Hard snow pnp freak session pt2

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Hard snow pnp freak session pt2Now here we are back upstairs, Mike has $ & alcohol, I have PLENTY of crack left. I took the brillo out of my pipe and replaced it with a new piece that i made another “crack burrito” with rocks on both ends of it then as I started heating my pipe up I started thinking about the basement my movies and the privacy to get all the way naked and all the way freaky nasty! I told Mike I wanted to go bk dowstairs so I could really enjoy myself, he asked why, i told him to get naked and watch the porn i liked when im high. He said cool. I gave him a couple rocks and was getting ready to go down stairs when his phone ring. It was Kim’s niece and her friend looking for some crack. I told Mike id sell them some and to just yell down stairs when they came so i could get decent and come sell to them. I had just started my tranny riding reverse cowgirl took my clothes off lubed the prostate massager and slid it in my ass until i found my prostate and turned it on low lubed my cock and stood in front of the projector screen slowly heating the crack on my pipe and started hitting it, played the flame up and down the pipe w/o touching it, like playing a trombone only letting the flame touch the end of the pipe and got a giganormus blast!!! all the bells are ringing the massager has my cock hard and im squeezing the shit out of it and jacking it long and slow, really getting into it then Mike opens the upstairs door and says that his niece and her buddy was there so I just threw my oversized jersey on it went to the top of my knees grabbed some dope and that pipe that had im sure a gram of crack on it and went upstars and met her niece and her lbuddy who at first canlı bahis şirketleri glance I thought was a chick but it was a sexy latin cd. Fuck this bitch was beautiful! hips, ass, pretty face and feminine rounding small titties. I sold them what they wanted and the niece asked Mike if could they chill for a little bit, he agreed. So I didnt realize that i took my phone upstairs and the movie was still playing no one could see it but u could hear the skin slapping and the almost girl like moans. I turned it down some, didnt think anyone could see it i was on the other side of the table and it was a big plant and box in front of it. They loaded their pipes and when they started hit them the cd was pushing his pipe in and out his mouth like he was sucking a dick and was looking at me, hott! They blew out the smoke and u could tell they were high. I heated my extremely full pipe up and hit it long and slow OMG it was the best hit of the session!!! Not just the loud bells ringing but my body was vibrating i felt AWESOME! I sat down and put my phone on its stand so i could watch it and pulled my jersey up to my cock and started playing with it! They were talking and looked over and saw wat i was doing the niece got up and walked out the room the cd Jess smiled and commented on the size of my cock and asked wat i was watching i was to high to really talk so i juss showed him. He saw that i dug trannies and asked if i needed help with my fat blk dick! I just shook my head watching the movie and pushing my now really gooey pipe! she/he comes and sits next to me and start touching my dick i told her to gv me her pipe and i put a really fat rock on /her pipe and let canlı kaçak iddaa her experience a mind blowing blast!!!!!!she took the 1st hit blew it out and was a space ship to space!!!!!!i put another rock on her pipe and told her ” hit it again but more heat and suck a little slower, hold the smoke in awhile then put my cock in your mouth”. As she was doing that i put a fat one on my pipe that was already gooey heated with my torch and as she was finishing hers i was taking mine and i was blowing out as she was on my cock!!!!!! WOW!!!!!! I start face fucking her and turn my prostate massager back on to medium and face fuck this cd bitch watching this freaky ass porn with people a door away! Kinda hoping someone walks in! So im laying on the couch and shes between my legs throating my cock and rotating the massager in my ass when i see the bedromm door opens and its the niece she looks a little surprised but walked over and started kissing Jess and licking my cock. I suggested we go down to the basement and really get down to business! We went into the basement and I mirrod my ipad to the 96 in tv started my tranny riding reverse cowgirl again Jess and Jan both got naked and Jan pushed a comfy chair by the couch to hv a clear view, jess sat on the couch nxt to me and started playing with my now hardening cock. I put a fat rock on both their pipes and made them take 3 back to back hits and it sent them both to the moon. Jan started playing with her pussy, jess got on his knees infront of me while he licked and sucked my cock while I was strecthing my gooey brillo out and putting fat crushed rock inside then rolled it up and moistened it by licking it and put it canlı kaçak bahis inside my resin filled pipe and pushed it back and forward collecting most of the resin trapped in the pipe. To say my pipe was full was an understatement! Crack will burn fast with to much heat but when you have as much as I had on my pipe it’s going to take some heat to get all the dope melted and the thick pyrex pipe hot. So im heating up my pipe while Jan’s playing with her pussy watching the movie and jess suck my cock! I’m soooo turned on. On the tv is a sexy ass Brazilian tranny riding a fat black cock! His titties are jiggling and his soft cock/clit is flapping up and down that’s so fucking hot to me when I’m high. My pipe is ready!, so I instruct jess to lay on the floor with his head facing the tv and his feet facing the couch. I lube my ass, I’m on my knees straddeling his face and I start re heating my ridiculously full pipe with my mini torch, once back at the heat where I can here the dope start to sizzle I let the torch touch the tip of the pipe while I slowly inhale the pungent and extremely thick smoke, it invades my lungs i play the torch up and down the sides of the pipe without the flame touching the pipe as I rotate it……the hit was SOMETHING IVE NEVER FELT B4!!!!!!!!!!MY SIGHT BLURRED, MY EARS WERE RINGING LIKE BIG BEN WAS NEXT TO ME!!!!!!!! I WENT TO ANOTHER GALAXY!!!!!!!!!! I stick my massager in my lubed asshole and started face fucking jess and then took three more back to back hits off my pipe! The high!!!!!!, the feeling!!!!!!!! Is unmatched!!!!!!!!! I make jan fuck my asshole slowly stimulating my prostate i turned the vibrations on the highest setting and i just fuck this bitches face while this other bitch massage my prostate, all while watching that Brazilian tranny riding reverse cowgirl!!!!!!!! Too much!!!!!! i came so hard i almost past out!!!!!! We cleaned up smoked weed and drank until i was ready again and fucked them both!

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