Family life my way…Ch.1…How it began

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Family life my way…Ch.1…How it beganThe mid nineteen sixties was a strange time for teenagers in our town. Like all k**s of that age, music was a big part of my life, either listening to it or reading about it. There seemed to be all sorts of fabulous things going on out in the big wide world but somehow our sleepy little backwater town managed to miss out on most of it.Like most boys my age there was another subject that took up most of my time and that was girls, every now and then one or other of us would acquire a well thumbed copy of a “Men’s Magazine”, we would all look at the pictures of beautiful women posing topless. Topless was all you got in those days, on the rare occasions that the girl was naked, she invariably had her legs crossed or there was a big smudge where her pubic area should be. Regardless of those limitations, there was still enough on show to fill our minds with sufficient fantasies to fuel our masturbations.I was luckier than some, l had an early morning job delivering newspapers and one of the addresses on my round had a copy of one of those magazines delivered usually on the last Wednesday of every month. On that day l would set off earlier than normal to start my round, on my travels l would pass a small park near the river where l could sit on a bench and look through the latest edition. I would have enough time to look through all the pictures and read one of the letters supposedly written by readers describing some sexual encounter they had had.At the particular time l am referring to it seemed that almost every letter described some situation when the man in the story ended up getting his cock sucked by a woman. I became fascinated by this idea that any girl would be prepared to let a man put his cock in her mouth, fascinated to such an extent that l would often stare at the mouth of any woman near me and imagine what it would look like with a cock in it.Usually my stop over in the park to read the magazine would culminate in a visit to the nearby public toilets for a quick wank. My routine was to enter the first cubicle and lock the door, grab a wad of toilet paper then take out my cock and jerk off into the tissue. On the particular morning that made such a significant change in my life, l had entered the first cubicle only to find that there was no toilet paper. I quickly moved to the next cubicle and proceeded as normal.As l was undoing my trousers, l noticed a hole in the wall, l knew that the wall separated the male toilets from the female which had a separate entrance. Initially l thought the hole had been made so that someone could spy on the ladies toilet next door, but then l realised that it was at an awkward height to be able to bend down and look through. It was then l noticed some writing and an arrow pointing to the hole. The writing was smudged but l was able to make it out, it said “Laura E sucks cocks here.”As l said before, this was a small town where every k** in the town went to the same school, l knew every k** in the town within the ages of f******n to twenty and l knew of only one Laura E, that was my sister Laura Evans.I could see some smaller writing it was very smudged but l could just make out the words, “Contact Rusty L”.I knew Rusty Lewis, he was the town bad boy, always involved in fights and generally someone to steer clear of. I couldn’t imagine my sister having anything to do with him so l wondered why anyone would write her name like that.For days l didn’t know what to think, l had never had any sexual feelings for my sister, l certainly never regarded her as sexy, after all l had seen so many really sexy women in magazines and she looked nothing like them. Not that she was dog ugly or anything, just sort of ordinary. Two years older than me, about 5ft 9ins, average build, not slim but not fat either, l had seen her in a swimsuit many times and she did have some nice curves, her tits appeared to be a decent size, not as big as the women in the magazines but certainly not as flat chested as some of her friends. When l was lying in bed at night, stroking my hard cock and imagining some naked woman coming through the door and offering herself to me, in my mind, that woman was never my sister.Although l was convinced that that message must have been written by someone who didn’t like her, (l knew how catty girls can be with each other), l couldn’t resist going back to that toilet and staring at that hole as l pumped my cock and released my spunk into a wad of tissues. My mind went into overdrive, imagining pushing my cock through that hole and feeling a soft, warm mouth encircling it. Whenever we were sat around the dining table at meal times and Laura was speaking, l began looking at her mouth and imagining a cock sliding between her lips.Of course l was still a virgin, in fact l had never got any further than a feel of Susan Price’s tiny tits inside her blouse but outside her bra. I had tried putting my hand up her skirt but she had slapped me away and threatened to stop being my girlfriend if l did it again. Needless to say my right hand was getting plenty of exercise, sometimes as much as four times a day and more and more it was a vision of my sister sucking a cock that came into my head just before l came.This went on for the best part of six months, l was managing to get a bit further with Susan, she was allowing me to push her bra up and play with her nipples and l was allowed to put my hand between her legs but