Fem Dom with wife’s best friend 3

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Fem Dom with wife’s best friend 3I had been away on a course for work for just over two weeks, which gave Julie, my wife’s best friend who was blackmailing me, ample time to influence my wife, Sue, in the benefits of pursuing a female-led marriage, and when I returned home, I was soon to learn on how effective she had been.I walked through the door and found them both on the settee in deep conversation.”Hi,” said Sue. “Good trip,” she enquired?”Yes,” I said hesitantly, looking at them both and wondering what they had been discussing.”Come over here Mark,” she said, “There’s something I need to discuss with you.”I was like a naughty boy, standing Infront of them both, but felt I had no option, as Julie was looking at me intently, almost warning me not to disobey any instructions.”As Julie is my best friend, we have been discussing how we could improve our marriage and make it even more successful,” said Sue. “And she’s come up with some really good suggestions.””Oh,” I said with mock surprise.”Would you like to hear them?” She said.I answered “Yes” enthusiastically, as Julie had already warned me of punishment if I didn’t.From my reaction, Sue obviously thought that I was excited about this new progression, and then spent the next hour telling me how she felt it would be much better if she took control of our relationship in all matters, from decision making, money, daily tasks, and of course sex, as in her opinion, I had been a bit selfish in that department. And that all decision making would now be down to her, with no backchat, just the words “Yes Sue”, now required. She said that we would act normally in front of our friends and family, but I was to show respect at all times whilst we were visiting, and give small indicators as to my true status, such as always agreeing with her opinion in conversation etc., to make them suspicious and introduce the notion that I was probably pussy whipped anyway. By adopting these changes, Sue felt that both our lives would be much easier and fulfilled.Knowing I had to agree to avoid Julies wrath I said, “Well there seems to be a lot of changes for me, but your probably right, so I’ll do my best to make it work for us both.”Julie sat silently at her side smirking, as I knew this was all her doing, and that I had no choice but to go along with it. She knew she was controlling me through Sue, who was blissfully unaware that she was being used.”Julie has already told me everything about you approaching her for advice on this, as you felt embarrassed, and wanted to turn to a trusted friend for direction, and she tells me that she has given you some intimate training to help us. I know you did this to help our marriage, so I’m not angry that our friend has seen you naked, or given you correctional instruction. After all, it is for our benefit, isn’t it?” She said.I now knew that Julie had completely convinced Sue that this was the right direction to go, and with my positive reaction, I had sealed my fate. “Julie says you asked her to help you choose some different clothes for our new arrangement,” said Sue.This was part of the uniform that Julie had forced me to buy and ware when she visited when Sue was out, and consisted, amongst other things, of a tight pair of pink satin shorts and a T-shirt, which were deliberately designed to cut up close to the body and show every contour when worn and be uncomfortable at the same time. Both garments were printed with the words “Wanker”, in big gold letters across the front for maximum humiliation for me. “Go and put them on,” said Sue. “Let’s have a look.” I felt I had no option but to comply, so went and changed. When I came back, the girls burst into laughter, as they viewed my new look. “As you can see,” said Julie, “You can see the full outline of his torso, and more importantly a full outline of his cock” she laughed.”Good choice of name,” said Sue viewing the print on the shorts. Clearly, you’ve wanted this change of lifestyle for some time, Mark,” said Sue laughing. “I’m glad we’re all agreed on the way forward,” she said turning to Julie.”Thanks for helping me with this,” she said. “I would never have known that Mark wanted to be so subservient if you weren’t such a good friend and alerted me.””It’s what friends are for,” Julie said with mock sympathy. “You would do the same for me.””Don’t you think now would be a good time to start his training?” Julie said, completely ignoring me.”I suppose so,” said Sue.”Drinks perhaps?” said Julie.”Mark, be a sweetie and make us both a coffee,” she asked.”No, no, no,” said Julie in an exasperated tone. “You have to get used to issuing short direct instructions, with no please or thank you. It’s for his own good,” she said.”I’m not sure how to do that,” said Sue.”I’ll show you,” Julie replied, and with that shouted, “Get us both coffees now wanker, and be quick about it if you want to avoid punishment.”I was so conditioned from my earlier encounters with Julie in taking instructions that I didn’t hesitate and did I was told.”Biscuits,” Julie commanded, as