Flatmate Catches Me

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I used to live with a girl called laura, we weren’t a couple, I just happened to have moved in with her. She was absolutely gorgeous, she had very long hair which went over her amazing breasts, they were fantastic. She was also very curvy but had the flatest stomach. We got comfy enough that we could walk about without very much on but never so comfy as to be naked around each other.

One lazy afternoon I was lying on the sofa in nothing but my comfy PJ bottoms whilst she was in her room watching shite telly, I was feeling pretty frisky but didn’t want to move about much so I put the laptop on top of my stomach and decided to have a look at , I would have a nice slow wank to while away the afternoon, teasing myself over a couple of hours before finishing with a flourish. It wouldn’t look like I was looking at or watching porn if laura came through but the thought of playing with myself when she was in the other room was a bit of a turn on.

I lay down and started reading. Before long I was really hard and started to touch myself through my bottoms, the more I read the more horny I became, my body started to grind on the sofa a little and my breathing became a bit more noticable. Suddenly there was a voice behind me.

“Whatcha doin’?” She said in her chirpy happy way. I got startled and sat bolt upright on the sofa, the laptop covering my erection. Before I even had the chance to say anything she jumped onto the settee and sat beside me, looking at my screen with her arm almost around me, she was extrememly close to me and I could feel her breast pressing into my naked chest. She was wearing loose PJ bottoms and a tight t-shirt with no bra.

I simply couldn’t react! I couldn’t say anything! canlı bahis I just looked at her and after a while I looked back at the screen myself. Once she realised what i was reading she said “Ooo, this is good” and continued to read. I read with her, I could smell her, her face was close to mine and I noted that she had moved closer into me. Her hand started to move across her thighs and over to my stomach, moving in circles and slowly going down, her other hand had landed on my shoulder, her fingers slowly and softly stroking my bare skin.

Without taking her eyes of the screen she slowly moved her hand inside my bottoms and found my hard cock, i stifled a small moan as soon as she touched it, it was electric. She moved her hands around it softly and expertly, enjoying the touch of it. I slid the laptop further down my knees and slipped my bottoms down freeing my hard member, as soon as I did, her hand gripped around me and her thumb deftly circled around the tip sending a shiver down my spine.

She turned to me and said wickedly; “Look, she’s giving him a brilliant blowjob…” With a smile her lips moved towards mine and we kissed, when she pulled away she kissed my chin, then my neck, chest, stomach before moving down. She kissed the tip of my cock a couple of times then took the whole thing in her mouth. Her tongue worked wonders on me, I was in heaven. My hand that was resting on her back moved around her and I touched her amazing breasts, playing with the nipples through the material of her t-shirt. She continued to suck me off, moaning every now and then. I could feel my cock vibrating in her mouth everytime she moaned. I wanted to come, I had already turned myself on so much before she came bahis siteleri through, now I was ready to explode! My body stiffened and I had the most amazing and intense orgasm. When I came round she was kissing the tip of my penis tenderly. I pulled her up and kissed her, “That was fucking incredible!”.

She smiled and looked towards the laptop, “So what other stories are there then…?

We browsed about a bit until she saw a story she liked the look of and we started reading it. I gave her the laptop and put my arm around her, my other hand softly teasing her erect nipples through her t-shirt while we read. Soon I was kissing her neck, moving my hand down her flat stomach and teasing with the string on her PJ bottoms. In one movement she removed her top, exposing her magnificant breasts. My lips went slowly from her neck down to her nipples, she let out a gasp as my tongue moved over them.

“I’m so fucking wet”

Her hand reached for my cock again but I wanted to do something else. Without interrupting her reading I moved laura onto her back and placed the laptop on her stomach. My hands went to her hips and I slid off her bottoms and g-string. I kissed all the way up her legs, slowly seperating them, spending a lot of time kissing the inside of her thighs. I could see her pussy, it was shaved and glistening. I blew on it softly and she seemed to shudder slightly, moaning. I couldn’t see much of her but I noticed that her hand was laying idly over her breasts.

I kissed her gently between the legs, pausing for a moment before my tongue reached out and teased against her clit. Her back arched and then she pushed herself towards my mouth. I teased some more – enjoying the moment – before bahis şirketleri the flat of my tongue pressed against her pussy. My hands moved up and down her thighs as her body moved against my mouth. She moaned louder and louder. Before long she had put the laptop down on the floor and started watching me go down on her, our eyes met before an expression of pleasure washed over her face and she moved her head back and let out a sexy groan. She moved her hands onto my head, pulling at my hair and directing me.

“Oh god yes!” She screamed “Oh fuck!”. My hands moved up around her hips, under her arms and over her breasts, her sounds becoming more intense as I played with them. I started to moan into her, causing my tongue to vibrate on her clit. “Oh god, oh my fucking god! I want your cock! I want you inside me!”. My member stiffened at the thought. I decided to fuck her with my tongue, moving it inside her as far as I could get it, she moved further into me, willing it to fuck her. I moved my left hand away from her breasts, down her stomach, around her hips and slowly over her arse, holding the cheek firmly. I took it round her thigh and in between her legs. My tongue started to concentrate on her clit again as my finger teased her opening. she responded, moaning louder, her hand holding her head, she started to bite into her arm in ectascy as my finger moved slowly inside her. “Fuck!” my tongue played with her clit whilst the tip of my finger rubbed against her g-spot. Suddenly her back arched, her body stiffened and she let out a scream; “Yes! Yes! Oh fuck yes!”

I rested my tongue on her clit, not moving, watching her breath deeply, entranced by her breasts moving up and down in front of me. She took a while to recover, I started kissing her thighs again and worked my lips all the way up her body. When I got to her lips she kissed me passionately, holding me against her body.

That was the start of a VERY good night…

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