Hayley 4.

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Hayley 4.Oh my God! Hayley stood before and as I drank her image in, Kate steeped to one side, smiling. Hayley was the same height as me now – the heels she wore were about 6″ tall! Her shapely legs were clad in black, skin tight latex boots which stretched up to her firm thighs. She wore a tiny latex skirt of the same colour and her torso was squeezed into a black, latex corset – her considerable tits bulged over the top of the neckline. I knew straight away that it was Hayley even though she wore a latex, ‘cat-woman’ style mask and blood red lipstick! In her one hand, she gripped a riding crop and firmly swished it and smacked it into her other palm. Of course, she wore tight black, latex gloves that were pulled up to just above her elbows. She looked absolutely gorgeous and I felt my cock stiffen! “What are you looking at, you fuckin’ maggot, eh”? I gulped! “Nothing Hayley, I was just…” she stepped forward and snarled, “Listen to me, you low life bastard, and listen good! It’s ‘Miss’ Hayley to a pissant like you! Got that”? I nodded feverishly, “Yes Miss”! I said. Hayley sneered. She spoke sternly to Kate, “Handcuffs, bitch”! Kate nodded obediently and reaching down into a holdall, she came up with 2 sets of cuffs. I hadn’t noticed the 2 iron rings that had been screwed into the wall and Kate proceeded to fasten a cuff to each wrist and snap them onto the iron rings before she stood before me, hands on hips, satisfied that I was immobile. “Very good, Kate! Now, perhaps you wish to tell him something”? Kate nodded rapidly and clearing her throat said, “Miss Hayley is of the opinion that you are the owner of a rather large…appendage? Furthermore, as I have no evidence of this, even though I believe it your intention to… hold intercourse with Miss Hayley, I have to be satisfied that your…organ is of sufficient size…” She again nodded at Hayley, who nodded back and stepping forward, Kate began to unbutton my jeans. Hayley threw her head back and laughed theatrically! Kate, bent over in front of me, gasped as she yanked my jeans down and my cock sprang out, flinging blobs of precum onto the laminate flooring. Kate put a hand to her mouth and gasped. “My, my, Miss Hayley! It is perhaps one of the biggest penises I have ever set eyes upon! A magnificent specimen! I shouldn’t wonder that a girl would feel particularly ‘stretched’, had she had that inside her vagina! Oh my”! Hayley nodded. “Indeed, Kate, indeed! Now, start wanking him”! Kate swallowed and reached out one of her trembling, beautifully manicured hands and clasped my cock in it, curling her fingers around my bilecik escort shaft about halfway down. Her fingertips didn’t quite meet around the girth as she began to masturbate me slowly; strings of precum dangling from the slit in my knob and slowly dripping to the floor below. Hayley watched and licked her lips as Kate’s strokes gradually increased. I moaned and sighed; Kate had the gentlest and yet firmest of touches. “Don’t make him cum, for fuck’s sake, you stupid bitch! Jesus – are you backward or something”? Kate stopped wanking me off and swallowed and turning to Hayley, she said, “Sorry Miss Hayley! I was getting rather carried away there”! She smiled apologetically at Hayley, the smile never quite touched Kate’s hooded eyes which I found to be incredibly sexy – the powder blue eyeliner that she wore accentuated her heavy lids. “Oh for fuck’s sake, let me take over, you stupid cunt”! she snarled at Kate who flinched and swallowed as she stood upright. Stepping nearer, Hayley’s gloved hand shot out and gripped Kate’s jaw! She leaned forwards and their lips met as they began to kiss and then snog each other, just a few feet from me. I watched as both Hayley and Kate gently moaned breathlessly; Hayley mashed and squeezed Kate’s tits through her lacy top with one hand as with the other, she reached down under the hem of Kate’s skirt and rammed a couple of fingers into Kate’s twat and began to frig her! I could hear the squelch and slurp as Hayley’s fingers pistoned in and out of Kate’s hole. Kate moaned and kissed Hayley more firmly and I watched as their tongues intertwined and mashed as Kate moaned. Suddenly, Hayley stopped frigging Kate and pulled her hand from under her skirt, her latex clad fingers smeared in Kate’s natural lube. Haley then put her glistening finger in her mouth and sucked the slime from them. “Mmm! Very tasty, lovely”! she purred. “Thank you, Miss Hayley”! responded a breathless Kate. Hayley then reached down again and slid her fingers into Kate’s crack and frigged her again a couple of times before pulling them out and touching them to my lips. “See what you think, boy”? She slid a couple of wet fingers into my mouth and I sucked the musky juices off them, savouring the aroma of Kate’s pussy! “Delicious, Hay…erm I mean, ‘Miss Hayley’!” Hayley glared at me and Kate gasped! Hayley stepped back, her heels clicking on the floor, her smacking the thick end of riding crop against one palm. Kate stood by my side, hands behind her back, looking at the floor. Hayley extended her arm and began to gently slap the end of the riding crop against my balls! escort bilecik “Well, well! Let me think? You should have 3 days worth of