Gia’s Year

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Gia’s YearThis is a fictional story about a wife that cheats. If you don’t like stories like this, it may be best if you read another one. Gia’s Year-1-Here I am on January 1st, in Hawaii, naked, my hands traveling over my body. I lick my fingers clean of pussy juices. I grab a breast, squeezing it, playing with the erect nipple. Mmm, I’m horny. I have a guest arriving to my hotel room. I met him earlier today. My hand once again travels down my flat tummy as I think about one year ago today. It was January 1st, 5:30 pm when I met a man that changed my life forever. I arch my back, squeezing my breast, my fingers going, once again, into my dripping wet pussy. I let out a loud moan, thinking about that day, one year ago, when I met Darius.I was doing a photo shoot nearby, not far from my Atlanta home. Two colleagues were with me, Michelle and Danielle. Michelle was a sexy, toned, Latin woman. I often admired her physique. She was more muscular than me, yet still feminine. The blonde, Danielle, was even more muscular than Michelle. Danielle spent most of her time working out, doing squats and lunges. As a result, her ass, ugh, this woman’s ass was out of this world. Both of them lived in Florida and were up for the shoot. The three of us were told a different photographer would be shooting us. His name was Darius. Michelle’s eyes widened. I got the impression she knew him. “Crap!” she said. I walked with her toward the snack cart. “What is it?” I asked.“Darius,” Michelle groaned. “What’s wrong with him? Difficult to work with?”“Sort of. He’s, well, he’s very flirty and has tried to um, get with me. It’s annoying,” Michelle shrugged.“I see. Well I guess you and I can make plans for later, so we have an excuse to leave as soon as the shoot is over,” I grinned.“Good idea,” Michelle agreed.A few moments later, lighting was set up, and us models were basically waiting for Darius. When he entered the room, all the air exited my lungs. I gripped my wedding ring, as if to protect it. Darius was a gorgeous, muscular, black man. “There’s one other thing,” Michelle whispered to me. “He preys on married women.”“Oh, yikes,” I grimaced, watching Darius flirt with Danielle. She laughed at something he must’ve said. “He will try all three of us this evening,” Michelle advised.“Looks like Danielle is first up,” I noticed, wondering if Danielle would actually cheat on her husband. I told myself I never would. We were called over, Darius smiled, shaking our hands. He hugged Michelle, saying it was nice seeing her again. Afterward, we got to work.We were wearing athletic, work out clothing. Darius set up shots, posed us, and was generally very professional. As the evening wore on, and the sun set, he started getting a little touchy-feely. He would put his hand on the small of my back, caress my arm, wrist, shoulders. He’d tells us how sexy we looked, how hot we were making the photos. At one point, he was behind me, his hands guiding my arms into the position he wanted. I could’ve sworn I felt an erection against my ass. After the shoot, he was once again talking to Danielle. Michelle and I were chatting about plans that evening when Darius approached us. “Ladies. Danielle and I are going out for drinks. Care to join us?” Darius asked.“Oh, no thanks,” Michelle smiled.Darius put his large, dark hand on my back, “How about you Gia? You look incredible tonight. I’d love to buy you a drink.”“Um, well, actually Michelle and I were going to go for coffee. Thanks though,” I grabbed my bag and smiled at him. When I looked over my shoulder he was watching me walk away. I rolled my eyes and kept walking with Michelle.“So do you think Darius and Danielle are, you know, getting it on tonight?” I asked Michelle over coffee.“Oh absolutely. No doubt. He loves married women. I hear he makes it a point to sleep with as many models as possible,” Michelle explained.“Really? Wow,” I sipped my coffee, fiddling with my wedding ring.“Yep. I had no idea he’d be the photographer. I figured Danielle would be all over him though. She has a reputation too,” Michelle sipped her coffee. “Ah I see. A cheater. That’s sad,” I shook my head. “It is what it is. But please be careful around him. If you two work together again, that could be bad,” Michelle warned.“Oh no, you don’t have to worry. I will never stray from Jeff. He’s my man!” I grinned. “Good. Stay strong!”I paused a bit, taking a few more sips. “You know, I think I felt an erection against my butt.”“Yep. You probably did. Darius has a knack for not wearing underwear. There’s been several times I’ve felt something quite large and hard against me. I’ve ignored it because I want to get through the shoot, get paid, and keep working. Darius works for a lot of well-known magazines. He has connections. Luckily, he hasn’t blackmailed any models to sleep with him.”“Maybe he’s got a small amount of class then,” I wondered out loud.“Maybe.”“So big, huh?”“Ha! Yes. I didn’t see it, but felt something against me on occasion. He’s probably very proud of it,” Michelle said.We shared a laugh, finished our coffee, and hugged each other goodbye. Michelle’s flight back to Florida was in the morning.I headed home, showered, got on my PJs and snuggled to Jeff in bed. He smiled, putting his arm around me, while he finished his movie. I loved my man.My last thought before kissing Jeff goodnight, was that the erection, I assumed, was pretty big indeed.-2-A couple weeks later, I rolled my eyes again, upon seeing Darius enter the studio. “Gia, great seeing you again. Damn, you look good, girl!” he looked me over. I was wearing more athletic gear – tiny shorts and sports bra. “Like what I picked out?” Darius asked.