

I was taken back by the question. The trouble with working in a small mining company is that exploration staff come and go at odd times, and also that being in the admin building and working in the Adelaide office all the time I never even saw half of them. I was annoyed.

“There’s no one there?” I asked.

“No,” the two of them replied in unison.

“Well we’re closed now,” I said, “So you will have to come back Monday. There is usually someone there from seven thirty, or if it’s urgent you can ring Dave Parmenter at home. Have you got his number?” I asked, wondering where I had it written down. I never had any reason to call him.

“It’s kinda urgent,” the taller one replied. “We’re flying up there tomorrow and need those maps.”

It came to me finally that for some reason they didn’t really look like our field staff. For one thing our geologists always wore khaki on the job, the boss was old fashioned and liked it. I had rarely seen anyone come to the exploration office in anything else.

“I’m sorry,” I said, now wary, “I can’t help you. You’ll just have to come back on Monday. I’ll see you out,” I added making a move towards them, and the back door, which I was now kicking myself for not having locked earlier.

The shorter one moved in behind me as I passed him and stood close. “You here alone?” he asked in a quiet voice that instantly made me freeze up.

It wasn’t that he said it threateningly, it was just where he stood and said it, and the situation, that made it frightening.

“No,” I stammered suddenly panicking, “Um, no. Someone is coming back soon.” casino oyna I’d hesitated too long trying to think straight for my excuse to sound true, but carried on helplessly. “That’s what I’m waiting for.”

“Oh, so whose that?” the tall one asked.

My mind was blank as I opened and closed my mouth silently, looking for inspiration. I couldn’t right then think of anyone who might come back. “Tony,” I finally said. “Tony forgot something.”

“I think he’s lying Dene,” the taller one said smiling broadly and showing perfect white teeth.

“Are you lying?” the short one, Dene, who was standing behind me, asked.

I could smell Dene he was so close, and he smelt good, he looked good too – they both did, and I thought ‘hey’ they shouldn’t be doing this to me. Dene looks too nice to be doing this.

“I think you should leave,” I stammered, and made to move to the door with some vague idea of making a run for it.

“No,” I cried in fright as Dene grabbed my elbows from behind and pulled them back, pressing his body against my back and his legs against mine. I was panting, high on an adrenaline rush of fear, ultra aware of him and shocked to feel his drill was rigid and pressing against my butt.

I struggled against the strong fingers biting into my arms as he held them, but I couldn’t help doing it half heartedly, overwhelmed by the coolness of the two of them.

“Sure looks like he’s lying,” said Dene, and I felt his hot breath against my neck as he spoke, his face was so close to me.

The tall nameless man stepped towards me smiling, and I could feel Dene’s hot breath suddenly on the side of my face.

“What do you want?” I asked, in a squeaky frightened voice that sounded nothing like mine.

“Luke just wants the key to next door,” Dene replied calmly, “You tell us where the spare is and we take it and go away and leave you alone. Now if you don’t give us the key. . . .”.

Luke smiled at me and cracked the knuckles of his big hands, working the muscles in his arms at the same time.

“You can’t be serious,” I said shakily.

“The key,” Luke said, stepping closer, suddenly backhanding me across the face so that I was momentarily stunned.

“In the cupboard over there,” I blurted out in a rush, completely overwhelmed by what was going on and feeling utterly helpless.

“Thank you,” Luke said politely, as he went to get it..

I expected Dene to let me go once Luke had the key, but instead he held me just as tight. And as Luke came back I felt Dene stroking his drill up and down between my cheeks and tried to pull away.

“Bring me something to tie him up with,” Dene said holding me firmly, and Luke looked around the office.

“Nothing here,” he said frowning, then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a hank of thick cord, “Now what have I here?” he added, holding it up and smiling.

He joined Dene behind me and they tied my wrists together behind me and my arms together at the elbows, running the cord on around my body holding my arms close in

When they were done Dene said, “Come on, time for some exercise,” pushing me forward and laughing.

I was in a state of confusion, incapable of saying anything as they led me out of the building and towards the corrugated iron storage shed. They opened the side door and the heat inside hit me like a wave, it had been a hot day and the closed shed had soaked up the heat and hung on to it. A film of sweat instantly jumped out on my skin.

“Hot,” Dene muttered behind me.

Inside the shed it was dark, but Luke found the light switch and the flouros flickered into life giving the place a stark brightness. Then Luke moved over to the pyramid shaped steel pipe frame standing off in one corner with a big chain operated pulley mounted at it’s apex. The geologists had used it back in the early days of the company when the exploration team did a lot of their vehicle and equipment maintenance work themselves.

“Well, well, how very convenient,” said Dene, pushing me towards the frame as Luke played with the pulley chains, raising and lowering the big steel hook that was suspended there.

