Friends with Benifits

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Friends with BenifitsFriends with BenefitsBy: Londebaaz ChohanSometimes there are things happening without much of a reason. Maybe it was one of those things that Anthony Kraal was having fantasies of sexual experience with another man. He was not gay, he was not bisexual. Never a guy walking down the street had turned him on but the idea of being in the bed with another man and get naked to experience all the things men are not supposed to experience, turned him on like his life depended on it. It was hard to say but since the last year he was turned to his bisexual fantasies during the masturbation and even when he was sexing with his girlfriend. He thought and tend to believe, somebody was responsible for these feelings in him but he could not say it because of many reasons and first of all it was his belief and not a 100 % fact that the person he thought was actually the reason.His very, very close and maybe the only friend Marcus, recently had moved out to another State because of his job. It was the farewell time, Tony and Marcus were doing some bar hopping in the busy downtown area, when they passed by an adult bookstore. They were both pretty drunk and for the lack of better judgement to think of doing anything better, they decided to go in the adult bookstore. To be honest Tony had been there alone in the past but never with Marcus or anybody else. Inside, they moved around together looking at different movies and magazines. They were acting kind of like the youngsters, giggling at the huge breasts and abnormally big penises displayed. Walking back to the booths, Marcus admitted that he could use seeing a good flick for masturbation and hard, strong ejaculation. Tony had been to the bookstore before and in the booth as well. Watching a video and masturbation was not new to him but he had never talked of it to Marcus ever. They took the tokens and went in the dark and dim lighted area in the back. After having a look at the movies, they went into different booths, opposite from each other across the hall.Soon Tony was watching a scene involving two women who were having a go at it and he got pretty horny, decided to take out his penis and jerk off. Watching two plump women made Tony to stroke himself into frenzy and in about 10 minutes he had a very strong orgasm to ejaculate his load. After putting himself back in the pants, he exited the booth and waited by the corner for Marcus to come out of his booth. As Marcus came out smiling, he asked Tony, if he enjoyed as much as Marcus did and off loaded his male juice. Thinking of having some fun with his friend, Tony quickly answered, “What are you talking about”? “Oh come on man, you mean, you really did not jerk off”? Marcus was getting curious. Getting embarrassed, Tony shifted the onus back on Marcus and said, “You must have watched a better movie than I did”! Just as a joke, he pushed Marcus to a side, went back to his booth and opened the door to have a look, what Marcus had been watching. If Tony was getting embarrassed when Marcus asked him, if he masturbated or not, now he was embarrassed to the core when he saw a gay movie still running. The scene 2 young men wrapped on each other in 69 position and sucking the best. When he came back to the corner, he thought, Marcus would be waiting but Marcus was not there. He thought something for a while, giving him many perverted ideas but then he came to senses and exited the store to look for Marcus. It was Marcus, who was driving tonight. He was glad to see Marcus waiting for him by his car. With lot of concern in his voice, he asked Marcus, “Why you left”?Marcus responded slightly cold, “Why do you think”? Tony knew, Marcus was extremely ashamed and mad too and he had to do whatever possible to control the damage. “It is ok man, I do not care what video you were watching”!“Yeah now you know and may have some ideas coming to your mind. Come on, let us go home”. Marcus said as he entered the car from the driver side and Tony came around to the passenger side. During the drive home, Tony quickly added that he did not care what Marcus was into. For Tony he was his best friend and that was all what mattered to him and he did not want to lose the friend or the friendship. Marcus smiled and said, “You really do not care if I watched a gay porn and got off”? Tony instantly jumped and replied, “I am not judging nor I am concerned about that and yes I also jerked off and got unloaded too”. Marcus looked in his eyes, smiled and drove on. Then for quite a while they drove in silence but Tony was thinking of his discovery and if an idea was also planted in his mind for a fantasy. He was also marveling, what was it about the movie that got Marcus’ blood rambling so hot. He could not control himself and said, “Can I ask you something”?