Feet-loving Kate – part one

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Feet-loving Kate – part oneMy name is Kate, I’m 18 years old. I love looking at the feet of other girls. Actually, not only look but also think and dream about them … I do not know how it started, at first it was just a peek, a glance from time to time. Now it’s staring. I find the girls’ feet amazingly beautiful.I’m finishing high school and I am a completely “normal” girl. Even my closest friends don’t know about my “passion” for the feet. I’m ashamed to tell them.I use every opportunity to see beautiful feet in real life, not just on photos on the internet. In the summer I walk with my eyes fixed on the ground and trying to catch the girls’ feet in sandals and flip flops. I always regret how short these moments are, I would like them to last longer … giresun escort Only how? I can’t ask someone to show me his feet up close. It would be weird, after that … I really don’t want anyone to know I’m feet-lover. So what should I do?Something amazing has happened lately. My close friend Anna, had a home renovation and stayed with me. I did not attach much importance to this, it is not the first time. This time, however, it was different. I woke up first, got up from bed and went past the sofa on which Anna slept. I looked at her and suddenly I realized something. Ania was sleeping barefoot! Just now it came to me. And most importantly, now she was lying on her belly, with the blanket pulled up high. Her bare feet were fully exposed, soles up. escort giresun As if they were smiling at me and inviting me to look. Annas’s happy feet…I made sure if he was still asleep and crouched down at the end of the couch. Anna’s feet were a few centimeters from my eyes. I couldn’t believe my happiness. I just wanted to devour them with my eyes. Smooth, slightly pink feet seemed almost perfect to me. I didn’t know what to focus on. On perfectly round heels? Smooth soles? Or maybe shapely, delicate fingers? I’ve never seen the feet of another girl so closely. I wanted to look at them for an eternity. I felt like these feet came out from under the blanket specifically to greet me and invite me to meet them.- Good morning, Anna’s Feet. You are giresun escort bayan very pretty, I like you a lot – I started to whisper without even thinking about what I was doing.Suddenly I got an idea. I reached for my phone, turned on the camera and took one picture. A good, clear shot of both feet, very closely. There was not enough time for more. The feet moved. Anna began to wake up. I jumped back and began to wander around the room. I didn’t show anything. Anna doesn’t know that the picture of her bare feet is on my phone.This situation gave me food for thought. How many situations of this type have I not used? How often did I lose possibility to fulfil my passion for feet? I decided to change it. From today I will be more vigilant, I will try to pursue my goals and dreams. I will be a real feet-loving Kate.To be continued…(it’s an english translation of my story which I previously published in polish. I’m sorry for any language errors. Comment if you want to read next parts of story. 🙂 )

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