First sexual experience – true story

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First sexual experience – true storyThis is a true story about my first sexual experience which happened about 15 years ago. I was 18 year old who lived for sport and had little interest in anything other then that, so hadn’t been dating and had no sexual encounters. I was an innocent young man and had brown hair and green eyes with a slim sporty physique.It was the summer and my cousins, Greg 22 and Rachael 20, had come over to England from Australia with one of their family friends Theo 22. They were all staying with my grandparents who did live to far from my house. They were also very sporty so we got on well despite it only being the second time I had met them due to living half way across the world from each other.Greg, Theo and I were always out playing football and as I was on holiday from my studies we would spend all day at the park. We would talk girls and they would be bragging about how many they had been with and what they had done, although I wasn’t sure they were being that truthful.One day, we had been at the park for a few hours and myself and Theo took a break and got a drink whilst lying on the grass by our bags. Conversation went on to girls again and Theo asked how come I never mentioned any of the girls I had been with. I confessed to him that I actually hadn’t been with any and that to date my focus had been on sport and my studies. He was actually quite understanding and said that he had really only started having sex when he met his ex girlfriend when he was 19. The conversation progressed and Theo went on to say how horny he had been since arriving as he had no alone time due to sharing a room with my cousins and as he was saying this he looked down to his crotch and said ‘as you can see’. My eyes followed his and glanced down to see his shorts rising. We laughed a bit but as we got up to go back the join the others playing football he said ‘you know what, I’m so horny I would let anyone help me out!’. This statement stuck in my mind but I put it down to him just trying to be funny.A few days later, I was at my grandparents where we all had diner. After we had all finished everyone went into the garden to enjoy some drinks in the beautiful sunshine. After an hour or so, I excused myself to go to the bathroom and went back inside. As I did so, Theo also started walking into the house aswell and as he followed me upstairs he whispered to me ‘you know that problem we talked about the other day, it’s getting worse, I’m desparate’. I just gave a chuckle and said ‘you should go and sort yourself out then’At this stage I disappeared into the toilet, alanya escort which was in a different room to the sink and bath tub, and thought nothing of it. As I left to enter the room to wash my hands, Theo was sat on the side of the bathtub with his hands down his baggy basketball shorts obviously holding his obviously erect penis. I was completely startled by this and didn’t really know what to do so il just tried to walk past him to the sink without catching his eye. As I turned on the taps he said ‘man I just need to cum, it’s been over 2 weeks’. I replied ‘just go an do it then, no one is stopping you’. It was at this point he stood up next to me at the sink and pull his shorts down below his penis. I looked down and saw his cock, it was at least 7 inches long, really thick, uncut, pubic hair trimmed very short and long thick veins running through it. The tip was glistening with pre-cum. He looked at me and just said ‘I can’t wait any longer’, at which time he started stroking it slowly back and forth. I watched as his foreskin slowly unveiled the head of his glistening cock before covering it once again with each stroke. By this time his free hand had rested on my shoulder as I stood there facing the sink with my hands dripping wet having just washed them. I didn’t really know what to do, I was frozen still but couldn’t help my eyes be drawn to his cock. He started to moan gently and I saw his knees buckle ever so slightly so I knew he was close to cuming. He looked at me and I felt the pleading in his voice as he said ‘please can you finish me off?’. I had never done anything like this, I’d never even considered doing anything like this with a guy but something came over me and I reached over with my right hand and wrapped it around his throbbing cock. It felt so warm and rock solid. He moaned as soon as my hand touched it. I slowly started stroking it, his pre-cum all over my thumb. He started to tense up, his knees buckled more and then a huge stream of cum sprayed over the sink. I carried on and more cum just continued spraying from his cock, I was in awe of this and couldn’t take my eyes away from watching. As he stopped spraying, I continued to stroke as his cock began to become limp, he quickly pulled his shorts up and turned to go back to his bedroom leaving me to clear up his huge load of cum.After this experience, I was so nervous, couldn’t believe what had happened and didn’t know how to feel about it. I tried to avoid contact with Theo and obviously my cousins noticed how I went from seeing them every day to suddenly being busy all the escort alanya time they wanted to go out. I remember lying in bed