Gym Bunnies

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Gym BunniesTwo nubile gym bunnies get their married instructors cock stacked over a stability exercise ball….Hannah and I wanted our arses and tummies in shape for our bikinis in summer. We were committed girls intent on driving guys wild with desire as they took in our peachy butts and well shaped bodies on holiday beaches and nightclub hotspots. However, it was mid-winter and we were novices working out to keeping our best assets in shape at a local fitness class full of out of shape middle aged women. At nineteen you have it and want to keep it. It gets you super regular sex. Warren the guy, running the sessions was hot. Really athletic and tall. About thirty. But married. Though that usually didn’t stop Hannah, she liked experienced guys.The classes were sold as a butt and thighs class. We nubiles watched as middle aged buttocks wobbled and cellulite clung to thighs. But the program was close to our suburban abodes and just had to do. And we were steadfast, attending three times a week even though the routines were a bit repetitive and boring. It was on our fourth session that the stability exercise balls were brought out for a change. We wee sexy lasses tried to hide our smirks as middle aged floundering fat lurched and quivered in blobs over the balls. Hannah and I had a great time showing off our natural skills and assets to advantage, and Warren was extra attentive to us, especially on the back extension exercise where you press into the ball with your stomach and hips, your legs extended straight behind you, pushing into the floor with your toes. Your hands behind your head while arch lifting up your chest. Warren got see all our best features. Arse near dry humping into a ball. Our tits in near perfect gym top popping puffy profile. I mean do that twelve güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri times and you’re panting like a reverse cowgirl cock workout. Hannah and I both had a near after sex sweaty glow.By the time we finished with squats with the ball raised above our heads Warren was getting great camel toe through our colourful lyrca. We were gym fashionista bunnies. We were meeting two new guys at the local pub in an hour, so as the session finished I said to Hannah,” I need to pee, see you in the showers.” She said, “Be there in a sec, Faye, don’t wait, don’t piss your pants” and she laughed.The dozen or so middle aged women with saggy tits and belly flab were either too embarrassed to shower here, or did it at home or had meals to cook or wayward teenagers to collect , cheating partners to catch-out or god knows what. I had the change room and shower to myself and stripped and paraded naked and enjoyed a warm soapy body lather while doing the naughty pee steam in the shower. I was saving my orgasm for a lucky new dude after the pub. I did tease my body playfully, enjoying my hands defining my boobs and perfuming my shaved girly delight with a rich frothy gel.I finished after a good few minutes and was towelling off when I realised Hannah wasn’t in the change rooms. The tart I mused must be chatting up Warren. Waste of time I thought, cute, but he wore his wedding ring all the time at the gym like his wife owned him or he needed the faithfulness reminder.I d****d my towel around my body to peek out of the change room and see what the bitch was trying on.I had to put my hand over my mouth because there was my bestie rutting like a bunny. She was bent over an exercise ball facing away from me, fully naked except her fluoro youwin pink pants were stretched at her ankles; her top was pushed up over her exposed tits and the married gym instructor, totally naked, except for his gym shoes, was dogging her over the flexi blue ball, gripping the back of her top to ride her like a bronco. His other hand steadying her hips and controlling her buttocks rhythm. I dropped my towel. It was too hot not to touch myself. I was randy after denying myself fully in the shower. I could see her pussy gripping hard big cock. I was privy to a bouncy raunchy fuck. Her butt so soft. Her pussy so shaped by hard pecker. He was thrusting with true purpose. Strong and virile. And the bitch was moaning. And the bastard filling her was groaning loudly. Of course I touched my quickly wet slit, fast and aroused. He was dominating her body and she was enjoying it. And they were both getting frictional traction from the give and bounce back of the exercise ball.I couldn’t stand it; well my inflamed clit and sopping juicy pussy wanted some action too. I was suddenly in front of my girlfriend Hannah, with whom I had never had a bi moment and was pushing my pussy into her face urging her to lick it. My bi life started in a gym. The bitch went feral with a cock pummelling into her pussy between her now tight closed legs and her bestie offering her a slick liquid glazed pink fleshy slit to lick. We were both ecstatic. Warren’s eyes bulged as he saw me join in such a lewd way. He didn’t know it was my first threesome.“Hannah you bitch” I pleaded after some sensational ribald licking by her, “share his cock.”She must have been guilty or more likely pussy sated as she wriggled up and suddenly here was a married gym instructor having his cock youwin giriş sucked off by two nineteen year old gym bunnies on their knees. It was crazy, but heady sharing a cock with my girlfriend. Watching her lick and slurp his shaft. Then she watched me suck his balls and knob head. Then jerking it off together and swapping it between our mouths, watching each other gulp its length.The next bit was purely decadent and probably burnt more calories than a week of workouts. We were stacked over the exercise ball; I was under Hannah, my bestie’s tits pressing into my back. And the dirty bastard was alternating between our demanding pussies and we were humping into the ball for traction and springing back with it, while gripping his cock in turn.The filthy sod fingered our butts while screwing the other pussy. It was a triple selfish flesh feast. Our happy pussies jounced with cock filled pleasure. Bodies writhing together. Piled flesh. I was pulsating where it counted, my orgasm assured. Hannah was moaning, grinding her clit into my soft butt for her climax.It was Hannah who invited Warren to take her arse. I knew the bitch was getting it deep, the way she yelped in a pitched, guttural way. My arsehole was being fingered but I craved the wider ,deeper filling. I got it soon enough. My little pink indented freckle, invaded. Boy was it good. Cock stabbed arsehole. Cock baited at my sensitive tight opening. Cock ensnared butthole as he pummelled deeper. My flexi starfish cajoled and coaxed through its pleasure gradients. And the decadent finish was his tongue tip and broad wetness lambasting our ring in turns with a slashing; smearing, blistering; spot on, divine arse workout lick-fest.Of course we took the guy‘s repeated spurts across our faces, relished his wads of sprayed jizz in our open mouths and his cum splattering and dribbling on our boobs.Gym classes were never boring or a drudge; never again, well after class; because there are too many positions for great sex in a gym, including getting a Warren up our excited gym bunny arses.

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