I served them both their drinks.Again, I did as I was told and went back into the kitchen to get some.Sue looked astonished, but impressed on how her friend had handled the situation.”I’ll try and do better next time,” she mouthed to Julie.”Don’t worry,” said her friend sympathetically. “We all have to start somewhere.” “I couldn’t help notice that you mentioned punishment if he failed to do as he was told?” Sue inquired. “How does that work?”I was disheartened to hear that I had already been demoted to a “He” in their conversation.”Oh yes,” said Julie. “You mustn’t be afraid to use one of them if your instructions are not carried out exactly as you wish. It’s for his own good.””One of them?” My wife questioned.”Oh yes, there is a range for you to choose from,” said Julie. “For example, how about standing him in a corner with fingers on lips, legs apart, with his shorts down, being totally silent. Or his hands tied behind the back, and then you apply Deep Heat cream to his cock to watch him squirm as it takes effect. Or there’s the over the knee arse beating, or writing pointless lines, like in school, only to rip them up in front of him when he’s done hundreds. You can use these at any time he pisses you off, or even if he’s not done anything, but just feel like it because you’re in a bad mood. It’s entirely up to you.” She said matter-of-factly. “My favorite is spoiled orgasm,” she laughed.”What’s that?” asked my wife.”Well, you start by not letting him come for quite a few days,” she said. “And when his sack’s full, and he’s gagging for it, you tie his hands behind his back so he can’t touch his dick, and make him stand in front of you whilst you get seated comfortably. Then you get his dick out and toss him off slowly. But just when you feel he’s about to cum, and the spunk’s rising to the tip, you quickly remove your fingers and spoil the shoot. It also has the added benefit of watching him frantically shag in mid-air as he tries to get some stimulation, and only produces a dribbly spurt of spunk out of his cock end. It’s very amusing,” she added. “And if you wanted even more fun, you could sit on the settee, with him standing in front of you. He could then be ordered to skype his mother and have a chat, with you just out of camera shot. You could then undo, and pull down his pants, and wank him off whilst he’s talking to her, and perhaps record the event on your phone, especially the cum shot, as he shoots a full load in the air in front of her, whilst trying to remain in control.” “How deviously entertaining,” Sue laughed.”But isn’t all this a bit harsh?” My wife pondered.”Do you love him?” Julie asked.”Yes,” Said Sue.”Well then it’s your duty as head of the household to ensure he is well disciplined,” said Julie. “You would be failing him if you didn’t,
” she said.”Oh, I see,” said Sue in an enlightened tone. “That makes sense. I’ll use all of them in the future if that’s the case,” she said.”So,” Julie said slowly. “When we spoke earlier, you said that there’s a lot of daily jobs that you didn’t like doing. Isn’t that right?”Yes, that’s true,” said Sue. “I don’t particularly like any housework including the cleaning, hoovering, washing, ironing or polishing windows. In fact, I hate all of it,” she laughed.”Well can I suggest that you make a list of all those, and any others that your just too lazy to do, or can’t be bothered with, and give it to him to complete on a daily basis. Then all you have to do is inspect them so they’re up to your standard. Your role will be to sit on the settee and watch that he does them properly,” she said.I tried to protest. “But I don’t know how to use the washer, or how to iron,” I said. “Well I will show you once, and then you will,” snapped Sue. Which took us all by surprise with her ferocity.”Yes Sue,” I said meekly.”Well done,” said Julie. “Your beginning to get the hang of things.””Yes,” said my wife. “I believe I am,” she said with a chuckle.”How do you think I should handle the money issue?” Sue asked her friend feverishly. “At the moment he controls the accounts,” she said.”Oh no,” said Julie. “You can’t let that continue. The accounts should be in your name only, with all monies paid in there, so that you control all income. He must ask you to sanction any spending on himself, like season tickets, golf, hobbies etc., and if you don’t agree, that’s an end to it. It goes without saying, that you can spend on what you like, without ever asking him for permission,” she said.”I suggest spending the season ticket money on extra shoes for yourself,” she added.My heart sank as I heard my wife say, “Sounds very sensible.””Oh look,” she suddenly said, “He’s left all his work stuff in the hall again. That really pisses me off,” she said testily.”Well we can’t have that,” Julie exclaimed. “Don’t you think this would be an ideal chance to explore your first punishment session,” she said excitedly.”How?” Said Sue.Julie leaned over and whispered something in her ear, and my wife’s face suddenly had a broad grin on it, and she said, “Oh I see.””Over my knee,” Sue commanded me.A bit shocked, I did as I was told.In