Helping My Sister In Law

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Helping My Sister In LawHow this all happened I will never fully understand, but I’m not going to gripe about it. I’m married to a wonderful woman, and into a great family. We have always gotten along with each other, we have out fall outs now and then, but what family doesn’t? Having been married for 15 years, it’s needless to say our sex life had died down tremendously. It isn’t that we don’t still love each other, but with the k**s in school and other activities we are all involved in, there just never seems to be enough time in the day for us. My wife Karen, is heavily involved with her work, the c***dren’s school among her other projects. I work long hours in construction, trying to keep afloat with bills. Me being in construction made it a simple choice when it came to my sister in law asking for help with installing her new wood floor.My sister in law has been divorced for more than 6 years, and doesn’t date much as far as I know. I can’t understand that, she is a lovely woman, extremely smart, she makes a good living, and isn’t hard to look at either. Joy, my sister in law had called us on Wednesday evening, to see if I would be willing to help her install her floor the up coming weekend. I wasn’t too interested in giving up my Saturday to work, but after my wife gave me “The Look” I knew I didn’t have much choice in the matter, so resolved myself to a weekend of work and a week of sore knees.Saturday came quickly and I woke early since Joy lives a 45 minute drive from us, I had gathered the tools needed to get the job done and had them loaded in my truck already, so after a good breakfast I took off, happy it wasn’t a heavy traffic day.I pulled up to Joy’s house, and got out, going to her door I rang the bell, Joy answered it, still in her robe, loosely tied with a cup of coffee in her hand and a smile on her face. She asked me in and showed me the coffee pot saying she would be right back after she dressed for the work we had coming. I poured a cup and looked at the floor area she wanted done, it was not going to be a one day deal I could tell. I sat at her table and started trying to get a game plan going, Joy came in about 5 minutes later, dressed in shorts and a loose shirt, It would serve the purpose for what we had to do. I went down the list of things we had to do to prepare the floor for the wood flooring she had, and explained that it was not going to be as simple as the salesperson had told her it was, but that the job wasn’t anything we couldn’t handle if we took our time. Making an exact cut would be the hardest thing of the job, so after finishing our coffee I went to the truck and got the tools, Joy had most of the flooring taken up already, so it was a simple task to finish preparing it.I guess I should give you an idea of Joys looks, Her hair is alight brown with a slightly red tint to it, she stands about 5’7″s, weighs about 130, with nice sized breasts, 32 c or so, narrow waist and her hips flared out, giving her a heart shaped ass when she bent over. (Something I never missed when I had a chance to see it)We had a good start on the floor, when she looked at the clock and said we should stop and eat lunch, I was ready for a break and a cold beer so I readily agreed. As she stood up I noticed her shirt was getting wet from her sweat, it also gave me a good look at her nipples as they poked out and clung to her shirt. Nice, I thought to myself as I got off my knees, stood up and stretched out the kinks in my back.Joy got busy fixing us some sandwiches, I got some chips out and grabbed a beer for us. We sat and ate, chatting a bit about things, how her k**s were doing, what was happening at her job, just something to pass the time. One thing about Joy, we always got along, and I truly did enjoy her company. We got on the subject of her sister and myself, how things were between us, how we had lasted 15 years of marriage etc…”There are three things to keeping a woman happy.” I told her, “None of which I know!” I grinned and she burst out laughing. Damn she looks so pretty when she laughs, and she swept the hair from her face with the back of her hand. Her hazel eyes sparkled when she smiled, and her full lips opened slightly showing her white teeth. Damn dude, I thought to myself, she is your sister in law, stop thinking like that.We finished out lunch and got back to work, I pre-cut a few boards so we could go along a little bit faster hopefully, I was placing them together as she passed them to me. I could not help but look down her shirt as she passed the boards to me, seeing how the