“You picked this out?”“Yes. The clothing line hired me to do all their product photos. You are wearing those products and you look incredible. Love that brown hair,” Darius snapped a few photos of me while we chatted.“Heh, thanks.”“Just me and you tonight. I need your height. Your long legs make these shorts look better,” Darius took a few more photos. “Yeah,” I smiled awkwardly, wishing Michelle was with me – or even Danielle so she could sleep with Darius, distracting him.As Darius moved about, something caught my eye. I was drawn to his crouch. “Holy shit,” I thought. “He’s got an erection.”There were a few other staff members around, adjusting lighting when needed. I wondered if they noticed it. “Mmm, yeah,” Darius said, moving around me, taking pictures, his erection bulging out. Then he moved behind me. “Shit,” I sighed, feeling a very hard, very large erection against my butt. Darius was moving my hips and arms. “Perfect,” I heard him whisper.Later he had me on the floor, in a stretching position. He took a few photos and told me to hold still. Darius stood next to me, looking into his camera at the photos he took. I couldn’t look away. His erection was practically in my face. I struggled not to giggle. I found it funny how he simply walked around, that big thing wide awake, him not caring at all. I found myself studying it, wondering if it was really that big. Darius finished up reviewing his photos. We took a few more and that was it.I was going to the back to change when I felt a soft touch no my lower back. “Gia,” Darius stopped me.“Hi,” I turned around, glancing to his crotch. It still appeared erect. Unless of course, it was a sock he stuffed in there.“You were amazing today. So very fine, and sexy,” he complimented me.“Thanks.”“Listen, what are you up to tonight? The night is young. Let me buy you a drink,” he touched my forearm.“I have to get home. My husband, dinner,” I trailed off.“I understand. How about after that? Take care of your man, then meet me for a drink. I’d love to get to know you. I believe we’ll be working a lot together in the next few months,” Darius said.“Um, well,” I looked away.“Please?” he moved closer, practically caressing my hand at this point.“Uh, fine. I’ll meet you somewhere for a quick drink,” I agreed. I figured I’d be nice to him at least. I’d have one drink, chat a bit, then leave. “Good. Wear something nice, something sexy,” Darius said.“Why? I mean, we’re just –““Please? Humor me. If I’m out with a goddess like you, I’d love it if others were blown away by you as well.”I thought for a second, wanting to go home. “Yeah, sure, ok. I’ll wear a dress.”“Thank you,” he squeezed my hand. I actually blushed at the way he looked at me. It got worse when I walked away. I looked over my shoulder at him. Darius was still looking at me. I blushed again when I saw him blatantly starting at my legs and butt. I glanced at his crotch before turning around; still bulging, still erect.A few hours later, I was fixing my hair, my burgundy dress and matching shoes on. “Whoa,” Jeff said. “This a formal event?” he joked.“Nah, she wanted me to wear a nice dress,” I failed to mention “she” was actually a he – Darius. “You look great,” Jeff came up behind me, his crotch at my butt, rubbing my shoulders. I guess he wasn’t erect since I didn’t feel anything against me. “Thank you,” I turned around, hugging him. “I won’t be gone long.”“Good, maybe we can a little fun when you get back. It’s been a couple weeks,” Jeff smiled.“You got it!” I kissed his cheek, grabbed my, purse and left.***“Hey, baby,” I felt a hand at my waist, pulling me back. I was at the bar; it was packed full of people. Darius found me and approached me from behind. He pulled me back a little further. I felt his erection again. I felt like turning around and asking him if he’s always erect, maybe even suggest a cold shower. “Over here,” he leaned in to say over the loud bar. His hand still on my waist he guided me to a tiny open spot at the bar. He ordered me cranberry juice with vodka. He was in front of me now. People were all around us. “A little crowded tonight,” I said.“Mmhmm, I don’t mind,” he said, his hand slowly sliding up and down my lower back. He pulled me right up against his chest, leaning down to chat. I felt that large erection against my stomach. Darius looked around, waiting for our drinks. I took the time to look him over. His physique, face, everything was very attractive – I had to admit. The way he touched my back, keeping his large hand there, pulling me against him, was quite nice. I stopped those thoughts when I glanced down seeing his massive erection bulging against me. I wondered why I didn’t get out of there. Just then my drink arrived. I gulped it down, nearly finishing it, to try to ease my nerves. He took a few sips of his, then started talking. “You look so sexy tonight. Thank you for wearing this.”“It’s fine,” I shrugged. “So tell me more about Gia – a gorgeous, tall, brunette,” He was rubbing my lower back, his fingers close to the rise of my butt.I cleared my throat, “Uh, well, I’m in 30s, got into fitness modeling a few years ago.”“Married,” he added.“Yep, married.”“And how is that working out for you?” he asked.“Great. Really well, actually.”Darius shot me a look as though he was surprised. “Hmm, alright.”“You don’t believe me?”“I believe you believe it’s going good. I’ve talked with a lot of married women, who at first, say all is well, but admit over time things aren’t that great,” Darius said.“They confide in you?”