the next instant, I felt her pull down buca escort bayan my shorts and reveal my exposed cheeks. There was a slight pause before I felt a light smack on my arse.”That won’t do,” I heard Julie shout. “You have to take your arm right back into the air like this, get a plimsol so you don’t hurt your hand, and then bring it down very quickly with force on to his cheeks, and he should howl if you’ve got it right,” she said.”Won’t it hurt?” Enquired my wife.”That’s the whole point,” said Julie. “He won’t learn if you don’t do it properly, and then it’ll be your fault if he does it again,” she said.”Sorry,” Sue said to her friend. “You’re right as usual. I’ll do it properly this time.”With that, she started raining slap after slap on my exposed buttocks with her gym shoe, with the force I had only come to expect from Julie in our earlier encounters.”When do I stop?” My wife asked her friend.”How much of a bitch do you feel?” Came her reply.”A lot,” Sue retorted, “He always pisses me off when he does that.” “Well, in that case, go as long as you fucking well want,” smiled Julie.With that, both girls erupted into fits of laughter, as my wife continued to smack my arse, turning it red, while I howled in discomfort.”If the noise gets on your nerves, you can gag his mouth and order him to suck on your used panties from the washing basket. Crotch first for flavour obviously,” Julie said as an afterthought.”Great idea,” said Sue.”You won’t be leaving your stuff there again, will you Mark?” She hissed at me.”No, never again,” I squealed.”See how effective it is,” I heard Julie say to her friend.”I would never have believed it,” Sue replied.Julie continued, “The best thing is, you don’t even have to have a reason to do it. If you’ve had a bad day at the office, with the men pissing you off, pull him straight over your knee as soon as he walks through the door, and take it out on his male arse,” she said. “Wow, that sounds a fantastic idea. What a stress buster” Sue exclaimed.After about twenty minutes of punishment, the girls decided it was time for their wine break, and I was duly dispatched to open a bottle and serve them both.Having been warned that from now on I was only to speak when addressed, the girls continued to chat between themselves as though I was invisible.”I hope you won’t think me presumptuous,” Julie said to my wife, “But there is a further over the knee training procedure you really should master.””Oh,” said Sue. “What’s that?”Julie reached over to her bag and opened the top to reveal its contents to my wife.”Really?” Sue laughed.”Most definitely.” Said Julie, knowing from her friend’s reaction, that she trusted her judgment.”Please could you guide me, as this is all new to me?” My wife asked Julie.”With pleasure,” came her reply.With that, Julie laid three vibrators on to the coffee table in front of them both. The first was a medium-size, followed by a large, and then extra-large, which looked very imposing.I was now looking at my new torment.Now more confident, Sue barked, “Back over my knee, now”I took up my position immediately, fearful of even more punishment if I didn’t.After pulling my shorts down once more, I heard Julie authoritatively say to my wife “First, part the cheeks, and apply lube, like so.””Got it.” I heard my wife say.”Next, take the medium fun stick, and slowly push it fully into his arse. When you’ve done that, slide it in and out until its moves freely. Then switch on the motor so it has full stimulation, and watch his cock go ridged.” “When it’s a full boner, apply lube to his dick and slowly toss him off,” Julie said.”Why would I do that? My wife asked in puzzlement.”So you can bring him close to orgasm, then stop, so he can’t shoot his load unless you expressly say so.” Said Julie. “This is called edging, and by doing so, you can keep him uncomfortably horny for the whole session, and indeed all day if you wish, stopping and starting without letting him come. You can watch his cock produce loads of precum that will wet his pants, which you can make him wear all day, and you can replenish with more wanking if they start to dry out. You can also force him to be nice to you, even when you go out, knowing he’s desperately frustrated and would normally be very moody.” She said knowledgeably. “Why not have a laugh, and do it when you go to visit his parents, knowing that while you’re all chatting away, you have their son sitting in a pool of spunk of your making, that you intend to top up, every time they go out of the room,” Julie said with a wry smile.”That sounds fun,” said Sue. “His mother’s a stuck-up cow anyway. Knowing that I’ve ordered her darling son to leak spunk all over her precious furniture, is brilliant,” she chuckled.”And so, what are these other two vibrators for?” Asked my wife.”Well,” said Julie, “Your bound to get bored with just the one, so to keep him on his toes, the larger one is to start stretching his arsehole, and get him used to the much bigger motors, and of course its great fun for you, which is the most important thing,” she concluded.”I know it’s a big ask, but do you think you are ready to get this one to fit?” She said, picking up the largest one and handing it to my wife.”It’s like the size of a tree trunk,” mused Sue, “But I’ll certainly give it a try.” And with that, she promptly removed the medium one from my arse, and proceeded to push the monster in. After a while, there came a hoot of triumph from them both as Sue shou