I was guided into the frame and the chain sling hanging from the hook was run around me at my chest and waist and rehooked, holding me tight.

Luke pulled the pulley chains and I was tipped forward and raised up so that I had to stretch to keep my toes on the ground.

I was stuttering, “What are you doing? Let me go. Please,” as Dene reached around and undid my belt, then unzipped me.

As I struggled uselessly and asked repeatedly, “Why are you doing this to me?” Dene pulled my pants down to my ankles, then my briefs, before jerking my shoes off and stripping the clothes from my legs. I tried to kick at him but had no leverage and swung about too much.

He laughed and pushed a big hand between my thighs and gripped my balls from behind. I yelped and stopped kicking as he squeezed them painfully tight.

In front of me Luke was playing with the chains still, canlı casino adjusting the height of my torso as Dene pulled one of my feet out to the side and tied it off to one leg of the frame.

“Just about right,” Luke said, smiling and looking down at me.

I lifted my head back enough to see up into his face, and in his lowered eyes and half smile I saw something I recognized, it was the same look I’d occasionally glimpsed in a mirror when I was stiff and throbbing and ready to pound Arnolds arse hard.

“Yep, looks good from here too,” Dene added, his strong hands spreading my cheeks.

“No,” I gasped, shaking my body against the chains and cords immobilising me.

“Oh yes,” Dene said laughing as his palm hit my butt cheeks.

“Hey, you can’t do this,” I choked out. “No, no you can’t. Let me go, I’ve given you the key, you promised,” I yelled at them, suddenly seeing where all this was headed as Luke dropped his shorts and kicked them off.

He’d had nothing on under them and his big mushroom capped drill was bouncing about in front of my face as he stroked it. Then he griped my hair with one hand and his tool with either and forced the cap to my lips, rubbing it over them, pushing at me. I twisted and grunted refusing to open for him, but behind me Luke reached through again and squeezed my balls hard. I opened my mouth to yelp and Luke was inside it. He laughed as he pushed himself to the back of my throat, choking me.

Behind me Dene had taken hold of my other leg and tied it of to another steel pole leaving me spread wide. I was helpless, my body suspended between the chain sling around my body and my legs, bent and spread and tied to the poles.

“Now, now,” Dene replied huskily, “I bet a nice young guy like you loves to have his arse mined deep by a great big tool like this. Oh yes.”

‘He is a bloody miner’, the thought flashed angrily through my mind. I hated it but I was getting an erection, I wanted to go limp, but my fear had me hard and ready. It’s fear I told myself, nothing else, but a little voice inside me asked if it might also come from being manhandled roughly by two strong good looking men.

Dene applied something cool to my hole and I shuddered, then his fingers rimmed and tested me and I shuddered again, gagging on Luke’s cock as he fucked my face.

“He’s real tight back here Luke,” Dene grunted as I felt a finger entering me. “I reckon he’s the one who likes to do the exploring,” Dene said behind me as his thick finger assessed the tightness of my hole, “Is that right?”

I didn’t answer him, he was right, I was always the fucker, but I didn’t answer him. And I doubt he expected any answer, my mouth was too full of cock for me to say anything. And my own drill was beginning to throb for some attention as Dene added a second finger and probed my anal shaft deeper.

The shed was hotter and stuffier than ever and sweat ran down my body and dripped on the grease stained concrete floor. I was helpless in a nightmare I couldn’t wake myself up from. And I knew there was no one outside, no one who would hear me yelling and come to rescue me.

I swayed on the chain, rocking as Luke pulled my head back and forth, fucking my face. I was choking but short of trying to bite his tool off there wasn’t much I could do, and behind me something even thicker was trying to enter my tunnel. I managed to scream around Luke’s huge equipment as whatever Dene was working into me finally made it through my entrance. He rotated it, sending lumps rotating about the walls of my drive, I shuddered and bucked chocking on Luke’s tool as it muffled my screams.

“I think he likes that wrench handle,” Luke grunted as Dene fucked my arse with whatever he had inside me, and my tunnel quivered as I was swung back and forth from Luke’s cock, which was hitting the back of my throat, and Dene’s toy, going ever deeper. I was bucking like a lunatic and widening my arse as much as possible as the tool inside there started me quivering and cumming in spite of my screams.

They swung me back and forth like a doll for what seemed like for ever and my passage stretched, and soon in spite of the pain I was moaning as I quivered and spasmed.

Luke swung me back and forth, faster, and faster before pushing me off him and coming in my face. He rubbed his cum in as Dene removed whatever he had been fucking me with from my hole. I felt gutted when it was leaving me, and it slurped coming out.

“He’s got a real nice gaping hole now,” Dene chuckled, and I had no doubt I was gaping for him.

