Hotel Rendezvous II

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Hotel Rendezvous III don’t know about you, but I’m definitely still basking in the afterglow of the mind-blowing experience with which you recently gifted me. The way you kept everything at an extremely sensual snail’s pace…well, most of the time anyway…was excruciatingly exquisite. No one has ever treated me to as much detailed and loving attention. Your lovemaking, our lovemaking, was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. You had me at “hello”, then had me hard as a rock, then had me at your mercy, then just had me. Cumming simultaneously with you, buried deep inside your sweet wetness, your orgasm contracting firmly around my cock time and time again, then collapsing on top of your lovely form like a grounded kite, our perspiring bodies joined as one and our juices mingling…it was the absolute ultimate. Afterwards, forcing myself to finally pull away from your loving arms and get out of bed, my rubbery legs reminded me how tense they had been only fifteen minutes before…my gawd, had I known sex could be so great, I might have tried great sex before this late in life. The mental word twist makes me smile and I look at you, still sprawled on the sheets, glistening and looking so beautiful…you smile at me as well, then giggle a bit, such a sweet woman, such a loving face. I tell you I love you as I turn to pad naked to the bathroom, wondering if room service might bring chilled vodka and roses for my amazing and gorgeous lover.After a much needed, quite lazy early afternoon and a nap, we decide to clean each other up again (so much fun and with the sexual tension temporarily relieved, we play together in the shower like little k**s), dress in our most comfy clothes and go out to see a few sights. We do some shopping, walk and talk, order tea for you and coffee for me, all without a schedule of business matters to attend to or reservations to make. We simply do whatever we feel like doing, wander toward anything that catches our interest…it really doesn’t really matter to me as long as we’re doing it together. I so enjoy your company, love listening to your voice and looking into your kind, smiling eyes. It occurs to me that for the first time in my life, I’m with someone who feels the same about me. The weather and our afternoon are glorious and as we head back, we decide to have a drink and dinner at a reportedly fabulous, very intimate and supremely casual spot we’ve scouted and discussed……they’re well known for their prime steaks, which thrills you, so you dare me to try the filet without realizing one of my New Year’s resolutions is to go low-carb and abandon the meatless thing. So much to your surprise and before telling you of my new/old path, I take the dare and order the best filets they have to offer for each of us. The wine, salads, sides…everything is perfect, so perfectly satisfied we make our way back to our room. The evening is now upon us and we talk about going somewhere; perhaps a movie, a concert, but as we talk about things we might want to do, the conversation drifts to our lovemaking of earlier in the day and we can’t really decide on doing anything except getting back and getting undressed.We flirt and tease all the way back, touching, holding hands, whispering naughty little snippets in one another’s ears…the tension is building once again and I know I want you, again and again. Once inside and behind our locked door, we fall into a passionate embrace and kiss, our mouths and tongues exploring, savoring and drinking up all of the goodness of the moment. You break away though, insisting that you must brush your teeth and freshen up a bit. I reluctantly release you and acknowledge that I should do the same. After we’ve both taken our turn, we immediately resume hugging, caressing and kissing each other to the point of distraction. My mouth moves to your cheek, then to your forehead, then on to your tender neck as I run my fingernails through your hair and across your scalp. You tell me to be careful or I may start something I’ll have to finish, and I reply that I have every intention of finishing, plus repaying you for the out of this world experience you bestowed upon me earlier. Then your hand moves to the front of my pants, you firmly rub the already protruding spot and with a seductive gaze ask if it’s possible that I may want you again so soon. I assure you that is the case and ask you to relax…it’s your turn to receive the best I have to offer.I suddenly back away from you a few steps, which prompts a startled expression. “Where do you think you’re going?” you ask coyly, and I softly reply that I’m simply admiring you, surveying the situation and considering the evening’s options. You give me a curious look…maybe my manner is a bit too cocky for your tastes, so with hands on hips you give me that cute as hell smile and quite understandably