Finding a brand new Black Master

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Finding a brand new Black MasterThat afternoon I was at the mall with my friend Camilla; when I spotted a black guy at the jewel store.He was a security officer; tall, dark and handsome. Very athletic looking and I loved the definition of his arms in his white shirt. The contrast was amazing as was his smile.He greeted us as we entered the store and we were soon attended to by a female assistant. I saw something I really liked but wanted to return later on my own.Camilla invited me to have lunch. When we were sitting down, I asked her if she had noticed the black guy. She siad of course she had noticed him.After lunch Camilla came back home and I rushed back to the store again. This time I bought the necklace I had seen before…I called the black guy and asked him what he thought. He replied that I looked amazing and the necklace really suited me. I smiled and said he was very sweet for saying and he güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri gave me the look I was waiting for. I knew he was interested so I said I’d like to wear it for him if he could accept to have a drink with me…We exchanged numbers and later met up in a local bar. He said he needed to go home and get a shower; but I offered him to come home with me and get a shower there.My loving hubby was away on one of his boring business trips and he would never know about my affair with that black guy…One hour later, he was standing naked in my bathroom, wet after a warm shower. I walked in with a fresh towel wearing my black see-through gown. As he reached for the towel I let my gown fall to the floor. He dropped his towel too and we stood there gazing at each other. He said my body was amazing, as he stared at my round boobs and my freshly shaven mound. His cock perabet giriş started to stiffen as I looked at it and replied how thick and veiny it looked. He was at least ten inches of pure hard black meat.I dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth, slowly pulling his foreskin back to reveal his shiny tip. It felt so amazingly thick and hard in my mouth. I took him deep in my throat and he gently held my head as he fucked my face. I led him to the bedroom where I continued to suck him as he fingered my wet hungry pussy. I told him to finger my asshole too and he seemed to enjoy it…Then I laid on the bed as he got on top of me and started to lick my firm boobs.As he gently sucked on my nipples, I could feel him brushing his hard dick against my wet pussy lips. I had already lubricated my pussy; but I gasped as he slowly entered me. His pace quickened and after a long time he told me to perabet güvenilir mi turn over on all fours and he continued to fuck me. I told him I wanted to feel him inside my ass and he pulled his cock out of me and fingered my ass with some lube…Then he slid them very in easily and rotated his fingers inside me. I begged him again to fuck me in the ass.He soon pushed his black dick into my anus and he started fucking me quite hard now. He slapped my ass cheeks and pulled my hair. I cried in pleasure; begging him to fuck my ass harder and faster.He obeyed me, as he whispered all sort of dirty words into my ear. He called me a White married slut horny for black cocks.He grabbed my boobs and squeezed my hard nipples as his long black dick kept thrusting deep in my rectum.Then he announced he was going to cum in my anus; seconds later I felt him pumping my ass full of warm semen.Then he fingered my ass; scooped out his sticky cum and made me lick his fingers clean. My brand new black lover told me I would be his white married slut from now on and he would fuck me whenever he wanted…I smiled and replied it was fine for me, as I lay on my back and spread my thighs wide for him…

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