ted, “Wow, I’ve managed to get it all in, so all I have to do now is to switch it on, and make sure I can shag his arse with It,” she said excitedly.”Fantastic,” Julie exclaimed, as she watched her newly experienced friend flick the start switch on the huge dildo, and then freely maneuver it in and out of my massively stretched hole with ease. I felt it was like a pneumatic drill which kept getting deeper and deeper into my arse.Whilst still over my wife’s knee, with my hole completely stretched and vibrating, and my rock-hard cock dripping like a tap between my legs, Julie leaned over to her bag, reached inside, and shouted, “Surprise.””What is it?” My wife asked.”It’s what they call a strap on,” replied Julie.Sue, who was always pretty naive about the sex toy world, said, “How does it work? “Well, you step into this harness here, like you were putting on a pair of panties. Then you pull it right up your legs, and snuggly fasten the belt around your waist so its firmly in place, and doesn’t move, like so.” She demonstrated.”But it looks like you’ve grown a dick.” My wife exclaimed.”Exactly,” said Julie. “And where do we put dicks?” She jokily asked Sue.”In a pussy.” My wife replied excitedly.”Exactly.” Said Julie. And while gesturing to me, said, “And if you will permit me, I will take this big pussy, and fill his small pussy with it.” She laughed, whilst comically waving the phallus from side to side.”Be my guest.” Said Sue.Julie instructed me to go over to the settee and bend over the back. Once there I felt her approach behind me, take a moment to adjust herself, and then feel for my opening with her fingers, before pushing the mammoth tool into my bum.Sue look mesmerized by the whole performance as Julie happily shagged my arse with gusto, as though I was a bitch on heat who needed a good seeing to, and with such depth that the waist straps were slapping on my cheeks as she thrust with force into my orifice. Sue, having already fully stretched my arse earlier, it meant that she didn’t have to work too hard to achieve maximum penetration effect.”Wow, that was awesome.” Enthused my wife, after Julie had finished.”Well, now he knows what us ladies experience, when men are unwantedly trying to stick their dicks in us.” Laughed Julie.”And speaking of experiences, isn’t it time you thought of how to manage his selfish sexual appetite that you’ve unfairly had to deal with?” She said, with concern.”I suppose I should,” replied Sue. “This new knowledge and experience has made me quite horny, and normally, I would just have to put up with it.” She added. “Mark won’t give me oral sex as he says he doesn’t like it, but I’m always expected to suck his dick, and sex is always on his terms, when, where, and how he wants,” she said gloomily.”Well not anymore.” Said Julie.”Can I ask you as a friend, is your pussy wet and tingling?” She enquired.”Yes.” My wife said sheepishly.”Don’t be embarrassed,” said Julie, “There are no secrets between the two of us. I just want my friend to be completely sexually happy and satisfied.””Can I suggest that now you know that sex is on your terms, and only when you want it, that you start with Marks tongue to satisfy your needs, and I must be honest here, and admit that, knowing this day would come, I took the liberty of training him earlier, working on my pussy, so he was fully prepared when it came to your turn. I hope you’re not angry with me?” Julie simpered.”Absolutely not,” said Sue, “I wouldn’t have known where to start, I’m so grateful that you’re very caring, and thought of my predicament.””Well then, let’s get started,” said Julie. “Should I issue the command or you? She laughed.”Let me do it,” said Sue excitedly, and with that, said to me in a bold voice, “Kneel between my legs, take my jeans and panties off, and lick my pussy now,” she commanded.”Don’t forget to tell him exactly how you like your clit to be licked, and how you want your pussy juices sucked” Julie said with concern. “Don’t forget that he’s only there for your pleasure, so make sure you’re completely satisfied with his tongue,” she added.I knew the two of them had me right where they wanted, and so as not to antagonize them, I positioned myself on my knees between Sues legs as instructed and reached up, and began to remove her jeans and panties.”Careful moron,” bellowed Julie, as both girls erupted in laughter.”Do you mind if I supervise his training?” Enquired Julie”Not at all,” replied Sue.With that Julie knelt by the side of me so we were both Infront of Sue’s gaping pussy and open legs. She then said, “Right wanker, you are to lean forward and lavish a long tender kiss on your wife’s pussy lips, and I would get used to them, as they are the only escort buca lips you’ll be kissing from now on, unless otherwise instructed. You