demand that I share my plans and intentions. In response, I ask you to simply relax and be patient for a few minutes while I ready the items I’ve brought…the baby oil needs to warmed in a basin of hot water, the toys and other items I’ve brought for your pleasure need to be unwrapped and sanitized, and so on. The preparation aspect intrigues you, and you understand that I’ve carefully considered this moment, but your expression prompts me to realize that you’ve possibly become a bit anxious about my intentions. Again, I move toward you, take you in my arms and ask you to be patient and simply relax, and you do, remembering how much I love you and knowing that I would never allow any harm to come to you.After everything is ready, I gather it all up, place it beside the bed, return to you, hold you closely, stroke your back, then tenderly and carefully kiss your lips, one at a time, sucking them into my mouth ever so slightly. I then kiss your entire mouth and can feel you warming to me again, melting into me. I move to your right ear, circle it with my wet tongue, then to your neck and further down, pulling the collar of your blouse away slightly for better access to the top of your shoulder. The thought crosses my mind that I could easily undress you and take you now if I wanted. The bulge in my trousers has become uncomfortable and I can sense that you are already so wet…it’s a wonder a rainbow hasn’t formed over you. But remembering how much I enjoyed your expert and divine attentions earlier, and what a glorious, sensuous time it was for me, surpassing anything I’d ever felt before, I remind myself that it’s your time now. A bit selfishly, though, I also want it to be my way and on my terms. To witness, feel and hear you enjoying yourself is the ultimate turn-on for me. Regardless of what might prove stimulating to you, I would readily participate in anything that might enhance your enjoyment of the moment. Something about your gloriously sweet and unselfish nature, how you seem to be all about pleasing me…it’s amazingly attractive, totally endearing and incredibly sexy, but at the same time incomplete. This, I’ve decided, will be my grateful reciprocation and all about you.I invite you to sit on the bed while I remove your shoes. Setting them aside, I begin to stroke then firmly massage your feet, which are a bit tired from all the walking we’ve done. I make my way up each ankle and calf, alternating from one to the other and you sigh with pleasure…mmm, canlı bahis I’m already enjoying this as much as you. You tell me how good it feels and I ask you to stand for a few seconds so I can remove your slacks for better access to the higher parts of your legs. Although I’m tempted, I decide to leave your pretty print panties on, at least for now. When you’re again seated on the bed, I resume massaging your legs, softly caressing each one, then firmly kneading your muscles using just the right amount of pressure. I pause for a moment to carefully study the scars on your knees, which I’ve not done before, and contemplate the pain you must have endured both before and after your car accident and the surgeries. The thought of someone so kind and generous having to go through such agony is heartbreaking, and I gently and lovingly kiss each one, running my fingertips lightly over them as if to try to soothe any hurt that may remain. You watch me and apologize for what you consider to be an unattractive disfigurement, but I tell you to please hush and assure you that is not my perception. I see them as badges of your determination and toughness…signs of an exceptionally strong woman who obviously possesses the will to surmount any of life’s sometimes enormous obstacles.Moving above your knees and onto the smooth skin of the tops of your thighs, I ask you to lie back on the bed, then rub each muscle with varying pressure, moving the blood toward your midsection, ever careful only to stimulate and revive, rather than cause discomfort of any sort. While working on your legs, I can’t resist sneaking a glance at your panties and notice an ever so slightly damp spot in the center of the crotch. You moan with pleasure and tell me how good it feels…I am so tempted to stroke the tiny, wetted area that has momentarily fixated me, but fight off the urge and return to the task at hand. Finally reaching the upper portion of your thighs, I stop and ask you to sit up. I then unbutton your beautiful silk blouse, explaining that it’s likely time for you to lose some wardrobe so you don’t become uncomfortable…I’ve turned the thermostat up a bit and the room is mid-70s, perfect for no clothes and possibly even working up a bit of a “dew” in the heat of what I hope to be some very hot moments to come.After dr****g your blouse over a nearby chair, I turn back to see you smiling at me. “So what’s next, my lover?” you ask. After looking you over for a few moments, I tell you the