First time naked resort part 2

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First time naked resort part 2It was crystal clear… there was something going on in our minds… people that say that a naturist resort is only for people that enjoy spending time in nature and sea-side in the nude and sex is not something to think about, to talk about, not involved at all … like they also say there is much more “sexual tension” on textile beaches where women can wear sexy bikini’s… and maybe the last might be true, but for the rest, all I can say is that this is not the case…coz we had STRONG sexual feelings all day long!Of course you have families with c***dren and people for whom sex is the last thing on their mind… but why would there not be people present, just like on “textile-resorts”, who love sex like us?In our first part of the story you could read that my girlfriend was very fast in changing behavior from a shy person that was not sure if she could even spend 1 minute naked among strangers to someone that don’t want to wear clothes, bikini’s at all. On the contrary, after I gave her “carte blanche” she enjoyed to play and tease others that gave her attention with their eyes… She did not need much encouragement from me to show off and I realized it got her exited coz she could not stop talking about it. She is a “natural”!Then what kind of things made us so horny there beside the fact that she is gorgeous? We know each other long enough and it’s not that we never had sex before… Well, to start with, all little things going on in our mind, little things like me wondering what is she really thinking now getting all the attention, how is she feeling between her legs now that she is clearly dropping not only clothes but also limiting thought and borders… And she thinks the same of me… She fired a lot of questions in my direction since for me it was not the first time I spend time in a naturist resort. I was in France a few times several years ago so she wondered about then and the ex that joined me: “did she behave the same?” (hell no!) etc etc…I know no woman believes a man when he tells her that “with that ex it was not the same and with you it’s much better…” but gosh, for me truly it was like two different kıbrıs escort worlds… that’s all I want to say coz I don’t like to talk about the past but at that time in France you could put me in that group that “only went to enjoy being naked in nature” coz the person that was with me was not really excited to go there… Obviously, the person that joins you makes the difference and with my baby now it’s a real “joy-ride”! I never had the feeling I had to force, convince her for anything. So we planned to enjoy as much as possible at Valalta and keep our eyes and minds open-wide for good things to happen…Every morning there was a food truck bringing fresh vegetables and fruits. Two young guys served their clients and she was always spending a lot of time checking the quality before picking or ordering what she wanted. It was so hot to observe her playing and showing of her tits to them. Some days she wrapped a small colorful sarong around her waist but most days just her sandals with heels – heels she always wears to win height coz she is not a tall woman, but same time sexy, especially under a naked babe. And like men get hard I noticed how her nipples changed shape from soft light to dark and hard. That’s how I knew things turned her on pretty much! Also crazy things happen… and I think these things only happens to you if you are looking for it (u*********s or not). For example, one day I was in front of our camper and noticed a tall athletic guy walking between our spot and our left neighbor… I did not recognize him from before but his behavior was “strange”… what was he doing there? He only had his sunglasses and a hat but was obviously looking for something – or was it someone? I told my girlfriend who was at that moment inside the camper to come out and have a look… I told her she might have an admirer… I thought at first I was joking but I was right. When my baby came out they looked at each other and there was that playing game again… Wow! They did not say one word and then he just left after less than a minute… I thought he was gone but he was just making a circle and came back from the other side doing the same: not hiding escort kıbrıs at all and he was watching her but he did not make any sign to get in contact or to talk, all he did was starting to take his dick in his hand and rub him slowly…She was standing there with her hands on her waist striking a pose like: “here I am!” and “Do you like what you see?” Again he left, his penis already getting up… so crazy situation, hard to explain, also coz English is not our native language, especially in school we did not get English vocabulary to express sexual or erotically emotions … Anyway, these kind of new situations made it impossible for us NOT to think about sex…The same day at the pool that was in a secluded place in the resort was not easy. Me getting horny all the time and trying not to get a hard-on coz of watching her naked and then teasing that dressed “ice-cream-boy” at the bar (to read about that in part 1). Suddenly while standing at that bar with her ice-cream she said to me: “the band is playing”… When we are not alone and we have people around us I know she is using “code” to talk about her pussy coz I know she is referring to Wet Wet Wet, a famous boys band (from the 90’ties I guess…). She said it’s so nice to be naked out here but it’s a shame we cannot have sex in the open coz of the c***dren… It was after 7pm, still warm and sunshine, the few families with c***dren where leaving and she said she wanted to make love to me NOW! She was so horny that she did not care about one other couple laying on the pool chairs only 10 meter away from us. According to her they were just waiting like us to make love. I could not believe my ears… I was also horny, I also wouldn’t mind to get in action there but I admit I would never dare to tell her afraid of what she might think of me…. So again I got so hard and was hiding by lying face down… The bartender told her his job finishes at 8, so she said we can do it when he leaves…But by the time he left other c***dren passed by again so no sex this time 🙁 and I felt she was disappointed…We had a short ride with the bikes to have a look around for some hidden area but we were kıbrıs escort bayan looking at the wrong side of the bay. So after getting in our camper we couldn’t wait to get started, as you know we don’t have to take our clothes of so we jumped on the bed for a horny evening where words and exchanging what we were thinking and feeling gave us energy to go on and on… Our neighbors already knew we do “regular exercise” coz she is pretty loud when having sex, she cannot enjoy fully when she needs to be silent and since nobody knows you there and with only adults left and right from us I did not care too much, all I did was closing the windows to temper at least a bit of her screaming…Next day all we could think of was: how and when to have sex in the open? First idea we had was to do it on one of the fixed wooden rafts floating as a platform in front of the beach. One was more far in the sea so we swam up to that one… I must say we had a nice time on the raft! She took initiative and started to stroke my dick while I was sitting in front of her. I started a long French kiss coz I love to kiss her sensual lips and my hands went over her boobs with hard nipples, first from the water that was not warm enough for her, then because of excitement. As long as I sat in front of her people that eventually watched us could only guess what was going on, coz she can hide herself entirely behind me. The sun was adding heat and before we knew we were in a discrete 69-position. Discrete coz now I was laying on my side with my back towards the beach. We went on for a while, but where limited in our moves coz it’s not like you are at home.. so not to much up and down movements like that. Despite the limitations the feeling was fantastic and exiting, also coz of the possibility to get caught… doing everything in “slow motion” to keep our actions unnoticed and our ears concentrated on the sound of the water to hear if nobody else was approaching, and she now and then watched over my body to see if nobody paid to much attention. She felt pretty safe coz she licked and sucked me while I did the same to her. The taste of her juice mixed with the salty water was amazing, better then oyster… We did not had full sex there, but you don’t need the whole menu every time to get real satisfaction. The raft gave us a good place for some nice juicy fore-play. We felt in seventh heaven after our first open-air…

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