From Alex to Lexi Part 3

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From Alex to Lexi Part 3From Alex to Lexi Ch. 03by oskarwild©AwakeningLexi lay in bed with the morning sunlight streaming across his naked body. He was in the fetal position and he could see Max, his new Daddy, lying on his back next to him, sound asleep. Daddy’s arm was over his head and Lexi could smell the pungent odor of Max’s underarm. They had worked up quite a sweat last night before finally falling asleep. After about three hours of watching gay porn during which Daddy continually fondled his boy’s cock and jacked him off repeatedly, Lexi had given in to his a****l instincts. He had hungrily sucked on Daddy’s cock until Daddy emptied all of his jism into Lexi’s mouth. Then Daddy had carried him to bed and fucked him – twice – before enfolding Lexi in his arms and allowing him to sleep.Lexi realized he was at a crossroads in his life. He had to decide whether to continue to succumb to Daddy’s domination or to try and make a break for it and return to some sort of normal life. But had his life ever really been normal when it came to sexual relations? It seemed that he had always been receptive to those who would dominate him. His wife, Cathy, had certainly been the dominant one in their relationship. It was always she who initiated their sexual activities. She was always the one who started the kissing and touching that led to the ultimate fucking. And while Lexi was supposed to be the “fucker” and Cathy the “fuckee,” Lexi always felt that he was the one being fucked. Cathy didn’t like being on the bottom. So almost all of the time she was on the top; and toward the end of their relationship, she was usually on the top facing away from him. It was as if all she really wanted was his cock. The rest of him didn’t matter. And when his cock proved to be inadequate, she moved on.He had never been aggressive with her and, truth be told, he had never been aggressive with anyone sexually. In fact, it was quite the opposite. He had always been the one to respond to sexual aggression. And Max was not the first male to take advantage of Lexi’s passivity.High school had been a sexual desert for Lexi. His parents sent him to an all-boys school, so the only time he came in contact with the opposite sex was at dances with the all-girls school. Being a skinny, little guy with pimples and a quiet demeanor, the girls basically ignored him. Lexi gravitated towards the nerdy clubs at school, joining the chess club and the math club. Sexual release came only through masturbation. At least until his senior year; that was when Matt had enrolled after moving from St. Louis. Matt joined the same clubs as Lexi. Like Lexi, he was not a very attractive young man; slightly overweight, pimply with a reddish complexion. Girls did not find him attractive, but Matt didn’t really care. He didn’t like girls. Matt liked boys. And he definitely liked Lexi.By some crazy coincidence they both had the same birthday; so it wasn’t too surprising to Lexi when Matt suggested they celebrate their eighteenth birthday together. Lexi didn’t really want to spend his birthday with Matt, but Matt was so insistent that it was just hard for Lexi to say no to him. So, on the Friday after they turned eighteen, they went to a movie together and then to Matt’s house afterwards. Matt’s parents were not at home (Matt had planned it that way), so there was no one for Lexi to appeal to for help when Matt enticed him into his room and made his advances.It started with horseplay. Matt tickled Lexi and Lexi tried to squirm away. That led to playful wrestling with Max ultimately pinning Lexi beneath him. That was when Lexi began to get scared. Max was lying on top of him and in between his legs. Lexi could feel Max’s hard-on. The two eighteen year olds lay there on the floor panting. Max had a look of pure lust in his eyes.”Let me up, Matt.” Lexi begged.But Max did not respond verbally. Instead, he began to grind his crotch into Lexi. Lexi tried to struggle free, but Matt was too strong. Matt began to breathe heavily as he dry-humped the boy beneath him. Then Lexi could feel his own cock begin to grow and harden as Max humped him. This couldn’t be happening! He was not gay! But his body didn’t care about terms like “gay” or “straight.” His body was responding to the stimulus of Matt dry-humping him. Lexi surrendered to the sensations Matt was producing in his cock and he began to moan with pleasure and move his hips to the rhythm of Matt’s humping. Sensing victory, Matt released Lexi’s hands and moved his own hands under Lexi, cupping Lexi’s ass-cheeks to increase the contact of their wet, throbbing cocks rubbing through their blue jeans.”Be my bitch! Be my bitch! Be my bitch!” Matt began to pant as his body began to shake and his sperm erupted into his blue jeans. Then Lexi lost control and felt the orgasm course through his body as his sperm spewed into his blue jeans.They lay there for a few moments with Matt continuing to slowly grind against Lexi. Then Matt rolled over onto the floor.”Will you be my slut, Alex?” Matt smiled at Lexi.”No! I’m not gay!” Lexi cried and ran from the house.Lexi avoided Matt after that incident and was relieved when graduation came and they both went off to different colleges. Lexi thought that college would be better and it was somewhat. His complexion cleared up nicely and he was having more luck with the girls, probably because he was finally at a school that had girls attending. It was where he met Cathy in his junior year. He had attended a sorority mixer and she had approached him. They wound up in her room in the sorority house where Cathy fucked him for the first time. They would marry a year later, shortly after graduation. But there had been that one troubling incident Lexi had with a man while they were still dating.Lexi wanted to see an x-rated lesbian film, but Cathy had absolutely no interest. So he had gone by himself to a matinee showing on a weekday. There were only maybe a dozen people s**ttered throughout the theater, all men, and Lexi sat in the last row away from everyone else. An older man entered the theater after the movie had already started. He stood in the aisle and looked around and then headed straight for the row where Lexi sat. The man removed his overcoat and sat down right next to Lexi. He was big; over six feet tall and heavy.They sat there for a moment and Lexi was self-conscious about the hard-on he was sporting from the effects of the movie. Suddenly, the man moved in his seat, throwing his arm around Lexi and placing his other hand on Lexi’s knee.”What are you doing?” Lexi whispered and unsuccessfully tried to squirm out of the man’s embrace.”Be quiet, boy! Let Daddy have his way with you.” The man ordered him.Lexi froze at the man’s command. Then the man moved his hand up Lexi’s leg, caressing his thigh and stroking his hard-on. The man unfastened Lexi’s belt and unzipped his trousers, reaching his hand inside to fondle Lexi’s cock through his underpants.”Surrender, boy.” The man whispered. “Your cock belongs to Daddy.”The man lowered Lexi’s pants to his knees and then bent over the seat and sucked Lexi’s hard, throbbing little prick into his mouth. He slurped and grunted as his lips and tongue worked the boy’s organ. Lexi closed his eyes and surrendered to the sensation of the man’s expert sucking.”Oh please! Please!” Lexi moaned as the man brought him to the edge.The man placed his hand over Lexi’s mouth to silence him while his mouth drove Lexi into orgasm. Lexi squirmed in the seat as his cock shot its load into the man’s mouth. As the tremors passed, the man still continued to suck and lick Lexi’s cock, cleaning up all the semen that Lexi had squirted. When he was done, he sat back and put his arm around Lexi again.”You need a Daddy to take care of you boy.” The man smiled at Lexi as the boy pulled his pants up and put himself back together.”I’m not gay, sir.” Lexi responded.The man simply laughed and then got up and left the theater.No, he could not possibly be gay, Lexi thought as he stared at the sleeping Max beside him. All of these men, Max included, had forced him into sex, right? If he was in control of the situation, he wouldn’t get turned on by a man, would he? To test his theory, Lexi shifted his position on the bed so that his head was now even with Max’s cock and his legs were on the pillow above Max’s head. Lexi looked critically at Max’s cock; the cock that he had sucked and that had fucked him senseless for the last two days. It lay there, flaccid on