“Oh, O!” Marcus was already defensive as he sounded his concern.“No friend, don’t be defensive. I only wanted to know, what it was about the sex with another man that makes it so interesting for you”. Tony asked.Marcus pulled the car over to the side of the street and put it in Park before looking at Tony. “Friend, believe it or not, I am not gay or a bi at all. I have never slept with another man, I have never had sex with another man”. He paused for a sec and then continued, “It is the mystery of sex. To me sometimes it is extremely potent watching two women having sex to turn me on”. He laughed, put the car in drive and pulled on into the traffic. “I promise, I would not come onto you”. He said, laughed even louder, “Unless you want me to”. He added and kept going. For the rest of the drive home, they both k**ded each other for being gay, until Marcus pulled in Tony’s driveway to drop him off.After that night, they never said a word about that night. Marcus had gone away but Tony never got the idea out of his mind, planted by Marcus. He iskenderun escort wanted to experience it first hand and one night went back to the book store. Got the tokens and sat in the booth to watch a gay movie. It opened up with two guys sucking each other’s erection. Soon Tony was using his hand to the rhythm of their mouths. Both guys were very hot and moaning lustily. Maybe 5 minutes or less, one of the guy held the other guy’s head as he got hit with his orgasm. The man sucking, removed his mouth and gave some serious pumping to the other man’s penis to make him cum and the next scene was almost a gallon of cum gushing out of the monumental sized cock and balls into the sucking man’s mouth.Watching all this made Tony extremely horny and hard. He could not believe it was happening to him but it could not be denied. In the next movie, as Tony kept on jerking along, the scene showed a man licking the pre cum right from the cock hole of his partner. Tony got an idea, looked down to see his own juice drops dripping. Quite naturally, he tasted his own to find himself more aroused and he shot his load with a lot of fury. He caught most of his nectar on his hand and licked his hand to find the delicious taste and soon his hand was all clean.For the next almost a year, he was consumed by his curiosity and watched hundreds of gay videos and photographs on the internet. So much so that he had used his girlfriend’s vibrator on himself.About a week ago, Marcus had called Tony and told him that he had taken couple of days before the weekend of the coming month. He wrote the dates to make it clear and asked Tony, if he could come and stay with him. Tony also took the said days off and luckily, Tony’s girlfriend had to go to her mother for that whole week and Tony was all alone at home and they could pretty much enjoy the long weekend hanging out, doing whatever they wanted. Tony had a lot of thoughts and possibilities in his mind to do in town. Tony also wanted to share his newfound commonality with Marcus but only face to face when they sat with each other to see his expressions and also the exact impressions as a response. Tony picked up Marcus from the town bus station and headed back home. In the house, his things were put in the guest room and Tony left him to be comfortable before the dinner, take a shower or whatever.For the dinner, Tony took Marcus to a steak house for sumptuous dinner and drinks. Later they walked into one of their favorite bars and sat their late talking about their jobs and life happenings. At the end of the night, in the home they sat with their favorite scotch in the sofa toasting the friendship and clinking their glasses. Marcus yelled out loud, “To the best friends forever” and Tony thought it was the now or never moment. He wanted to bring out and share his experience out in open to share. He was also very scared that during the past year almost if Marcus had changed his views about being with a man, it shall ruin the whole weekend but Mr. Johnny Walker and his own horniness made him decide to push on. “What about something even more than the best friends”. Said Tony but he could feel himself choke and only a slight whisper came out. Marcus kind of choked on his drink and looked curiously at Tony and asked him, what he meant?Remember in the adult porno store, when I looked and saw that you were watching the gay video? Marcus suddenly flared and asked Tony, why he had to bring it up now?Tony reached and placed his hand on Marcus’ knee saying, “Relax buddy and do not be defensive. I just wanted