German high class woman cheats with a real man

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German high class woman cheats with a real man- – – German woman cheats with a real man – – -My name is Katja and today I was going to meet up my boyfriend in the city.We were going to meet to have a romantic date for ourselves. Me and him had been together for almost two years now. We were both german people, and got along with each other real well.He is what you would call the love of my life, one of the nicest and sweetest people I knew.We both also came from middle class backgrounds, our families are doing quite well for are self. My family owns a nice three story house, for just me, my mom and my dad.I was quite tall for a woman standing at around 1,68m. I had a typical german body, quite skinny. I have a skin tone as white as snow really (it was hard to get any sunlight after all). I also have blue eyes and blonde hair.So I had to pick out what to wear for our little date, I wanted to look good after all.I sit there ,wearing nothing but a black bra and panties, look at all my clothes, thinking to myself “What the hell should I wear today”.I see a nice long sleeved shirt, that’s a nice red color that I decide to wear. Also put on some typical blue jeans, that fit real tight on me. Showing off my ass a bit as well as my legs. I wear some small black socks over my feet, so they don’t get cold.I finally finish my outfit with a nice black hat as well as a nice gold watch I got from my dad last Christmas. I do my makeup and put on my jacket as well as grab my purse before leaving.I had to have my black jacket it was going to get cold after all today.I finally make it to where we were going to be meeting up, I was about 10 minutes early so my boyfriend was not there yet. I had to pass the time somehow, so I reached into my handbag to grab my phone. Of course my bag was such a mess it took some time for me to find my phone, but I finally found it under a pack of condoms (that I would use when me and my boyfriend got some alone time).I look around on facebook and instagram to pass the time ,I had nothing better to do after all. When I felt a tap on my arm as well hearing a voice saying “Ello”.I look up with a smile, thinking my boyfriend has finally come, but I don’t see his face when I look up. Instead, I see an older Arab man looking at me, with a smile.He was wearing a big sweatshirt with holes so you can see his exposed skin as well as stains all over his shirt. Also has a pair of broken down jeans on him, wearing nothing but sandals on his feet.He has an open smile showing his teeth to me, with one front tooth missing.I know he can’t be from around here, I am guessing he is from the refugee program that happened about two years ago.I zone out a bit when I hear his voice say in broken german “Ello mam nybody home.”I answer him awkwardly after all I am not used to strangers talking to me, it does not happen a lot here “Yes I am, sssoo sorry I just zoned out for a bit just there.”He smiles at me again showing of his missing teeth, and say “Is no problem, I guess my beauty makes that to people”.All I can think to myself in a sarcastic voice is “Yeah, sure, you are a real beauty after all.”I smile at him showing of my perfect white teeth to him, and say “Yeah you sure are.”He gets a creepy smile, creeping canlı bahis me out a bit, and says to me “So whats hot lady like you doing here alone?”I think to myself ’’Now I can finally get this creep off my back, by saying I am here waiting for my boyfriend.” So I answer him with a real big smile on my face ”I am here waiting for my boyfriend.”He looks at me with that creepy smile again and says “Oh waiting for little boyfriend huh, he’s lucky guy to have hot girl as you?”I can see his miss colored eyes looking right in to my blue eyes as he says it.I answered him “I guess he was nice and sweet.” I laugh with an awkward laugh.He has an even bigger smile “Well then, I hope, you think I am nice and sweet.”I can’t wait for my boyfriend to show up, and save me from this creep. I still answer him with a fake smile “Yeah, you sure are sweet.”Now he looks really happy with himself, “So, you and me go for little walk?”I answer “But what about before-” And before I can finish my sentence, he grabs my hands and says “Come! I’ve dreamed about having beautiful German girl like you show me her town.”I can feel his big hairy hand hold my small white hand as we walk around town.I don’t wanna leave with this man, but at the same time I feel a bit bad for this poor refugee, I mean he probably don’t know are customs so the least I can do is go with him.He was a lot hairier than my boyfriend was, that was for sure.He finally stops at a cafe, he looks at me and says “Let’s get a coffee or somethin.”Me, still a bit creeped out by him does not want to say no so I reply with Well sure that be nice.”We walk up still holding hands to an older white lady standing at the Checkout saying “So what will you two have.”He answers her before I can “Yeah I want have one big cafe and bit of cake.” He looks at me.“I will just have a small coffee, please.” He looks at her again and says “My girlfriend here be paying all.”Again, I could not believe this guy, first he lies and say I am his gf ,and then he says I am going to pay.Sadly, I did not know what do, but pay her, as go and grab a seat by the window.He sits right next to me having his hand on my tight. I can hear my phone ringing, I pick up my phone and sees it is my boyfriend calling me, “Oh God finally saved.” I think. But before I can answer, he grabs the phone out of my hands, and he hangs up on my boyfriend “You know it’s rude to talk on phone when you with date.” He says with a big smile.I feel real scared knowing now, that he was the dominant one here. He did only care about having me, I could feel his big hairy hand moving up and down my tight.He looks into my eyes again and says to me “So how old are you?”