“Sort of. Think about this for a second. Here you are, in adana escort a sexy dress, in a crowded bar with another man, a black man, whose hand is very, very close to that perfect ass of yours. And he has you right up against his body. If things were perfect at home, you’d probably not be here,” Darius said.I was at a loss, “I, uh, I don’t know what you mean.”Darius smiled, nodding his head. I could’ve sworn I felt his erection twitch. Was he right, though? I could’ve declined to join him tonight. I could’ve taken Michelle’s advice and avoided hanging out with him. But I chose to come. We were silent for a while, finishing our drinks. His hand was still there, slowly going up and down my lower back. I didn’t remove it. He had me wondering why I didn’t. When Darius noticed my drink was empty, he leaned in again. “The night is young, baby. We can go someplace quiet, like my hotel room for some wine. Or someplace a little livelier. There’s a club not far from here.”Using logic, I should’ve said “no thanks,” and headed home. I blurted out the first thing that came to mind, not his hotel room. “The club is fine, I guess,” I immediately regretted it. “Let’s go, then,” his hand still at my back, he led me out of the bar. “It’s about a quarter mile that way,” he said upon us exiting the bar.“Your hand?” he asked extending his.“What?”“Give it to me. You’re my date tonight. I don’t want these other brothas to think you’re up for grabs,” Darius said.“No, I’m fine,” I declined his offer to hold my hand.We walked along toward the club. The closer we got, the more I noticed more black people. I assumed it was some sort of hip-hop club. When I received several cat calls, whistles and “dayums” at blacks walking by, I got a little nervous. “Ok, sure,” I grabbed Darius’ hand, thinking maybe he had a slight point. His hands were on me the rest of the evening. He led me into the crowded club, onto the dance floor, spun me around and grinded against my butt. I was confused at first, I didn’t know what to do. I looked around and saw other couples, oddly enough, white women and black men, dancing to the music. “Whatever,” I thought and imitated their movements. We were basically dry humping out there. He was large, very erect, and it was rubbing against my butt, all around it and in between the cheeks. I found myself trying to make it bounce on me. I don’t know why I didn’t stop this then. After several songs, Darius spun me around, his hand bringing my thigh up around him, his erection aligning with my crotch.“You’re good at this, so sexy, so hot. You having a good night?” he asked, practically bouncing me up and down – like we were having sex while standing. “Sure,” I shrugged. “You and your husband go out like this?” he asked. I shook my head.“You two do anything special, like this?”“Sometimes, we go out to eat,” I answered over the loud music. He laughed, pulling me closer, breathing in my scent.“Is he asleep now?” Darius said in my ear. I shrugged. “Do you want to go home tonight. Or would rather have a long night out. I think you deserve one,” Darius added.“H-home,” I said. His hand was on my ass now, holding it while we danced. “You don’t really want to though, do you?”“Um, I, I do. I think I should soon,” I answered. “Then I’ll walk you to your car,” he said. Darius stopped dancing, his hand still on my ass, and walked me out of the club. With his arm d****d over me, his hand resting on my butt, we walked in silence to my car. “We’ll do this again sometime,” Darius said.“No, I don’t know about that.”“You had fun. You enjoyed it,” he brought his hands to my waist. “I know you said your marriage is fine, but my hands were all over you tonight, baby.”“I, I have to go. Goodnight,” I nudged him away from me. “See you in a couple weeks for the next shoot,” Darius said. I got in my car, not saying another word, and sped off. In the rearview mirror, I could’ve sworn I saw him tugged at his ever present erection.When I got home, Jeff was asleep – no fun for me when I returned. I was annoyed by that, I was annoyed with Darius, but most of all, annoyed with myself. I shouldn’t have hung out with Darius. I let him touch me so much, too. It was wrong. I changed into my pajamas, lying wide awake in bed. I thought of his erection against me at the club, at the bar, at work. I thought of his words too. I looked over to a sleeping Jeff, picturing Darius’ large, black hand on my ass at the club. I shook the image from my head and rolled over to try to sleep.-3-It was the week before Valentine’s Day. Darius was up from Miami again. No one else was with him. Not Danielle or Michelle – it was just the two of us again. My outfits consisted of more athletic clothing; shorts, sports bras, yoga pants.We made small talk, chatting about the photoshoot, nothing interesting. Nearing the end of the shoot was when the whispers, caresses began along with a very obvious and very impressive erection.“So perfect, baby. So perfect,” he whispered moving behind me. He put my arms in a certain pose, and his erection rested against my ass.“Mmm, there we go, yeah just like that,” he whispered. The shoot ended soon and he remained right near me. “Your husband taking you out for Valentine’s Day next weekend?” Darius asked, looking through the images he took.I lied and told Darius that Jeff was indeed taking me out. We were going to a lovely, romantic restaurant. In reality, Jeff never really mentioned Valentine’s Day. I got used to it, never expecting something. “Good, very good. So you’re free for me to take you out tonight?” Darius asked.“Huh?”