Giving Steve a helping hand part 3

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Giving Steve a helping hand part 3This story is true it happened during my teen years Steve was my neighbor and father of Terry my best friend. Steve helped me transform myself into Amy my feminine alter ego. The names have been changed to protect every one involved.As i lay in Steve’s arms Steve says i will fix us some dinner why don’t you shower and then slip into something sexy. I just looked at Steve and said i think that is wise after all Beverly might catch on if i come home smelling like sex. I was looking through some of the lingerie Amy Steve’s former wife had left behind when i came across a very sheer black teddy the teddy fit like it was made for me i also found a pair of black stockings and a silk robe i hoped Steve would approve. Steve looked at me as i came down the stairs he started whistling his approval i just blushed thirty shades of red.As we ate Steve asked me if i would accompany him on an over night trip into the city. Do you really think Beverly would let me go into the city ? I doubt that She always wants to keep tabs on me like i am some young k**. Steve just laughed you leave your mother to me after all when i hand her the money i am supposed to be paying you i think she will change her mind. I could tell Steve approved of how i was dressed as he had a distinct bulge in his shorts. Poor Steve i thought it must be really uncomfortable sitting there with his hard cock trapped in his shorts. I asked Steve to move his chair back he asked why? I will show you Amy what are you up to? Just do it and you will see. Steve slid his chair back and i slid between his legs i tugged at Steve’s shorts and the next thing i knew they were at his ankles. Steve’s hard cock was now in plain sight i just tilted my head foreword and Steve’s love snake was in my mouth Steve groaned damn you Amy as i slurped on Steve’s cock . Steve started to pick up the pace his scrotum was now slapping me in the face i knew i would be rewarded soon. Steve ‘s face was crimson in color as he groaned his spread legs tensed and then i got what i was after Steve’s cum shot from his cock filling my mouth i quickly swallowed his cum.That was just deserts i giggled Steve just looked at me and said Amy you are something else.My mother Beverly was now home from work Steve and i walked through the door Beverly looked at me then looked at Steve and said i hope my k** hasn’t been a problem. No Steve answered just the opposite here is the money i promised i do have one other job though. I would like to take your son into the city and would be gone overnight i have some things i want to order for edirne escort the house and we all know it is at least a two hour drive so i would like to stay overnight and head back in the morning.Besides it would be my treat and he did work very hard on the attic project. Beverly thought for a second and then said well if you think my k** can keep himself out of trouble then alright after all i am sure you won’t let him get into trouble.Alright said Beverly but could you do me a favor while you are in the city could you please stop at Donald’s. I placed an order for some uniform tops this way it will save me the hassle of them having to ship the uniforms. And i won’t have to pay the extra shipping cost. Mother i exclaimed you always have an angle to save money. Steve just laughed no problem i can do that. Alright Steve said we will leave at about eleven o’clock tomorrow Beverly said well i must give you the order ticket now as i will be at work when you leave tomorrow morning.As Steve was getting ready to leave i said oh darn i forgot my radio at your house Steve can i come and get it as i want to listen to music tonight. Beverly said go get it you and your music i quickly walked with Steve and once inside and the door shut Steve grabbed me and we made out like teenagers at a drive in movie. Steve said get some rest tomorrow will be a big day i picked up the radio and said i will be thinking of you all night Steve.The night flew by with a blink of an eye i heard Beverly leave for work just as she was out of sight the phone rang it was Steve he said get your hot ass over here you have to get dressed for you drive in to the city what i sounded puzzled yes Steve said your are going to the city dressed as Amy. I stammered you want me to be dressed as Amy ? Yes Steve replied and you will stay dressed as Amy the whole time we are in the city. I was nervous but Steve said you make a cute Amy better looking than my ex in many ways if we had more time i would have you in my bed making love to you but we don’t i will make that up to you at the hotel tonight though. I quickly showered and shaved all the important areas Steve came in with a brand new makeup kit i will help you with your make up we want you to be as passable as possible . Steve laid out a short blue skirt and white satin blouse for me to wear along with a powder blue bra and pantie set i was to wear thigh high stockings that the skirt would just cover. Steve said i could wear flats as walking in heals might present a problem i finished off my look with a wig that now made me a stunning red head i looked in escort edirne the mirror and could not believe my eyes i was gorgeous the