will also give her oral sex whenever she wants, with maximum tongue action, and suction, and the fact you don’t like it is of no importance” she laughed.I did as I was told, and spent the next ten minutes gently kissing Sue’s pussy as the girls monitored my performance. I then confirmed that I understood that Sue now had the right to demand that her cunt be licked whenever she felt like it, even if it meant I was late for visits, or work. “Now,” Julie said, “You are to push your tongue right up your wife’s pussy, licking and sucking until told to stop.” Which I did.This went on for some time, and I noticed that the girls were totally ignoring me whilst I carried out my task, as they became deep in conversation, as well as taking, and making several phone calls, sending texts, shopping online, and even playing games, as though I was not even in the room.”Time for those orgasms we talked about,” Julie suddenly said to my wife. “How many do you fancy?” She asked.”Well, I’m usually lucky if I get one, so that would be a start,” came the reply.”Fuck that,” shouted Julie in horror. “He’ll start at three, and if he doesn’t get you there, he knows what he’ll get,” she said threateningly.”Now, concentrate that tongue of yours on your wife’s clit. Part her lips, and I want to see it darting back and forth across that bud for the next hour, and I don’t care how tired or sore you get, she’d better have a minimum of three orgasms when you’ve finished, or else,” she warned.Sue looked as though all her Christmases had come at once, and warmly thanked her friend. “Think nothing of it,” Julie said. “You can demand this whenever you want now,” she added.She continued, “Imagine him whining about not cumming, or moaning that you’re late to visit to his parents who are always time conscious, and he begins to get on your tits. All you would have to do is snap your fingers, which would be the signal for him to shut up, and drop to his knees in front of you, undo your jeans, move your panties to one side, and lick, and suck your pussy for as long as you want. It would mean extra unlimited orgasms, plus you’ve shut him up with a mouth full of your wet cunt, all whilst making him deliberately late for his time obsessed cow of a mother, just because you can. You might even ring her up whilst in the act, and say that you have been unavoidably delayed and will get there when you can, just to wind her up, all as her precious son has been instructed on to his knees tonging your clit. Why not take the opportunity to have a glass of wine, or send some texts, or chat to friends on the mobile, or even ring his best friend, and flirt with him wildly over the phone, before cancelling Marks pub meet with the boy’s later on, just to teach him a lesson and make a point.”Sue was clearly impressed and after she had shuddered wildly from her third orgasm, said, “That will do me for now, maybe some more later. What about you?” She inquired of her friend. “Aren’t you a teensy bit horny?” She asked.”Oh, its fine,” said Julie, I’ve got used to going without as I’m single. Anywa
y, he’s your husband and must see to your needs, and I must make tracks home, as I’ve a lot of housework I need to catch up on,” she said.”Nonsense,” said Sue. “It’s only fair that you have use of the house facilities, especially as you helped train him,” she giggled. “And as for all those jobs, well under the new arrangement, I’ve decided that they are his from now on. We can arrange a weekly time when he comes round and does all your chores, stark bollock naked if you wish. That also includes cleaning your car in and out, so you don’t have to worry what you drop in there, as it will be him cleaning it out” she added. “You just need to put your feet up and catch up on Netflix while he performs his duties around the place. I hope you don’t mind him handling your bras and panties when he’s ironing them for you?” She laughed.”Well, if you put it that way, how can I refuse,” said Julie enthusiastically.My wife pointed to her friend’s crotch and said: “Mark, I can see another pair of jeans and panties that need removing.”Traumatized from my ordeal, I meekly crawled over to where Julie was sitting and gingerly undid her jeans, and then removed her panties.My wife asked Julie if she could return the favour, and supervise my licking of her friend’s pussy, as she felt it was only good manners to do so.”You’re getting even better at this,” said Julie laughing, as she parted her legs.I realized from the start that she was really horny, as she became very wet and aroused almost immediately. “My, we are wet today,” said my wife to her friend. “But don’t worry I’ll make sure it’s done properly,” she laughed.My tongue and lips were then ordered to work ferociously, licking, kissing and sucking, for the next forty minutes, in which time Julie came four times. It was after this forth eruption that she unexpectedly reached forward and embraced my wife’s face with her hands, whilst French kissing through her lips at the same time.I was shocked at what I saw, and waited for my wife protests of anger, but instead, after looking startled for a