First Full Body Sissygasm

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First Full Body SissygasmI have had sissygasm a before, but nothing like I had felt this one time. I had always had to hurry my anal play and sissygasm s to others schedules, it was always difficult to have the time to really experience the full effect. I had read many times that the preparation and anticipation meant more than the actual act. I had decided to get it tight this time. I had an opportunity to be alone for a whole weekend, perfect. My plan was in motion, but I needed to do some shopping so I would feel as feminine as I could . I went out to Burlington Coat factory and I was able to find a very nice black corset and also a black skirt. On this day I got lucky also in their shoe department as I discovered a single pair of 4” black pumps in size 12, bingo. I then went over to Walmart and found some nice black thigh highs, and a nice pair on black panties. I purchased some cheaper makeup and eyeliner then found some fake press on nails and fake eyelashes. I found a nice choker necklace and also some glittery clip on ear rings . I was set for the weekend. The minute I was alone on Friday , I immediately put my clitty in its cage. The restriction would drive me crazy. Did I mention that I hadn’t had sex or masturbated in nearly two weeks. I set the stage for my escapade on Saturday night. All day Saturday, I would watch a little porn and then use a vibrator on my caged clit to tease it, I was backed up and ready to explode. As the day went on, I could gümüşhane escort already see my clitty leaking. It was time to get ready, it was 3:00 PM now. I showered shaved and then applied some lube to my pussy and pushed in a butt plug to start my stretching. I did my nails, beige red and then my makeup. I had an old straight haired wig from Halloween and placed that only head. I has looking hot. I then started to get into my outfit, stockings, Corset, filled the cups with some medium black water balloons in socks, they were jiggly. Put on my panties and my skirt. Then my earrings and choker. On was looking hot, I mean, I would have done me. I then slipped in the pumps and immediately, I felt more girlie than I had ever felt. I went on KIK to show myself off and chat to get in the mood. I wanted to find someone to share the moment with and video chat with them. I was ready to explode. It was just about 9:00 PM. I had already set up my favorite suction cup dildo to the fridge and had my camera set up to go. I had also placed a larger black dislocated in front o me so I could suck it while being fucked from behind. I had gathered the attention of a couple named Joe and Amy. The had agreed to call me and Skype at 9:30 as I had told them of what I was about to do and they were very curious to see it and encourage me. The computer rand and I answered, there was Joe and Amy in front of their computer and their I was looking as hot as ever. Amy immediately escort gümüşhane said you look hot and Joe wanted to know f I would ever consider letting him fuck me or suck his cock so Amy could watch. This was just making me even more explosive. I positioned the computer so they could see all of me, but also so I could see them. I showed them the cocks is was going to fuck and suck and the proceeded to remove the butt pluck. Amy gasped, oh my that was huge. I took my position and pulled my panties to the side and leaned back against the head of the cock, I felt it separate my whole and slide in. I waited. The pumps were giving me a better position of my ass to the cock. I then went balls deep and I shot a squirt of cum, Amy was like, wow. I then stood up straight against the fridge and then knelt forward and started sucking the cock in front of me. I concentrated on the cock with my mouth, slurping and taking as much as I could until I gagged then releasing and doing it again. All this time I was grinding and backing into the cock behind me virago g my lower half into it, making sure that with every thrust, I was hitting that right spot. It was as if I had two separate half’s of my body and they were working simultaneously, but all I could thinkof was sucking the cock, my lower half just did it’s own thing and was fucking the cock. I started to build and I knew something was going to happen soon, a feeling I had not felt before, I was building gümüşhane escort bayan and building as if I would never get to the end. I stated dealing deep throating the cock and each time I gagged, I pushed harder on the cock to the point I was fucking it anymore I was just grinding on it as it was hitting that spot just right. I looked up and saw Amy and Joe starring at me in amazement and gave them a sinful grin and a slurped then cock in my mouth and pushed back on the cock in my pussy. I knew I was right there, I deep triaged the cock and didn’t gag this time at tat point, I started pulling all the way out and then impaling myself onto that cock behind me. I did this for about 10-12 strokes and then my clitty started squirtiqng all over the place as it flopped back and forth between my legs. I released the cock in my throat as I started to cunvulse and my eyes rolled back in my head as my legs gave out and I could hardly stand, I was shaking with limp legs and the only support I had was the cock in my pussy. I spawned for at least 2-3 minutes as scheduled time I pushed on the cock, it just kept going. I finally came to my senses and was able to stand up and remove myself from the cock. As I slid off of it, is made a sucking slumping sound and my clitty twitched one more time releasing its last shot of juice. To this day, the only way I can reach that point is to prepare ahead of time, have no interruptions, and be as feminine as I can, the shoes make the difference with the position and the way the cock bits your P spot. Take your time and you can experience this also, as for Joe and Amy, I would love to hear from them as I know they taped the whole thing and I would love to see myself that way. Hot.

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