finishing touch was a light pink shade of lipstick.The drive to the city was uneventful however i did have to stop to use the rest room i had to go inside to get a key i almost said i wanted the key to the men’s room but i caught myself and asked for the key to the ladies room. I was now a lady i had to act like one other wise there would be big problems not just for me but Steve as well what would Beverly say ? When we got to our hotel the door man instantly came to my side of the car to open it as he would for any lady i just smiled as he helped me from the vehicle. I was very self conscious not to flash the doorman Steve tipped the door man as he held the door open for us. I could plainly see the bell hop checking me out and he must have liked what he was seeing the prominent bulge in his trousers gave him away. Once inside our room Steve took me in his arms and we were definitely playing tonsil hockey i made sure to kiss Steve deeply he in turn did the same. I could feel Steve’s hard cock grinding against my pelvis. I instantly dropped to my knees taking Steve’s throbbing member in my mouth. Steve grabbed the back of my head and fucked my face with that rock hard member. I greedily took all he had to offer Steve then to my dismay pulled his hard cock from my mouth. What are you doing i cried Steve just laughed we are going to have some fun with the door man and the bell hop. Steve then called down for room service i saw that bulge in the bell hops pants and the way he checked you out when he comes up here we are going to have the door unlocked and you will be sucking my cock. I bet it won’t take much for the bell hop to lose the professionalism and he will let you suck his cock as well.Soon there was a knock on the door it’s open Steve called the bell hop took two steps through the door his eyes got as big as saucers and that bulge in his pants was a dead give away do you like what you see? Steve said if you don’t have to be back to the desk right away Amy can solve the problem in your pants. The bell hop quickly dropped his pants and his skinny five inch cock was on full display .Amy took the bell hop’s cock in her mouth and in a blink of an eye she had the bell hop moaning i’m going to cum and he did. Amy had all she could do to swallow the bell hop’s cum it turned out Mark the bell hop was a virgin not any more laughed Amy.Steve laughed as well Steve now had more questions did you like sucking another guys cock? Amy admitted edirne escort bayan she was turned on by sucking another guys cock but then reminded Steve he set this whole thing up.Yeah i guess but now i got a little jealous seeing you sucking on another guys cockSteve led me over to the bed he stripped me down to my bra and panties i eagerly spread my legs for him Steve said this is worth the wait Steve removed my panties and lubed up my boi pussy Steve then started to fuck me slowly at first then he really started to pound my pussy i was loving it and i knew why. Steve wanted me as Amy and he knew if he satisfied me i would not be looking for another cock to suck or be fucked by. Steve made me feel like a total woman i loved the way Steve fucked my pussy how he made me whimper from him fucking me. Steve rode me like a horse he came not once but twice during the night by morning my pussy felt as if i had ridden several horses i could barely walk much less think about having sex again.As we were leaving the hotel i happened to spy Mark the bell hop he was grinning from ear to ear i gingerly walked over to him gave him a big hug and proceeded to grab and fondle his cock right there in the lobby the look on Mark’s face was price less. I bet he came right there in the lobby.Steve made sure to order all the items for his project’s our last stop was for my mother Steve handed me the ticket and told me to go in and pick up the uniform tops after all it was a woman’s store i said are you sure? Yes said Steve you will be fine just talk in whispers you look like a woman and act like one so be one. i walked into the uniform store and walked up to the counter the clerk her name was Marcia just smiled at me i handed her the ticket and said picking up for Beverly Allen. Marcia said please wait and with that she went to the back and brought out a box that was going to be mailed tomorrow . I gave Marcia the money and thanked her Marcia then said you know your very pretty ever think of working retail? I bet you could get a job here easily the boss likes good looking young women. I just smiled and said i would think about it. I then walked out of the store and smiled at Steve see said Steve you even fooled the clerk yeah i nodded in fact she wanted to know if i needed a job i guess the boss likes young girls.On the way back we had to stop for gas i went into the ladies room saw it was empty and motioned for Steve he quickly entered and i had his cock out i went down on Steve. Just the thought of giving Steve head in a public restroom turned me on. It didn’t take long Steve grunted like some cave man and filled my eager mouth with his cum. Try as i might i could not swallow all of Steve”s cum Steve just smiled and helped wipe the cum from my lips. We were back on the road heading home as one completely satisfied couple. .

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