Fucked my Teacher

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Fucked my TeacherWhen I was at college we had a really enthusiastic teacher called Ms Johnson, she was a hot tall woman in her mid thirties, with short brunette hair and slim fit body which she often showed off wearing small t-shirts and tight jeans.Now she usually taught art, but one day one of the other teachers organised a field trip to a local forest, and she volunteered to help out.As it happened I was also on that field trip, as it was part of our geography course, and when Ms Johnson turned up in the car park to meet us at the minibus, we couldn’t believe our eyes because she was dressed in a tight camouflaged t-shirt, short green camo shorts, and a pair of brown leather boots.After staring hard for a good minute at her stunning revealing outfit, we then climbed aboard and headed off to the forest, and an hour later we were out in the countryside, stepping off the bus and heading into the woods.For about an hour we strolled along a path, as our geography teacher lectured about the forest and surrounding areas, and then we stopped for a break.It was during this break Ms Johnson declared she needed to go, you know for a pee break, and strolled off a few meters into the trees out of sight.After a while she still hadn’t come back, and so a couple of the girls went to go look for her, then a few minutes later they came back saying they couldn’t find her.Our geography teacher was not happy, but as it wasn’t probably a good idea to come home with out all the teachers, he made us split up and search the local area for her, and so I strolled off through the trees and bushes in search of Ms Johnson.A few minutes later, after passing many trees, scrambling down a muddy slope and crossing a small stream, I finally found Ms Johnson sitting on a large log, looking very upset.”Bobby!” she exclaimed as I stepped around a tree.”Oh thank god! I thought I was going to be lost for ever!” she then said very relieved.”Yeah, how did you end up all the way out here?” I asked”I got turned around when I went, you know! and then just couldn’t find my way back!” she replied innocently.”Oh” I said amazed a teacher could be so confused by a bunch of trees.”So, how do we get back?” she then asked eagerly.”Yeah, about that” I replied as a rather evil thought entered my mind “You see I could just take us straight back, but what’s in it for me?””What do you mean?” she asked looking at me in confusion.”I mean what do I get for saving you?” I replied”Well… nothing, you do it to help out your teacher!” she replied back.”No. not good enough teach. If you want to get back, your going to have to do something for me!” I grinned back.”What?” she asked”You suck my cock, and i’ll get you back safely!” I replied”Bobby!” she exclaimed “I am not going to suck your cock!””Fine then, good luck!” I replied turning to leave.”No, no, wait!” she then said grabbing my arm “Wait! we can work something out!””Like what?” I asked”Well, how about I give you a passing grade this semester?” she replied”Nope, blowjob or nothing!” I said back.Ms Johnson stood looking at me for a moment and then said “How about a hand job?””If you take your top off!” I replied”I’m not going to take my top off!” she said back.”Then we have nothing else to discuss!” I replied turning to leave again.”Okay, okay!” she said grabbing my arm again “A hand job with my top off, deal?””Deal!” I grinned back, then I moved to the canlı bahis big log, and sat down.Then I began to unzip my jeans, and as I did, Ms Johnson glanced around, and then slowly started to lift her tight little camo t-shirt up, and as she pulled it up over her head, her small round tanned boobs dropped out for my viewing pleasure.I stared in amazement at her little round perky tanned boobs, not bad for a woman in her thirties, and then she placed the little t-shirt beside me on the log, before looking down at me.”I didn’t put on a bra today, didn’t want it showing through my t-shirt!” she said slightly embarrassed.”Your boobs are stunning!” I replied back”Thank you” she replied trying to smile “Now, can we just get on with this now?” she then said.So I pulled out my semi hard cock, and held it up for Ms Johnson to take, and reluctantly she reached out and wrapped her hand around my growing cock.”You promise to show me the way back?” she asked again.”Yes” I replied eagerly”And you won’t say anything to anyone about this afterwards?” she then asked”Yes, of course!” I groaned wanting her to get on with it.Then finally she began to jerk my cock, her soft warm hand