Max’s thigh. Even in its sleeping state, elazığ escort bayan Daddy’s cock was bigger than Lexi’s organ when it was aroused. It was a cut cock with a large mushroom head. Lexi remembered how he had sucked on that head and his own cock twitched slightly and began to grow. Lexi inched closer to Daddy and he could smell the odor of sex emanating from Daddy’s crotch. It was the odor that resulted from Daddy’s sweat and semen mixed with the juices from Lexi’s mouth and male pussy. Lexi inhaled that odor and his own cock grew harder. Maybe he was gay! This was not a pussy in front of him. This was a cock! And he was aroused by its scent and by the sight of it. No, please, this can’t be true, Lexi thought. But the sight and odor of Daddy’s cock seemed to invite him.Lexi reached out his tongue and licked the head and shaft of Daddy’s cock. Daddy’s cock twitched to life and grew a little. It did taste so good and the smell of Daddy was so arousing. Lexi’s little cock was now hard and throbbing as Lexi reached his tongue out again and licked the shaft of Daddy’s cock. Pre-cum began to ooze onto the head of Daddy’s growing member. Lexi licked the fluid off. It tasted so good. Then Lexi grasped the hardening cock in his hand and squeezed a little. More pre-cum oozed from the slit and the Daddy’s cock grew hard and began to throb as if it had a life of its own. Lexi drew the mushroom head into his mouth and began to suck the pre-cum into it. His own cock began to ooze pre-cum at the taste of Daddy’s intoxicating fluid. Lexi sucked more of Daddy’s cock into his mouth. He caressed it with his tongue and became lost in its taste. He loved the feel of it as it throbbed inside of his mouth.Then Daddy shifted onto his side forcing his cock down Lexi’s throat. Lexi gagged a bit, but relaxed his throat and hungrily sucked on Daddy’s fully hardened love-stick. Lexi shuddered as Daddy wrapped his hand around Lexi’s wet little cock. Lexi sucked harder on Daddy’s cock as Daddy drew Lexi’s foreskin back, unsheathing the sensitive head of Lexi’s hot clit. Lexi squirmed with pleasure as Daddy ran his thumb and forefinger over the glans of Lexi’s clit. Then Daddy sucked Lexi’s clit into his mouth with one swift motion, sending Lexi into a frenzy of lust and wanting. Lexi was now sucking greedily on Daddy’s throbbing organ as Daddy’s mouth and tongue worked on Lexi’s quaking cock. They were connected as if one body. Lexi felt as if Daddy’s body had swallowed his in a cocoon of pleasure. Lexi was now mad with desire; the feel of Daddy’s mouth on his cock, the smell of sex emanating from Daddy’s loins, the live, throbbing organ in Lexi’s mouth. Lexi surrendered. He surrendered to sensation, to lust. All thought was gone from his head. There was only the sensation of the moment, the wanting, the longing for release.Release came as Daddy’s cock erupted, shooting loads of semen into Lexi’s mouth. Little piggy sounds came from Lexi’s throat as he swallowed and licked and desperately tried to capture every drop of Daddy’s juice. Lexi was out of control. He began to shudder and shake as his own cock tensed and then began spitting its love-juice into Daddy’s mouth. He had never cum like this before! Lexi was ravenous and mad with lust. Daddy inserted his fuck-finger into Lexi’s pussy sending the boy into a frenzy. As Daddy worked his clit and pussy, Lexi sucked frantically at Daddy’s cock, coaxing a second load of sperm out of Daddy’s cock.They lay there, sated, entwined in each other’s bodies. Daddy removed his finger from Lexi’s pussy and let Lexi’s shrinking member slide from his mouth. Daddy caressed and kneaded Lexi’s ass cheeks as Lexi greedily licked Daddy’s cock clean and bathed his balls with his tongue.”C’mon, baby, we have a lot to do today.” Daddy said rising from the bed. He helped the weak-kneed boy up from the bed and wrapped his meaty hand around the boy’s now flaccid cock and led him to the bathroom.They showered with Daddy bathing Lexi. His hands were on the boy continuously and when the shower was done, Daddy led him by the cock to the panty drawer in the bedroom. Daddy chose a pair of pink satin panties with lace fringe for Lexi to wear and donned a black, terry-cloth robe for himself. Daddy led Lexi by the hand to the kitchen where he had the boy make