questioning my sexuality as I always thought I was into girls. This carried on for about a week before I got a tx message from Theo just saying ‘sorry for what happened’. Again I didn’t really know what to say but I responded by saying ‘don’t be sorry, it’s happened and we just need to forget and try to carry on until you all return to Australia’.They were only due to stay for another 2 weeks so I thought I could just get through that and then I could forget about everything that had happened but I couldn’t help thinking about his cock all the time. I started joining them again to play football or go to see some sites. It was awkward between me and Theo but we managed to be civil and I avoid any inquisitive questions from the others.One day, my cousins had to go and do the family thing and go and see one of our uncles. Theo decided against joining them and stayed at my grandparents for the day. As it was the summer holidays I wasn’t doing anything until about 10am when I received a tx from Theo asking if I wanted to hang out. I was unsure about whether to join him as I thought it would be awkward but having had time to digest that whole encounter i had now started to accept it and it began to turn me on how it all happened. I decided to go over as he was only going to be here a short time and maybe it would give us time to talk and make things less awkward.When I got there, Theo was the only person in the house. We went up to the bedroom where he and my cousins were staying. It was a big room with three single beds and a large tv in the corner so we just laid on separate beds watching tv. After some small talk there was a bit of an awkward silence when he just blurted out ‘how hot was that the other night?’. I didn’t know how to answer so just said ‘er yeah, but you made a right mess’ trying to make fun of the situation. We both laughed a bit and he apologised for leaving me to clean it up. We continued making light of the encounter until Theo said he felt guilty for not repaying the favour.As much as it had turned me on I was so nervous and don’t know what to do or say. He came over to the bed I was laying on and sat on the edge next to me. He knew I hadn’t done anything before so tried to help me relax by putting his hand on my stomach. Slowly he started to move his hand down the front of my shorts until he had hold of my cock. A few seconds of him massaging my cock had me erect so he started to putt down my shorts. My cock sprung alanya escort bayan out from my shorts and we both giggled before Theo straddled the bed putting my legs over his meaning he was sat between my legs with both hands on my cock. My cock is about 6.5 inches and uncut. Theo started stroking me with one hand as the other massaged my balls. He asked me to remove my shirt to unveil my slim tonned upper body, so I did. As the strokes got quicker and quicker I knew I was past the point of no return and I felt my legs tense up as I pushed my cock up closer to his face and I started jolting as cum started spraying over my abs. It took me a good 30 seconds to recover by which time Theo had started rubbing the cum into my body.I was in complete ecstasy and realised how much I had loved this handjob Theo had just given me. As I lay there, my cock gone limp, I looked up at him and said ‘it’s only fair if you get to come as well’. He smiled and said ‘only if your sure?’I knew I wanted to do this and ever since the first encounter couldn’t take my mind off his cock. I said to him to sit on the side of the bed, I got on my knees in front of him and pulled his shorts down. Is thick cock was slowly rising to attention as I grabbed hold of it with one hand and moved my mouth closer to the tip. I opened my mouth and placed the head of his cock on my tongue before closing my mouth around the throbbing member. I vividly remember the slaty taste of his pre-cum before I started to allow more and more of his cock into my mouth. I started to slowly move back and forward sucking his gorgeous cock occasionally looking up to see his head rolled back enjoying the moment. His cock was rock hard and i loved the feeling of it in my mouth. I knew he was going to cum imminently so I started stroking the base of his veiny cock whilst sucking on the head. His hips started thrusting and his hands held onto the sides of my head. I released my hand from his cock and let him guide my head as he wanted until he pulled me as far down on his cock and I felt a warm spirt of cum hit the back of my throat. I stayed still for what seemed like ages with a good 5 inches of his cock in my mouth feeling it pump more and more cum into me.I swallowed the salty load before slowly letting his cock slide out of my mouth. Theo fell back onto the bed panting before just saying ‘WOW!’We lay on the beds all afternoon laughing about what had happened and I sucked his cock once again before my cousins arrived back. It was a great experience and my first which I will never forget. A few days later Theo and my cousins returned to Australia which was really disappointing. I stayed in touch with Theo for a while but the fizzled out. One thing was for sure, he had awakened the sexual desires I hadn’t experienced previously and from then on I knew I loved cock!

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