not inside her knickers. I was over the güvenilir bahis moon the first time l was brave enough to take my cock out and persuade her to hold it, l wouldn’t say l was big but l compared quite well with the other boys my age when we were all naked in the showers after a rugby game.My best mate Jimmy had managed to get his girlfriend to play with his cock and make him cum, l finally got Susan to start doing it to me although the first time l came so quickly and so hard that l missed the tissues with my first shot and got some spunk on her dress. She went mental, saying her mother would see it and go mad at her but eventually l managed to calm her down and we used water from the fountain in the park to wash it off.It was mid summer by this time, l had left school, a total academic failure, having achieved nothing more than captain of the school rugby team and a qualification in woodwork. I had a talent for woodwork and my father had managed to get me an apprenticeship with a friend of his who had his own business making bespoke furniture for wealthy people in the area. I was due to start work in a few weeks so was spending the hot summer holiday lying on the grass in the park with my friends, each of us trying to persuade our girlfriends to go that little bit further. Susan was one of the prettiest girls and l was proud to be her boyfriend but she stubbornly refused to let me take her knickers off, l was allowed to kiss her nipples though and a hand job became a regular occurrence.I had been to the rugby club one evening as training for the new season was due to start soon and there was some kit to sort out. I was walking home, just nearing the park when l saw Rusty Lewis and my sister on the other side of the road. I would never have imagined that Laura would ever have anything to do with Rusty but they seemed to be in deep conversation. They certainly didn’t spot me and l quickly stepped behind a hedge, keeping them in sight.I watched as they crossed the road and walked towards the toilet building, they stopped and talked for a while, then Rusty checked his watch, he then pointed towards the ladies entrance to the toilets and Laura walked into the building.I wondered what was happening as Rusty remained outside, then l saw movement in the street and l saw someone coming towards us, it was Mr. Lovell the optician, he was hurrying and constantly looking behind as if he was afraid of being followed. He almost ran across the road and approached Rusty. They exchanged a few words and l saw Mr.Lovell give Rusty something that looked like pound notes, then he walked into the men’s entrance to the toilets.I waited for what seemed ages but was probably ten minutes, when l saw someone else approaching. This turned out to be Mr.Penny the jeweller, he approached Rusty and gave him some money, he went to go into the toilets but Rusty stopped him, they spoke together and then l saw Mr.Lovell come out of the toilet and hurry away, not stopping to speak to either of the other two.Rusty then spoke to Mr.Penny and he went into the toilets.By now my mind was churning, there could only be one explanation for what l was seeing, Rusty was obviously taking money and allowing these men to push their cocks through that hole for my sister to suck. My own cock was straining the front of my trousers, l thought l was about to cum in my pants.After a few minutes l saw Mr.Penny come out and he too hurried away like some scuttling rat. A few moments later, Laura emerged, dabbing a wad of tissues against her mouth, she walked over to Rusty and he gave her some of the money, she went to kiss him but he pushed her away, l heard him shout “Not before you wash your mouth out you dirty bitch.” Laura laughed and linked arms with him as they walked off towards the town centre.I hurried into the toilet and into to the cubicle with the hole in the wall, as l released my cock and began stroking it, l noticed that someone had used a black marker to obliterate Laura’s name on the wall, l also notice a bead of cum sitting on the edge of the hole. With that l felt my cock explode with my biggest cum ever, turning the wad of tissues into a soggy mess.I didn’t know what to do, should l tell Laura what l knew? What good would that do if she just denied it, l had no proof. Another thing bothering me was that whoever wrote that message also knew and l had no idea who that could be. The one thing l did know was that whenever l thought about what my sister was doing in that toilet building l got an instant erection that refused to subside until l jerked off.It all came to a head about a month later, our parents had gone out for the evening, l was watching tv and Laura was washing her hair. She came into the living room wearing her towelling bathrobe and a towel wrapped around her head.“Do me a favour David,” she said, “l’m going round to Leanne’s tomorrow evening, can l borrow some of your records, you’ve got a lot more than me.”“What if l want to listen to them?” I replied.“I’ll bring them back,” she responded.“Yeah, like last time,” l sneered, “it was two whole weeks last time and then one of them was scratched.”“That wasn’t my fault, she went on holiday so l couldn’t get them, and that one was scratched already.”“No it wasn’t, l take care of my records, none of them are scratched.”“Look,” she sighed, “ can l borrow them or not?”“No,” l replied.“Up yours,” she said turning for the door, “pig!”“Cocksucker,” l replied.Laura froze in the doorway, turning l could internet casino see her face had flushed bright red.