Granny Came Too

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The future of technology is upon us. If companies do not invest in tomorrow’s systems today they are doomed. High-Tech directories are littered with the names of businesses that are no longer trading. Hardware and software developers need to continually monitor the horizons of zones of interest and concern themselves with more significant issues than password security.

Compiling phrases such as ‘What is the name of your ugliest child?’ or ‘How old were you when you stopped trying?’ are for people who cannot see that their world will shortly evaporate.

The next generation of data processing will be based on new protocols currently under development. These Formalised Meta Languages will enable cross-platform seamless integration with all devices and media.

These will incorporate the Boner Wave effect to reduce the consumption of memory and power and thus diminish the global reliance on cobalt, a major component of batteries for high-drain electronic devices.


“You can’t embarrass me.”

‘Oh dear’, thought Phil. His girlfriend was challenging him; this was going to be awesome.

“You know that. You can’t do it”. They were in the local supermarket, doing their weekly chore shopping. Chantelle was extraordinarily gorgeous with a mane of glossy auburn hair flowing over her shoulders.

Always perfectly made up, dressed to kill even for a shopping trip. Heels, sprayed-on tight jeans and a T shirt casually off one shoulder to show a brightly coloured lacy bra strap meant that she attracted looks from men constantly. Damn, he was punching above his weight.

They approached the pharmacy counter and Phil braced himself. He was a software developer by training and like many of that industry was inclined to self-obsession and could be uncomfortable in public situations. However the rewards to be gained by meeting the trials set by Chantelle were substantial and physical and he was now coming out of his shell where he had spent his youth hiding.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a moment. Then loudly and confidently he announced deliberately for everyone around to hear “I think we’re out of contraceptives. Which are your favourites?”

Damn, he’d embarrassed himself as the other customers in the aisle turned to stare. Phil could feel himself reddening.

Chantelle however was unfazed. “I’ve had enough of condoms, I don’t like the taste; have they got any caps?” She spoke just as loudly.

“How about the spermicidal gel that you stick up inside yourself? You tried it once, you loved it.” He couldn’t admit defeat this early.

“Have you seen the price of it? I’m not paying that much for sex.” Everyone within sight was looking at them now.

“OK, if you feel like that, We’ll just go bare-back.” He grinned to himself. Right smart-ass; top that.

“I’m not risking getting pregnant again, you’ll just have to stick it up my ass.” That was it, she had him beat. She always defeated him at this sort of thing.

Quietly he walked past the contraceptive display and picked up a tube of toothpaste, which was all they actually needed.

* * *

Spring was in the air and Phil was due some time off work. He headed the team of programmers at a tech company, which was now at full stretch with orders for his revolutionary product. This was a form of electronic computer memory known as Write-Only Memory that could write store data on a device to produce ‘Eternally Inaccessible Storage’ known as EIS.

Development of the product with the associated hardware had been a long tough haul for Phil. Though his work was at completion and the project had been handed over to Manufacturing and Sales departments, the inevitable bug reports and revision requests would soon roll in. In the meantime he anticipated a quiet couple of weeks before the shit-storm. Ever onward, the world of ICT never sat still, it would soon be time to devise another TLA.

The management suggested a weekend conference break combined with team-building exercises. Phil had no intention of spending more time than necessary with that bunch of neck-beards and swiftly booked some time off.

He thought that he had just the idea for a short holiday, “Chantelle, do you fancy going on a break?”

“Sure, any time. What have you in mind?”

“I dunno, a few days away. Nothing fancy, just a hotel break in the countryside. I’ll get something booked.”

Chantelle studied him. He was always trying to prank her, it was time to get one back over him. He obviously had a period of fornication planned — not that there was anything wrong with that — but she had learned that it paid to be careful and not take anything he said at face value.

He was good looking, now that she had dragged him somewhere decent for a modern haircut and organised his wardrobe. Unfortunately he knew it and was always checking to see how he looked whenever he passed a window or mirror. Six feet tall and muscular, a good square jaw. She loved to smooth her hands over his thighs and feel the skin rippling to canlı bahis her touch.

She also loved to see him blush and knew that he wasn’t as confident as he liked to make out. At work he was surrounded by nerds and shaggy-haired introverts but his outward appearance belied his profession.