bra, regardless of how pretty and expensive it may be, simply has to come off as well. With no argument from you, I crawl up on the bed, kneel behind you, caress your back for a bit and begin to slowly undo the hooks. Tossing the bra aside, I then place my hand on the back of your neck and head, and ask you to lie back on the bed. You look at me with eyelids lowered, still smiling in anticipation, and your face is so serene and pretty that I must kiss your lips again. Still cradling your head in my right palm, I reach for your gorgeous breasts with my left and begin to stroke, cupping each one, releasing it, then the other. I circle your areolas softly with the very tips of my fingers while bending down to suck each of your pouty lips into my mouth. Damn, I think, this woman’s breasts are amazing…a force of nature! It further dawns on me that I’m behind in the undressing game, so I ease my hand from beneath your head, scoot to the edge of the bed, stand and begin disrobing. Your head turns to the side to watch me and as always, I’m amazed that you want to see, amazed you find me attractive, but you do. You reach out to touch my already swollen member, but I intercept your hand before it reaches its target…plenty of time for that in a bit, I explain with a smile. Now naked, I crawl up on the bed beside you, kiss your sweet mouth, then make my way down to your neck, shoulders, chest and those luscious breasts. I run very my wet tongue around the tops, bottoms and sides, then take each nipple into my mouth and gently suck, nursing each one until it is rock hard. My hand trails across your tummy to the point just above your pubic bone, then down and across your thighs and back again, over and over. In a husky voice, you tell me you want me to touch you and see how wet you are. Instead, I ask you to roll over on your stomach and move to the center of the bed, which you quickly do. I then reach for the baby oil I’ve warmed and wrapped in a towel earlier, open it and begin to pour it over your back, butt and legs. You look so wonderful and sexy covered in oil and shining in the soft light, I want to rub it all in using only my body on top of yours. Knowing where that will undoubtedly and prematurely lead, I begin massaging it into your back, ass and legs, then repeat the process began earlier, rubbing your ankles, calves, thighs, buttocks, lower back, shoulders, alternating from fairly vigorous to the very lightest of feather-like strokes. Your deep sighs confirm your pleasure and enjoyment, which pleases me as well. I ask for your right arm, carefully move it to your side, dribble more warm oil down the length of it and begin working your muscles, then the left, repeating the process. As you did when massaging me earlier, I straddle your butt and resume working the muscles of your back and shoulders, once again alternating the pressure periodically. I ask if you mind that a bit of oil may get into your hair and you assure me it’s OK, so I rub your neck from the base, around to the front, then upward, and yes…I am getting oil in your hair, but you don’t seem to mind. Hmm, it seems that sliding back and forth on your slippery bottom has caused me to become quite aroused. Aware of this rising situation and feeling my scrotum and cock rubbing across your butt, you squirm and try to rub back against me, but I again ask you to lie still and completely relax. I resume massaging your back, then turn around and facing your feet, I once again massage the entire length of both legs. I pick up your right foot, massage more oil into its entirety for a time, then begin to suck each toe into my mouth, licking and kissing. Your left foot is next and I’m really hoping you’re not thinking I’m a pervert, but it can’t be helped…I want to taste every square inch of you. You chuckle and whisper that it tickles a bit, but your moans of pleasure let me know you’re enjoying the process. Rising from the bed, I reach for a bottle of water and ask if you’d care for some. You roll slightly over to one side and take a drink…your mouth seems a bit dry for some reason. Seeing you in this pose, smiling at me and curled up on your side just a bit with those amazing boobs poured out in front of you, I want a picture…or better yet, a portrait. Damn, I think, what I’d give for some whipped cream and a cherry right now…you’d be my perfect dessert! After drinking, your hand again moves toward my dick, only this time I don’t stop you. You grasp it firmly, sliding your soft hand up and down on its oil-covered length and I gasp…gawd, it feels so good. I am achingly hard and really want to plunge into your lovely pussy, but I instead pull your hand away and teasingly shake a finger at you. I take my own long swig of water from the same bottle and ask you to lie back on your tummy. Gently, I lift your legs one at a bahis siteleri time until they are spread apart and I pause to admire your beauty…you look