He explored my stretched passage with some new piece of arse mining equipment. This one was easier for me to take and he had me moaning as he stroked its bulbous end repeatedly over my prostrate. Luke reached under me and gripped my own swinging tool.

“Oooh, eee, well this is a big piece of drilling equipment you’ve got here, a real big bore drill.” Luke laughed

He barely did anything before I again shot repeated bursts of juice over the floor. I was frightened and humiliated kaçak casino but all my body wanted to do was moan, and buck, and shoot my seed.

Then Luke was behind me and undoing my legs, and for a few moments I thought he might be going to let me go and relaxed, going with the deep fucking Dene was still giving me. But instead of letting me go he pulled that leg to join the other which he released and pulled up and over. My body rotated around Dene’s tool without his fucking rhythm changing, I wriggled and arched at eh feel of that big headed tool roatating inside me then my torso rotated so I was on my back. I could see now that Dene was fucking me with his own tool, or rather I was fucking him as he pulled me back and forth.

Luke stood behind him and his hands wrapped around and played over Dene’s chest and belly as they kissed. I could see Dene’s cock going in and out of me and with the sight of them kissing I was recharging rapidly. Luke noticed.

“I couldn’t hear this guy scream before, make him do it again,” he said to Luke, watching me from where he was cuddled up behind his mate.

I whimpered in fear. There was some whispering and laughing then they broke their embrace.

Dene slipped out of me and I saw his glistening bulbous headed cock for the first time. Each of them took one of my legs walked it forward lifting my hips as they moved to tie me to the other two poles, the ones past my head. I was more uncomfortable, partly doubled over, but Luke played with the chains adjusting the level of my torso and butt.

Dene slipped right back in and Luke went behind him and I screamed and lurched. Luke was working the wrench handle inside me, right under Dene’s cock. Dene yelled almost as loudly as I did as it entered me and I was rocked back and forth, gently at first, then fuaster and faster, my yells and Dene’s mingling until I was flooded. Dene withdrew, and I whimpered with relief, but then a smiling Luke moved in and yelping and grunting fed his huge tool in above the wrench handle still buried inside me. I had stretched under the earlier abuse but this time it was almost unendurable. The fucking was only brief before Luke emptied himself inside me. He stayed buried but the wrench handle was removed leaving me gaping and quivering and exhausted. Dene came up to my head and tilted it back and just slid his stiff tool straight in and down my throat. I gagged just as he pulled back and he fucked my face deep and long as Luke rehardened inside me.

“I think its time I lubricated you again,” Luke said as he began exploring my now well evaluated shaft again.

I grunted unwillingly for him, unable to stop my self. Soon I was again rocking back and forth between the two of them shooting my load yet again, up over my belly and chest. Luke came again and withdrew, and as he did I felt some of the cream they had both left behind dribble out along my crack.

“Ooo eee,” Luke said, “you are open and dripping. A beautiful sight,” he added, rubbing the cream back between my cheeks.

Dene’ buried himself in my throat and jerked a couple of times flooding me with his cum. “Oh, yes.” He moaned.

Then they were gone and the door of the shed closed with an ominous clang.

I hung there aching and sore, sweat running off me and cum dripping out of me.

Then Luke was back “I’ll just leave you with something to keep you ready, ” he said “Now just so your tunnel stays wide open, ready for me to explore it I’m going to leave you with this.” Luke said, sliding a piece of metal pipe inside me. In the position I was in I couldn’t do anything but look at the end of it poking out of my arse and hope it popped out. When he’d gone I tried pushing it out but it just sank in a fraction further stretching me more.

Outside I could hear some activity and eventually there was a loud thump, presumably as something heavy was loaded into their van. My thoughts turned from my own nightmare situation to my employer’s possible losses. There was a lot of valuable equipment in the Exploration office, and I also knew that all of it was well insured. But I realised that there was also a lot of highly sensitive and valuable data kept there that might be worth money to someone if they really knew what they were looking for.

My mind raced around in circles wondering what Dene and Luke might be stealing that was worth the risk they were taking; after all, I could identify both of them.

Well I could if I was still alive I realised, suddenly going cold. Whatever Luke had sunk in my shaft was starting to make my tunnel’s muscles quiver and I was lost between my own drill beginning to harden up again and the potential damage Luke and Dene could do to me. I wriggled and squirmed, suddenly desperate to get away. But I soon had to admit that the way they had tied me up meant I couldn’t do anything.

When they returned Luke removed the section of pipe from my gaping hole and Dene pulled my hips back towards him. They took turns mining my gaping hole and exploring my throat. And I let them do it without saying anything, too afraid of what might happen to me if I annoyed them, and I was soon hard and throbbing too, moaning as loudly as they did and mindlessly pumping my hips in time with their fucking.

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