moved slowly and steadily up and down my hardening shaft, and in a few seconds I was fully hard and pointing upwards in my full eight inches.”Wow, this is a pretty thick cock!” she muttered as her hand began to get a little faster.”I haven’t had any complaints!” I grinned back.As Ms Johnson continued to jerk my cock, slightly bent over to do so, I could see her little round boobs hanging down and swinging gently back and forth as she worked my cock.”Oh god” I muttered happily “Your hand feels pretty good on my cock!””Thank you!” Ms Johnson replied blushing “I’ve been told I give a good hand job!””Oh you do!” I replied relaxing as she continued.After a minute or so, her hand was now really pumping my cock, really tugging on it and she was building up a pretty good sweat, then she asked “Are you close?””Nope!” I replied with a grin not wanting it to end to quickly.Ms Johnson then leant forward and spat on my cock, before she started to use it like lube.I groaned happily, very excited my hot art teacher was stroking and spitting on my cock, and then to my amazement her other hand joined in the fun, and now she had both hands jerking my hard pole.Then she spat on it a couple more times, and soon her hands were like pistons, really tugging hard up and down eager to get me to cum.”Come on Bobby! You’ve got be close!” she groaned”Nope!” I grinned back loving this moment.”Fine!” she then groaned, and then to my amazement again, she knelt down between my open legs, pulled my cock down towards her, and I watched in stunned silence as she fed my big red bulbous cockhead into her open wet mouth.”Oh fuck yes!” I groaned as Ms Johnson slid her mature mouth up the length of my cock.Then she began to bob her head back and forth, sliding it up and down my hard thick shaft and coating it in her saliva.”Oh fuck! oh fuck!” I groaned loving every second of this.Ms Johnson, still topless, knelt between my legs sucking eagerly on my cock, taking almost half of it over and over in her mouth and eagerly sucking on the big round head.Then she switched and began running her tongue up and down my shaft as she jerked my cockhead, and even sucked on my balls taking each one in turn in her beautiful mouth.Soon bahis siteleri she had drooled all over my hard cock, and balls and even had it running down her chin and onto her little tits.”Tell me your close!” she asked after another minute or two.”Getting there!” I replied “But don’t stop now!” I grinned cheekily.Ms Johnson then went back to sucking on my cock, while she jerked my lower shaft, and watching her boobs glistening with spit in the afternoon sunshine I could have stayed like that forever, but after a few more minutes Ms Johnson pulled off my cock, and then said as she stood up “Well, I guess there’s only one way to make you cum!”And I watched in stunned silence again as she flicked the button on her short camo shorts, and with one hard tug, pulled them down her stunning tanned long legs, and stepped out of them.My cock instantly twitched as I stared at her completely naked body, that was very fit and tanned, and then my eyes lowered to take in her completely smooth tanned pussy mound, that had a small butterfly tattooed above it.”Now” she said moving towards me again “If I do this, you absolutely cannot tell anyone, got it?””Yes!” I managed to say, as she straddled my crotch area.Then slowly she lowered that beautiful fit thirty something body down onto me, and we both let a happy groan as her moist little pussy parted open and my cock pushed up inside of her.”Oh yes!” she groaned”Oh god! oh god!” I groaned as my art teacher took my cock up inside of her.Then sitting on me, facing me, with my cock buried several inches up inside of her wet warm cunt, she then began to rise and fall slowly and steadily again.”Oh bobby your cock is so thick!” she groaned “I’ve never had one so thick before!”I immediately put my hands around her slim waist to hold onto her warm soft body, and then happily began to thrust up to meet her body as we steadily fucked, out there on that log in the middle of the woods.”Oh bobby! oh bobby!” she muttered over and over.As Ms Johnson rode my hard excited cock, I stared at her little boobs raising and falling in front of me, and eagerly leant in, opened my mouth and began sucking on one of her pink little nipples.”Oh yes bobby!” she groaned “Suck on my tits! suck on my tits!”For a good few more minutes I sucked on her little boobs, wile she steadily rode my hard thick cock, then after a while she began to pick up pace, and was soon bouncing up and down harder and faster.”Oh