to know if you still remembered that”. “Yeah, I remember that but why”? Marcus was still doubtful while Tony was fully ready for the damage control. “Well, after you were gone, I just could not get it out of my mind and decided to go back and have an experience myself”. He explained.Marcus was quiet and waiting for much more until he heard Tony saying that he kept going to watch gay movies and found them extremely hot to turn him on. Marcus raised his glass to finish his drink a bit late than his eyebrows saying, “And….. “!Tony was already blushing and there was sweat on his forehead. He knew, he must say it all now. “I have been back there several times. I even masturbate thinking about it and cum extremely hard”. He also raised his glass and finished it. Marcus got up and asked if He needed another one and Tony gave him his glass to pour another one for both and before settling back, asked Tony, “What are you saying”?“Here it is for all truth”, Tony spoke. “I want to try it and the way I see it, there is nobody else but you, I want to do it with”. He further added that they were friends for many years to trust and if Marcus still had the same ideas, he would explore it with him only.“Let us think over it for the night and if you still feel the same in the morning, when the alcohol effect is over we shall happily give it a try”. Marcus suggested. Tony took it as a refusal and felt dejected but what could he do and they split to go to their bedrooms. “I have thought it over for almost a year, I want you to know”. Tony added as they turned opposite ways in the corridor. In his room, Tony was very sure that Marcus had changed his thoughts and it will surely put an end to their friendship as well, as he dozed off to sleep. He was very unhappy; after all, it was Marcus who put this in his head in the first place, he could say out loud now. He was sleeping but not a really deep sleep when it felt some kind of knock on his bedroom door. “Hey Tony, are you awake”? Tony sat up quickly in the bed, “Yeah, what’s up”?Marcus opened the door and asked if he could come in and Tony of course allowed him to come in but apologizing that he made some untoward suggestion, not knowing that Marcus was not interested. Marcus sat on the Tony’s bed. Tony escort iskenderun had only a sheet covering him in the bed. Marcus placed his hand on Tony’s inner thigh saying, no! It was not that he was not interested, he was worried about damaging the friendship. Tony leaned back a bit and looked at him, hardly seeing the outline of his face in the darkness. “Marcus, I also do not want our friendship to suffer at all and asked you only because we are the best friends. If I have to experience it, it is to be with you only because I trust you and know, none of us will turn to be an enemy tomorrow”. As Tony gave another long reason, his hand had come to rest on Marcus’ knee to realize, he was not wearing his pants but did not know if he had anything on. His thumb was in a slight rubbing motion on his skin and his thumb had also started to move on Tony’s leg.“You did mention about what you have been fantasizing for the last year but you have also to know, how much and how intensely have I been fantasizing but now as we both know, where we stand and we surely do not want to damage our friendship, I must make a request”. Tony was hearing very attentively and suddenly his heart sank once again, hearing of some request and he could only say, “Anything”!! “My fantasies have been mostly about taking care of you and satisfy you”. Marcus spoke with a lot of confidence. “I do not want to fuck or be fucked, I want you to make love to me”.“Oh, sure. That’s the best it could be between two of us”. Tony could only say with the joy blasting inside him.Marcus continued to stroke his thumb on Tony’s knee but now he was also squeezing the area with his hand. “I want you to have sex with me as you do with your sweetheart girlfriend, starting with kissing”. He erased all suspicions. Tony sat up straight in the bed, reached up to find his face and placed a big wet kiss on his lips as they leaned over a bit. Marcus opened up to receive Tony’s tongue in his mouth for both tongues to mingle and dance freely. Tony felt a tingle run from Marcus’ tongue into his body and exploding in his groin. In very few minutes both were completely loosened and their kissing had become very intense and passionate. They sucked each other’s lips and tongues with lust and fervor. Marcus broke the kiss and Tony moaned to show his displeasure but soon Marcus was kissing his neck, moving his tongue in odd circles on the young skin and alternating it with the ear lobe. Then he moved back to the neck with full force, playfully lip