“Tonight. I’ll be back in Miami next weekend. So I’d like to take you out for Valentine’s Day tonight – as a way of thanking you for your incredible body,” Darius paused, looking me up and down. “Of work, that is”“I don’t know, I have plans to um –““Gia, just dinner. At a nice jazz bar. Maybe some wine. That’s it,” Darius told me.I bit my bottom lip, looking away. I felt his hand on my bare midriff, his finger caressing it up and down. “Please?”“Um, sure, yeah that’s fine. I’ll meet you there.”“Thank you, baby,” Darius put his hands around my waist, pulling me against him, his erection poking against me. “Thank you,” he leaned down to whisper.***We sat together watching the jazz band play in a low lit club. Darius had his arm around me and I was tense. I wanted to bat it away, but something prevented me. He pulled me closer, I tried scooting away. “Hey, relax,” he pulled me against him. I lost a bit of my balance and my hand went to his thigh. He quickly caught it, holding it there.“Darius,” I tried to jerk it away.“Gia, relax,” he peered into my eyes. “You’re a gorgeous, sexy woman. You’re mine tonight. We’ll enjoy music, have a drink, and that’s it. Relax.”I gulped, slowed my breathing, and nodded. He released my hand, looked back to the band, and kept his arm around me. I stared at my hand resting on another man’s thigh. It was hard, muscular, big – similar to something else. That something else was slithering its way down his thigh, my fingers less than an inch from it. My mouth dropped, I watched it grow, unable to look away. It was amazing.“Wow,” I mouthed. I looked to Darius, his eyes on the band. Mmm, that black man was so good looking. I looked away, closing my eyes, trying to remember my husband’s name. I struggled the rest of the evening. Luckily it came to an end. Darius walked me back to my car, his hand around my waist, just above my butt. I fumbled with my keys, having trouble finding the correct one. I finally did, quickly inserting it in the door. “Hey,” Darius grabbed me arm, causing me to turn around. “Thank you for a wonderful night.”“Yeah, no problem.”His hand went to my back, he leaned in and kissed my cheek, his hand going to my ass, patting it softly. “Goodnight.”I’m not sure how I made it home that night. When I got there, I showered, then got in bed next to a sleeping Jeff. He thought I was out with Michelle again. Jeff forgot about Valentine’s Day the following weekend. We didn’t go out. I attempted to bring it up. He replied with an “oh yeah, happy Valentine’s Day” and that was that. The next night we had sex. It was clumsy, quick, and I didn’t climax. Lying against a near asleep Jeff, I wondered if it’s always been like this. Maybe I didn’t care before if it was. I wondered what Darius was up to that night, probably having sex with Danielle. She was probably cheating on her husband with Darius. I looked to Jeff, he was yawning, flipping the channels of the TV. I glanced at his body. It was out of shape, flabby. I thought about the quick sex we just had. He was on top. I could tell he was inside me, but there was no pussy stretching, no deep penetration. My thoughts returned to Darius the weekend prior. My hand right near that long, thick erection, sliding down his pant leg. Jeff turned off the TV, rolled over, saying a quick “goodnight.”I sat there in the dark room for a few minutes, thinking of Darius. I wanted to cum so badly. I knew that if I masturbated, it’d be to thoughts of Darius. I sighed, gathered some self-control and rolled over, hoping sleep would come soon.-4-I went a little over a month without working with Darius again. I that time Jeff and I had intercourse once, and I performed oral sex another time too. Something was happening between he and I, something I was noticing a lot of lately. The sex was infrequent and not great, but also everything with Jeff seemed boring. My mood around him wasn’t the most pleasant at times. When I saw Darius again, I was actually somewhat happy about it. That happiness turned to awkwardness and hesitation when I saw the bikini he had me wear. It was tiny. I’ve seen far worse, but it was still quite small. This usually happens in the Spring – swimwear ads are created and ready for the summer.All the usual flirtations, caresses, whispers occurred. I felt his erection against bare skin this time instead of shorts. “Tonight,” Darius ran his fingers up and down my tummy, standing inches in front of me. “What are you doing?”“I don’t know.”“I need you to be my date again. There’s a yearly event here in town, for a magazine I shoot regularly for. Will be on my arm again tonight? Show everyone one of the goddesses I work with?” Darius asked.I hesitated again. His big hand slid around my waist, pulling me against him. “I’d appreciate it, baby,” he caressed my face.“Ok,” I quickly nodded. I pushed away and got changed. On the way home, Michelle scolded me on the phone. “It’s for Elite Magazine, isn’t it?” she asked.“I don’t know, he didn’t say.”“Ugh, if it is,” Michelle said on the phone. “You’re playing with fire. Don’t hang out with him outside photo shoots. Please! He’s a predator.”“I can handle him. Nothing has happened yet. We even went out the weekend before Valentine’s Day.”“Ah geez. Gia, please be careful,” Michelle urged. We ended the call when I arrived home. “Hey,” Jeff nodded when I arrived. “I was thinking we could go to dinner tonight.”“Can’t,” I brushed past him. “I have a magazine event to go to.”“What? Aw come on. Please? We haven’t gone out much lately,” Jeff wined. “Well, we can another night,” I undressed, starting up the shower. “Would tomorrow be ok?” Jeff asked.“Uh, sure, why not,” I stepped into the shower, adana escort bayan rinsing off.