“Well, I am 20 years old, how about yourself.” I answer trying to make small talk.He rubbed my tight even faster now and said “Well, I am younger then you, I am 19.” All I can think to myself is bullshit you look like you are at least 30 years old, if not older.It was feeling kind of nice having his hand rubbing my leg like that. His hand was move higher and higher up my legs, I could not help but feel aroused by it. He took his other to stroke my hair with, I could feel him move in closer to me, and before I knew what was happening, I could feel his lips up against mine, perabet as he gave me a big kiss. He looked at me and said “Was nice wasn’t it?”I just nodded my head, sitting there in shock, but when I thought this could not get any worse, I see my boyfriend standing there a across the room. With a pissed off look on his face, he must of seen the whole thing.He finally sees my boyfriend, and just smiles at him. My boyfriend walk over to our table extremely pissed off, now starting right in front of us my boyfriend says “WHAT THE FUCK IS THE MEANING OF THIS, WHO THE HELL IS HE AND WHY ARE YOU KISSING HIM?”Before I can even answer the arab man says “Me? I her boyfriend, she kisses me because she loves me.” Now my boyfriend looking even more pissed off says “NO FUCK FACE SHE IS MY GIRLFRIEND! COME KATJA WE ARE LEAVING!” He looks up at my boyfriend’s face, and without skipping a beat he says “Sorry boy, my girlfriend not leaving with you, why would she leave with boy like you, when she has man like me, is that not right Katja?”I can feel his hand on my leg grabbing a bit hard now. I answer him in a quiet voice “Yeah that’s right.” After I say it I can’t understand by the god of me why I just said those words.He looks up at my boyfriend, and say “See told you so, white boy she fucking loves me.” Now he moves in closer to me again and kisses me on the lips again. My boyfriend not knowing what too and more pissed of then ever grabs him, and pulls him close to himself. He starts punching him all I can think of doing is to scream “STOP PLEASE!!!” Now every one at the cafe is looking at us.My boyfriend gets in 3 good punches with the Arab man almost looking unface by it. The Arab man grabs the big cup of coffee, I paid for earlier, and splashes it in my boyfriend’s face. My falls to the floor screaming after this like most people would. The girl from the check out runs over to us, looks at my boyfriend and says “What the hell is wrong with you, why you just start punching this man?” The Arab man answers her again without skipping a beat say “Yeah I think he is racist or something, he just went here saying it is gross to see white girl with sand nigger like me.” She looks at the Arab man now and says “Oh my god, what the hell is wrong with him, I will call the cops on him, you two can leave if you want.”So we both leave the cafe together with the coffee girl still screaming at my boyfriend who is laying on the floor. We walk with him grabbing my body real tight, holding me next to him. Like a real romantic couple.We walk around in the park with him feeling up my body as we go.We come up to an out house. It smells kind of bad around here I can’t really stand the smell bet he does not seem to mind at all, his mind is probably too busy.He leads me inside of the toilet, now pushing me up against the wall, putting his big hand between my legs rubbing my pussy through my pants, as I feel hot as I never done before. He moves closer to my face as we start making out, he is a real good kisser way better than my boyfriend ever was.He stops and looks at me with a huge smile, and says “Your boyfriend ever fuck you in place like this before?” Again, I answer him with a big white smile “No, he has not.” I say as perabet giriş I laugh.He now pulls down my pants and panties, as he inserts two fingers into my pussy, and starts fingering me really good. I can feel my whole body shaking as he goes in and out, it was unlike anything I had felt before feeling such amazing pleasure.It must have taken me only about 30 seconds before I came, I’ve never come that fast before ever in my life. I screamed loud as I came ’’AHHHH!! FUCK YES!!!’.I could now smell a very strong smell, I look down and sees that he has just taken his cock out.“HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” I scream when I see it, it was fucking huge.Had only ever seen one this big in porn before ,and even then I just thought it was fake .He was as long as my forearm and almost as thick as pringles can, he was more than double the size of my boyfriend. He guided my hand to his cock, I could feel the heat coming from his cock. It was hard to jerk him off I’ve never jerked off anything this big before.While I jerked his cock he removed my jacket, then he ripped my shirt and bra open, exposing my boobs. He licks my nipple and plays with my boobs using both his hands.He stops and looks at me, with his cock pointing directly at my almost naked body. He says to me “Get on knees, white bitch!” Of course I do as he says.Now having his big fucking cock right in front of my face. I can smell it even stronger now than I did before and it was a strong smell to be with after all.I start sucking his big cock as best as I can, but it’s not easy after all I’ve never sucked anything this big before. It was fucking huge!He looks down at me and says “Omg you fucking suck at this! You bend over the toilet so I can fuck you!”I look at his cock scared knowing that thing will soon be inside of me.I look up at him and say “Wait a little, let me put on a condom.” He just laughs, as I reach into my bag picking out a condom, but when I gave it to him put on , it does not fit him at all.These condoms were even a bit big for my boyfriend, but for him they are way too small.We both agree for him to pull out when he is about to cum. He bends me over the toilet, and starts fucking me fast and hard. I can feel his cock going in and out of my wet tight pussy.It is like nothing I’ve ever felt before. Just nothing but fucking amazing.“HOLY SHIT SLOW DOWN!” I scream as I feel him breaking up my insides.He say while still fucking me “Shut up bitch and take it!” I scream like I never have before people from a mile away must of heard me.I finally feel myself about to cum “YES YES I AM ABOUT TO CUM!!”.“YESSSSSSSSS AHH” he now smiles at me “ You better hold bit longer bitch, I’m not going to cum yet.”We continue fucking a good while after that, him pushing around my insides even more.I can feel myself getting ready to cum once more “SHIT I AM ABOUT TO CUM AGAIN!!!”Now with a smile on his face says “Good girl I am getting ready to cum too.”We both say at the same time “I AM CUMMING!!!” I can feel his cum filling up my tight white pussy real good, it’s too much cum to even fit inside of me, so most of it falls on the floor.It was like a horse just came inside of me.A couple of months passed, and I became pregnant with his baby. I’ve not seen him after he fucked the shit out of me, I don’t even know his name.Most nights I dream of him cumming inside of me again.I got back togouder with my boyfriend, (for the time being until I can find a real man again) and he thinks the baby is his…

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