biting there. As his warm breath worked on Tony’s upper body, his cock had become extremely hard, making Tony worried to break it if he did not change his position soon. O’ fuck! His fantasy was coming true as he felt Marcus’ stubble brushing against his skin as Marcus moved his mouth lower to explore different parts of Tony’s body. Tony raised his face once again for a quick kiss and planted his mouth on his as they began twirling their tongues once again. With Tony’s hand gliding on the naked silky soft skin, he found the impressive sized nipples on Marcus with some hair growth around them. He moved up on Marcus and began twirling, tweaking, kissing and playing hard with those nipples. Tony was getting more and more aroused and turned on by the second and his cock was getting even more anxious than him to do his job.Marcus gently pushed Tony back on the bed and dropped himself over him with his legs between Tony’s legs. Marcus’ crotch was on Tony’s hip and pushing hard against Tony’s swollen dick. As they began the kissing once again, Tony was loving the feel of Marcus’ weight on his body and Tony’s cock almost wedging into Marcus’ belly. Tony let his hands slide down his strong back to reach his ass balloons feeling the flimsy cotton of his boxers. Tony grabbed his one cheek in his both hands and squeezed it, even tried to pull it apart from the other. Marcus moaned with pleasure whispering, “It is better than I had expected”. “Tony yelled from under that he loved it, “I love to feel you on top of me”. Tony pushed his hand on Marcus’ hip and then between the both bodies to feel Marcus. He had never seen Marcus naked and had no idea what his penis looked like but he could feel it inside the fabric. He seemed very average sized and very stiff. Tony loved to feel him hard in his hand. Tony tried to trace the cock but could not get an idea, how it felt due to the position of his hand roaming fast between balls and the cock slit. Finally, he asked Marcus to let him feel his cock.Marcus rolled over quickly onto his back and his hand plunged inside Tony’s underwear and he exclaimed, “Oh, you are so hard. Though, I had never felt another man but this is what I had always expected”. Marcus complemented Tony. Marcus had taken Tony’s finger in his mouth to suck on it and he was also playing with Tony’s cock and balls in his hands. Tony was feeling the firmness of his stomach and also continued to hook his fingers in the waistband of his boxers till his hand slid inside and brushed his hard penis. His eager fingers quickly wrapped around the hard shaft and began slow stroking him. Tony only paused to grope his balls to discover his balls were also clean shaved like his pubes. Tony had always trimmed his pubes but clean shaved his balls. It made him feel so turned on and his cock began jumping with joy and eagerness to continue onto the next play while Tony marveled the feeling of Marcus’ penis in his hand and his smooth sack. Now Marcus pushed Tony back on the bed a bit forcefully and coming to his knees, he hooked Tony’s waistband and very skillfully pulled it off to make Tony lay there naked. Slowly then he whispered to Tony, “I want to make you cum”. He was not asking for permission so Tony did not respond and Marcus came down straight to Tony’s cock with his mouth open. Leaning iskenderun escort bayan on one elbow between Tony’s legs, Marcus held the serpent in his hand and began to stroke it and then soon Tony felt the hot breath on his shaft and thigh. A warm wet tongue was soon wrapped around his skin, kissing, sucking it and licking his balls to make him lost in the ecstasy to an exotic place that he never wanted to leave. Then Marcus laid Tony’s penis back on his body and replaced his hands with his tongue for service roaming his scrotum, onto the shaft and then back to the balls gently sucking the balls one by one for a while, even rolling them with his tongue.Marcus was still wearing his boxer but Tony’s fingers easily slid into the leg opening and held him in his hand and then looking for easy access, slowly almost ripped the boxers off Marcus’ legs holding him back in his grip.“Oh Tony, it feels so good”. Marcus muttered.