How I Got Bred Pt. 02

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After I “confirmed” (two months after the actual insemination) that I was pregnant all sex between hubby and I ceased; no blowjobs, no fucking, no kissing… nothing. It even got to the point that I told him if he touched me I’d do a Bobbitt on his puny little dick.

Mike, Jim, Kathy, and I continued to see each other, sometimes as a group and sometimes as separate couples. Kathy decided to have her tubes tied at delivery so she could play all she wanted without pesky pregnancies getting in the way. I got fitted for a diaphragm, since I wanted more kids. Feelings between Jim and I continued to grow and we found ourselves madly in love with each other, and hot to trot to make another baby. Since hubby was now pussy-less, at least from my pussy, getting pregnant again presented a problem, or at least a situation requiring action on my part.

Jim got me a really good attorney and she took hubby to the cleaners. I got the house, alimony, and child support for Jim’s daughter. Hubby got the house payments, his clothes, and not much else.

One Friday in the Fall I got a call from Jim. He asked me about going away for a trip to the mountains the following weekend, and said he had talked to Kathy and she was glad to keep little Kathy. I said, “sure, but you know it’s supposed to snow up there and I’ll be ovulating so we’ll have to use the trampoline,” as he called it.

The next weekend we packed for the trip, with Jim insisting on packing Kathy’s bag, and dropped little Kathy off with her Aunt Kathy. It was an unspoken agreement between the four of us that we would look after the kids as necessary, so she knew I’d gladly repay the favor any time. As we were leaving Kathy mumbled something about coming back with a bun in the oven but I assured her that the sperm would hit a roadblock. She chuckled and winked.

Jim had rented a romantic log cabin in North Carolina, in the Great Smokey Mountains, with no phone, no cell access, no Internet, and a real wood burning fireplace. The only communication with the outside world was a pay phone at the camp office in case of emergencies. Our cabin was called “The Romancer” and it lived up to its namesake! Oh, and there was a red heart shaped tub for two… not exactly designed for bathing, if you know what I mean. The other cabins were far enough away to afford privacy, even during the loudest screaming orgasm.

We got everything carried in and unpacked fairly quickly and Jim built a roaring, toasty fire. It was almost sundown and it was about a 45-minute drive back to town so we hopped in the car and headed to dinner and to pick up supplies so we could cook our own meals in case we got snowed in or otherwise got “busy.” We ate at a very romantic little Italian restaurant, lit with only candle light and the moon shining through the window. After we ate we made the grocery store run and headed back to the cabin.

As soon as we closed the door behind us we were tearing each other’s clothes off. We kissed and fondled, teasing casino şirketleri each other like high school lovers, as we made our way to the bed. The only light in the cabin was from the fire, so the subdued, romantic light danced around the walls as the burning wood crackled.

My post baby tits were now full C cups and still leaking milk, Jim’s favorite flavor! He began sucking on my nipples and caused a sudden gush of milk from my nipple and stringy white ovulation time mucus from my pussy. Our hands were all over each other and he worked his way down from my titties to my stomach and on to my pussy. He licked me good then took my clit in his mouth and sucked on it until I creamed his face.

When he entered me I was in the reverse cowgirl position leaning forward toward his ankles. I reached back and played with his balls and rubbed my fingers on either side of his cock as he stroked into me. We kept up a steady, but not real fast pace; we were making love, not just fucking, and wanted it to last as long as possible.

After a while I got off and turned around to regular cowgirl so I could see and touch his face and he could squeeze milk onto his chest. Did I mention that he loved my milky tits? We began to speed up a bit and he started thrusting deeper. We stayed in that position for a good while. I switched back to reverse cowgirl to finish. His cock being as long as it was I was able to lay down with my back flat on his chest and rotate my hips and wiggle my pussy as he was still stroking deep but slow into me and massaging my tits. The feeling of getting a tender breast massage while making love was indescribable. He reached around my hips and rubbed my clit slowly and softly. That did it! My whole body tensed and I launched into a powerful orgasm. It’s amazing how being in love can intensify orgasms and make them not only more pleasurable, but also more meaningful.

My clit became so sensitive that I had to move his hand. He growled his displeasure, but he understood and went back to massaging my breasts with both hands. That, of course, triggered another orgasm; not as intense as the first but deeper and longer lasting.

After what seemed like hours I felt his cock swell and start jerking. I reached down and rubbed the underside of his shaft and that did it. He blew at least a cup of cum into my still tight hungry snatch. We kept up our passionate love making for most of the night, but it wasn’t until the third or fourth time he cummed in me that I realized I didn’t have my diaphragm in. The damage already done, we didn’t bother with it for the rest of the weekend, and I have to admit that it felt wonderful having strong ropes of cum shot straight onto my cervix again; I had almost forgotten what a thrill it was and how exciting pregnancy risk sex was. I never thought to look for it so I never knew it was missing. We had cabin fever that night, and I certainly got a creampie to remember, in more ways than one!