“What did you call me?” she demanded.“You heard,” l replied. At that point l actually regretted saying it but the cat was out of the bag now.“That’s a disgusting thing to call me,” she said, standing in the doorway defiantly.“Not as disgusting as sucking cocks through a hole in a wall in a public toilet,” l replied.I saw the flash of horror passing over her face as she realised that her secret was out.“That’s disgusting, l don’t know what you’re talking about,” Laura tried hard to appear shocked at the suggestion but she was a poor actress and l could see the concern on her face.“Don’t try to deny it.” I countered, “l’ve seen you there with Rusty Lewis, l’ve seen him taking money from men, l’ve seen the hole in the wall, l’ve even seen the message on the wall saying Laura E sucks cocks here.”“Rusty told me he’d covered that over,” Laura replied, tears streaming down her face as she realised her predicament.“Whatever made you get involved with Rusty, you know what he’s like, everyone tries to give him a wide berth.”“He’s not as bad as people say,” she replied, “he’s exciting or at least as exciting as you’ll get in this dead end town.”“Is he fucking you?”“David,” she cried, “where did you learn that word….that’s a horrible thing to say.”“I’m sure Rusty says it all the time,” l replied, “ does he talk about your tits and cunt as well, is that exciting for you?”“Stop it,” she replied, totally deflated.“I know the men who use you,” l said triumphantly, “l bet you don’t even know who they are, it could be anyone sticking their cock through that hole, it’s disgusting, you’re just a prossie.”“Stop it, please stop it,” she cried, “Rusty arranges it, he wouldn’t let anyone nasty do it, he loves me.”“Oh please don’t tell me you’re in love with someone who makes you suck cocks through a hole in the wall…that’s pathetic. I bet he doesn’t even give you half the money does he, how much?”“Stop it,” she cried, “l didn’t want to keep doing it, he got me drunk one evening then made me sit on a chair behind a curtain in the pub, someone stuck his cock through and Rusty told me to suck it, l was drunk and it was exciting, l didn’t think it would happen again.”“God you’re stupid,” l laughed, “l bet it wasn’t your first time sucking a cock though was it?”“I’d done it for Rusty a few times.”“Did he spunk in your mouth?”“David!” she yelled, “stop it… oh god this is awful.”“Tell me,” l demanded, “Did he spunk in your mouth? Did he make you swallow it.”“What do you know about these sort of things,” she cried, collapsing onto the sofa.“I’ve read about it in magazines,” l replied, “so did you do it, l want to know.”“Yes if you must know,” she replied, “l tried to spit it out the first time but he slapped me and told me l had to swallow it, it was horrible, l thought l was going to be sick.”“You still do it though.”“I’m used to it now… god that sounds awful… what are you going to do? Are you going to tell Mum and Dad, Dad will kill me.”“That depends,” l replied.“Depends on what?” she looked up at me with her tear streaked face.“Take your dressing gown off.” I ordered.“David…no…don’t make me do that, l don’t have anything on underneath, please don’t make me.”I was in no mood to be denied. “Stand up and strip off,” l demanded, “otherwise l will make like horrible for you.”I could see the resignation on her face as she realised there was no other course of action available to her. Slowly she stood up and undid the belt of her dressing gown. She hesitated but l motioned for her to carry on. Slowly she shrugged the dressing gown off her shoulders, then allowed it to fall in a heap at her feet.I had never seen a live naked woman before and my eyes must have been out on stalks as l looked over her body. The first thing l noticed was how white and smooth her skin looked, first l looked at her tits, not as big as some of the ones l’d seen in magazines but bigger than any of the girls in school. They were quite firm and seemed to curve upward, tipped with a dark pink patch surrounding her nipples. Her nipples themselves looked hard and rubbery, l had read that nipples went hard when a woman was excited and l guessed that Laura was feeling excited standing there on display, even though she was crying with the shame of it.My eyes travelled down over her flat belly to the dark triangle of hair covering the area where l knew her cunt would be. This was something l hadn’t even seen in magazines and l was fascinated, l knew there had to be more to see between her legs.“Sit on the sofa and open your legs,” l ordered.“”No David, please don’t make me…please David, look l’ll suck your cock if you like but please don’t make me do that.”“Do it,” l commanded, “you have to do as l say or l’m going to tell on you.”Slowly she sank back onto the sofa, she parted her legs slightly but still l couldn’t see a great deal through the thick pubic hair. I told her to open wider and as she did l got my first ever view of a grown up cunt.I needed to get a closer look and dropped to my knees in front of her, l was fascinated at the folds of skin that seemed to open like flower petals as her legs parted. I had read so much about what a cunt looked like but seeing one for the first time was better than a thousand words.I put my hands on inside of her thighs, l felt her body tense. My fingers parted the forest of hair, exposing to gash of her cunt completely. canlı poker oyna The folds of skin at the opening parted slightly and as my fingers separated them l saw a small nodule nestled inside the top of the slit. I had read about this, in magazines they called it a clit or love button, l gave it a flick with my finger and a violent shudder went through her body.