Hard Nipple

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Hard NippleI can see your erect nipple though you’re mostly see though dress that you’re trying on and I would love to see your other one. I like when you like showing off your sexy body and you know I like it and that turns us both on. You want to be controlled and taken advantage of and want me to use your body for my pleasure whilst getting pleasured yourself. I can’t help but move toward you and cup your breast, supporting its wait and gently squeeze your nipple though the dress between my fingers. Damn your nipples get hard, I cup your other and it’s just as hard. I can’t help but take a long deep breath and as I exhale whisper “damn girl, I love these breasts”.Suddenly I push you back on the bed so you collapse at the knees and fall backwards. Now I can see your pussy mound building out of the dress a little, I think I can even see the crease of your lips. Ughhhh. You’re fucking hot and I tell you so, climb on top of you and unzip my pants. I tell you to do as I say or there will be consequences. You say yes sir. I will be a good girlTake out my cock I command you. You separate the zippers and reach in and feel my already hard veiny cock and only grin. You pull it out and I scoot up so I’m straddling your chest. You voluntarily start unbuckling my belt and I slap your hand and say I didn’t tell you to, bahis firmaları learn in to kiss you and grab your hair and pull your head to the bed and kiss you, hard. Then whisper in your ear to behave. I sit up and tell you to stick out your tongue, you do. I Scott up a little more and undo my belt, pull my cock all the way out and gently start slapping the super sensitive underside on your tongue. I start rubbing it up and down. You start to twirl your tongue a little and I let you know your being good and ask you what you would like to do and your response is “suck your cock sir” I leave forward and slowly insert myself in your mouth. You have done this before, so I start trusting slow and you like it. All the wet sounds, your inability to move, how hard my cock is, you love it and I can tellI sit up and pull out and there is a loud pop as you release suction. Ughh. I slap each of your cheeks twice and each time my cock bounces off. Ughh. Hot! I reach back and cup your pussy through your red dress. I can feel your heat and moisture radiating though. God you’re turned on. So am I. I lean back to your face and start kissing you sensually and slowest move to your neck, kiss to the other side of your neck, scoot my body down and start running my tongue down to your chest and that now hard and puffy perabet nipple and BITE it. Hard enough to make you gasp for air and then flick it with my tongue. I look up at you and your head is cocked back and chin in the air, mouth open. Now I quickly kiss my way up and start kissing you again but now I am pressing my body against yoursI get up off you and stand up, take my pants, boxers and socks off, leaving only my button down shirt on and tell you to get up and get on your knees. You ignore me. I smack your inner thigh and tell you again. You lay still and quietly say no. Grr. I smack the other inner thigh, harder this time and you whimper quickly and get up and then in your knees in front of my. I smack your face w my cock again and remind you to be good or there will be consequences and tell you to open your mouth and I insert my tip just past your lips and grab your head and start slowly pulling in and out, god your mouth feels so good around my cock. Soon you start doing your own motions and really start drooling with how far you’re going, almost gagging. You let go and stay standing up. Oh no, I didn’t say to stop. I slap your tit and push u back on the bed. Push you on your back and tell you not to move.I go to the dresser and pull out a baseball cap, upside down, filled with perabet giriş folded pieces of paper. Bring it to you and tell you to pick a piece. You do and I tell you to read it to me. It simply says “cloths pin on clit” so I proceed back to the dresser and pull open the top drawer and pull out a cloths pin and tell you to pull up your dress and as I kneel next to the bed I can see your juices flowing down your pussy. I spread your lips to expose your clit and a mini gush slowest runs out. I slowly release the pin on your clit and your deeply gasp again. How does that feel? I ask you. You just say ‘good’. I gently flick the cloths pin and tell you to address me as sir. And proceed in getting the hat and tell you to pick out another piece of paper. It says “go get ice” you look confused and scared. I look you in your eyes and say “that’s right. I need ice! “You still look confused but go to your things and grab a pair on sweat pants to put on and I rip them from your hands and so “No! ….. just like you are”Your head slightly lowers and you proceed to grab the ice bucket and head to the hotel door, but stop in the door way and turn back around and look at me with a questionable look on your face, your still in your see through red sundress, with only ties on the side hold it together and have a budge at your crotch in the shape of what is a cloths pin, your one nipple is still poking through too, I can clearly make it out and I tell you to “Go, We need ice!”. Your response is “yes sir” and you turn around and started down the hotel hall to get ice.

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