coffee and serve cereal for breakfast. Daddy sat next to Lexi, almost on top of Lexi, at the breakfast table. He kept up constant physical contact with the boy, absent-mindedly caressing his shoulders or thigh or nipples. By the time they finished breakfast, Lexi had a wet spot on the front of his panties from leaking pre-cum. Daddy was pleased. This was moving faster than he had hoped. He was breaking the boy down nicely. By the end of this day, he wanted Lexi to be a ravenous slut, existing on a totally physical level. And he wanted the boy to believe that he must obey his Daddy; that his Daddy was the only one who could care for him, protect him, use him.”That was a nice way to wake your Daddy up this morning, boy.” Max said while rubbing his thumb over Lexi’s nipple, making it hard and erect.”I . . . I couldn’t help myself, Daddy. Your cock looked and smelled so inviting; I just lost control. I . . . I had to have it.””You realize that you are acknowledging your true nature, baby.” Max asked.”My true nature, Daddy?””Yes, baby. You are a faggot, plain and simple.” Max said.”Yes, Daddy.” Lexi responded quietly.”Say it, honey.” Max ordered.”I am a faggot, Daddy.””What else are you, baby?” Max asked.”I am a cocksucker.””And?””I am a slut.””And?””I am a bitch. Daddy’s bitch.””Yes, you little sissy, you are a bitch. Tonight Daddy is going to turn you into a whore; his whore. Who do you belong to cunt?” Daddy demanded.”I belong to Daddy.” Lexi whimpered meekly.”Yes, you do. And you will obey Daddy and do whatever he demands of you, won’t you?””Yes, Daddy. Lexi will obey.””I want you to look into Daddy’s eyes and repeat after me.” Max said taking Lexi’s hands in his. As Lexi raised his head and looked into his eyes, Max stated:”I surrender myself completely to Daddy.””I surrender myself completely to Daddy.””Daddy’s will is my will.””Daddy’s will is my will.””My body belongs to Daddy.”‘My body belongs to Daddy.””My mind belongs to Daddy.””My mind belongs to Daddy.””I am not a man. I am Daddy’s boy.””I am not a man. I am Daddy’s boy.””I am a sissy.””I am a sissy.””I am a twink.””I am a twink.””I am a faggot.””I am a faggot.””Good boy.” Max exclaimed, patting Lexi on the head. “Now let’s get dressed and go shopping so my little sissy looks sexy tonight.”Shopping for ClothesMax drove them into a really seedy area of Chicago. The neighborhood was full of x-rated book stores, bars, and massage parlors. They parked on the street and Max wrapped his arm around Lexi’s waist and led him into a storefront that only had a number on the door. Inside were racks of clothes, cases of sex toys, and an area featuring everything you could ever want if you were into BDSM.”Max! So good to see you!” Said a very effeminate man sashaying toward them. “And what do we have here?” He asked looking directly at Lexi.”This is my new boy, Lexi.” Max answered proudly.”He’s very pretty.” The man said appreciatively. “He’s a real sissy, just like your other boy was. What can I do for you today, Max?””We’re going to the club tonight, Dani. I want my sissy to look sexy so every man in the place will lust after him. And I want it to be clear that he belongs to me.””Excellent! Excellent!” Dani gushed. I actually still have some of the personal items that you ordered, but never picked up in the past.””For Paula?” Max asked wistfully.”Yes, for Paula. But let’s get this little twink decked out for the evening! Come into the private fitting room.” Dani turned and walked towards a curtained-off area of the store as Max and Lexi followed. The fitting room was fairly large and featured a love-seat for Max to sit on and observe the proceedings.”Well, let’s see what we have to work with, dear?” Dani directed to Lexi who looked somewhat befuddled.”He wants you to strip, baby.” Max chuckled.Lexi hesitated a moment, then began to disrobe, finally standing naked in front of Dani and Max. He felt so self-conscious exposing himself to this gay man.”Oh yes, you are a beautiful little sissy.” Dani gushed appreciatively. “No hair on that boyish figure of yours and such beautiful skin.” Dani said as he ran his hand over Lexi’s ass. Lexi flinched and backed away. Dani looked at Max like a hurt puppy.”Lexi, you must escort elazığ let Dani touch you wherever he feels the need to. Daddy insists!” Max