“So where are we going?”

He paused. “I’ll let you know when we get there. It’ll be a surprise.”

‘Here we go’, she thought. ‘Let’s organise a surprise if he wants one…’

* * *

A week later and they were packed and getting into his car with their cases. “Are you telling me where we’re going now?” Phil still hadn’t announced where they were staying.

“No, wait until we arrive. I’ll tell you when we get there”

“Well before we go, I have a surprise for you.”

Phil stopped dead. Her surprises were usually devastating and he had made plans. “What do you mean?”

“We have to stop off first, a couple of streets away.”

A feeling of dread came over him. He didn’t want this trip ruined.

“Come on, get going. I’ll tell you when we get there.” She laughed, turning his words against him.

Phil put the car into gear and set off, following her directions. He stopped the car outside a house and Chantelle alighted. She knocked on the front door and it opened; a plump elderly grey-haired lady wearing a floral dress and sensible shoes came to the car dragging a case behind her. “Phil, you’ve met my Grandma before; she’s been feeling lonely so I asked her if she could join us on our holiday.”

Phil was dumbstruck. What he had planned definitely did not include Grandmas. “But we can’t take anyone with us.”

“I’ve asked her now, I can’t tell her to get back in the house. Don’t you like my Grandma? Are you worried she’s going to cramp your style?”

It wasn’t a question of not liking her, the whole thing was just impossible. “Where we’re going we can’t take her.”

“Of course we can. She’s a right character, loves a laugh. Game for anything is my Gran.” And with that the car door opened, the woman sat on the rear seat and placed the the case alongside herself.

Automatically Phil drove off again, Chantelle alongside him with her grandmother on the back seat. He couldn’t think straight, this was impossible. “The thing is, the resort I’ve booked is for couples only.”

He glanced at his girlfriend who was grinning triumphantly. “What place is that? I’ve heard of ‘no children’, but I’ve never heard of ‘no grannies’. And by the way, April Fool!”

Phil groaned. He’d planned this himself as an April Fool but he’d ended up being the idiot.

This was all wrong. Chantelle was looking hot; the seat belt was between her breasts so that they protruded even more than usual. She was wearing a short skirt with bare legs; normally he would be looking for a secluded place to pull over and jump her, but with her ageing relative in the car he had no chance of such fun and games.

Chantelle’s grandmother was a spritely lady and the owner of a raucous laugh; he had met her the previous Christmas at a party where she had become quite drunk and danced around the room. Then she had fallen over and had to be carried home. His unabating memory was of her lying on the floor with her legs in the air, showing a short pair of stockings and a large pair of pink panties..

On this day however the old lady was sober and on her best behaviour. “Listen to me, Philip. You can’t call me ‘Grandma’, it does nothing for my self-esteem. Call me ‘Margaret’. Everyone else does except for Chantelle. Now I understand that this is a mystery trip and were not allowed to know where until we reach it. So I’ll say no more about it.”

He carried on driving, irresistibly drawn to his destination. He fancied himself as a sharp wit but he had absolutely no idea how to resolve this dilemma. All too soon they arrive at the resort and the sign above the entrance was bright and there for everyone to read: ‘Sealands Sun Center.’

* * *

Chantelle opened her door and read the sign. “Are you shitting me?”

Her grandmother got out of the car and said “Are we there yet?”

Phil stayed where he was, and said “This isn’t going too well.”

Chantelle caught hold of her grandmother’s arm, “Grandma, we need to discuss things. This seems to be a naturist resort. I don’t think that this is appropriate. We need to find somewhere else. Phil, what were you playing at?”

He shrugged, “This was supposed to be an April Fools, in case it’s not obvious. And it was only supposed to be the two of us.”

Margaret spoke up, “Great, are there lots of animals? I like nature, especially elephants.”

Chantelle rolled her eyes. “Not naturalist, it’s naturist. Not the same thing.”

But as she spoke there was a clunk as the rear door closed.

Margaret was out of the car and was marching across the car park, hauling her case behind her. A couple of seconds later she marched through the doorway of the resort.