“You liked that didn’t you?” I said smiling, pleased that l had got such a positive reaction, “has anyone ever done that to you before?”“Rusty has when he puts his hands inside my knickers,” she replied, feeling wonderful sensations rippling through her body as l continued to tickle her clit.I had read about men sucking on the clit and l suddenly had the urge to find out what it tasted like. I leaned forward put out my tongue to tickle it, there was a strong aroma, not off putting, in fact in seemed to make me want to go further. I tentatively took her clit between my lips, massaging it gently and feeling it swell in reaction as l started to suck on it.“Oh my god!” she cried, her hands automatically trying to push me away, but l was not to be moved, sucking the growing clit into my mouth until it felt as big as a nut. “My god, what are you doing?”“Hasn’t Rusty done that to you?” I asked, briefly releasing the salty sweet tasting nodule.“No,” she replied, “Heather Watkins said her boyfriend did it to her once but when l asked Rusty to do it he said it was dirty.“He didn’t mind sticking his cock in your mouth though,” l replied, returning my mouth to her swollen clit.“He said that was different,” she replied, “ he said that girls had to do those sort of things if they wanted proper men to be interested in them…… oh my god David, stop it…please….this is wrong….stop it.”I was sucking hard on her clit and although she was screaming for me to stop her hands were on the back of my head, pushing me harder against her cunt, then l felt he legs wrap around my neck, trapping me there as her body bucked against me. I managed to reach up and find her tits, locating her nipples and gently squeezing them.“Oh yes,” she sighed, “oh my god yes….yes….ooooo!”I felt a tremor pass through her body, felt the muscles of her cunt first tense up then relax and a flood of liquid flowed into my mouth. I heard her crying out as her legs tightened around me, trapping me as l continued to suck on her clit, tasting her sweet juices. I had never tasted anything like it before but l knew l wanted more. I felt the vibrations through her body and l realised she was sobbing as finally she released me from the grip of her thighs.I looked up at her, pleased with myself, still tasting her juices on my lips. “My turn now,” l said standing and undoing the front of my trousers. With difficulty l managed to release my rock hard cock. “Time for me to sample that mouth of yours.”“David, please,” she whispered, still sobbing, “please don’t make me do that, this is wrong David, we mustn’t do this.”“Too late now,” l replied, “ l want what those men get, but l get to watch you doing it, come here.”I stood in front of her, holding my cock in one hand, slowly she sat up and moved to the edge of the seat.“No….on your knees,” l ordered, ignoring her pleading eyes, “make it quick, l can’t hold it much longer.”Laura slid forward off the sofa, onto her knees. She reached up and took hold of my cock, turning her face up to look at me as if hoping for some last second reprieve.“Suck it,” l demanded, putting my hand on her head and grabbing her hair, “suck it like the prossie you are.”I did try to exercise some self control but it was the first time l had ever had anything but my hand working on my cock, and although l had nothing to compare it with, l assumed that with her experience, she was an expert in sucking cocks. Needless to say that within a minute of having that warm, wet mouth encircling me l was holding her firm as l pushed in deeper and filled her mouth with my cum. There must have been a decent quantity as there were dribbles of it on her chin when l pulled out.After we had both calmed down, Laura had recovered her dressing gown and put it back on, she had regained her seat on the sofa and l had taken a seat in the armchair facing her.“What happens now?” she asked.“Quite simple,” l replied, “from now on you’re mine whenever l want you.”“But it’s wrong David, brothers don’t do this to their sisters.”“How many boys do you know who have sisters who do what you do,” l replied.“I don’t like it when you call me a prossie, it’s not very nice is it?”“Well what else do you call it then, you suck cocks for money, you don’t even know whose cock you’re sucking, how cheap is that?”“It’s not fair,” she cried, “it was never meant to be like that, it just started as a bit of fun but it’s got out of hand.”“What has happened,” l told her, “is that Rusty saw a gullible girl that he could manipulate, he’s just using you and now you can’t find a way out. I can’t understand how you got mixed up with him, everyone knows he’s trouble, he’s still on probation for stealing the lead off the church roof. You know what Dad would do if he thought you were going out with Rusty Lewis, let alone what would happen if he ever found out the truth.”“But only you and Rusty know it’s me doing it,” she replied.“Plus whoever wrote that message on the wall,” l responded, “so someone else knows. When are you seeing Rusty again?”“It was supposed to be tomorrow but he’s got a job on,” she replied.“Can’t be anything legal,” l said, “he’s never done an honest job in his life.”“I heard him talking to Paul Gibbons in the pub, something about there being a lot of cash in the office in the scrap yard on the edge of town.”That was when l had an idea that would have a significant influence on the rest of my life.

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