First time being dominated

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First time being dominatedMy girlfriend texted me at work to tell me she had a surprise for me and wanted me to head home at lunchtime, I asked what it was but was told to BE THERE!. I didn’t get long for lunch but dashed home, well, my eyes nearly popped out of my head when she opened the door, her 5’4 frame as attractive as ever but what really drew my eye was that not only was she wearing my t-shirt but the fact she seemed to have an erection pushing out the fabric.   She stood there swaying from side to side showing off her protrusion and walked up and down the corridor with a cheeky smile on her face, parading for me and slowly lifting the t-shirt to show me her perfect ass.  I was awestruck and breathless my own fabric beginning to stretch.  She slowly walked up to me and lifted the t-shirt to reveal her 7inch black strap-on, she took my hand and guided it on to her new toy and asked if I liked it.  I told her it was one of the sexiest things I had ever seen and she giggled before pulling me in for a deep passionate kiss, the feeling of her strap-on pressing in to me only making me harder.    I was ready to take things further right there and then but she turned me round to face the front door and smacked me on the arse, ordering me to return to work and think bayraklı escort about what was waiting at home.  I could barely concentrate for the rest of the afternoon and thinking of her with the strap-on gave me awkward erections that I had to hide from the rest of the staff.  I watched the clock hit 5pm at work a lit out of there. I was nearly falling over myself in my hurry to get in the door at home and walked into the living room to find her lying on the sofa gently stroking her cock.  I walked over and kissed her, our lips gently touching as my hand instinctively reached for her new black friend. Before I knew it I was kneeing in front of her and she stood up to bring it right into my eyeline.  I looked up at her smiling down at me, her beautiful pert breasts framing her face and smile perfectly.  SUCK IT! she ordered and used a hand to guide it towards my lips.  I’d watched her suck me so many times so presumed it would be easy but as she pushed more of it’s length in I was gagging and struggling, oh how I now appreciated what she does when the roles are reversed.I gently stroked her thighs and bum as I looked in to her eyes, two inches of her black cock resting in my mouth.  She smiled at me and bit her bottom lip whilst letting out an appreciative escort bayraklı moan. With that she walked off to the bedroom and I was in hot pursuit.  I was thrown on the bed and ordered to lift my legs up, she walked over to the dresser before returning with some anal beads and lube, my god she looked sexy.  The lube was generously poured on my ass and the beads and I was told to try and relax.The feeling I got as she slowly fed those beads in was just incredible, each one bigger than the last and more pleasurable too.  She kept feeding my hungry hole until only one bead remained but this one was inserted and pulled out again and again, I was loving the sensation of it popping in and out of me and moaned with each insertion and withdrawal, I was in heaven.  My heart and mind were racing, my legs were shaking.The beads were slowly withdrawn after a few minutes and I was informed that I should be ready for her now.  I was told to turn over and get on all 4’s.  I started shaking even more, I felt more lube sliding over my ass and the tip of her strap-on sliding up and down my crack.  I was ordered to spread my knees further so she could kneel behind me at the right height and then I felt the head of her cock probing.  I reached between my legs and helped her guide bayraklı escort bayan it in, each inch of it entering me brought more and more pleasure, my eyes rolled back in my head and I groaned loudly as I was told to take it like a good boy. Once she was fully in me she slowly started to rock back and forth letting me adjust to this new play and sensation, her hard cock matching mine for length and stiffness.  I felt more cold lube trickling over me and then she became much more forceful, her hands grabbed my hips as she ploughed into me.  Her pace picked up and I adored feeling her inside me stimulating my p-spot, oh fuck it was sooo good I never wanted this feeling to end.  I was pounded for a few minutes but could feel her tiring, her hips not thumping off my bum as hard as they were, I was so disappointed when she withdrew from me but then she turned me over and started to suck me. I wouldn’t have been in her hot mouth for more than 10 seconds before I could feel an orgasm building and I could tell it was going to be a huge one.  I tried to relax as her tongue worked my cock, my breathing deepened and I started to moan so loudly as I came in her mouth, the longest and most pleasurable orgasm of my life followed. As I lay there shaking and trying to recover she leant over my face, smiled and kissed me, I opened my mouth to meet her tongue and instead was greeted with a gushing torrent of my own cum passing from her mouth to mine, today was full of surprises and I swallowed my last one like a good boy.

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