“Oh Marcus, you feel so nice in my hand”. Tony said in response.Marcus was still licking Tony’s balls and the shaft. Each time his wet tongue brushed the cock tip, Tony shivered. He wanted Marcus to suck him and he asked, “Please Marcus, take me in your mouth”. Marcus lifted his erection into his hot mouth, engulfing it all. “Yes buddy, it feels so naughty and pleasing as well. Please suck me hard, make me feel the pressure build up in my balls for the rush to off load”. Tony begged.Marcus in his own mind was thinking if it was possible for him to take Tony’s dick in his ass but he was there to give it a try. Everything was going so nice and there was no reason to back up at this point. Tony moaned as he felt Marcus suck him, sending strong impulses run amok throughout his body. He wanted to fuck.With helping maneuvers, soon Marc was on his knees and shoulders. His face was buried in the pillows and naked ass was raised high up, so vulnerable and helpless. “Please do not fuck me, make love to my ass”, Tony heard Marcus the second time. Ever since Tony had learned to be naked he had learned to fuck and he had never made love with his girlfriend. She had always asked him to fuck her, fuck her harder, fuck her more. Fuck her deeper, fuck her more and fuck her rough, fuck her more and more. She needed to be fucked and Tony only knew ‘Fucking’ for all the sex he knew. Marcus poked his ass out as far as it would go. Tony could not hear well but it sounded as if Marcus asked him to eat his ass first. He moved behind Marcus, mesmerized by his beautiful ass and went to work, licking his crack. Marcus’ hole opened very slightly, giving Tony the chance to slip his tongue inside. Marcus shuddered and moaned with pleasure melting in his ass as Tony smacked his ass cheek hard and the sound echoed in the room. Marcus was opening up as Tony kept slipping his tongue as well as the fingers deeper into his hole and getting it ready to soon push his dick inside that hole. The male aroma blasting in that ass was keeping Tony linger on there.Feeling Marcus dilated enough but still tight for the pleasure fucking, Tony gripped his hips, targeted his asshole with his dickhead and counted to three quietly before ramming his way in his ass with one swift thrust. “Oh fuck, yesses”. The whole body of Marcus shivered and he pounded his fist against the mattress and banged his head on the headboard, saying that he loved it. Tony gently slipped out of his warm tight ass and then ran his dick inside his ass again. “Yes Tony, work my ass gently”, making Tony wonder if this was what Marcus thought gently, no less than tearing him up, butchering his ass would be considered a pleasure fucking, by him. Tony kept on fucking Marcus without mercy. His ass was feeling like a moist oven on Tony’s cock and it was a pure pleasure of heaven as Marcus clamped his ass on Tony’s dick to conform to the shape of Tony’s hard swollen cock.“Aahh fuck, your dick feels so good. Push it all the way in, deep to the end”. Marcus was changing his tune and then out of nowhere, Tony growled like an a****l, “Fuck me and rip me open”. He was shoving the fistful of bedsheet in his mouth either to increase the joy in his ass or to reduce the pain caused by the brutal fucking cock of Tony. Tony was loving the way Marcus talked while he worked Marcus’ ass.“You have got the best fucking dick, Tony”! Marcus complemented Tony. “Oh God! I love your dick”.“I thought, you did not like getting fucked”! Tony thrusted the deepest and the hardest to tease him and Marcus groaned intensely, “I do, I do, please fuck me”.Tony kept plowing into him again and again, enjoying the screams of Marcus.“Oh Tony, I love your cock, oh God, don’t stop fucking me now. You feel so fucking good fucking my ass”!!“You also feel very good getting fucked by my cock, being wrapped so tight on my dick. I am going to cum in your ass so hard that you will feel it bursting up your ass and out of your fucking face, mouth, eyes, nose and more”. “Yeah, Tony please do it”. Marcus appreciated the idea. “I am going to fuck you always this hard for my selfish sex and egoistic benefits”. Tony gave his true feelings and jammed his full 8’’ length inside Marcus and began to swirl and sway in his asshole crushing the walls of his ass tunnel. “Your ass is going to swallow my juice”. Tony told Marcus and his dick exploded in Marcus’ ass and the young healthy liquid fire began rapidly flowing like an oil rig had broken inside his ass. “Aaaaaahhhhh!!! Marcus sighed long with a deep feeling of heat. Soon as euphoria came to an end, Tony rolled Marcus over on his back and put his mouth on the Faggot Marcus’ dick and in less than 30 seconds, Marcus also pumped his boiling brew into Tony’s tummy, which he swallowed quickly enjoying the heat in his stomach, wasting none. They laid there quietly for almost half an hour, perhaps contemplating, what to say.Marcus looked over at Tony, at his grinning face. His larger dick was beginning to grow hard again as they both yelled in unison, “Friends with benefits”. “Forever” Marcus completed the thought.The End. Your comments help me to write better to entertain you. Londebaaz Chohan June 28, 2020.

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