GF turns me Out Gay

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GF turns me Out GayMy sex life with my live in girlfriend was the tops. She was such a good fuck that I never minded when she shaved my cock and balls. I only mildly objected when she started giving me enemas. This was followed with her putting her finger in my ass when we fucked. Next she begged me to let her use a small dido on my ass(the size gradually increased till I could take a fairly good size).I began to really enjoy her playing with my ass especially when she used her finger or dildo to massage my prostate or “Fuck button” as she called it. We then became friends with another couple (or so I thought) and started spending a lot of time with them. We became friendly enough to make out in front of each other. Although I saw them both strip each other naked I never did see Sam fuck Jill. I was soon to find out why. That “soon” was one night when we decided to play a Sex Card game. Each card had a sexual act for the recipient to perform on one or more of the other players. Soon the girls were naked and Sam and I had lost most of our clothes. The next card said for the men to take off the rest of their clothing. “Now we are getting somewhere,” I thought to myself as I stripped naked all the time eying Jill’s tits and large nipples. My cock was rock hard but the alcohol (plus the d**gs Bets had put in my drinks), had removed any shyness I might have had. As I sat back in my chair I noticed that Sam’s cock was also shaved and was longer than mine (mine is 6.5 inches and uncut). His cock had to be 8 plus inches and was uncut and standing straight out with its head peeping wetly out of its sheath. I looked up at him and he was smiling at me, “Looks like we both are needing some action.” I merely nodded and drew the next card. It said for the two girls to kiss and fondle each other’s tits. They stood up and gave each other a sloppy wet kiss and they pinched each other’s nipples. Man I could hardly contain myself. Bets drew the next card and it said for the two girls to finger and then tongue each other’s pussy. When Jill started licking Bets pussy I heard the familiar sounds of her lustful moaning and realized she was really into Jill licking her pussy.Sam drew the next card and it said for him to lick the other man’s lips and then kiss him. He got up and with his hard cock swaying back and forth he walked around the coffee table till he was standing by me. “Stand up Dave,” Bets ordered.”But er…I…er,” I stammered not wanting to have a man lick my lips much less kiss me. “Come on Dave, it’s just a game,” said Jill smiling and shaking her tits at me.I reluctantly stood as Sam put his hands on my shoulders and drew me close. I was surprised at the sensual pleasure I was getting from the feel of his wet tongue licking my lips. When he kissed me I felt his hard cock pressed against mine. His kiss was not repulsive at all, but coupled with his cock pressed hard against mine, caused me, in spite of myself to return his kiss. (I will probably never know if it was the d**gged alcohol or a newly awakening sexual desire in me that caused me to do this.)When Sam released me I sagged to the floor as the girls exclaimed, “WOW!!!” When Sam returned and took his seat he was smiling and I swear his cock was too. Jill drew a card and it said for the man who had just licked lips to now lick that man’s cock.Before I could object or say that Sam did not have to lick my cock, he had already rounded the table and was pulling me to my feet. I was flabbergasted when he went to his knees in front of me and brazenly took hold of my cock began to lick it. “…and suck it,” Jill said completing the command on the card.Although no man had ever touched my cock before, the feel of Sam’s hand on my cock and the feel of his tongue licking my cock head illegal bahis siteleri and shaft was really lighting my fire. But it was nothing compared to the feeling that engulfed me when he slipped his lips around my cock head and sucked and tongued it. My knees may have been turning to rubber but but my cock sure was not. It was rock hard and I could feel my balls draw up in readiness to cum. Man I had never experienced such a feeling as the one now taking control of my body. I put my hand on his shoulders to keep from falling and moaned over and over, “Ohhh fuck…Suck it…SUCK IT!!!”Realizing I was about to cum Sam pulled off my cock and giving it one more kiss he smiled at me and murmured “Good…”Dazed I sat back down. I realized it was a man’s mouth that had just sucked on my cock and brought me sexual erotic feelings that I had never known. I was sexual excited but confused.”Man Sam,” laughed Bets, “You sure got me beat when it comes to sucking cock. I have never saw such a look of ecstasy as is on ole Dave’s face. BOY DID HE EVER LOVE IT!!!”I could only sheepishly grin because I knew she was right. The next card called for me to lick Sam’s cock. I started to protest, “I am not gay…” but before I could Sam, Bets and Jill got up and surrounded me. The two girls