Gangster And His Associates Fucked Me – Part 1

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Gangster And His Associates Fucked Me – Part 1deletedA year passed by and my husband was still not able to satisfy completely, I had no other choice than to simply imagine about me having great sex. We stayed in a posh place next to the beach in Chennai, although it was a posh area, it was situated next to a slum, so that there was a heavy dose of rowdyism in my place too. The leader of the rowdy gang was sethu, a 55 year old man, who was also a womanizer, he took a liking towards me, he knew that neither my husband nor anyone was too bold to fight him, so whenever I pass by he use to tease me with lewd comments like “Dude look at that Whore, I really wanna fuck her” I used to wear my saree well below my navel and expose it, he use to look at my navel and tell his associates that “Look at that Whore’s navel, it’s giving me an erection, etc..”Although I was terrified by him, I liked that way he talked, It excited me, but the fear overtook and I stayed away with him, as days passed by, he grew even bolder, sometimes, he used to follow me to the local shop, beach etc and grope my navel, sometimes pinch it, this made me horny but I was too scared to do a thing, because those days, rowdyism was a big thing in Chennai and I couldn’t live in the area peacefully if I take panga’s with him. I was confused whether to seduce him and have sex with him or just be quiet. We used to live in the first floor and opposite to my room , there was an empty road from where you can see my room if the windows are open, I generally take bath in the afternoon and change my güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri dress in my room, I usually keep the window open as one would would pass by that empty road in the afternoon.One day while changing my dress, I saw Sethu standing there and watching me change my dress, he too saw me noticing him, he stood there with a smile and without any fear. I immediately closed the door out of fear. From that day whenever I pass by he would say to his associates ” I am going to fuck this whore one day” Her naked body is the door to heaven” etc…. I was completely turned on by this, he would now grope and pinch my navel very often from that day, I enjoyed every bit of it. One day while changing the dress I intentionally left the window open, knowing that he will be standing there. He was standing there and watched me change my dress with lusty eyes.After changing my dress, I hid behind the window and saw what he was doing, he took out his cock and masturbated in the road itself, thank god’s the roads were empty. I saw is cock, It was at least 8 inches long, I was instantly turned on. A part of me wanted to instantly invite him and fuck him in my bedroom. On that day I decided to get fucked by him. I was just waiting for the right opportunity. A month later my husband went to Delhi for a business meeting. I was overjoyed as I finally get to have sex with Sethu.The same day night, I put my daughters to sleep before 8, I was vehement that I will fuck him tonight, I went to the nearby shop where I know, he will be, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri he was sitting alone and smoking his cigarette, I bought some vegetables, he was looking at me with lust, I looked at him and smiled at him, he smiled back. I asked him. Can you help me to take some things from the upper shelf, he agreed immediately and followed into my house. He helped me with the things, I asked him to stay for a coffee, his face brightened and agreed, i went into the kitchen to make him some coffee,He stood at the entrance of the kitchen and started looking at my navel,a few seconds later, he just barged into the kitchen, groped my navel, pinched it and gave a kiis on my neck, he whispered into my ears. I can’t bear anymore you whore saying this, he reached my belly button and played with it, I was turned on by it, he turned me to his side,removed my pallu and started kissing my navel and licking my belly button, I was standing there speechless just moaning aah aaaah aaaaaaah, he then got up and removed my jacket and my bra and got mad after seeing my boobs, he said to me, I am so lucky to touch your boobs whore, I told him call me your whore from now on, he said, I will Whore, don’t worry, I’ll make you my sex slave and fuck you to the core. saying that, he pressed my boobs and started pinching my nipples, I started moaning heavily,I was enjoying every bit of it, he then removed his lungi and his underwear and took his cock out, his cock was 8 inches, fully grown and thick, e told me suck my dick you whore, güvenilir bahis şirketleri I immediately got down and started sucking his cock, It felt so nice to suck a nice cock after a long time, I sucked him for 15 minutes, he then lifted me and proceeded to the bedroom, he put me on my bed and removed his shirt too, he removed my skirt and underwear and made me full naked. He told me, you whore, today IO am going to fuck you like a dog, I stopped him and gave him the condoms, I bought that afternoon and gave, first he resisted but I pleaded him to wear it, after much pleading, he wore it. he then jumped on the bed and put his cock between my tits and started to tit fuck me, I t was so exciting and amazing too,He then asked me to spread my legs and stared to lick my pussy, I was moaning louder,he started sucking it even vigorously, I was moaning even louder, he then finally took his cock and inserted it on my pussy and was stroking it for some time, he pinched my nipples while doing so, I was in the seventh heaven, he then took his cock, out, he said whore your navel is still disturbing me,he then sucked my navel for some time, then he turned me back and put his dick on my pussy again and started to fuck me, I was moaning like a bitch, I told me, fuck me I am whore, I kept on repeating it, he started spanking in my ass and told me, Whore you are the best I have ever had,I was completely enjoying his act,after a few minutes, he told me, he was going to cum, I asked him to cum on my boobs, he agreed to it and told me Whore, you are great, I would fuck you for 1,000 times and still not get bored, my face turned red due to shyness, he cummed on my boobs and my mouth, I drank all of it, soon we hugged and slept in the bed, that night, he fucked me for two more times, I was having the time of my life. In the next part, I will tell you, how his associates also fucked me

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