so fucking good in that position with your ass and pussy shamelessly exposed to me. I get back on the bed, crawl between your legs and while massaging your ass cheeks with both hands, begin to tease your crack with the tip of my tongue. Your scent is amazingly wonderful and I can tell how wet you’ve become. I slide my right hand under your pubic mound and begin to rub softly, occasionally brushing my wet thumb across your swollen clit and exploring further with my tongue. Realizing that your rear needs to be slightly elevated for what I have in mind next, I leave my position for a few seconds to grab a pillow, then ask you to raise your midsection so I can properly place it. You giggle and gladly comply, and I then resume exploring your glistening body. Curiosity regarding your wetness has gotten the better of me, I’m afraid. Still tonguing your crack, I slip my fingers in my mouth to moisten them and slide one, then two into your vagina. “Oh my, it’s very wet down here”, I tell you, and you let out a little whimper. I lick my fingers again to taste your sweet juice…so delicious! Sliding them slowly back in, I locate your G-spot and begin to massage it in a soft, circular motion. Continuing to rub and slowly increasing the pressure, I then plunge my entire face into your bottom and begin kissing, licking and sucking your delicious pussy. You’re moaning now and know that I’m sucking your wetness, drinking it up. My tongue travels from just above my fingers, all the way up to the top of your crack and back again, over and over. Alternatingly, I kiss each of your butt cheeks and occasionally tongue your ass…you seem to be enjoying it and it’s definitely turning me on as well. You begin to rock your hips, moving them more quickly with each lick, rub and touch…you cry out a little and tell me you don’t want to come yet, but you will soon if I keep going. I stop and ask you if it’s too much, should we take a break? No, gawd no, you say…you just wanted me to know you were getting close.Only a few minutes ago you were literally purring, but that’s come to an end…you are so worked up now, wanting release so badly, that I’m tempted to abandon my plan, abruptly mount you and pound my hard cock into your oh-so-wonderful snug, dripping wet pussy. I know how good you feel, especially when your vagina contracts around my dick during orgasm, kicking me over the edge and bringing me along with you. I ask you to roll over onto your back so I can survey your dreamy form, and you readily comply…just watching you reposition is such a turn on for me and you smile, seeing my admiration. The atmosphere is crackling with anticipation and the smell of sex, and right here in front of me lays this gorgeous, voluptuous, incredibly sexy woman, her entire body shining with baby oil, nipples taut as pencil erasers, vagina swollen and on the verge of pouring its sweet nectar onto me. Goddamn baby, I tell you, if only you could see yourself as I see you at this moment…never before have I seen such a glorious sight. But again I refocus and remind myself that as hot as you are right now, as bad as I want to fuck you, my next move has a chance of taking you places you may have never been before.I can’t resist sliding up alongside your slick body, brushing your lovely breasts, caressing your thighs, tummy, neck, and kissing you deeply, our tongues in a duel of sweet saliva and desire. You can taste yourself on my mouth…mmm, so sticky sweet and sensuous! My entire face is covered in your juices and all I can smell is your amazing scent, which makes my throbbing dick even harder. But pressing on to the next step of my plan, I reach into the bag that held the baby oil and bring out two more items…a silver, bullet-shaped mini vibe and a penis-like vibrating dildo. Your eyes open wide upon seeing the latter…that may be too big for me babe, you say. It’s not more than seven inches long if that, but it is quite thick and unlike my cock, has a rather large, mushroom head that looks a bit imposing at first glance. I remind you that I would never do anything to cause you discomfort, but I do want you to allow me to try this, knowing the thick shaft and head may be the ideal stimulation for your G-spot while working on your clit. You agree to try and I kiss you deeply, promising you won’t regret my efforts. Kissing my way down your body, stopping to suckle each of your bountiful breasts, licking trails over your tummy and plunging my tongue in and out of your bellybutton until you laugh out loud, I resume my position between the tender, sensitive skin of your luscious thighs and begin lapping your vagina from bottom to top and back again. I place the dildo under my chest to warm it, then switch the mini vibe on and begin, stroking the left side of your clitoral hood with the vibe while simultaneously tonguing, licking and sucking the right side. Your hips begin to move in unison with my mouth, involuntarily, and