top two buttons were undone, the sweat was glistening on her chest, and her breathing was slightly labored from the pace we were working. I had to stare at her breasts a couple of times, shit, it was impossible not to.If I wasn’t careful, I was going to get an erection looking at her, and that was not something I needed to do right now. It had been a couple of weeks since my wife and I had sex, and her sister was just an older version of her, something I had always admired. I got my mind back on the floor.Joy was a hard worker, that ‘s for sure, hell. She was keeping me busy trying to keep up with her. She finally took a break, sitting on one foot and her other leg bent at the knee, giving me a perfect beaver shot. Her panties were clinging to her and pulled tight against her dark haired pussy. Like a goof, I stared and got caught. She asked if I was enjoying the view.Wasn’t much I could say but “Yes!” as I blushed like a teenager seeing his first naked woman. Joy laughed saying, “Well, it’s my fault, wearing these, but shit happens, don’t worry about it. I’m sure this isn’t the first one you’ve seen.””No it isn’t, but it’s the first one I’ve seen in awhile Joy.” I told her as I returned to placing the boards down.”For real? I always thought you and Karen always had a good sex life, well from what she has told me anyway.”Great I thought to myself, now Karen is telling everyone about our sex life. “Well, we did, but like everything in a marriage it kind of died down Joy. But it’s always good when we do find the time for it.”I wasn’t really comfortable talking about our sex life to Joy, we had never talked about such things before, but the more I tried to avoid the conversation, the more it seemed she wanted to continue it.”Have you ever had an affair?” Joy asked.”No I haven’t Joy, not that the opportunity hasn’t been there, but it’s not something I ever felt the need to do, but to tell the truth it is getting harder not to think about it lately. I mean, I do love Karen to death, but when the sex dies down, it does tend to make you think about those things.” I explained.”Yeah, I know.” She sighed, “That’s one of the reasons I got divorced, after 8 years of almost a constant fight to get laid, I had enough. Not that I’m a nymphomaniac or something, but I do like to get laid more than three or four times a year.””I never knew you dated much Joy, I mean, well, you would at least have to have a date or something to find someone to do it I guess. Shit it’s been so long since I looked, I really wouldn’t know anymore.””Oh, I know a couple of guys that don’t mind having sex for sex’s sake, you know, no commitments, just a good night of hard fucking.” she smirked at me.Well that was too much information for me, not knowing what to say, I sat there working, my mind racing as I thought about Joy in the throes of unbridled sex. Damn, I was getting a fucking boner, not what I needed at this time, but no matter what I tried to think of it still came back to Joy fucking her brains out. And if she was anything like her little sister, she was one wild motherfucker in bed.It was getting more and more uncomfortable working bent with my boner at the wrong angle for ths position I was in, but when is there ever a comfortable position to have a hard on in front of your sister in law? Joy got up and went to use the restroom, giving me a minute to adjust it in my pants, when she returned, I noticed she smelled even be
tter than before, I guess she has sprayed on more perfume, and whatever brand it ataşehir escort was, it sure smelled fucking good.We resumed working on the floor, and I noticed she was working closer to me, almost too close, I could feel her body heat as she passed me the boards. None of this was helping me to lose my boner.And if I wasn’t mistaken, she was enjoying my discomfort tremendously. With every turn of my head to grab another board, all I could see was down the valley to her breasts, slightly covered in sweat. My mind kept wondering to what it would be like to have her in bed, her legs wrapped around me, pulling me tighter and tighter to her.I told her I needed a break and had to go outside. I had to get away for a few minutes to stop thinking about this, Damn, it’s wrong and even worse to think of my wife’s sister like that. But she wasn’t making it very easy for me, and I swear I saw a wicked smile on her face as I got up.Women, man they could play some games with a mans mind, they know we are weak when it comes to sex, at least I seem to be more weak of late. I sat on the tailgate of my truck, drinking another beer, thinking of Joy and then of my wife, and then of what a dumb ass I was