Chantelle and Phil followed slowly. Inside there was a normal looking bahis siteleri foyer with a reception desk and a noticeboard with announcements about daily activities. There was a smartly dressed clerk talking to Margaret. She was busy filling out forms and then was given a wristband. Then she was off, away through a swing door.

* * *

They were stranded in the foyer – Margaret was off on holiday without them. Slowly and without speaking they approached the desk and signed in.

They were issued with their wristbands and pushed the swing door. Inside, they saw two changing rooms. Phil took the door with the male logo. There were benches and lockers, one of which reacted to the band. He undressed and took the towel that had been neatly folded inside.

He braced himself for the great reveal. His girlfriend was no problem of course, he had anticipated the fun being her reaction to being nude in the presence of other people. And himself in public — he was prepared for that. But forcing Chantelle to be undressed in front of her Grandmother? That was a different game.

Worse, he also had to be naked with said Grandmother — but he couldn’t decide if the total bottom line (to coin a phrase) was the prospect of having to keep himself in an acceptable state with a naked Chantelle. In front of an elderly overweight naked Grandma/Margaret with a loud laugh.

He considered walking out with the towel in front of him for modesty, but that would be silly and merely delay the inevitable — and make that moment even more of an occasion. So nonchalantly he tossed the towel over his shoulder and strode out.

For the moment, his dick was behaving. He willed it to continue pointing at the floor, but felt a swelling as it started slapping against his thighs.

He stood at the entrance to a large open area. There were fake palm trees, low tables and soft chairs, a bar on the other side. A panoramic window gave a view of a lake with rowing boats. There were people sitting, talking, walking about. All without a stitch of clothing.

Sitting near the bar was a lady with her hand in the air, waving. Margaret-in-the-nude. Margaret-without-any-clothes.

He didn’t know where to look as she stood, like him carrying a resort towel. She had boobs with large flat pink nipples, round and with a fullness that demonstrated that there would probably have been an impressive figure at one time. Chantelle’s genes obviously ran in the family.

Now a comfortably round belly supported those boobs, with an old scar underneath. Phil wondered if it was a caesarean or some other operation like an appendix that had caused such a mark. He didn’t have much experience of either procedures.

He tried to avoid looking further down, but he couldn’t stop himself from glancing. She had pale thighs, but was tanned below the knees. He was strangely distracted by that and idly thought of her wearing knee-length skirts all her life and never getting a tan above that height.

Forcing himself to avert his eyes and look at her face, he examined the mental image that was burned in his brain. There was no information there regarding Margaret’s pubic area. He was puzzled.

Anyway, for now she was speaking. “You made it at last, great! Where’s Chantelle? Is she here?”

“Yes, I expect she’ll be through in a minute.”

They both stood still, staring at the doors to the changing rooms and the lobby. At last a door opened and Chantelle emerged, looking familiarly nude, as he had seen her many times. This time however looking ill at ease in the presence of others. Her breasts stood proudly as normal, her hair was as glossy as ever and her ‘landing strip’ of lower hair was closely trimmed as ever. Nonetheless her demeanour was hesitant, her expression apprehensive.

Chantelle recognised them both and started towards them. Her nipples were fully erect, a sign of her nerves.

Phil risked a peek at Margaret whilst the two ladies were looking at each other. He realised that the reason why he had a blank image where it came to her groin, was because the swell of her belly concealed her body — he simply could not see her private parts which were hidden underneath.

He looked down at himself. In contrast, he saw that his penis was clearly on display where everyone in the room could see. It was rising steadily, with a twitch like the second hand of a clock.

Margaret was looking puzzled and talking again, “This is a funny place, they told me I had to take all my clothes off and leave them in the locker. I haven’t seen any elephants yet, just a few elephant’s trunks.”

She looked around the room with a dead pan expression.

There was a pause.

Margaret laughed loudly. “Well look at you two, both blushing and you with a lazy lob. Anyone would think that the young of today invented sex and naked bodies. Let me tell you that I was around in the ‘swinging sixties’ and I can’t remember most of it, so I was there. Have you never heard of the ‘Summer of Love’? Bethel Woods? Newport? And you both flunk out at a naturist bahis şirketleri resort. Well I’m here now. You go somewhere else if you want to but this ladies’ not dead yet.”