I can feel your secretions literally dripping onto my tongue with each greedy lap. Knowing that you’re likely ready for an addition to the vibe and mouth, I pull the dildo from beneath my chest and begin to rub the head of it up and down over your soaking wet pussy lips. You moan loudly and blurt out, “Oh fuck, baby, my gawd, what in the fuck are you doing to me? Oh my gawd, you’re gonna make me cum so hard!” Hearing your pleasure at the attention I’m giving is possibly the most sexually charged moment I’ve ever experienced. I switch the dildo to “on” and begin to slowly enter your vagina with a gentle in and out motion while maintaining the mini vibe and mouth action. Damn, I think, if only there were two of me right now…one to handle this and another to kiss your mouth, stroke your scalp, massage your neck, suckle your hugely swollen breasts and hard nipples. For just a moment, I let go of the latch hold my mouth has on your pussy and ask you to play with your boobs for me…squeeze them, pinch your nipples, make them harder, knowing full well that doing so will increase the intensity of your orgasms. I look up from my pleasant tasks to see you doing as I asked, pulling on your nipples and twisting them between thumbs and forefingers. I slide the dildo further inside of you and immediately know the large head of it has reached its goal…your body explodes in an earthquake of an orgasm and you scream in pure ecstasy. You cum so hard that your pussy contractions are pushing the dildo out, and I can only imagine how it would’ve felt on my achingly hard cock. Leaving the dildo inside you, I pull the vibe away from your clit, but continue to lap up the sweet juice that is now running from your vagina. You place your hand on my forehead, telling me how sensitive you are now, but do not push me away, and I maintain temporarily motionless mouth contact with your pussy, hoping that it’s possible to bring you to a point of near continuous, multiple orgasms. As the tide of your first orgasm wafts out, you begin, almost unperceptively, to again move against my mouth. This is a good sign, I think, and I slowly and very gently resume licking. You seem to be approaching another crescendo, grinding your hips a bit more, and bahis şirketleri then you ask me to resume the mini vibe, which I again slide alongside your clit. I slide the humming dildo in and out of your sopping wet pussy in time to my upward licks, then hold pressure on your clit with my tongue on one side and the mini vibe on the other, softly sandwiching your sweet button between the two. It surprises us both how soon and how hard you cum for the second time…violently humping my mouth with your pussy, legs trembling, panting, crying out like an a****l. Truthfully, I am honored to be present for this and to have set it in motion…the absolute, most incredible display of sexual satisfaction I’ve ever witnessed. But the biggest and best surprise is yet to come. There is barely a lull before you are once again ready and even though it may not have been your intention, you make my fondest wish come true…your body enters a transcendent point and begins a continuous, convulsive orgasmic wave, beyond heavenly, which finally ends only because we are both so weak that neither of us can really move and you are on the verge of passing out. “Wow…fuck…lover”, is all you can muster in a faint whisper, and I smile, stroke your tummy and tell you I love you. But you already know that. And you also suspect that we’re not yet done with the evening’s lovemaking.So there we are, my head still resting on soaked sheets between your sweet, wet thighs, your fragrance filling my nose…you smell so heavenly, so amazingly feminine. Your breathing has slowed to nearly normal again and as I begin to stroke your skin, I touch the beads of perspiration mixed with the baby oil and think how good it would be to lie by your side and snuggle. Reluctantly, I rise from the bed and fetch a bottle of water, take a big drink, then return to you, gently raise your head from the bed, cradle it in the crook of my arm and offer some to you. You readily agree and suck up a considerable portion…my girl is thirsty! Brushing your hair back lovingly and studying your angelic face, I curl up at your side, slide my right arm under your neck for a pillow and caress your body with the other hand. You once again begin to purr and it sounds so lovely…I know you are satisfied now and very relaxed. After a while, I begin to play with your breasts, tummy, and thighs, and once again touch your delicious mound, still a bit sensitive from cumming so many times. I ask you to roll onto your side a bit, and then curl up behind you and begin to rub your scalp, slowly dragging my fingernails from front to back and down to your neck. You softly tell me how good it feels and how you love having your head stroked…you can tell I enjoy doing it, along with anything