“What kind of event is it?” Jeff asked, watching me straighten out the dark grey dress I was wearing. I wondered if it showed too much leg, but ultimately didn’t care.“I don’t know. Michelle and I are going, she’s in town again. Might lead to more work for me.”“Alright,” Jeff sat on the bed. “Well, what time will you be home.”“I’m not sure. Ok? Not sure,” I was getting agitated with him. I wanted to leave. “Probably late.”“Alright. Fine. Have fun,” Jeff was annoyed as well. When I saw Darius at the venue, I smiled upon seeing him. That was the first time that happened. Another first was me hugging him. “Mmm, hey baby,” he kissed my cheek. “So sexy,” Darius looked me over. His big arm was around my waist, his hand resting close to my butt again. He led me inside, my mouth dropped open.There were black men everywhere. Not only that, but every single one of their dates, all the women in attendance, were white. “Um, Darius? What’s going on?” I asked.“This is Elite Magazine. Black males are their main customers. These are models and other employees here,” was all he said. I didn’t press the issue further. I instead observed everything. There were speeches made, awards given, then a DJ came out, turning the event into a night club of sorts. Darius, his hands always on my body, led me around the room, chatting with his associates – all black men with white women dates.I had a few more questions, but Darius answered them before I asked.As the night went on, we danced, his erection bouncing all around my ass. Near the end of the evening, Darius pulled me against him, his hand on my tummy, as he dry humped me from behind to the beat of the music.“They’ve all gone black,” he said in my ear.I was busy gyrating my hips against his crotch. I loved the feel is his big, hard cock against me. “Hmm?” I said.I turned me around, my hand on his stomach, his thigh against my crotch. “These white women here. They’ve all gone black. They only fuck black men. Some of them are models for the magazine.”“What?” I looked around, seeing fairly curvy, thick white women dancing with their dates. Some were kissing, some had their hand in his pants.“You’re sexier than all of them. Your ass isn’t as huge, but it’s perfect. Your tits aren’t as huge, but they’re perfect,” Darius said to me.“Darius,” I shook my head.“I think you’re perfect. My white goddess.”We stared at one another, my hand traveling south. Was it an accident? I don’t know. But when I looked down, my hand was on his erection, against his thigh, rubbing it. I jerked it away. I ended our dance and got away from Darius.“Gia?” he approached me from behind.“I need to go. I need to get home. I’m sorry,” I said.“I’ll walk you to your car,” Darius said. His arm around my waist yet again, we got out of there.“In April, I’ve booked some time in a studio in New York,” Darius told me at my car. I nodded and turned around to get in. He grabbed my arms pulling against his erection. “I want to fly you up for a long weekend.”“Darius, I don’t think I –““I want you there,” his erection grinded against me harder, I couldn’t help but moan, feeling it against my butt. “I, I don’t know,” I was having trouble breathing. “All the photos of you, so gorgeous. That long brown hair, that body – my camera worships it. I would worship it.”“Darius, I,” I turned around, seeing his face – so good looking. I glanced down to his bulging crotch – so very large.“Gia?” he tugged at his cock.“Yes! Yes! Ok?” I pushed him away a bit and got in my car. I sped off, regretting what I agreed to. Part of me was looking forward to it. I couldn’t shake the image of all the event’s attendants, all interracial couples. All those white women seemed to enjoy being with their black dates. I had to pull over to the side of the road and calm my breathing, also, calm my arousal.Jeff and I were watching a movie in bed again one night, a couple weeks later, after quick sex. My cell phone vibrated. It was a text from Darius. Normally he didn’t call or text me, but this night it was flight information. I texted back with a simple “thanks.”My phone buzzed again. I glanced at Jeff, then read the message, “I can’t wait, baby. Goddess.”I rolled my eyes, and turned my phone off.-5-Darius picked me up from the airport. He drove me to his rented studio. We barely spoke. The studio itself was almost like an apartment. It had a bedroom, a kitchen, bathroom, and large area for camera and lighting equipment. I told Jeff a half-truth. I told him I was going to New York to work with a photographer. He seemed fine with that. I didn’t tell him it was Darius, a sexy black man that’s been coming on to me. “And where do I change?” I asked.“Bedroom,” Darius answered, grabbing his camera.He had several string bikinis set up for me. I sat my bag down and grabbed the first one. It barely covered my breasts, my butt was basically fully exposed; a tiny string went up my crack. What was covered, the fabric was red. “Mmm, yes,” he nodded seeing me appear.“Let’s get this over with,” I said.“Relax, Gia, it’s all good.”I ignored his words and walked toward the large window area. I saw sky sc****rs across the way, office buildings, traffic stories below us. Darius was already taking photos. He moved me to my knees, made me arch my back, my breasts on display. I went to all fours, looking at the camera seductively. In one pose, I closed my eyes, my hand on my tummy. I wanted to get this over with but I knew it was going to be a long weekend. I turned around, facing away from him, letting him take pictures of my butt. A minute later, I felt him behind me, his breath, his erection against my practically bare ass.