for even thinking such thoughts about my sister in law.Joy came out and sat beside me, a cold beer in her hand. A nice breeze was blowing, cooling us off. I turned to say something to her and looked at her chest, her dark nipples were poking out from the chill she had gotten from the breeze, and her shirt was stuck to her from the sweat. This was not good for me, A man can only stand so much pressure, and I was getting weaker by the moment.I looked at my watch, it was only 1:30, way too early for me to call it a day, So we went back inside and got back to work. As we worked, Joy stayed next to me, her perfume was intoxicating, and I knew she was trying to keep me excited, but not sure if it was for me to take home, or for her. Either way I thought, I was going to get some today, No excuses from Karen if I lasted long enough to get home.We worked until about 4:30 before my knees finally told me it was time to stop, I nearly crawled to her couch and laid back with my legs stretched out in front of me. Joy turned on the television and I sat there with me eyes closed, enjoying the feeling as my legs relaxed. My knees hurt like hell though, So I asked Joy if she would mind getting e a couple of hot wet rags to put on my knees, she did and I rolled my pants legs up.Joy placed them on my knees, damn they felt good as the heat soaked into them, I laid my head back on the couch with my eyes shut. I heard her as she came up behind me with a cold beer for me, I am not much of a drinker and as I recall this was about my 4th or 5th beer today, and other than my knees, I was feeling no pain. She opened it for me and passed it over the couch, as I looked up to get it I saw right up her shirt since the bottom was not tucked in and right over my head. All I saw was Tits, the nipples were hard and standing out a good half inch or so.She was staring at me through her shirt, her eyes glued to mine, then she bent over and kissed me. Her lips soft and warm as her tongue attacked mine, I reached around the back of her head and pulled her closer to me, our faces smashed together, her passion was evident as her hands ran down the inside of my shirt. Her fingers rubbing my nipples then squeezing my chest, as our tongues played a game of tag.I could stand no more, so I pulled her over the top of the couch and she landed on my lap facing me. My hands went to her breasts, and I felt her heat and I swear I felt her heart beating as fast as mine. We made out like teenagers for what seem like an hour, not that I minded at all. She tasted so good, her lips so soft and needing. She looked into my eyes, a yearning in them I cant ever remember seeing in a woman’s eyes before. She opened my shirt and began to kiss and lick her way down my sweat soaked body. I lay back thinking this was not right, but how could something that felt so good, not be right. The next thing I knew was her hand was working my zipper down, her lips kissing everything that came into view as she pulled my jeans off. I was amazed at how talented she was at giving head as she engulfed my hard on. Trading off between kissing it all over the licking my balls, then returning to sucking me.I was holding her soft hair in my hands as she did, I pulled her up and kissed her again, then I removed her shirt, finally getting to her breasts in all there glory. A slight sag to then, which only made them sexier to me, her nipples dark and hard as rocks when my lips surrounded them. Like small erasers, She gave a sharp gasp as I pulled one nipple with my fingers and my hot mouth took as much as I could inside it. I could not believe how sweet she tasted after the days work we had done, even with the salt from her she tasted so good. I laid her on the couch and began to remove her shorts as she lifted her hips for me, I could see the bush on her as they came off. She may have trimmed it some, but not much, and I saw the wetness that was on the crotch of her panties. It was more than obvious that she had been aroused as long as I had today.I kissed her belly then began to work down towards the honey pot that was mine for today. I smelled the sweet smell of her sex as my face got lower, I kissed her inner thighs below her panty line, her legs opened wider as I did. I found out quickly that she was in part like her sister as I lightly bit the insides of her legs. Her body shivered when I did that. I pulled her panties to the side and licked from the bottom of her thick lipped pussy to her clit, which was standing at attention and begging for attention as it did.Never one to disappoint, I attacked her clit with my lips and tongue, Joy grabbed my hair and pushed her hips