moment, she also reached out and embraced her friends face, and continued the kiss with enthusiasm. We remained in our positions for the next ten minutes, me, licking Julies pussy, not daring to stop, and my wife and her friend locked in a passionate embrace just above my head.After the two girls eventually broke free, Julie said, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself.” To which my wife replied, “Think nothing of it, I’ve often wondered what it would be like if we two made out,” she laughed. And with that, they both locked lips again in a passionate embrace, and had no qualms in taking it further this time, by urgently thrusting their respective hands between each other’s legs, and forcing several fingers into each other’s wet pussies, whilst also sucking on each other’s breasts that they had hastily pulled from beneath their tops.I was quickly pushed away from Julies inner thighs whilst my wife explored her moist hidden depths.When the girls released each other after what seemed an eternity, they quickly realized I was still kneeling Infront of them. I remained silent, as I was not permitted to say anything unless invited to, but they eventually dispatched me to fetch wine for them both, whilst they casually talked about what just happened, and how both of them had enjoyed it, and wanted a regular reoccurrence.”So, Mark,” my wife said to me whilst I poured her wine. “That’s something else you’ll have to get used to going forward,” she chuckled. “I do feel sorry for him having to do all this learning in one day,” she said to her friend whilst giggling.After a short period of recovery, both girls agreed that they were still horny and could do with even more action. My wife now full of confidence brazenly suggested to her friend that she could have me lie on my back with a hard-on, and she would ride my cock, whilst her friend could sit on my face using my tongue and nose in her pussy. Then they could change places, so they could enjoy both ends.”Are you sure you don’t mind me riding, and using your husbands ‘cock?” Asked Julie.”Not at all,” said Sue, “It’s not cheating, as I’m here as well,” she reasoned.”Well, in that case, it would be impolite to refuse.” Laughed Sue.I was ordered to move the coffee table sideways, so there was room Infront of the TV, and was then instructed to lie on my back on the floor.Under the watchful eye of Julie, my wife began wanking my dick until it was rock hard, and then mounted it. Julie quickly lifted her leg so that she had one either side of my ear whilst facing my wife. Sue then began moving her hips back and forth riding my cock, whilst at the same time, Julie moved her hips in the same fashion, grinding her pussy forward and back over my mouth and shouting, “Lick,” then riding my nose with her cunt sliding it in and out in a frenzied fucking motion, while I gasped for air.The two girls were now becoming very excited and even wetter, and instinctively leaned forward and began caressing and kissing each other whilst taking full advantage of my predicament.After some time had passed, they swapped places, and I felt Julies cunt grip my member whilst my wife’s wet pussy engulfed my mouth and nose. In later months, my wife would feed me a large dose of Viagra before her friend came over, so they could ride my rock-hard cock for as long as they liked, with no loss of stiffness, as though it was a toy.I had already been warned that spunking for me was out of the question, and not to even consider it, or ask for it.When both girls had achieved many orgasms and had used me for as long as they wished, they slumped exhausted on to the settee, and a wicked grin came over Julie’s face, as she said, “You know, it’s not very fair that Mark’s not been allowed to cum. And we all know it’s the man’s responsibility to taste and dispose of his cum, so he knows what his wife used to have to do. So if Mark was to put the wooden coffee table in front of us, and lie on his back on it, and pull his legs over his head, so his dick was just above his mouth, we could toss him off and then he could shoot into his mouth and swill the spunk around his lips and mouth before swallowing, and rectify this situation” Julie laughed.”What a great idea,” said my wife.Julie then watched in puzzlement as Sue produced a family bag Maltesers, and shared them out equally between them both, and excitedly announced that they could use them as counters for putting bets on, like, who could get me wettest with precum, or who could get my cock furthest into my mouth, or who could eventually get me to shoot my load. “It will be great fun,” she enthused.Knowing I had no option but to let them gamble with my dick, I placed the coffee table back Infront of them, and lay on top as instructed. Both of my ankles were grabbed by the girls who yanked my legs over my head, instantly positioning my dick just Infront of my lips.As I work out at the gym several times a week, it meant I was quite buca escort supple, and so it didn’t take much effort to push down on my upturned legs and force my cock even further towards my mouth. “Open,” shouted my wife, before