cum in these balls – am I right”? I nodded and gulped as Hayley smacked my balls a little harder. “Y…yes, Miss Hayley! It’s all for you, too”! Hayley again, laughed. “Wrong! You really are a fuckin’ simpleton, aren’t you! You just don’t get it, do you”? I shook my head; the initial sting of the riding crop had quickly morphed into a warm glow in my balls and the sensation made my cock strain even more! “No, I’m afraid not – cretin! See, you’re going to fuck this little bitch here…” she nodded towards Kate, who gulped and stared at the floor, “…and you’re going to spunk in her, too! Got that? All whilst I watch you of course”! Another slap on my balls and another string of precum began its slow drip to the floor. I nodded, “Yes Miss Hayley…whatever you say, Miss Hayley”! Hayley nodded, satisfied. “Now, little slut, impale yourself on this fine shaft…your cunt, of course…although I might let him fuck your ass later? I’ll see how I feel”? Kate nodded quickly and began to lift her skirt and remove her panties. I watched as she hoisted her skirt over her waist, showing the pale globes of her firm ass, her skimpy panties lying on the floor. She stood in front of me, back towards me and bent over. “Please, Miss Hayley, will you help to get it up me, please”? Hayley sighed and bending over, kissed Kate firmly on the mouth, “Of course, little whore, of course”! With that, Hayley stood by my side and reaching down, gripped my thick, angry, shaft in her hand and pressed it against Kate’s cunt lips! “By the way, boy, if I think that you’re not trying, I’m going to give your balls a little slap, got that”? I nodded, “Yes, Miss Hayley”! Hayley, holding my plum firmly against Kate’s hole snarled, “Back bitch, back”! Kate began to push back and looking down, I could see that my knob was really stretching her cunt lips tightly. Kate whimpered and moaned, “It’s too big, Miss Hayley…I can’t…it hurts…oh…”! Hayley angrily slapped Kate’s face and Kate cried out as suddenly, my knob slid into Kate’s tight hole; my plum stretching her lips as she again, forced herself backwards onto my pole. “See? There’s no such word as ‘can’t’, you lying bitch! Now fuck that shaft! Get it all the way up you”! Kate moaned as she forced herself deeper and deeper onto my cock and soon, my cock was up her as far as it would go! Hayley again tapped my scrotum with the riding crop and smiling, hissed at Kate, “Now fuckin’ ride that pole of his, you little slut! bilecik escort bayan Go on”! Again, she slapped Kates face who cried out and began and began a backwards and forwards motion that saw her impaling herself on my prick before moving forwards again. Slowly she be
gan to get faster, grunting and panting as the hot meat stretched her cunt! Hayley, watching my cock go in and out of her boss’s cunt, nodded approvingly as tiny bubbles of precum and cunt oil frothed around the base of my cock and around Kate’s stretched hole! “Faster, you fuckin’ whore! Don’t you want that creamy spunk in you, eh”? Kate just nodded and sobbed as she rode my cock, which had begun to tingle. “That’s it, that’s it…yes…good girl”! Hayley then stepped forwards and stood in front of Kate and lifting her tiny, latex skirt with one hand, she parted her shaved twat and Kate began to greedily lick and tongue her clit as she fucked me! Hayley began to breathe more quickly; Kate licked faster and I knew that I wouldn’t last for much longer before I came! Before long, Hayley threw her head back and cried out as an orgasm shook her and a stream of clear piss jetted onto Kate’s face as she too came to a thunderous orgasm which gripped and squeezed my cock and I yelled out as my sperm began to pump deep into Kate’s twitching cunt! She cried out as she suddenly felt my hot seed spurt inside her and came again; bucking and arching her back, as she cried out and moaned as Hayley’s clear, warm piss continued to splash on her face! Hayley stopped pissing and Kate slowed down and then stopped with my cock about halfway in her twat; all three of us were puffing and panting, covered in beads of sweat! Kate eased herself off my cock with a slurping noise. “Now…remember the deal we had, little bitch? I said he could cum inside you, but I DIDN’T say that you could keep it, did I”? Kate nodded as my glistening knob stabbed at her ass cheeks as she reached underneath herself and pinched her swollen pussy lips together. “No, Miss Hayley”! Hayley then sat on the floor and lay back and Kate shuffled over and bending her knees, squatted a couple of inches above Hayley’s face! Hayley opened her mouth and Kate let go of her pussy lips. At first nothing and then a thin ribbon of sperm began to ooze from her cunt and drop into Hayley’s open mouth! Hayley groaned as the ribbon of cum soon became thick ropes of warm spunk which dripped into her maw, and she savoured every mouthful of warm sperm as it trickled into her mouth! “Mmm! Delicious! Mmm”! Kate looked at me and smiled a sexy smile and gave me the thumbs up signal as more sperm oozed from her twat into Hayley’s mouth which was once more brimming with sperm and she greedily swallowed it all! Kate blew me a kiss; her top soaked with Hayley’s piss and her eyeliner running and streaked…TO BE CONTINUED…

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