chuckled.”Yes, Daddy.” Lexi said, eyes downcast.”Now, do you want a boyish look for tonight or a totally feminine transformation?” Dani asked Max.”Let’s do boyish for now. We may do feminine later.” Max responded.Thirty minutes later, Lexi stood in front of the mirror transformed. He wore a pair of blue skinny jeans over his pink satin panties. They looked like they were painted on to his body. He was wearing sheer, thigh-high silk stockings under the jeans and had a pair of three inch platform heels on his feet. He was still dwarfed by his Daddy’s height, but the heels raised his backside like a girl and accentuated his tight little ass-cheeks. Lexi also wore a hot-pink t-shirt, cutoff below his pecs to expose his smooth midriff. The words “Daddy’s Slut” were emblazoned across the front of the t-shirt in sequined letters.”Yes! Yes! He’s a pretty boy!” Dani exclaimed appreciatively while running his hands over Lexi’s ass and torso and crotch. Lexi blushed and felt humiliated by the gay man ogling him. “Let’s add accessories.” Dani said excitedly and he took Lexi’s hand and led him to the BDSM section of the store. Max followed watching Lexi’s tight little ass wiggle as he attempted to walk in the platform heels.Dani pulled out a set of ankle and wrist cuffs. They were dark blue like Lexi’s skinny jeans and they were lined with pink fur. The cuffs could be used to fasten Lexi’s wrists or ankles together or to secure him to an external device. While Dani fastened the cuffs to Lexi’s wrists and ankles, Max walked over to the wall and retrieved a collar from a wall-hook. Lexi’s eyes grew wide as he looked at the words imprinted on the collar – “I AM PROPERTY OF MAX.”Max walked over to Lexi. As Max fastened the collar around the boy’s neck, Lexi shuddered as goose-bumps broke out all over his body. He went weak at the knees as the collar clicked into place. He nearly collapsed as he realized the enormity of what was happening to him. This was real! Daddy was taking possession of him! There would be no turning back! Max caught him before he hit the floor and propped him up.”Now you understand, little sissy.” Max hissed. “You belong to Daddy. You are my property; to do with as I please.” And Max attached a gold-plated leash to Lexi’s collar.Next, Dani pierced both of Lexi’s ears and inserted gold studs with the name “Max” on each. Then came a chain-link gold belt for Lexi’s waist. Links on the front were letters spelling “I BELONG TO MAX” ; and on the back, “MAX’S SLUT.”Max made a few more clothes and accessory purchases for delivery and then led Lexi out of the store by his leash. They drove in silence to Michigan Avenue – the Magnificent Mile – Chicago’s ritzy shopping area. Max had one hand on the steering wheel and the other in Lexi’s lap for the whole trip, squeezing and fondling his little prick. Max parked in a public lot and helped Lexi out of the truck. He fastened one end of Lexi’s leash to the boy’s collar and the other end to his own belt. Then Max wrapped his arm around Lexi’s waist and led him to Michigan Avenue.They walked at a leisurely pace, window shopping and occasionally going into a store. Max’s arm was around Lexi continually. Occasionally they would stop for Max to kiss his boy and Max’s hand wandered frequently down to Lexi’s ass to squeeze and caress. People stared at them. There was no doubt what Lexi was or who he belonged to. “Max” was displayed on his belt, on his collar, on his ears. By the time they stopped in a small restaurant for a light dinner, Lexi felt totally owned, totally submissive to Max. Their waiter was blatantly gay. He stared at Lexi with eyes of lust.”Your boy is very pretty.” The waiter complimented Max.”Yes, my sissy is quite a looker.” Max said proudly.Lexi couldn’t wait to get out of there. He felt a great sense of relief when Max led him to the truck for the ride to the club.Club GanymedeIt was a private club in what had been a large house just outside the city. It was named for “Ganymede,” the beautiful Greek youth in mythology who was a*****ed by the god, Zeus, and made cup-bearer to the gods. Essentially, Ganymede was male-bitch for the gods to play with and use. His club was a place for men to bring their boys and privately or publicly use them and share them. The club also had a “stock” of boys for members who were temporarily without a boy of their own.Ganymede was exclusive. You had to buy a membership. You had to prove that you were clean medically. You had to respect the other member’s property. Beyond that, there were no rules. The main floor featured a lounge with large, ornate bar and comfortable tables and booths. There was also a restaurant on the main floor serving a pricey menu. The upper floor was divided into private bedrooms that could be rented. It was a place for a man to take his boy and use him however he pleased. The lower floor, known as the “Dungeon,” contained larger private rooms for hire suitable for use by a group.The lounge was pretty full when Max and Lexi arrived. Max led his boy by his leash to the bar. Max sat on a bar stool and positioned Lexi between his legs. He wrapped his arm around Lexi with his hand resting possessively on Lexi’s crotch. The bartender sauntered over to them.”Hey, Max, long time, no see.” The bartender smiled.”Hi, Pete.” Max replied.”Who’s the twink?” Pete asked, looking appreciatively at Lexi.”This is my new sissy-boy, Lexi.” Max beamed. Lexi blushed.”He’s a real pretty boy, Max. I’m jealous.” Pete laughed. “What can I get you?””I’ll have a scotch on the rocks. Get my boy a strawberry daiquiri.””Coming right up. You want one of those new ‘cock-straws’ for your boy?””What’s a cock-straw?””Straw shaped like a cock. You got to suck the head to get anything to drink.””Where the hell did you find something like that?””Your trucker friend, Zeke. He found them at some hole-in-the-wall truck-stop, “Ruby’s”, out west. He told me where I could get them.” Zeke replied.”Zeke in town?” Max asked.”Yep. He’ll probably be in here tonight.” Pete replied.”That’ll make things easier.” Max said. “Why don’t you order me a room in the dungeon while you’re getting those drinks.”Lexi had been looking around the room during this conversation and Max had felt him snuggle closer as if for protection.”What’s the matter, honey?” Max asked.”It’s those men, Daddy. They keep staring at me.” And Lexi motioned to a booth with six rough looking men.”They’re staring at you because you’re a pretty sissy and they want to fuck you; or worse.” Max answered as he absent-mindedly stroked Lexi’s crotch. “If I took your leash off and walked away from you, they would take you and have their way with you.””No, no, please, Daddy. Don’t let them have me.” Lexi pleaded.”What does it say on your collar, honey?” Max asked the frightened boy.”I Am Property of Max.” Lexi answered.”Yes you are, slut. And the only people who will use you are those that Daddy chooses.””Daddy, that man over there.” Lexi pointed.”What about him, baby?””He works at my office.””So?””What if he sees me?” Lexi blushed.”Then he’ll know what you are. And he’ll know who you belong to.””Yes, Daddy.” Lexi said meekly.Pete delivered their drinks and Max was amused at Lexi’s lips pursed around the head of a tiny cock, sucking the pink liquid into his mouth. Then there was a small commotion at the entrance to the lounge. Zeke had arrived!Lexi looked up to see a man as large as Daddy approaching their stool. He had his arm wrapped around the shoulders of one of the prettiest girls Lexi had ever seen. She had shocking red hair that flowed down to her delicate shoulders. She wore a white, lacey blouse off of her shoulders over a green mini-skirt that barely flared out over her thighs. It looked like a skirt for a country-western dancer, but wickedly short. Sheer nylons encased her long, shapely legs and her feet were covered by spiked heels at least five inches high. But as they came closer, Lexi realized that this wasn’t a girl at all. It was a boy!”Max, you old fuck! How the hell are you?!” Zeke shouted clasping Max’s hand and shaking it vigorously. “Great to see you out in the world again!””Great to see you, too, Zeke. Who’s the little tart?””This is my girl, Chrissie. He hitched a ride on my semi and I liked him so much I fucked the manhood out of him and kept him. He needed a Daddy. Dumb bitch was hitchin’ in the middle of a snowstorm.” Zeke laughed. elazığ escort “Give uncle Max a big kiss ‘hello’.” Zeke instructed the girl.Chrissie rested on Max’s thigh opposite Lexi and wrapped her arms around Max’s neck.”Hi, Uncle Max.” She said sweetly, and