Hayley 2.

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Hayley 2.I couldn’t stop myself and I didn’t want to as I continued to pump wave after wave of cum into Hayley’s cunt! She squealed and arched her back as her orgasm smashed into her; she arched her back – “F…fuck…oh my…fuck…” she bit down on my shoulder as with a final thrust, I emptied the last drop of sperm deep into her hole. Still all the way up her, we kissed breathlessly. I rolled over and Hayley, with me still all the way up her, sat on top of me, her dark hair spilling over her shoulders and strands of it on her gorgeous tits. I could feel my sperm dribbling down my shaft and onto my balls. Hayley reached down and scooping some of my cum on her fingertips, she put her fingers in her mouth, “Mmm! Delicious”! She said with a smile as she scooped more of the gloopy mess into her pretty mouth. Dribbles of spunk lay across her chin like clear egg white as she licked her fingers. “Well, fuck it…” she smiled, “…I’m probably pregnant now, eh”? I smiled and said, “Well, if you aren’t Hayley, you’re gonna be”! She laughed as reaching down, she coated her fingers with sperm that was trickling out of her twat and sucked her fingers – something I found to be incredibly erotic! My cock started to get erect again; twitching and throbbing inside the warmth of her tight cunt. Hayley smiled knowingly down at me, “You dirty bastard! You’re ready to go again, aren’t you”? I nodded, smiling. The smile left her face and she chewed her lip and looked at me doubtfully. I sat up and kissed the tip of her nose, squeezing and massaging her firm tits as I did so and I lay back burdur escort down, arms folded behind my head. “What’s wrong, Haze”? I asked as she blushed a little and then tentatively said, “Well…I…erm…well, I’ve always wanted…to to…try…anal! There I’ve said it now! Thing is…Mike’s always too drunk to fuck me in the normal way…so I slide my dildo up my ass and fuck myself with that! Thing is…” I asked her, “What darling…what is it”? She looked at me and blew some stray hair from her eyes. “Well…well…your cock is much bigger than Mike’s and bigger than the dildo I use and…I’m scared that if you were to fuck my ass…then it might hurt me”? I reached up and gently stroked her pretty face. “I’d never hurt you, baby! Look, if you want to try it, I’ll kneel up and you can back up onto my cock and if it hurts, we’ll stop and fuck as normal, yeah”? She nodded and leaned forward and my now erect cock slurped out of her cunt and more blobs and ropes of jism slowly dripped out of her hole as my glistening knob popped out of her twat. We kissed and moving down the bed, I felt Hayley’s warm breath on my cock and balls as she then ran her velvety tongue and licked the blobs of sperm from my scrotum and glistening shaft. She looked at me and smiled, kissed my shaft and said softly, “Have you got any lube, or something we could use as lube”? I nodded. In the drawer next to my bed, I kept a bottle of water based lube that I would smear on my shaft when I masturbated! Reaching across, I opened the drawer and handed Hayley the bottle. “Here! Why don’t escort burdur you smear this on my cock – put some on your asshole too – and then we’ll try it”? She nodded and clapped her hands, “Oh you’re the best! Just be gentle, eh”? I smiled up at her as she squirted a generous blob of gel into her hand and began to massage it it into my throbbing cock. When my shaft was thickly coated with lube, Hayley squirted more lube onto her fingers and reaching down and behind, she rubbed a couple of her glistening fingertips as she smeared gel around her puckered hole. I moved across my bed and she knelt up, her face turned sideways on the pillow, her buttocks in the air. I knelt up behind her and gripped her hips with one hand as with the other, I gently probed her sphincter with the fingertip of my middle finger. “Oh…be gentle, won’t you…you’re such a dirty boy…I would never have guessed from you being in the bar…We’ve got to keep this between our…” Hayley gasped as I gently slid my fingertip into her ass! She gasped, “Ooh, it feels so good…deeper…deeper…oh yes…”! I slowly slid another finger into her ass and slowly fingerfucked her pucker. “Oh yeah…oh yeah…give it to me…you dirty boy…fuck my ass…”! I didn’t need any further encouragement! I slowly withdrew my fingers from her asshole and reaching down, I pushed my glistening knob against her asshole! “Go on…go on…give it me…”! Hayley hissed at me through clenched jaws! Breathlessly and slowly thrust forwards and watched as my glistening plum forced its way into her sphincter as with burdur escort bayan my knob just inside her asshole, she cried, “Fuck yeah! Oh Jesus…that feels so good! More…more…harder…”! I gripped her hips and slid more of my cock into her and I watched as more of my glistening pole disappeared into her secret hole! Hayley breathlessly moaned from the pillow, her face coated in beads of perspiration as she moaned gutturally as I gently slid my horse cock all the way into her asshole; eventually, the base of my shaft was flush with her ass cheeks and my balls dangled against her cunt lips. “F…fuck me hard…I’m your anal whore now…give it me…”! So I did! I slowly began to bugger Hayley who moaned and groaned as my shaft went in and out of her asshole; tip to balls, time and again! Hayley, sweating heavily now, puffed and panted as again and again my cock reamed her ass and she, reaching underneath began to finger her clit, gasped, “Don’t…cum in my…ass…I want to taste it again…I want to…”! I grunted as my balls began to tingle and I knew I was beyond the point of no return! “Okay…you fuckin’ bitch…slut…here it comes…” With that and with a squelch as I pulled my prick from her asshole, Hayley quickly turned over and sitting up, opened her mouth, tongue extended for the gift I was about to reward her with! I masturbated furiously as a jet of thick, ivory coloured sperm shot from the slit in my knob and splashed onto Hayley’s tongue as I furiously wanked myself off into her mouth! “Have this…you…fuckin’…bitch…” another ropey jet of my spunk blasted from my knob and Hayley with plenty of sperm in her mouth, greedily swallowed and another blast hit her in the face! She squealed excitedly and opened her mouth again, ready to receive more of my sperm…TO BE CONTINUED…

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