yes! oh yes! oh yes!” she moaned happily.As her movement increased I had to stop sucking on her boobs, but eagerly started to thrust up harder and faster to meet her movements, and soon my sexy art teacher was groaning even louder as we fucked out in the open.”Oh yes bobby! oh yes bobby!” she moaned loudly anyone nearby could hear.Eager to fuck her even more, I suddenly found myself placing my hands underneath her and then in one swift movement I picked her up in my arms, and with her cling to my shoulders to stay upright, I began thrusting up into her harder and faster.”Oh fuck! oh fuck! oh fuck! oh fuck!” she began to cry loudly, as I pumped her little wet pussy frim underneath.My cock slid up into her smooth wet hole easily, and plunged back and forth rapidly, and soon I could feel her juices flowing down my shaft and onto my balls.”Oh fuck! oh fuck! oh fuck!” she cried some more as I gave m full length now.Then after a bit longer, bahis şirketleri I began to get tired, so I put her back down, pulled my cock out of her wet warm hole, and got her to turn around, and place her hands on the log.Slightly bent over, with her tall tanned legs slightly apart I got a great view of her wet eager pussy, and a glimpse of her little ass ring too, and then moving up behind her, I placed my cock up against her open pussy again, and then slid back in.Then holding onto her slim tanned hips, I began to drive my cock in, hard and fast because I knew time was getting a little short, and even though I would have happily spent the rest of the day fucking this hot thirty something teacher, I knew most likely any minute some one might finally find us.”Oh shit, yes! yes! yes!” cried Ms Johnson as I plunged my cock into her little wet hole harder and faster.”Yeah, take my cock teach. take my cock!” I groaned loving the feeling of my cock deep inside this hot woman.Ms Johnson amazingly took my full length over and over again as I pounded her hard from behind, my cock slid so easily back and forth between her wet pink lips, stretching them like they had never been stretched before, and as she gripped the log, she got louder and more excited too.”Oh fuck bobby! oh fuck! oh fuck! oh fuck!” she kept crying out.My cock now pumped rapidly in and out of her, my balls swung back and forth as well slapping up against her little mound as they did, and with our bodies making wonderful squelchy noises I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was finally ready to cum.”Take it! take it! take it!” I groaned pounding my art teachers little pussy.”Yes! yes! yes! yes! yes!” she cried eager to do just that.Then as I plunged deep and hard several more times, I heard her cry “Oh god! i’m cumming! i’m cumming bobby! your going to make me CUM!”Then I plunged hard and deep again, and that was it for Ms Johnson, and she cried out “MAKE ME CUM!” and then she began twitching and bucking against me, and as she did, I felt her pussy spasm around my hard cock and suddenly I felt my balls churn.”OH FUCK!” I cried knowing I was about to blow.And quickly I pulled out of her wet bucking pussy, and aiming my cock at her mound I began shooting my load.”OH SHIT YES!” I cried again as unloaded wad after sticky wad all over her little bald pussy, and ass.”OH SHIT!” I groaned again.For several amazing seconds we both came hard, and then it started to fade, and finally we calmed down, and I stood with my dripping softening cock resting against her sticky cum covered ass and pussy.”You bastard!” she moaned between breathes “You came over my pussy!””At least I didn’t cum in it!” I replied back.Then she reached under herself, ran her hands through the wads of trickling cum all over her under carriage and then scooped some up, before quickly sticking her sticky fingers into her mouth and tasting my cum.I watched in amazement again as my hot sexy art teacher scooped up all my cum and then swallowed it, before she turned around, took hold of my wilting cock and gave it a good few sucks.”I just love cum!” she said glancing up at me, before swallowing my last little dribbles.Then she put her little clothes back on, and as promised I started to lead her back to the others.”So, we’re good right?” she asked as we walked back.”Yeah, definitely!” I replied”And your not going to tell anyone, right?” she then asked”Yes, I will tell no one!” I replied eagerly.”Good!” she said “Then tomorrow lunch time, you come to my office, and if you don’t cum in my mouth, I swear to god I will fail your ass every semester, till you get it right!”

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