then thrust her tongue into Max’s mouth.”Hey, that’s enough of that, baby. Zeke is your Daddy. Besides, looks like Max has his own little sissy.” Zeke chuckled.”I sure do. This is Lexi, my new boy.” Max said proudly.”He’s real pretty, Uncle Max.” Chrissie purred. “Can I give him a hello kiss?””Sure, baby, go ahead.” Max replied.Chrissie put her arms around Lexi’s neck and place her lips on Lexi’s. Her lips felt so soft! Lexi opened his mouth and Chrissie plunged her tongue inside. Lexi lost himself in the kiss; her soft mouth, her teasing tongue, her soft hands caressing the back of his neck. Lexi didn’t want the kiss to end.”Okay, you two, that’s enough.” Zeke chided, separating the two sissies.”I like your boy, Uncle Max.” Chrissie said breathlessly. “Daddy promised if I was good, I could fuck a boy on this trip. I want to fuck your boy, Uncle Max.””Slow down, you little bitch.” Zeke laughed and pulled Chrissie between his legs as he sat on the stool next to Max. His hand went immediately to Chrissie’s cock and began to pet and fondle it.So, what’s on the program tonight, Max?” Zeke asked.”I’m breaking Lexi. I could use your help. You game?” Max responded.”You already got a room?” Zeke asked.”Yes.””Then what are we waiting for?” Zeke said.”I’ll take the twinks down. It’s room twelve. You line up some prime prospects and we’ll begin.” Max instructed.Lexi was scared. “What’s going to happen, Daddy?” She cried.”You’re going to become my whore, honey.” And Max took Lexi’s hand and Chrissie’s hand and led them towards the dungeon.The room was dimly lit. It had a couch in it, a couple of side chairs and a funny-looking table in the center of the room. Chrissie had been through this before, so she knew what was going to happen and what her part was. Max and Chrissie sandwiched Lexi between them. Chrissie plunged her tongue into Lexi’s soft mouth while Max kissed the back of Lexi’s neck and began to undress him. In no time, Lexi was naked, except for his collar and wrist and ankle cuffs. Zeke joined them and soon he and Chrissie were kissing passionately and tearing each other’s clothes off.Then Max disrobed. He and Zeke led Lexi, quaking with fear, to the table. Zeke pressed a button that regulated the height of the table. When he was satisfied, they stretched Lexi out face down on the table. They fastened Lexi’s wrist and ankle cuffs to metal loops in the table. The center part of the table, just under Lexi’s cock slid to expose her below the waist. The parts of the table her legs rested on could be adjusted downward. Max adjusted them so that Lexi was comfortable, but vulnerable, exposed. The front of the table also slid under and in and the arm rests could be adjusted outward. Lexi was scared, and he had a frightening premonition of what was about to happen.”Zeke, check if the camera is rolling. I want all of this captured on DVD for future reference and enjoyment.”It’s on Max.””Then let’s start.” Max said.Max walked between Lexi’s legs. He took a jar of lubricant and applied it to his fuck-finger. Then he plunged the finger into Lexi’s ass. After accepting Max’s cock, the finger was nothing and Lexi actually mumbled with pleasure. Max repeated the process a few times to make sure that Lexi was fully lubed. Then he positioned his cock at the boy’s ass-hole and slid the length of it inside Lexi with one long stroke.”Oh yes, Daddy, you feel soooo good.” Lexi moaned.Before Lexi could say another word, Zeke positioned his cock at Lexi’s mouth and slid it down his throat. Lexi lay there helpless as Max fucked his ass and Zeke fucked his throat. He had experienced both of these sensations separately with Max, but now it was happening simultaneously! Zeke’s cock was throbbing in his mouth; Max’s cock was pulsating in his pussy. Then Lexi felt lips on his own cock! Chrissie was under the table, licking and sucking his hot throbbing little prick. Now Lexi was growling and mewling with uncontrolled lust. Was this heaven? Was this hell? Lexi didn’t know. He only knew he didn’t want it to stop!Then Daddy came in the boy’s pussy. Shooting huge loads of semen into the bound boy. Then Daddy slipped out. But there was another hard cock at his pussy demanding entrance. What was happening? But before Lexi could think further, Zeke shot his huge load