got down beside me and started rubbing their tits on my face and shoulders. “You don’t have to be gay…its only a game…” encouraged Jill putting my hand on her pussy. “Do it for me …pleasee…””Yea Baby,” chimed in Bets, “Sam did it…come on Baby…PLEASE!!! Just for me…” She then reached down and took my hand and placed it around Sam’s huge cock. A feeling of wonder and a sexual cock virgin’s awe overcome me as I felt his cock jump and grow even harder in my hand. His cock was hot, hard, velvety soft all at the same time. This brought a height of sexual awareness and excitement I never knew existed. A feeling of brazen uninhibited illicit eroticism over took me when I felt Sam’s cock. I loved the feel of his cock, but…still…did I want to kiss it?I guess Sam read my indecision because without speaking he took hold of my head and pressed his cock forward till it touched my lips. Here, once again, sexual libido kicked in and a torrid licentious I never knew was in me took control. I didn’t think it, know it, or even realize it…but the moment his cock touched my lips was the moment I became a cock loving cocksucker. My lips gently kissed their first cock and my jealous tongue slipped through my lips to taste its first cock wet with love juice. It seemed the most natural thing in the world when Sam pressed forward and the first man cock ever entered my mouth. I still relish that sensual, sensuous moment, it was awesome then and still is now. I had been an avid pussy eater but this was totally different. With a pussy I could rub it on my face, finger it, suck on its clit, stick my tongue in it, but I could not do all the things I could with a cock. I could hold a cock, kiss it, rub its wet head all over my face and take it into my mouth, pull it out and gaze at it and then do it all over. All this I did with Sams cock.”Man” exclaimed Jill, “Dave is a natural born cock hound. Look at his own cock standing straight out.””Yea,” hissed Bets, “His lips look so beautiful wrapped around Sam’s cock.”OHhhh fuckkk,” moaned Sam, “You got the hottest mouth I ever fucked…yea Baby take it allllll,…you are a natural…” he moaned as I slid his cock into my throat till my nose was buried in the small brush above it. Taking hold of the sides of my head Sam began to fuck my mouth in earnest. “YEA!!! Take it all…take it all, suck my cum you pretty mouth bitch….YEA!! deep throat that cock…man what a mouth pussy on this cocksucker!!! “Here youwin giriş several things happened without any thought on my part. One I knew from the frenzy he was fucking his cock in and out of my mouth he was about to fill my mouth full of man cum, but even more without even thinking about it I knew I wanted him to cum in my mouth…I wanted his man juice and I wanted it in my mouth. Also, I realized Bets was videoing me sucking my first cock and having my mouth thoroughly fucked. But as strange as it might seem, some deep inner perverse, depravity in me was thrilled by this. Even more perverse was that I was being turned on by Sam foul mouthing me. I, who just hours ago would have tried to hurt anyone that called me a cocksucker much less a pussy mouth, was now glowing in being called a cocksucker and pussy mouth whore. I think I wanted his trash talk almost as much as I wanted his cum. “Oh man,” shouted Bets, “Look at him swallow that cum…he really is a pussy mouth!!”I sucked Sam’s cock till it stopped shooting and then I rubbed it all over my face and kissed it and tried to take it back in my mouth. But instead of letting me Sam pulled me shakily to my feet and putting his arms around me commenced to French kiss me. I thought about not wanting to kiss but then what the fuck I had sucked his cock and cum, and now his he was tongue fucking my mouth and squeezing my ass cheeks with his hands. I had become a shameless yielding mass of sexual perversion. I loved the feel of his naked body and still hard cock pressed against mine. Unknown to me Bets had singled Sam to back up and set on the large couch.Sam led me to the cough and made me get down on my hands and knees. He then sat in front of me and guided my seeking mouth to his cock. It was then I felt someone playing with my ass and rubbing something slippery on my ass bud. I pulled briefly off of Sams cock and looking back I saw it was Bets. As Bets had often played with my ass and sometimes I let her put a dildo in my ass. This was what she was readying my ass for and soon I felt her dildo probing at my ass bud. I guess it was because I was in such a sexual, alcohol and d**g induced state I felt my ass loosen and felt her push her dido in. This morning I was a straight 8 pussy hound, but now I had turned into a moaning, cock sucker sucking a man’s cock while getting my ass fucked my Bets’.Bets leaving her dido lodged in my ass pulled me off of Sams’ cock and helped me to stand up. I was so fucked up I could hardly stand but Bets managed to stand me up and turn me around. Then telling Jill to be sure to get this (she was talking about on video) she told Sam to pull the make believe cock out of my