towards my face, the hair on her pussy was tickling my face and I was loving it. As wrong as this was, it was something I had wanted for a long time, but didn’t want to admit it. She was like a woman with a mission, and it was to come on my face as soon as she could. Well, it only took a few minutes before her breathing was heavier and faster and then I felt her legs begin to shake as the first of many Orgasm’s hit her.When she came, I mean to say She Came, I felt the flow of her sweet nectar run down my chin as I licked all I could up, which was a chore since my head was pressed between her thighs in a death grip. I slowed my tongue action down some and she let loose of my hair, then I started kissing my way back up her body.She tried to hurry me, but if I was going to have an affair, I was NOT going to hurry it. I got between her breasts and she held my face there as I inhaled the smell of her perfume and kissed them all over. I moved up to her neck and nibbled and kissed her ears and the nape of her neck. I felt her hand reached between us as she went for my hard on. When she had a hold of it, she pulled me towards her, and not being a fool, I followed my dick. I could feel the heat coming from her an inch before I got to her entrance. There was no resistance as I pushed into her wet opening, I could not believe how wonderful she felt as her legs opened more and she raised them towards her chest.I slowly pushed forward and her hips raised to me trying to get all of me inside her. I wanted this to last, so I refused to hurry. With every fraction of an inch I inserted, the more she tried to pull me into her. I could only assume it had been a long time since she had any sex, she wasn’t tight so to speak, but she was far from loose. In fact, we seemed to fit better than Karen and I ever had. When I was finally was fully inside her, I lay there just soaking in how utterly fantastic Joys pussy felt to me as she began to grind her pussy on me.My hands went to her shoulders as I tried to go even deeper in her, her body felt so good, so hot and eager to make the most of this. We began a slow grinding motion, I pulled about half of my 7″s out then slowly, almost painfully so, pushed all of it back in her. I looked escort ataşehir at her face as
it seemed to glow from the exhilaration she was feeling. Her thick lips kept opening and closing as she took in deep breaths, her tongue would lick them occasionally and her eyes, closed but fluttering and a slight smile crossed her face.I could not help but smile myself as I began to give her the best I could offer, our passion was building faster than I had wanted but there are some things in life we have no control over, and this was as good as any I could think of. So I let go and funked her like I had thought about earlier. Not made love to, but a hard all out fucking session that hopefully we would not forget for awhile. As we did her legs wrapped around my hips and forced me in her as deep as it would go.”Oh Shit, Fuck me hard. Oh yes, come on and give me what I want you bastard.” Joy cried outI slammed in her faster and harder, “Is this what you want Joy? Is this how you like it? Hard, fast. And rough?‘Oh fuck yes, make it rough. Bite me, squeeze my tits. Fuck me like I like it.”I did as she asked, and enjoyed every second of it. I was finding out she was more like her sister than I ever thought. I knew she was close to having another orgasm by the way she moved and also her hand went between us and she furiously rubbed her clit as I pounded her pussy. It wasn’t but a minute or so when she cried out again.”OH Fuck, Yes, Now, Now Fuck Me. I’m chumming, now yes I’ chumming now!” Her fingernails dug in my back as she tried to pull me inside her, not just my cock, but it seemed like she wanted my whole body in her. And if not for my hips, she might have succeeded in it.Afer her Orgasm subsided I rolled her off the couch and onto her hands and knees, I wanted to see her ass when I funked her, I have always admired her ass and was not disappointed in it as I stuck my cock back in her from behind. I loved the way it shook as I pounded into her doggie style. I watched as her ass shook when I bottomed out in her, I could not control myself as I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back as far as I could while I funked her.”Fuck yeah, pull my hair, fuck me you son of a bitch. Slam that cock in me.” Her hot pussy was griping my cock as it convulsed from her approaching orgasm, I had never felt a woman do that when she came. Not that I had a lot of women before I married her sister, but I was far from inexperienced also. Her body trembled