“Gia,” he said, his hands on my shoulders. “You know why I brought you here. It’s you and me, all weekend.”He kissed along my neck, my spine tingled, “Darius.”“Shhh,” he said. “You’re going black this weekend. You’re going to cheat. Like I said, you and me, all weekend.”“N-no, I’m not,” I struggled to say. “No.”That’s when I felt something heavy land on my ass cheek. It struck it several times. I knew instantly Darius whipped his cock out and was slapping my ass with it.I started to move, but his hand went to my waist, “Gia. I want that white pussy. You want my black dick.”I was trembling, my heart pounding; I was frozen in place. His free hand undid the string of my bikini top while his cock banged against my ass. I was motionless while he tossed the top aside and grabbed my breast. “Mmm,” Darius moaned. “All weekend, baby.”“Oh shit,” I whispered, watching his hand squeeze my tit, his thumb raking across my erect nipple. While he fondled my breasts, his other hand undid my bottoms, letting them fall. “D-Darius,” I shook, feeling his cock in between my butt cheeks. He seesawed his cock up and down. It was so long, so big. “Gia, it’s only a matter of time before the white models I work with go black and let me in; giving me their pussy.”“I won’t, I can’t go black,” I struggled to said.“But you will let me in. And you will want it again and again,” Darius kissed my neck, my shoulders, my back. “Let me in that white pussy.”I couldn’t fight it anymore. My legs parted slightly, my back arched. I was going to let him in, I was going to cheat; no more resisting. He guided and pushed his cockhead against my pussy lips. I gasped sharply when I felt him slide in me, stretching me, traveling deep inside me, hitting places Jeff never had. My hand went to the window to stabilize my balance. “Mmm, that’s it, let that pussy stretch, take my black dick,” Darius whispered. I came. I climaxed on his perfect cock, my body, my pussy trembling on him. He slid back a little, and thrusted right back in. “Ah!” I cried. I heard Darius remove his shirt. He thrusted once more. I heard and felt him wiggle, his pants falling all the way down. He thrusted again. He stepped out of his pants, kicking them aside. Then he truly got to work.“Ah!” I cried out once more. “Da –“ I couldn’t even say his name. My pussy was tingling, my body was on fire, had trouble standing. His arms wrapped around me, a hand on my breasts, another on my stomach. In and out, he went, taking me from behind, I whimpered, waiting for something that wouldn’t come for a very long time – Darius’ ejaculating.My eyes rolled into the back of my head, I struggled to stand, but Darius held me, pumping his hips slowly against me. I reached around, grabbing from something. I grabbed his thigh, inadvertently urging him on. “Oh yes,” I barely whispered.Then I did something almost by an instinct, I thrusted back, meeting him. I did it again, and again, until we were in sync. “Oh, yeah, yeah,” I grit my teeth, my hand gripping his thigh, his hands on my breasts. We went for 15 minutes, fucking by the window. Everyone on those buildings could’ve seen us, but I didn’t care. I was expecting him to cum, to fill me with sperm. He never did. I was the one cumming over and over. “Have you gone black yet, baby?” he asked.“Ahh, n-no!”He slammed into me a final hard time before slowly pulling that big dick out. “Really?” he asked.I turned around, my mouth drop. “Oh wow, holy shit,” I whispered, looking him over, staring at his perfect body, and his huge, dangling cock. “No,” I shook my head. “I haven’t gone black,” I lunged at him grabbing his face, pulling it to mine. My mouth closed over his, our tongues slithered against each other’s. I’d never been hornier. “Mmm, mmm,” moaned as we kissed. My tongue slithered back into my mouth and sucked his, just like a cock. He stood there, hands squeezing my ass, as I sucked his big juicy tongue. His cock, his glorious cock against my tummy. I almost forgot about it. I ended the most erotic kiss I’ve ever given, took a step back and once more drank in his body. I needed it so badly. I went to my knees, with my left hand, my wedding ring visible, I grabbed that big black dick, sucking away on it like a woman possessed. I guess in some ways I was.Rubbing my clit, I brought myself an orgasm a moment later, while slobbering on his cock, forgetting everything and everyone.“You gone black yet?” Darius pulled me to my feet. I was still defiant, shaking my head. He scooped down, picking me up, my legs wrapping around him. He drove his cock in and dove down to suck my tits. I shivered in his arms, as he stood there, my body impaled on his cock. His mouth closed on my breast, almost sucking the entire thing in his mouth. He rested me against the window, hands gripping my ass, and bounced me on that big dick of his. “You gonna cum for me all weekend. You gonna forget about your husband. By the time you leave here, you’ll have realized what this body is made for – serving black dick.”