pushing down even more and forcing my dick in my mouth.”Three to you for getting it in,” Julie said to Sue laughing, passing over three Maltesers.Julie then instructed, “Lick and suck it.” “Three to you for getting him to do that,” laughed my wife, whilst passing them back.”Now Mark,” my wife said, “We’re going to take it in turns to toss you off, whilst you continue to suck your dick. When you can hold on to your cum no longer, you are to raise your hand and position the end of your cock just in front of your lips, which are to be open, with your tongue sticking straight out ready to receive your spunk. We will then give your cock six continuous pulls each until one of us gets you to come on their turn, and they will be the winner. Now stay in that position while we both stake bets on who will be successful. Und
erstand?” She said.I nodded my head.The girls had great fun playing their new game, and when my balls were ready to empty, I raised my hand as instructed, and they began competitively shouting encouragement on the outcome as though it was a dog race.There was a triumphant cry of, “Yes,” as Julie forced me to shoot a huge load of bitter-tasting spunk into my mouth, which also trailed on my face and lips, whilst my wife shouted, “Bitch” in mock annoyance, and pushed over her half bag of the Maltesers to her friend.As the winner, Julie now took the lead, and instructed me to swill the cum around my mouth and lips, and also gargle with it, before asking if I had got the full flavour of it, to which I nodded. I was then given the instruction to, “Swallow,” which I did, and then ordered to open wide to show that it had all been consumed, with only a shiny residue left on my lips and inside my mouth.In one of the later sessions like this, Julie asked my wife, would she mind if she supervised some extra training for me to teach me how to piss into my own mouth and swallow, from this position, as it would be a good lesson for me how my piss tasted, and also in recycling, which I was poor at, plus it would be quite funny at the same time. Julie said she wanted to give her a completed demonstration as part of her present to Sue for her birthday, which was due soon.My wife was delighted at her friend’s thoughtfulness and consideration, and said, she couldn’t wait.Julie teased, “I have an early birthday gift in my bag now which you can have if you’d like?” Intrigued, my wife said, “Oh yes,” and watched as Julie reached into her bag and produced a long metal shiny tube in the shape of a penis.”What is it?” Asked my wife.”It’s a chastity cage for men,” came her reply.”What does it do?” said Sue.”You slip the main part shaped like a cock over his dick, right up to his balls, then you lock it in place with this little clasp at the back of his sack, and secure it with this lock so it can’t be removed,” she explained. “He can pee normally and hide it discreetly in his underwear, and generally go about everyday tasks, but he can’t get a hard-on, or have a crafty wank or spunk, whilst wearing it, and as you would have both keys, it means you have complete control of his cock and balls, for your use only, whenever you feel like it, as well as extra control of him, as you can deny him orgasms for as long as you like until you decide he’s earned it. And all this whilst you are free to have as many as you like using his cock, mouth and fingers.””What a brilliant idea,” said Sue, and with that, ordered me to stand in front of them both.”Mark, I’m doing this for your own good,” she said sternly. “We both know that you play with your dick far too much, which is not good for you, and denies me pleasure, so I’m going to fit this device on your cock right now, so we can have an end to that type of nonsense. Your cock should always be ready for my use whenever I want.You are also to thank Julie for all the effort and work she’s put in on our behalf in rectifying this issue, and in recognition of this, I will be giving her the spare key, so she also has access to your cock whenever she feels horny,” she concluded, smiling at her friend.”Thank you very much, Julie, I’m very grateful for all your help. My cock and tongue will be at your disposal whenever you want” I heard myself reluctantly say.Julie turned to Sue and gave her a huge kiss on the lips and said, “Thanks for the gift, I will use his cock and mouth well. You know how desperately horny I can get sometimes,” she laughed.With that I felt the cold the metal envelop my dick, as the device was fitted, and with a distinct clicking sound, it was locked in place. My cock was now in a prison to which only the two women had access, to satisfy whatever urges they had.”I see he still goes to the gym,” Julie casually mentioned to her friend, whilst looking at my kit.”Yes,” said Sue. “I will remove the device just before he goes, so it’s not obvious in the men’s changing room, and then put it back on him as soon as he gets home,” she said.”Well speaking of the men’s changing room, wouldn’t you like to know what some of his yummy mates are packing in their pants?” Sue mused. “We’d never get to access that imagery normally, would we?” She