First time with a guy I met on fabguys

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First time with a guy I met on fabguysA few years ago after many years of watching gay porn I started chatting online to other men, the conversations and roleplays I had about sucking cock and getting fucked always got me hot and I always came hard.One day a guy asked to Skype me, I gave him my user name and he called me almost straight away, we both only had our bodies on show. But I noticed he was quite a bit older than me and dominant with his words he told me to show my ass, spank and finger myself which I did then he asked me if had anything to use on my arse.. I used my gf dildo lubed it up, then got on all fours. At first I could only get the tip of it in as I was so tight, but after a couple of minutes and lots more lube I was shoving in almost all of it in, moaning like a slut.He came quite quickly and ordered me to do the same, after that I brought myself a couple of toys, a butt plug and a 9 inch dildo which when it came was black.Fast forward a couple of months and I was on the internet looking at local men 4 men sites as the idea was now crossing my mined that I could actually want to do what ive done with my dildo for real.I settled on a site called fabguys and set up a profile stating that I was Bi curious looking to explore oral and analI got loads of messages back the same day, but nothing was tempting me. I was either too nervous or they weren’t my type. After several days I got a message from a guy in his fifties named phil, he liked my photo’s and wanted to chat. He was good looking nice toned body. We chatted online and eventually skyped eachother. He was hot to meet with me but I was resisting. It was one thing to have a fantasy, quite another to actually act on it. But to his credit phil knew I was nervous and persisted. When the weekend came I agreed to meet at his place, but as the time approached the more nervous I became, could I actually go through with it?I was determined to, but would I lose my nerve at the last moment?.After çorum escort showering and douching I got dressed in freshly washed clothes and made the drive to his home, he lived about 25 minutes from my house, and as I approached his home I was getting really nervous.I pulled into his drive way and looked around I was worried someone might see me going into his home, even though I didn’t know anyone in his neighborhood.My heart was pounding as I knocked on the door, phil answered and welcomed me in.I took a real good look at him. He was better looking than his photo taller than me about 6ft with short greying hair. He invited me Inside the hallway and in to the kitchen, where he poured me a drink. I think he could tell I was nervous, I gulped it down, the drink instantly made me feel more relaxed. He poured another and I gulped that down too. Then out of no where he kissed me passionately his hand on the back of my neck. I kissed him back and we were undressing eachother there in the kitchen, he started stroking me and did the same, my head swimming with the thought of holding my first ever cock!After few minutes of this I found myself dropping to my knees, partly from the alcohol and partly from curiousity. Before I knew it Phils cock was infront of my face. I nervously open my mouth and he pushed forward sliding his cock in. I was pleasantly surprised that it was a nice feeling having it in my mouth, I started sucking hard on the head, I was feeling so damn turned on by how naughty I felt. every now and then his cock would hit the back of my throat, making me gag and my eyes water, but I got the hang of it after a few minutes.He pulled out and a strand of saliva strung from my mouth to his cock.He stood me up and kissed me again. “I can’t believe that was your first time your a good little cock sucker aren’t you” he said taking my hand and walking me through to the living room.He sat me down and knelt Infront of me taking me into his mouth, I’ve had escort çorum blow jobs before but he really went to town sucking really hard, deep throating me licking and sucking my balls. Then he lifted my legs up to my chestpulling my cheeks apart exposing my little hole . “Oh its gorgeous” he said. Then he buried his nose into my arse and had a good sniff “you smell lovely baby”. Then his tongue went to work on my hole. God what a feeling, it was wonderful. I could feel my self pushing towards him, my hole must have been relaxing as I could feel his tongue inside me. My head was spinning so much I was lost in all the sensations moaning loudly from the tongue fucking he was giving me.He spat on my hole sliding one then two ifingers inside me and went back to sucking my cock I was moaning so loudly I was worried the neighbours call the police!. I was so close to cumming, I think phill could tell because he got up and went to a drawer leaving me panting, horny and slightly frustrated he got out some lube and put on a cock ring and a condom and came back over to me “open that arse for me baby” I do the same as before laying on my back, legs in the air pulling my cheeks open. Then I felt cold wet feeling of the lube as he got me ready to take him.He aimed his dick at my arse and started slapping it onto my hole as if to slowly numb it a little “I’m gonna fuck this little virgin arse of yours, tell me you want me to fuck you”” Oh god, I want you to fuck me”” Say please daddy fuck me” ” Pl..please daddy ..fuck me”I felt him push it in ever so slowly “oh god, you’re tight, you feel incredible” The head of his cock stretched my opening, I stiffened up a bit. I was starting to get an immediate reality check. “Breathe,” phil said. “Relax and let your arse take what it came here for” he pulled my hips towards him while forcing his cock deeper in. I breathed out and slowly I got used to his dick. “Good boy” he said as his cock slid all the way in, I let out the girliest çorum escort bayan moans ive ever let out as he slowly fucked me, stroking my cock with each thrust. He put an arm behind each knee and raised my legs higher, fucking me harder and deeper. I’ve never felt my hole open so wide before that moment, then out of nowhere just as I’m feeling myself about to cum he pulls out leaving my hole clenching open and shut as if searching for the cock that’s been thrusting into me.”Turn over you little slut” he orders slapping my ass with a sting. I do as I’m told kneeling on the floor resting my head on the couch.Again I feel the lube this time he slides to fingers in and strokes my cock from behind from out of nowhere I begin to cum and it’s at this moment I feel him replace his fingers with his cock, he slides all the way in with one thrust.” Oh god oh fuck oh fuck me oh god fuck me” I scream as more cum leaks from my cock.He does just that grabbing my hips and fucking me harder and harder, my hole was opening wider and wider, the force of his thrusts made my legs shake. I pushed my butt back in rhythm with his thrusts, giving in and enjoying being fucked, enjoying being phils bitch, I took his lust, moaning like a little bitch, my cock continually leaking as if to testify just how much of a slut I was being.Again I could feel myself about to cum and when Phill started spanking me as he thrust into me it became too much and I came without even touching my cock!I was spent well and truly fucked, then Phill pulled out “get on your knees bitch” I fell to the floor sitting on my ass my back to the couch. He pulled of his condom and I took him in my mouth I tried to suck him but I was just too knackered, so he started wanking over my face, I just sat there my mouth open and tongue out as he shot his load all over my face and tongue them put his cock in my mouth and shot some more. I swallowed his cum as He stood Infront of me, catching his breath, as his cock starting to soften. I took it out of my mouth , started feeling dirty and used and yet also sexy and turned on, by how much I enjoy being used. He looked down at me and winked “. Did you enjoy your first time?”.“yeah I sure did”

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