ass and put a real one in.Before I could comprehend what she was saying Sam had pulled the dido out of my ass and was guiding my ass down onto his huge cock. My weight pushed me down and my ass was instantly filled with its first cock ever.I was so fucked up all I could do was exclaim, “OHHHH!!” as my weight pushed down and impaled me on Sam’s cherry popping cock. Sam then began to slowly fuck my ass up and down on his cock. My cock which had went semi soft when my ass was filled with cock now started getting rock hard again as Sam’s cock would bump into and rub over my prostate. Each time this happened would bring a moan from me. “Oh fuck,” exclaimed Jill , “Sam that looks so fucking hot. Man I love to watch your cock pumping in and out of his ass while his cock bounces up and down. Put him on his back and fuck him silly…pound that ass.” She begged.Quickly pulling out of my ass he got me on my back and put my legs on his shoulders and rammed his cherry taker back in my ass.”Umpp” I moaned as Sam’s cock once again filled my ass.”Yea Baby this is one perabet hot ass. Take that…you fucking cock whore,” shouted Sam ramming his fuck pole deep into my ass and impaling me to the hilt.Getting use to having a cock in my ass was made easier by the pressure of his cock running over my prostate or “Fuck Button” as Bets called it. Each time brought more and more pleasure and soon I was humping my ass up to meet his thrusts and moaning like a whore. “Fuck meee…fuck meeee…pleeeeseee…do itto me oh fuck that cock feels sooo gooood…lay that cock to me …hard!!! Pleaseee…””Man” exclaimed Jill, “I have never seen anyone take to ass fucking like Dave. Fuck he’s a natural born cock whore…LOOK AT HIM HUMP HIS ASS!!! Man he loves the fucking Sam is giving him!! Listen, Ole Sam has got him moaning like a Bitch.”All though I was aware of several other people having entered the room (I found out later that they were some of Sam and Jill’s gay friends) I didn’t care. At that time all I shamelessly wanted was Sam to fuck me till I couldn’t move. And fuck me he did as I thrashed about on his cock like a hooked fish. Then he started pulling almost all the way out and then thrusting his cock back into my no longer virgin ass. Each in stroke of his cock would hit my prostate and then press hard against it as his cock fucked my humping ass. This was causing my own cock to leak pre-cum like a cum fountain and I felt that old familiar sexual rush as my cum began to churn in my balls. I knew I was about to have the cum fucked out of me and fucked out of me by a man’s cock. As my cum came charging up my shaft I was on such a sexual high that when I heard someone pleading to be fucked “HARDER!!!” I hardly realized it was me begging to be fucked. “Ohhhh FUCKKKKK I’m cuming Ohhhhh PLEASE FUCK ME NOWWWWW,” I begged with my legs wrapped around Sam’s waist as I humped my ass like a seasoned whore. Then something that had never happened to me happened…cum came streaming out of my cock without my cock even being touched.”WOW!!!” exclaimed Jill and Bets, “Sam has fucked the cum out of him!!!”Seeing the cum fly freely from my cock pushed Sam over the edge. Not only had I had the cum fucked out of me, my ass was about to receive its first load of man cum from Sam’s throbbing fuck pole.”Ohhhh,” moaned Sam. “What a fuck…what a hot ass pussy…ohhh fuck hump that ass pussy Bitch. Take my man juice you whore. Yeaaaaa…now you pussy take it allllll.”And take it all I did. I felt Sam’s cock ram hard into the deep recesses of my fuck chute. The warmness of his cum brought a contented and satisfied “well fucked” sigh from me as I relished in the warm after-glow of having my ass thoroughly fucked. When Sam leaned over me and kiss my panting lips I knew I was no longer Bets’ boyfriend, but was now Sam’s fuck and suck boy-toy. But Bets and I kept the apartment the only difference was Jill moved in with her (unbeknown to me they had been lesbian lovers for a long time) and Sam moved in with me. I also found out Jill was Sam’s sister and the three of them had plotted to ‘turn me out.’ That was what was behind Bets shaving my balls and ass and getting my ass use to being played with and having something in it. One of my biggest thrills is setting on Sam’s lap with his cock deep in my ass as we watch TV or the girls suck each other’s pussy. The girls also like to hold my legs apart and watch Sam pound his cock in my ass. I love this too and really get off on hearing them shout for him to “Fuck that slut ass…make him beg to be fucked. Make his cock cum..fuck himmmm fuck the bitch hard!!!” Sam also likes to watch men fuck my mouth, at $25 bucks a blowjob the sight of my sexy lips wrapped around a hard cock turns him on. I guess it does because each time I suck a cock he fucks me till I can’t walk. He won’t let anyone else put a cock in my ass because he says it is his ass and he wants it pure and clean. I also found out I loved for people to watch me suck cocks and have my ass thoroughly fucked by Sam.

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