After a night of romantic, passionate casino firmaları love making we decided to sleep in and awoke mid-morning to light snowfall creating a beautiful white blanket over everything outside, truly a winter wonderland! On the inside, however, the fire had gone out and it was cold as a witches’ tit in a brass bra. With thick blankets pulled over us we made love and put his morning boner to good use, after which we made a mad scurry to get the stove going for coffee and get the fire started again in the fireplace.

We got our caffeine fix and decided to chance it and go out to see the sights. We stopped in the small town where we’d eaten supper the night before and made the rounds of all the little tourist trap shops. It was amazing how friendly the people were, even if they did talk slow and have funny accents.

The snow had stopped falling, at least for a while, so we decided to make the fairly short trip to Ashville and take the Vanderbilt mansion tour. It was so amazing, almost like reliving all that rich history.

The whole time we were on the tour we kept stealing kisses and copping feels every chance we got. By the time the tour was over I was sopping wet and horny as hell. We found a little out of the way place that was deserted and headed to the back seat to take care of business. It was cold out so we didn’t bother stripping completely. I just pulled my pants down enough to give Jim access to my now trimmed but still full bush and, more importantly, my dripping wet hot pussy. He pulled his cock and balls out and was hard as a steel bar; no foreplay was needed as we were both beyond ready, so he entered me as quickly as he could. The Kegel exercises I had been doing had my pussy muscles back to pre-baby shape and as tight as before, so it took about four strokes to get all the way in and put the baby maker slit on his cock head right at my cervix. We both lunged at each other hard and fast. It didn’t take very long, maybe fifteen minutes, until I had hit my third orgasm and he let out a loud groan and fired all his seed into me.

After we got dressed, and with my now soaked panties back on, we decided to grab some dinner. Being a little naughty, I suggested that we eat at the local Hooters. We feasted on their famous wings and beer before making the trip back to our love nest. It had started snowing again, much harder this time, and the temperature was dropping so we hurried as fast as we could lest we end up marooned.

When we got back to the cabin we were both exhausted so we made some hot chocolate, laced with rum, and turned in. In the early morning hours, we stoked the fire since we’d learned our lesson about letting it go out and made love twice and drifted back off to sleep. I was awaked to a dull pinching that I knew was a sign of an egg being released by an ovary. This time the pinching was on both sides, though, which I thought strange but never considered that I was ovulating from both ovaries at the same time.

After a wonderful, güvenilir casino passionate, relaxing weekend we headed back home and picked LK (little Kathy) up from Kathy’s house, spoiled by her aunt as usual! Kathy pulled me aside and asked how our trip was and asked me if we had worn a hole in my diaphragm. I thought that an odd question, but told her I had forgotten to pack it. She broke out laughing so hard she nearly fell down. When I asked her what was so damned funny, she pulled it and the spermicidal jelly out of LK’s bag and told me about the conspiracy to get me pregnant. A few days later I experienced a little spotting for a short time which I correctly guessed was implantation bleeding. I was PREGNANT! YIPPEE!

I wasn’t really mad at all, though I pretended to be, when I found out that Jim, Kathy, and Mike had conspired to “steal” my diaphragm and leave it at Kathy’s house. Even more sinister, they had plotted my cycle ever since I gave birth and planned this trip right during my fertile time. All three of those characters wanted me pregnant again! I would never admit it to them but I had an idea what they were up to and went along with it since I really wanted very badly to be pregnant again, this time with no doubt that it was Jim’s.

There’s an old myth that a woman can’t get pregnant as long as she’s nursing. As the myth goes, ovulation is suppressed by the hormones that cause breasts to form milk. We certainly disproved that myth! After the wonderful trip to the mountains we didn’t bother with any birth control since we pretty much knew I was already pregnant. As it turned out, the dull pinching I felt in both of my ovaries on the last day of the trip was, indeed, a sign that I was releasing two eggs, not just one. I missed my period and we were all delighted, especially Kathy.

I enjoyed being pregnant and growing even larger than the first time since I was carrying twins. Me being pregnant turned Jim and Mike on as well and they kept me full of cum almost the entire nine months. July rolled around and I went in labor on the evening of the third. The real 4th fireworks came the next day when I delivered Jim Junior first, followed several minutes later by beautiful Penny. We named her after Penny on The Big Bang Theory TV show.

After I got out of recovery and back into my private room the gang was all waiting for me and seemed a bit more giddy than I would have expected. Jim provided the additional fireworks for the day when he pulled out the largest engagement ring I had ever seen and proposed. It too me about one nanosecond to say YES!

Mike spoke up and groused that he was losing some good pussy, but Jim said we could fuck all we want as long as he knew about it, and we didn’t do it when I was getting pregnant again. The last part of that made me nearly orgasm on the spot. I couldn’t wait to get Jim’s huge cock in me spraying sperm into my womb again.

We decided to wait until after we were married to open the baby factory again. We planned a Fall wedding at a romantic Tennessee wedding chapel. We also booked honeymoon reservations at the same cabin, except this time all four of us plus the four kids were there. Let’s just say a good time was had by all!

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