uncontrollably as her orgasm passed.Beads of perspiration shown on our bodies as we received the sexual pleasures it had been missing for weeks in my case, perhaps months in hers. I had not had my orgasm as of yet, and was more than ready for it, I slid out of her and lay on my back, my arms behind my head as I stared at her lovely body, her breathing slowing back to a near normal rate. She looked into my eyes then down at my cock as it bobbed in unison with my heart beating. She lowered her face to my crotch, then inhaled the smell of her own sex. Slowly she used her tongue, teasing the pulsating head of my throbbing cocktracing small circles on the tight skin of my circumcised penis, engulfing it as her hot wet mouth opened wide, her tongue working under the head. Licking from top to bottom, cleaning all her sweet juices off me, her fingernails tickled my balls as she started sucking in earnest. I could only lay there enjoying the immense pleasure of her oral talents, Man if she could show her sister how to do that, I thought to myself. But Karen wasn’t into oral sex much. In fact in the 15 years we had been married, I can only recall around 5 times she had done that for me, and bitched about it each time for weeks after.Joy on the other hand immersed herself into this act, she moaned as it hit the back of her throat, her eyes rolled in the back of her head as she sucked it fully down. This woman actually liked sucking a cock, no other reason could be found for her actions as she made love to it with her mouth.I could not last much longer and told her, it only made her more determined to cause me to explode in her mouth. It’s as if she had come to life again in a way, her lips pursed around my cock, her hand worked the base as her hand and mouth worked as a team to bring me to the point of no return.I felt my balls tighten as I got closer and closer to filling her mouth, her movements became obsessive in her goal of getting me to cum. She didn’t have to wait or work much longer as I started shooting in her hot mouth. I watched as she sucked as much of my cock in her mouth and her mouth worked to make sure she got all of my spunk out of me.I came so hard that my toes tingled, and the hair on my head felt like it stood on end, then her head started working up and down again. Sucking like there was no tomorrow, she swallowed every drop of the two weeks or more I shot from my heavy laden balls. It was in deed one of the best orgasms I can ever remember having in my life.After taking it all down her greedy throat, she move up my body, kissing everywhere as she worked her way to my lips. Our tongues entwined once again, in a passionate kiss we both wanted. Our bodies, hot from the exertion, her breasts pressed into my chest as I hugged her close to me. My hands moving down to her fine ass checks and squeezing them tightly in my calloused palms. She pushed her pussy towards my cock as it shriveled, grinding her body on mine, we rested a bit.I glanced at her clock and saw it was only 5:15, knowing I had told Karen I would be late coming home I was not concerned about the time. Joy eventually rolled off of me, her fingernails tracing the hairs around my nipples, kissing my neck, telling me how much she had needed what we had done.Joy got up to go wash herself off, I stared at he breasts as she did, the way they slightly hung as she stood up excited me, then turning she bent over and got her clothes from the floor. I saw her beautiful heart shaped ass, the hair from her freshly funked pussy clinging to her thighs from our combined juices, her pussy lips engorged with blood still, red, and a slightly raw look in them.I too rose and grabbed my clothes, then followed her to her bedroom in order to use her restroom to clean up myself. Her ass had a wonderful bounce to it as she walked, her hips moving side to side. For having had three c***dren, she wore it well. I was glad they had decided to go visit their Dad for the weekend to get out of helping with the floor.I asked if I could use her shower, Joy smiled and said “Only if we conserve the water!” I was more than happy to do that, and dropped my clothes by the shower, reached over and turned the water on, she slapped me on my ass as I was bent over, saying “Nice ass man!” I almost jumped into the shower, shocked as I felt her hand across my ass. “Careful woman, Pay backs are Hell you know.” I grinned as I said it.”Hmmmm, sounds like a plan to me!” then she stepped into the shower, adjusting the temperature to her comfort zone. I climbed in behind her, grabbed a wash clothe and the soap, lathered it up and began to wash her back.I heard a sigh escape