else you might like. Moving against your oil-slick skin has caused my cock to become very firm once more and you reach between us and grasp it, rubbing it back and forth against your ass. Hmm, could it be you might want it inside of you, even after everything we’ve done only twenty minutes or so earlier? Unable to take it any longer, I reach between your thighs, raise your leg and ask you to instead move my dick across your still soaked vaginal lips. You chuckle and immediately comply…oh my gawd, you feel so wet and amazing. I move my upper torso away from yours slightly, bend my head down and forward, then begin licking your back in long paths, up and down, mixing my saliva with baby oil and your scents. Mmm baby, you say, that feels so good, please don’t stop…I wouldn’t dare stop and risk you ending your increasingly vigorous jerking of my hard cock onto your sweet, wet pussy. Every other stroke or so you pop the head of my dick into your wet hole and the feeling is amazing…gawd, I want you so badly. I soon get my wish. Our breathing is becoming heavier, you’re becoming wetter, and you look over your shoulder and say, “Fuck me, babe, fuck me hard…fuck my pussy and make me cum again.” Not needing any further encouragement and loving your randy demands, I grasp your hips and plunge deeply into your hot, tight loveliness and begin to pump in and out, slowly at first, then more vigorously. Your ass is bucking back against me, vigorously meeting each thrust and doing its best to fuck the cum from my cock. My belly and thighs are now noisily slapping your butt and the backs of your legs with each stroke, and I feel myself getting closer and closer, riding a wave of pleasure that will eventually crash into a puddle of our juices. Then you almost scream, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck…fuck…gawd, I swear to…oh fuck…I’m gonna cum again!!!” As close as I am to doing the same, I need to concentrate and see you through this, I’ve gotta hang on, continue to fuck your pussy and hold out just awhile longer, and I do. Within seconds, your orgasm begins to wash over you like a giant ocean wave and you give out a primal bellow, your pussy contracting hard and rapidly, milking my cock. Wanting to see your face you for the rest of this ride, I quickly pull away, roll you onto your back, spread your legs and plunge back in. Your still cumming pussy again greedily welcomes me inside and I fuck you like a man possessed…you are the ultimate erotic dream, so wet and hungry for my cock. Your hips rise to meet mine in unison with each thrust…gawd, your beautiful, massive breasts look so good when you’re on your back fucking me, rolling in time with our lovemaking, covered in baby oil and sweat. Your strong legs wrap around my ass, your lovely arms pull me more deeply into you, then it happens…I simply can’t control it, or would want to…I cum into you so hard, harder than I’ve ever cum, and yell, “Oh gawwwwd baby, oh myyy gawwwwd!” You grind your pelvis into mine to squeeze every last drop of jizz from my pulsating dick, and as I begin to collapse on top of you and ease the weight of my body onto yours, I cup your left breast, raise it to my mouth, greedily suck your nipple, squeeze the back of your neck and you hit the home stretch…the last, sweetest part of your orgasm. Involuntarily, your body bucks and shudders against mine, and I bury my face in your neck and taste the perfection of your tender skin as our spasms subside.Spent, I raise my head to kiss you and you passionately kiss me back, but our mouths are as dry as cotton from breathing so hard. “Wow”, you manage to say, and I mumble something about having just personally experienced a sexual epiphany. You take my head in your hands, look in my eyes and tell me that nothing has ever come close to what we just experienced. I readily concur, but a rush of emotion pours over me, nearly overwhelming. I blubber that I love you so very much. So sweetly, you tell me the same. “Darling, if heaven is anything like this, I really want to go there”, I tell you. “You will, sweetheart, you will”. Then I smile and ask how long you think we’ll need to be in the shower to wash off all of the baby oil. “Don’t worry, baby”, you say, “We’ll take all the time we need.” More shower time with you? Mmm, sounds delightful. Side by side now and having regained some spit, I again kiss your delicious, pouty lips, nose, cheeks, forehead, neck…tasting and loving you. You break into that brilliant smile of yours and I simply can’t resist licking your teeth, causing you to laugh out loud. Seductively, you d**** a leg over mine and pull me closer, hug my neck, kiss me long and deep, then ask, “Think you may want another go before that shower, lover?” “If anyone could inspire and entice me into a repeat performance so soon, it’s definitely you babe”, I respond with a big smile.

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