For One Night Only

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I’d always thought sex with an ex was a big no no, been there done that right? Well that was until I ran into my ex at a party, it had been a few years since I’d seen him and while I had changed quite a lot he was exactly the same, thinking he was god’s gift to women, attractive, sexy, dangerous and a damn good shag. Now I’ll admit it was some of these elements that had attracted me to him in the first place, he still had the muscular build of his early twenties and that twinkle in his bright blue eyes, but I was well aware that despite a fairly adequate penis his bedroom skills were based purely around his own enjoyment and he had the commitment skills of a tom cat. I, on the other hand had definitely grown since he’d last seen me, my brown hair dyed blonde, my originally large breasts now swelling to a delicious G cup, I was slimmer than I had been, toned, tanned and brimming with the increased confidence this had given me, more importantly the time we’d spent apart had taught me more than a few new tricks for the bedroom.

As I’d entered the party I’d had no intention of sharing any of my new-found sexual freedom with this man, but the way he prowled round as if he ruled the room was really starting to get to me, besides that he seemed to think he was in with a pretty good chance of pulling the sweet innocent girl from years ago if he couldn’t get anything better. While a sober version of me would have taken great delight in turning him down in front of a crowd, the bottle and a half of wine that I’d drunk were starting güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to play magical games with my logic, and so I decided to have a little fun while showing this guy just what he’d been missing.

As the party progressed I saw him focus on a young, rough looking girl but soon managed to get in between them, talking to her about the music playing while giving him a good look down my tight black dress. It wasn’t long before I felt his hand on my ass and a whisper in my ear that maybe we should get to know each other again somewhere as little more private. He seemed genuinely surprised when I accepted straight away but my mind was more focused on the growing wetness of my pussy and the thoughts of what I would have this guy doing to me very very soon.

We made our way up the stairs and found an empty room, he tried to follow the same pattern as we had always used before, obviously a man who liked his routine, but I was certainly not in the mood for a once-a-week with the lights off shag. Catching him off guard I threw him onto the bed and began unfastening his jeans, his hardening cock pressing against the fabric of his boxers. He murmured something about me taking my clothes off, but I had other plans, I licked the head of his big hard cock, slowly at first, just gently flicking it with my tongue, until his hand was on my head, forcing me down, taking in his whole length. I managed to shake off his hand and alternated sucking and licking his hard cock, bringing him close güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to orgasm and then stopping completely.

I stood up and smiled at his confused face, then took a few steps back, sliding the zip of my dress down, then pulling it off, his grin widening as it dropped to the floor. Standing there in my bra, thong and suspenders I knew I’d surprised him.

“Fuck me” he whispered gently. I just laughed, “You think you deserve me?” With that he was off the bed, his strong muscular arms wrapping round me, picking me up and carrying me over to the bed, then kneeling before me and burying his head in my pussy. He licked and sucked roughly at first, naive and insensitive, but it didn’t take long to calm his young curious nature. I was soon guiding his movements with my hands, telling him exactly what I wanted him to do, and as his tongue flickered over my clit I knew he was starting to get the hang of it. I was enjoying the sensation of his hot tongue on my cunt but was keen to have my tight little pussy filled by his big hard cock. Pushing his head away from my crotch and pulling him onto the bed I straddled him feeling the closeness of his body to mine.

“So do you want me baby?” He nodded eagerly, but I wasn’t giving in that easily, enjoying teasing him, making him wait, just as I had waited years for this moment, waiting to prove to this man that I could be more than any other girl he’d experienced. Instead I dipped my head and started kissing his chest, running my hands güvenilir bahis şirketleri over his torso at the same time, gradually working my way down until my lips were do close to his cock he could feel my breath, then with one swift lick over his tip I began working my way up again, my hot lips finding his neck, kissing, sucking and biting as my breasts teased his chest.

By this time my pussy was soaking wet and I knew I could wait no longer, with no warning I forced myself down onto his throbbing cock as he let out a small gasp. I watched in delight as his eyes rolled back in his head while I rode that hard cock, rocking and thrusting, forcing him deeper and deeper inside me. As I picked up the pace he pulled a pillow over his face to muffle his cries,

“Had enough already baby?” I coaxed, and somewhere under the pillow I could just make out the shake of a head, but instead of carrying on I turned around, so all he could see was my back and began rolling my hips, slow and hard against his cock, as the groans from behind me grew louder I gave his balls a gentle stroke before moving my attention to my own desperate clit, rubbing round and occasionally slipping a few fingers into my wet cunt along with his stiff dick.

I felt his hands grip my hips and start thrusting me more violently onto his waiting cock, I felt my own fingers on my clit moving faster and faster in time with his thrusting, until we both came with deep intense shudders. I waited, still on top of him for a few moments before standing up and gathering my clothes. He looked satisfied, but somewhat disappointed as I pulled my dress back on, my pussy still feeling the contractions of my orgasm. “Hey – come back” he called softly, I had no answer but to throw his t-shirt at him and walk out of the room, knowing that I would never see him again.

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