With her laugh echoing around, all faces turned to look.

Margaret flung her towel over her shoulder, “I’m going to explore, see what talent is here. Are you coming with me or making your own way?”

Phil exchanged a quick look at his girlfriend, “It’s okay, we’ll see you around.” He tilted his head at Chantelle and stepped away, towards the open doorway.

When they were outside they paused to take in their surroundings. There was a small lake with a beach and rowing boats, a bright blue swimming pool with diving boards and an area of woodland.

“I suppose we’d better find our room first.” Phil checked his wristband. “It’s all chalets dotted around the place apparently, so it may be a bit of a walk.”

They strolled along a pathway to some tiny bungalows, then came across a sign with a map, so soon found a chalet with the correct number on the door.

Their wristbands operated the electronic lock and they entered. Inside it was standard hotel furniture but with a lack of wardrobes or drawers.

“I’ll have to fetch my toiletries from my bag in the locker, otherwise there isn’t much call for anything.” Chantelle left the chalet to fetch her necessities.

Soon after, Margaret entered with her small case. “I saw Chantelle over at the locker room, she’ll be with us now. Is this my bed?” She plonked her bag onto one of the two double beds in the bedroom, the effort making her breasts sway.

Just then Chantelle followed. They were all in the same room, without even a partition to separate the beds.

Phil was stunned, but Margaret was chirpy. “This will be fun. Oh, there’s no need to be shy — I remember wiping Chantelle’s dirty bottom when she was a baby. There’s nothing I haven’t seen already.”

* * *

After dinner in the resort restaurant, Margaret withdrew to the chalet while the Phil and Chantelle stayed for drinks at the bar – the magic wristband doubled up as a charge card.

Phil could feel himself getting stressed; he could hardly bring himself to eye-up the naked women that surrounded him. Chantelle seemed just as fraught, not even a few drinks could settle her down. In the end they decided that as it was late and as Margaret had already retired for the night, they would make the best of things for the moment and book another room or return home as soon as possible in the morning.

When they left the bar it was dark but the air was still warm. The distant lights shone gently on Chantelle’s skin; the muscles on her bare back defined in the shadows and her nipples dark in contrast to the pale skin of her breasts.

Reluctantly they walked back to the chalet and let themselves in. The room was in semi-darkness and they could hear steady breathing from Margaret’s bed. There was a glimmer of light from the doorway and from the windows with their almost-shut curtains.

In the gloom they could see some movement. Rhythmic, steady activity. Then, over the hum of activity outside there was a faint buzzing noise.

Without a word, Chantelle and Phil stood stock still as their eyes became more accustomed.

After a few seconds they could make out the sight of Margaret’s naked form. She was holding an object between her legs and it was holding her attention.

Grandma was masturbating.

Her breathing became heavier and then strained.

As she started to make grunting noises Chantelle tugged on Phil’s arm and pulled him back outside. They closed the door and stepped back along the pathway.

* * *

Phil was sporting an erection. It had been a close-run thing for a long time but now he had lost the battle; it was up, and up it was going to stay for the foreseeable future.

He pulled her to a quiet corner where anyone passing would not notice them so much and bent to take her in his arms. He kissed her lips; she responded and they held each other closely in the darkness. Her body was soft in his hands; his body was firm in her grasp.

The place was too public though for them to progress further, although Phil wished that she would kneel before him to provide the warmth of her mouth on his manhood. He reached between her thighs to slide his finger gently between her lips, feeling her moistness.

But then she stepped back and stopped the contact. “Not here, we’ll be caught. People will see us, I don’t think it’s that sort of a place.”

They kissed for a while longer, then returned to the chalet. There was only the sound of calm, regular breathing from the other bed so quietly they entered.

Without speaking Phil lay back on the mattress and Chantelle took hold of his still erect penis, which had not yet received adequate attention after their contact in the shadows. The short walk back had not been long enough for him to subside. It was never going to be long enough to that.

She held him tenderly yet firmly, then slowly placed her lips to his glistening end. Gently she enclosed him, sucking him into the warm depths of her mouth and throat. He groaned softly as he felt the softness of her tongue around him. He never got used to that sensation.

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