“No, no,” I said as he bounced my body up and down, fucking me up against the huge window. He stared at me, licking those thick lips of his. I came again. “I’m taking you to the bedroom. You have long weekend ahead of you,” Darius told me. -6-This man was on top of me, staring into my face, watching me cum over and over as fucked me better than my husband ever has. Darius wasn’t human. He kept driving that big cock in me for hours, until the sun set, until I nearly passed out. My body was soaking wet, mostly from escort adana his sweat dripping on me. “Are, are you gonna –““Finish? Cum? I’m just getting started,” Darius answered my question. He sat on his knees, bringing my nearly limp body up, kissing me hard.He slapped my ass, “Ride that dick, then tell me you still haven’t gone black, you still aren’t addicted.”I glared at him angrily. “Don’t look at me like that. Show me what you got. Work that pussy,” Darius said. I fucked him. I fucked that black man so hard I thought I’d kill him. But he took it everything my body could give him. When my legs were like jelly, sore from the intense workout of riding his cock, I rolled off him, letting my tits service his cock next. When they were covered in precum, I pushed him back then let my mouth service him next. I sucked his cock until my neck, jaws, mouth were all sore. A couple hours later, I went to all fours wiggling my hips. I still had something to give Darius. My ass would service his cock next. I never had anal sex with my husband, but I felt compelled to give everything to Darius. I didn’t care that it hurt, I didn’t care that was difficult at first, when Darius’ cock penetrated my anus, I had done it – I gave him all that I had. Running his hands all over my sweat drenched back, I knew when he was done, he’d ask me. I knew he’d asked if I’d gone black. I didn’t want to answer. I just gave him my entire body; I didn’t want to further feed his ego. He eventually, near dawn, ended up cumming in my mouth. I was pumping his cock, wanting every last drop. I tasted him, I tasted myself, it was delicious. In a soaking wet melding of a white woman and black man, I collapsed on top of him, utterly spent. “Mmm, baby,” he said, out of breath. I just had the most incredible sexual experience in my entire life. I licked his chest, kissed his nipples. I licked his stomach, his abs, sucking sweat out of his belly button. I licked down to his cock, sucking his balls into my mouth. I licked all the way back up, then laid in his arms. I couldn’t get enough. “So, tell me, have you –“ Darius tried to ask. I put my hand over his mouth, silencing him. We were asleep a few minutes later.***We spent the next two days fucking until we couldn’t stay awake. We broke the bed, a lamp, a couple pieces of camera equipment.He’d pour champagne all over my tits, licking it off. He ate my pussy out causing me to squirt juices all over his face. We did it out on the balcony, in broad daylight, the sun beating down on us. We 69’d while standing, lying down; he’d slam me on the table, the throat-fuck me. We took a bath together, sucking champagne from the bottle, then pour it on ourselves. We went at it so hard, most of the water spilled out of the tub. During small breaks, I learned that Darius has slept with every single model he’s worked with – except Michelle.On the last day, the morning before my flight back home, we were having sex in the shower. I was holding onto the tops of the stall, my legs around him. “Have,” Darius grit his teeth, really working hard on my pussy. “Have you gone black yet?” I glared back at him, my tits bouncing in the steamy shower, “Fuck you!”A couple hours later I was at the airport, getting my bag out the back of his car. “Hey,” Darius stopped me. “I’ll see you again.”“No you won’t. This was a one-time thing. It was wrong, but I got it out of my system. Never again. Ok?” I told him. He smiled and nodded. “If you say so.”I limped through the airport, through security, then arrived at my gate with a little while before my flight. I was sore, exhausted, and guilt-ridden. -7-I was in a frantic state after returning from New York. I avoided Jeff as best I could, telling him I caught the flu or something. He believed me and kept his distance. I holed up in our bedroom, overcome with guilt and anger. I couldn’t believe I actually succumbed to Darius, that entire weekend, over and over. His words of me “going black” echoed in my mind. I couldn’t. I wouldn’t cheat again. In our bedroom, I cried, and tossed and turned, my near constant orgasms with Darius on a replay that I couldn’t shut off. Poor Jeff slept on the couch, actually thinking what illness he believed I had was contagious. If I had an illness, it was certainly addictive. I forced myself to come off it, swearing, vowing I would never cheat or work with Darius again. In May, I shocked Jeff by requesting we go to marriage counseling. He didn’t understand why. I didn’t tell him I cheated. Instead, I told him, I want us to be closer, to make sure the marriage was strong. It was all a front. I needed something to make me forget about cheating, to make the problems in the marriage, no matter how small, go away so I wouldn’t be tempted to cheat again. It’s almost like the counseling was a form of rehab for the marriage. I felt so much guilt for cheating, so much anger at myself, such a huge desire to prove Darius wrong and not go black, that the counseling would help prevent me from relapsing with Darius. The counseling sessions weren’t horrible. Jeff hated every minute of them. But they actually helped me voice some inner desires. I wanted us to be closer, do things together, maybe even exercise together. I wanted romance and steamy sex. The only anger in the counseling session was me with myself. They worked a little, too. Over the course of May and June, Jeff and I went out more. We went to movies, dinners, we had sex more. It was nothing compared to sex with Darius, but there was some intimacy there. I never orgasmed, but it wasn’t horrible. I loved Jeff, I loved him showing me the love he had for me. As the weeks passed, I thought less and less of my horrible mistake, putting it behind me as a one-time fluke. Jeff and I were spending a lot of time together. By July, we even took a vacation to the beach. All was well, we had a great time; we held hands walking