said with a mischievous grin.”Well, no,” concluded Sue. “And I must admit I’ve often had horny thoughts and wondered about their cock sizes when I’ve seen some of the bulges in his friend’s shorts at his football practice,” she admitted.”Well how about we buy one of those tiny micro cameras from Amazon, and get him to discreetly photograph the cock sizes of all his friends when they’re in the changing room. He could then log them in size and girth order, and we’d know exactly what’s in their pants,” she laughed.”What a great idea,” my wife agreed, and informed me that from now on it was one of my duties to compile the “Cock Book,” as it was to be called. I was to populate and keep it fully up to date with pictures and measurements of all my friend’s dicks, with a picture of mine next to each one if was bigger than me, indicating how much longer, or wider it was, so the girls could accurately access length and width, compared to mine. This information gave them total access to know what each of the players was hiding in their pants, and what each of their wives and girlfriends was receiving in their pussy.It became a regular occurrence when a new guy joined the gym, or team, for me to obtain the required information, and present it, stood in front of the relaxing women in our lounge, with dropped shorts to demonstrate size, if the new guy was bigger than me. It always gave them a huge kick to know that when we met my friends and their partners, that the two girls knew exactly how big each man’s cock was, and how many inches each woman was receiving.Julie suddenly looked at her watch and said, “I really will have to go, as I have a hair appointment due soon, but perhaps we have just enough time for one last round of fun if you’re up for it?” She said to my wife. And with that she pulled Sue over towards her, where they both had whispered conversations, intermingled with hoots of laughter.Julie then positioned herself directly in front of me sitting on the couch, with my wife kneeling next to me on the floor. Sue instructed me to once more remove Julie’s panties, which I did, and her friend then leisurely opened and spread her legs, revealing a swollen pussy enlarged from the earlier action. She then proceeded to lift her legs up from the floor towards her face, and by doing so, now displayed both her pussy and arse hole. My wife then picked up the open bag of Maltesers and one by one pushed quite a few into Julies cunt, and arse, intern.Sue then gave me the command, “Retrieve,” as though I was a dog, and at the same time, I felt her push my head down towards Julies pussy and arse.”Eat out both of those holes NOW, and swallow,” instructed my wife.So as not to incur the wrath of my wife, I started on Julie’s pussy, pushing my tongue in, and up as far as it would go, trying to latch around each of the chocolates, which was very difficult, as I had to go deep in to reach them. But over a period of time, I had found the knack of doing it and managed to retrieve them one by one and swallow them down.Her arse was definitely a trickier prospect, as it was a much tighter hole, so I asked if I could part her cheeks with my hands, so I could reach further in with my tongue, to which the girls agreed with much laughter. I carefully opened her crevice as much as I could and then plunged my tongue into it.As I thought, it was much harder to penetrate and needed considerably more force and effort to retrieve each sweet, but again, I managed to lick and suck them out of her arse, and swallow them down.The girls then erupted with laughter, as they realised that my face and mouth were covered in melted chocolate. They had originally decided tha
t there was only enough time for one of them to be eaten out in this fashion, but after my performance, they both agreed that they had enjoyed it so much, it would be a shame for Sue to not have the same experience. So after licking Julies cunt and arse clean of melted chocolate, and pulling her panties up for her, she changed places with my wife, whereupon the whole scene was re-enacted again, only this time with my wife witnessing her cunt, and for the first time, her arse hole being eaten out by me.Infract she enjoyed this part so much, that in times to come, I was instructed to lick her arse hole as many times as I was to lick her pussy. Sometimes she would lie on our bed for hours, and read a novel, with my tongue probing her arse, before she would then dismiss me to do household chores.After I had checked that both girls arses and cunts were clean, dry, and free from pussy juice, and I had replaced their panties and jeans, as they had no intention of doing it themselves, and run around doing further pointless tasks for their amusement, Sue rose from the settee and had a last lingering kiss at the door with her friend, as she went to leave.”Thanks for everything,” said Sue, “I feel much happier now Mark understands his new role,” she beamed.”Glad you enjoyed it,” said Julie. “Same time next week?” she inquired.” And they both erupted in laughter as my wife said, “You bet.”

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