of sperm down his throat. While he was cumming in the boy’s sweet mouth another man had slipped his cock into Lexi’s pussy and was fucking it wildly. Then Lexi’s body began to shake and spasm as his cock emptied its load into Chrissie’s mouth under the table!Zeke slipped his cock out of Lexi’s mouth. Lexi wanted to cry out; to ask what was happening! But another cock was at his lips and slipping down his throat. Out of the corner of his eye, Lexi could see Daddy seated in one of the cushy dungeon chairs taking cash from naked men who were lined up, waiting their turn.Lexi lost track of how many times he had been fucked in the ass and mouth. He stopped counting after eight in each end. Were some of them repeats? Who knew? At about the eighth fuck, Lexi’s mind went blank. There was only feeling and lust. Semen oozed from his mouth and pussy. He emitted a****l sounds from his throat. He felt the cocks spasming inside of him, emptying their loads of cum. And every now and then, he felt Chrissie coaxing more semen from his exposed clit.Then, it was over. Daddy, Zeke, and Chrissie were the only ones left in the room. Zeke and Chrissie released Lexi from his bonds and removed his wrist and ankle cuffs. Lexi could barely walk, but Chrissie helped him stumble into the bathroom and cleaned him up. Then Chrissie led him back into the dungeon room.”Daddy, I didn’t get to fuck, Lexi.” Chrissie pouted. “And you promised.””You can fuck Lexi now, on the couch.” Max instructed as he smiled lasciviously at Lexi and counted his money. “The men had to pay, because Lexi is a whore. But you get to use her free, Chrissie, because Zeke is my friend.”Chrissie led an unresisting Lexi to the couch and had him kneel. Then Chrissie gently pushed Lexi down, his head on the couch cushion, his ass sticking up in the air. Chrissie was hard with anticipation. She positioned her little cock at the entrance to Lexi’s ass and plunged in without lubricant.”Ohhhhhh!” Lexi cried in pain as Chrissie violated his ass. Chrissie fucked him hard and wild, slapping his ass frequently and screaming obscenities. His little cock bobbing in and out of Lexi’s pussy.”Cunt! Whore! Bitch! Faggott! Ahhhhh!” Chrissie screamed as she climaxed shooting her loads of cum into Lexi.Max and Zeke were already dressed, but they had pulled their cocks out and jacked off watching Chrissie fuck Max’s new boy. Chrissie collapsed on top of Lexi, her cock still impaled in the boy’s pussy.”I think Lexi is truly broke in now, Max. Chrissie, the boy’s had enough. Clean up the both of you and bring him up to the bar.” Zeke instructedChrissie did as instructed. She cleaned the boy and dressed him. Then she took Lexi by the hand and led him upstairs to where Max and Zeke waited in a booth enjoying drinks. There were daiquiris waiting for Chrissie and Lexi. Chrissie sat on Zeke’s lap and Max pulled Lexi to his lap.”So, Chrissie, how did you like fucking a boy?” Zeke asked playfully.”It was nice, Daddy, but I like it better when I’m being fucked by you.” Chrissie smiled mischievously.”That’s the right answer, hon.” Zeke chuckled and plunged his tongue into Chrissie’s sweet mouth.Lexi was sitting quietly on Max’s lap, his head on the man’s shoulder. He had not touched his drink.”See all this money.” Max waved a fistful of dollar bills at Lexi. “I got this because I let men fuck you. What does that make you?””A whore, Daddy.” Lexi whimpered pathetically.”Damn right, you are. You want me to sell you to more men?””Please no, Daddy. I only want you to fuck me.” Lexi whined, tears forming in the corner of his eyes.”You’ve learned your lesson. I have absolute power over you. You belong to me. I can do whatever I want with you. Let’s go home now.”Max got up and took Lexi’s hand. He helped him out of the booth and lifted him into his arms carrying him to his truck for the journey home.** Please note, I am NOT the author of this story, nor do I claim any credit for writing it. The author is oskarwild and I am a fan of their stories. I simply appreciate the excellent story and thought I would share it with the community. That said, I would love to experience this, so if you are a Master that would enjoy inflicting this upon me, please get in touch. Thank you, Sir **

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