For My Ultimate Sinner

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I blush when I think of you. Remembering the feel of your body against mine. How your tongue leaves a glistening trail on my belly, before plunging into my pussy. The way your cock twitches against my open lips.

Leaning back on the bed, I close my eyes and picture us. The way we were just this morning, frantic for each other. Pinching my nipples, the memory of your mouth devouring them still fresh in my mind. As I move my hand down to the stud in my belly button, I feel your tongue licking and teasing it. A tiny moan escapes my lips, as I bury my hand into my pussy. Already wet and hot, as I replay in my head our time together.

We had little time to be together this morning. Yet neither of us planned to get so hot for each other so fast. I started teasing you, climbing into your lap and wriggling around.

“Hey!” you laughed. “Just what do you think you’re bahis firmaları doing?”

“Just getting comfortable baby.” I innocently replied. “So we can talk, eye to eye.”

“Lips to lips.” You whispered, before pressing your lips to mine.

Our kisses always started out gentle. Taking the time to taste each other, and gaze into each other’s eyes. This morning, though, we were so hungry for each other. My tongue sought out the moist warmth of your mouth, dancing around your tongue. I sucked on your lower lip, as your hands moved down my body.

Remembering that kiss, I plunge my fingers deeper into my pussy. I lick my lips, and begin to tease my clit with my thumb. Pressing hard, moving my thumb in circles around it. Squirming on the bed, I conjure the image of your cock entering my pussy. I flick my clit with my thumb, as my two fingers move in and out of kaçak iddaa my cunt. I can hear your voice in my ear, whispering your excitement to me. That soft southern drawl sending shivers down my spine.

“Oh god baby.” You moaned into my ear. “I’ve been wanting you for so long.”

Groaning as I slid your cock into my pussy, I moved slowly down. Letting it fill me up. Taking it all in. My breasts pressed against your chest; nipples hard and tender. Trembling as you growl in my ear. My pussy clamped tight around your hard, thick shaft.

“Yes my love.” I whispered into your ear. “Let me feel your pleasure.”

Moving slowly up and down your cock; our bodies were slick with sweat. The pace became more frantic. I was nipping at your neck, and your hands were grabbing my ass, moving me down your shaft. I could feel the passion building within me. Knowing how close kaçak bahis I was to cumming, you slowly inserted your finger into my rosebud. Causing me to thrash and grind against your cock.

“Ahhh yess baby!” I screamed. “I’m going to cum for you baby.”

My body convulsed against you, as my orgasm took over. Shuddering, I threw my head back and screamed your name. It was all you needed to send you over the edge. Biting my neck, you let go of all control. Your cock pulsed inside me, shooting your cum into me; filling me up. Juices were running down your cock, both of us shaking as we came together. We whimpered, and kissed each other as the waves subsided.

Now, as my fingers fuck my pussy, my clit swollen and hard, I remember our orgasm. I rub harder, biting my lip as I picture your face. Seeing the look of ecstasy as you came. Arching my back, muscles tense, I feel my orgasm begin; waves overcoming my body. Trembling, as my hand, slick with juice, brings me to orgasm. I call out your name; wanting you here with me. Calling you back Sinner. Wanting you and ready for you as always.

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