How it all Started

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How it all StartedHow it all started.I met Kay through a mutual friend when she had just turned 18, I was 5 years older.Sex was amazing from the get-go and she was obviously very experienced on that score but that was a big turn on for me to be honest.Kay was 5’6 Brunette a curvy size 16 with 36c/d tits and a trimmed bush.I was 5’10 fit back then with a 6 ½ thick cock.Kay was very friendly with a girl called Janet and her bf Gary; they went way back.We would go out clubbing with them and guaranteed the talk would always gravitate towards sex. Then one evening they said they were swingers and would like to swap with us. No pressure have a think about it.When we got home, we chatted about it and Kay said she would like to give it a go if I would. We agreed to at least give it a go and see how we felt about it.We spent the rest of the evening fucking and talking about it, wondering what it would be like.So, the following day Kay phones Janet and says let’s try it.We were invited over that same night and thought let’s go for it.It was difficult not fucking Kay that day, but I held out. Now Kay had fucked quite a few guys before we met and that turned me on so the fact, I was going to see her fucked was more of a turn on than fucking Janet, not that she wasn’t cute she was. 5’3 slim, blonde, small tits with nipples that seemed to poke through anything she wore.So, we arrived at Gary and Janet’s place around 7pm. Kay looked lovely in a LBD that showed aydın escort off her curves and I was in my usual jeans and t shirt.Janet was in a figure-hugging red dress with her nipples poking out as usual, Gary was like me casually dressed.We had some drinks and chatted for a while, they are putting us at ease and saying we didn’t have to do anything if we didn’t want to.So, after a few drinks Janet took Kays hand and led her out of the room. I looked at Gary and he smiled.“What are they up to? I asked.“God knows” he replied.We heard the shower starting and lots of giggling.“I dread to think” he said.He told us they had been swinging for a few months and having a lot of fun.After about 15 minutes they come back in the room Janet naked and Kay with a towel around her waist.“Sorry we took so long” said Janet” but I had to play with these tits” Everyone laughed then Janet took hold of Kays towel and pulled it off her with a “TADAAAAA”Exposing Kay naked with her pussy shaved bald just like Janet’s.Janet walked Kay in front of Gary and I “feel how smooth she is”Gary run his fingers down Kays belly gently until they stroked her bald mound.Very nice he said.I did the same and it felt amazing.Then Gary took Kay by the hips and pulled him towards him, he lent in and licked her lower belly down to her very smooth mound. Kay was moaning as Gary’s tongue snaked all over her freshly bald cunt.Janet came and sat on my lap to watch the show up escort aydın close, she could feel my hard cock pressing into her as she wriggled around to get comfortable.“you two are overdressed” she said as she pulled my t shirt over my head. “That’s a start”I felt her firm tits and hard nipples poking into my bare chest and it felt great.Kay was moaning as Gary was exploring her with his fingers and tongue.Janet was kissing me as my hands were all over her tight arse.Gary stood up and took off his shirt exposing his firm tanned body. He was taller than me being about 6’1 and very fit.Kay fumbled with his belt buckle and pushed his jeans down exposing a very hard big smooth cock.Kay gasped at the size of it.Janet said “9 inches long, we measured it. He is popular at parties”“I like that you are shaved too” Kay said as she stroked his cock. Bending over she took the head in her mouth, just about anyway. She sucked on the circumcised head of it, slobbering all over it.“Kneel down facing Mike” Gary said.Kay got on her knees with her elbows on my thigh looking up at me smiling.Gary got behind her and licked up and down her soaking wet slit before positioning himself behind her. Rubbing his cock over the entrance before slowly entering.Kays eyes widened as he eased himself inside and started to fuck her slowly getting deeper and deeper with every thrust.Janet had positioned herself so I could finger her very wet cunt as we watched Gay fuck aydın escort bayan Kay.Kay was making some gorgeous noises as Gary’s cock went deeper and deeper. I was so glad my cock wasn’t out as one touch would have made me shoot there and then.I could see Kay was about to cum as Gary fucked her deeper and faster, she let out an a****listic growl as she cum for the first time. Janet was bouncing up and down n my fingers loving the show.Gary pulled his cock out and it was soaking wet with Kays juice.Kay looked over her shoulder and moaned “don’t stop” So Gary shoved his cock deep inside he in one thrust. “AHHH FUCK YESSSS” she let out a cry.Janet by now was getting my jeans off and my cock in her mouth. She took me so deep her nose was buried in my pubes. “these will have to go” she giggled between deepthroating me and licking my balls.“Stop, stop I’m going to cum” I said but she took no notice and I sent my spunk right down her throat. She didn’t miss a beat and kept on sucking my cock until she was satisfied.What she didn’t swallow she showed me and then kissed Kay, feeding her my spunk.Gary was cupping Kays hanging tits as he drove his cock mercilessly into her. But she was loving it and moaning and cumming. Soon the grabbed her hips and drove as far as he could as he shot his spunk inside her.Kay collapsed into my lap, her hot breath panting on my still hard cock.“That was amazing” I said.“Oh we haven’t finished yet” Janet said as she helped Kay sit next to me, getting her to slide forward on the sofa so she could access her cunt, and started licking and sucking the spunk right out of it making Kay squirm and moan even more.I will post more if anyone is interested……

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