her ips as she leaned forward and placed her hands on the wall to help hold her up. I worked her shoulders well, knowing they had to be sore from passing the boards to me all day, then worked my way down her sensuous back. As I got near her ass, I noticed she had spread her legs a little wider allowing me access to her inner thighs and more.I worked a good lather on her then dropped the clothe and used my hands to rub and massage her body, trying to work the kinks out. Her legs almost buckled as the pleasure of someone else showing her body attention, No one that I know of, would ever refuse a good bath given by someone else to them. Joy was no exception. The hot water showered down her neck and chest, flowing down her like the tension that was leaving her as I rubbed her.She then turned around and I washed her face, neck, and chest. Kissing each part of her as I washed it off, my lips did tend to stay on her thick nipples longer than other parts ataşehir escort bayan of her but she didn’t complain about it as she pushed my face closer to them. I lowered m
y body to my knees, then resumed cleaning her. I was amazed at the hair she had on her pussy and down her inner thighs, I washed her very well in that area, then continued down her firm legs to her toes.Now it was my turn, I handed her the cloth and she soaped it up again, then started on me. The pleasure I had at that moment was so intense I got another erection, something Joy did not let pass her, as her hand slid down towards it. She washed me so soft and tenderly, as if she was washing a new born c***d, her warm hand grasped the base of my hardening cock and the slickness of the soap felt as if I was once again inside her. She stopped washing my cock making sure she had washed under my balls then worked down my legs. I lifted my feet so she could get them also, once she had rinsed them off she took my toes in her mouth then licked and sucked each one separately. No on had ever done such a thing to me, and I loved the way it felt as she worked her tongue around them.She looked up at me to see my reaction, and knew I was hooked the second eye contact was made. Picking her head up she kissed my now hard cock on its tip, then stood up and got out of the shower without a word. Grabbing a clean towel she began drying off, I followed suit and when we had dried off, she took me by my hand and I followed her to the King Sized bed.We lay side by side and kissed and groped each other, my finger sliding inside her still wet pussy, hooking my finger back I found the G-Spot everyone hears about but so many can’t find. Her head fell back as I rubbed it and suckled her breast, her breath became rushed and her hips started to hump on my hand as her hand held me tightly against her vaginal area. I kissed up to her neck and lightly bit her, she in turn tilted her neck away offering more of it for my bitesI worked all over her neck then back down her chest and side, making sure not to miss more than an inch at a time as I slowly worked to her legs. Joy surely loved being bitten by the reaction she was having and her hips continued humping my finger as got closer to her inner thighs.Once there I bit her inner thigh next to her hairline, smelling her sweet sex only fired me further to enhance her pleasure. I bit her harder to see what she would do, she in turn cried out, “Harder, do it harder please.”I did as she asked and worked all over her thighs and then went to her pussy lips, I pinched them between my fingertips quite hard and Joy just moaned her pleasure, never once asking me to lessen the pressure I was using on her. My cock was getting harder by the second, never having dealt in any form of rough sex I found I was enjoying it immensely and could grow accustomed to abusing her in this fashion. I bit her pussy lips then up to her clit, I took it easy on it as I lightly nibbled on it, then licked from top to bottom. Savoring the flavor she exuded as her vagina leaked the nectar from it.I climbed on top of her and her hand guided my hard on to her slick pussy lips, they spread easily as I pushed forward, the head of my dick sliding in again safe in the warmth of her.I started to pump my hips and she in return did the same, the bad thing was I could not grab anything but her shoulders or ass, not that either was a bad thing, but I wanted more. So we rolled over, never losing penetration as we did. Joy sat up, welcoming the freedom she gained from being in charge so to speak. My cock went in as deep as it could when she ground her hips onto me.My hands immediately went to her breasts and I squeezed her nipples between my fingertips roughly, Joy moaned