along the beach. I felt closer, more intimate with him – which is what I wanted. Michelle never knew about me giving into my urges with Darius. I told her in August when I was in Miami, staying with her for work, that things were great with Jeff. Darius was just a big flirt. I was lucky not to run into him while down there. However, I did in September though. I felt confident, sure of myself, that I could resist him and keep my promise to myself of never cheating again. When I stepped out of the dressing room, in another bikini, and I saw Darius smiling at me, my pussy became soaking, dripping wet. Seeing him, the way he looked at me, touched me – I was a goner. After the shoot ended, I looked in the mirror of the dressing room. “One more time, one last time,” I thought. I left the room, still in my bikini, found Darius and dragged him away. Several minutes later, we were in his car in the parking lot; I was naked, bouncing up and down on him. “Ah, fuck me! Fuck me!” I screamed, his car rocking back and forth. “How many brothers have you been with sine we last saw each other?” he asked.”None!” I kept bouncing.”Heh, looks like you really missed black dick,” he said, watching me climax.”Yes!”I stopped bouncing and kissed him hard. “When is your flight back to Miami?””Tomorrow morning.””I’m coming with you. I’ll tell my husband it’s some emergency re-shoot an ad agency is freaking out about. I have to fly to Miami tonight,” I told him.”You gonna go home and get some clothes?””No. I’ll just wear some of yours. They’ll be baggy, but I’m sure one of your t-shirts will cover enough.””How long are you going to be in Miami? And you do realize I’m going to be in that pussy the entire time.””I don’t know and yes. Now then, where were we?” I smiled, kissing him again, continuing to fuck him in the parking lot. A couple hours later, after I lied to Jeff, we were in his shower, kissing passionately. Later he flung me on the bed, still wet, entered me and kept going. We made a mess of the bed, of the nearby desk, the chairs overturned, the d****s were pulled off. We fucked so, so very much. In the morning, I put on his long t-shirt, and boxers underneath, we held hands and left his hotel. We headed to the airport, bought an extra ticket for me. and off to Miami I went. We had sex in the airplane bathroom.We continued at his luxurious apartment, fucking the entire time. We made a mess of the place, just like his hotel room. He didn’t care, he said the maid would clean it soon. I was on top of him, riding his black cock, my hands resting on his abs. He smiled, watching me, watching my tits bounce. “So? You gone black now?””Yes!” I cried out.”Uh huh. You love that black dick don’t you.””I love that black dick!” He wiped sweat from my tummy, my forehead, then put his hands behind his head, smiling at me as I fucked his brains out. So many thoughts entered my mind. I was on top, I was on all fours, I was gagging on cock, all while trying to figure out what to do about Jeff. Would I leave him? Would I keep sleeping with Darius? Or maybe even have several black boyfriends. I didn’t know. -8-I bought some clothes while down there, shortly before my flight home a week later. I didn’t bother calling or visiting Michelle while I was there. Just as I we were leaving, Darius taking me to the airport, he received a visitor. Danielle showed up. “Hey baby!” she kissed Darius. “Mmm, hey girl. I gotta take this goddess to the airport. I’ll be back for you soon,” Darius said.On the way to the airport, while I was sucking Darius’ cock, he told me Danielle lived in Tampa and drove over to Miami once a month to stay with him for a week. She was married and had chosen to stay married. Her husband didn’t know about her affairs. He asked me what I was going to do. I told him I didn’t know. I kissed him goodbye and headed into the airport. I didn’t want to be like Danielle, hurting her husband like that. I already hurt Jeff. I didn’t want to make it worse by sleeping around and still be married. It’d be easier if I simply filed for divorce, became free, then became stuffed full of as many black cocks as I wanted. I filed for divorce in October. Jeff was baffled. I remember saying “sorry” over and over again. He begged if there was something he could do to change to fix it. I kept saying “sorry.”He offered to leave, I told him no, that I’d go to a hotel. That night at a club, I met the first of several black boyfriends I gained. They weren’t boyfriends in the since that we were in committed romantic relationships, but they were boys, that were friends, and we had sex. Every night I had a new man it seemed. Every night I was on my back, on my tummy, getting fucked by a black man. I was free.Jeff moved out. I said I wanted nothing from him, he said he wanted nothing from me. He became a ghost, I haven’t heard from or saw him since. I don’t suspect I ever will again. I spent Christmas in Hawaii, working photoshoots here. I’ve met a few black men, that I’ve slept with. Darius wasn’t here, so I had to make do. It’s January 1st again. I’m waiting for my coworker model to arrive. We had a such a hot and sexy shoot earlier. I’m naked and ready for him. When he knocks on the door, I’ll greet him, then ride his cock all night.I’m not sure what the future holds. I’m not sure if this is just a phase. I’m not sure if I’ll be modeling forever, but for now, this is my life and this is what I love – black dick.Here it is, January 1st, 5:30 pm – exactly one year since I met Darius, the man that set me on this journey of my marriage ending, my life changing forever.The end.

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