deeply and funked me with more vigor. I was shocked to say the least, having known her 15 years and never suspecting just how wild this woman was in bed. I pulled her tits to me and she leaned backwards to increase the level of pain and never once cried out it hurts.I felt her juices as they dripped down between my balls down my ass crack. I reached around her soft ass and squeezed her cheeks tightly, pulling her against me hard as I could, she only funked me more wildly.I inserted my fingertip into her tight asshole, she went fucking wild.”Yes, fuck my asshole with your finger Shane, oh fuck yeah. Fuck me, don’t stop what your doing, make me fucking cum.” I slapped her ass cheek with my other hand and her movements became even more desperate, her hips bouncing on my body with a force that could crush cans between us. Her breath came in ragged gasps and I felt her pussy tighten up, I could feel my cock with my finger as she humped me wildly. Her head was leaning back over her back and her tits flopped around on her now sweaty again chest. She cried out so loud I was afraid someone next door would hear and think I was r****g her, it didn’t slow either of us down a bit.She was squirming and thrashing around on the bed and I hung on for dear life as we funked like we would never get to do this again. She came over and over as I pumped her pussy and slapped her ass. She jumped up off me and cried out, “Fuck me in my ass, I want it in my ass!”We needed no lubrication as her pussy had leaked so much so I took my finger and rubbed her juices on her tight brown asshole. It didn’t seem that she needed any more encouragement so I placed my cock’s head at her ass and pushed, she also pushed back to me and I slid into her tight, hot ass with an ease I never knew was possible. A low growl escaped her lips as she started to fuck me with wild abandon, “Spank me Shane, Spank my ass for being such a slut.” It was hard to do both, one, enjoy how fucking tight her ass was, two, Hang on enough to slap her on the ass. Like the true blue American man I am, I did it. I watched as the red hand prints showed up on her white ass cheeks, it only made me more and more excited, knowing that Joy wanted this, even more than I did.Her ass bounced as my hips slammed against her and she jerked each time I spanked her now rosy red ass, perhaps this is where that saying came from I thought as I spanked her harder. Joy cried out as she came again. This woman came like nobodies business, she took it seriously when she did. I felt myself fixing to come as I pumped and spanked her.”That’s right Joy, fuck me like the cum hungry slut you are, Make me fucking cum bitch. I want to fill your tight ass with it until it leaks out. Don’t stop fucking me girl, or you will regret it.” I told her.Well needless to say that brought her to another raging orgasm, and that in turn fueled mine. My body trembled uncontrollably as I shot my load of hot thick cum in her asshole. Joy pushed her ass towards me to take it all as dep as she could, “Oh Shit, I feel it hitting the walls of my ass, Fuck its so hot, it feels so fucking good Shane!” She cried out as I pumped the last of my cum inside her ass. I collapsed on top of her in shear exhaustion, sweat pouring off my chest and onto her back as I almost slid off her. I stayed inside her warm slick ass, not wanting to ever come out of her. I kissed her neck and held her tightly, wondering why in the fuck I had married her sister, when Joy had not been married at the time. Just my bad luck I guess, nothing to do know but wish.After a few minutes of laying on her I got off so she could at least get some cool air on her, she turned over and kissed me deeply, then held me so close that if we were any closer I would have been behind her again. I was not in the mood to complain.We lay there and almost fell asleep in each others arms, he soft breath hitting my neck, mine falling down her chest as I watched it moving in a slow pattern that made her breasts move slightly on her as she did. Joy glanced at the clock and saw it was now after 7P.M. Knowing I would have to leave soon for home, she kissed me again and told me I should shower again. Not needing to get caught with the smell of sex on me I knew she was right, even though I had no desire to leave her here alone.I showered and got dressed to go home, Joy came up and threw her arms around me and kissed me once again, “Thanks for all your help today Shane, and don’t worry. This will stay a secret between us. I can hardly wait f
or tomorrow for you to come help me finish this floor!”Neither could I!

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