Exchange Student (1/2)

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Exchange Student (1/2)Kimmy was becoming an exchange student in Japan, as her friend, Jessica who had been in Japan the longest and recommended the program to her. Jessica was in her senior year of high school as well as Kimmy. The two were the same age, 18 going on 19 soon. “I can’t wait until you get here, we’re going to have so much fun.” Jessica laughed. Kimmy kept her eyes towards the window of the plane, her thoughts drifting off into another subject. “Kim, you there?” Called out Jessica on the other line. “Oh, yeah I am. We’ll have fun, sure.” Sighed Kimmy while she adjusted her Apple head phones. She looked around her, noticing the rest of the passengers when an older Japanese male walked towards her seat and spoke to her. She knew he wasn’t dressed to be a flight attendant, and she also couldn’t understand him.She gave him a small smile, hinting that he was asking for something and merely nodded, assuming he’d just go away. He returned the smile, placing his bag in her row before planting his rear in the seat beside her. At this, her smile began to loosen into a frown. However, the seats began to fill rather fast, she knew something like this was bound to happen. “You sound so down, don’t be. We’ll cheer you up when you get here. See ya!” Said Jessica, hanging up after mentioning a few other things Kimmy wasn’t listening to. “We’ll?” Asked Kimmy before looking down at her phone, seeing that she hung up. And because Kimmy hadn’t been expecting to spend time with anyone besides her friend for her welcoming, she doubted her pleasant stay even more. However, because she hadn’t given much thought to being an exchange student, she wasn’t so bothered by what to expect either. Over the course of hours spent on the plane, she tried ignoring the male as he spoke to her at random moments, laughing and even placing his hand on her knee every now and then. Each time he did so, she merely shifted her legs closer to the window and kept quiet. “I’m so bored.” She muttered to herself. The man’s actions hadn’t bothered her so much. Even if he should’ve kept his hands to himself, she remembered being told by Jesica that men in Japan touch women all the time and the women are expected to not make a scene. Hours later . . . Kimmy headed out of the airport after boarding off. She quickly left the older male far behind as to not have to deal with anything else he had to say. She removed her phone, looking through her messages and finding the directions to the bus Jessica told her to take in order to reach the stop she needed to go to. The bus hadn’t been too far away, though when she finally found it, it was parked at its stop already. Kimmy rushed to the stop, her curly dark hair swaying from each side as she did. And just in time, she caught the bus. She used her left over yen for the bus before looking around her. But at seeing the too many Japanese passengers on the bus, she began to regret using her currency for a bus this packed. While briefly looking out for a seat, she spotted a boy who caught her eye. His hair was a lighter brown than the rest of his friends who shared a quiet laugh at whatever they had been discussing. They were in uniforms and seemed to have been getting back from school. The boy made eye contact with her as well, his eyes looking over her appearance. “I’d like to get some sort of transfer and take the next one please.” She said to the driver, though he shook his head, pointing his thumb to the back as he tried to communicate with her in his native language. “Please.” she pleaded again. Though those behind her began to get annoyed, so she decided to leave the issue and headed down the narrow isle. The bus was so crowded that most had been standing up. Other’s bodies were touching, but they faced away as if to block out the other. Kimmy tried to find an area in which to stand, but was only nudged towards the second door of the bus where the boy and his friends had taken a seat near.They kept the bus ride from being completely quiet. When one of them happened to laugh, Kimmy turned to face them out of curiosity. It was all a new place with knew faces, of course she wondered as to how they socialized. During one of her moments in glancing at the group, she found the boy who caught her eye, doing the same thing; staring at her though he didn’t chuckle along with the others. Her stomach released a nervous pang and quickly she faced towards some woman’s back who had been in front of her. Eventually, the bus became a little less packed as others got off. But Kimmy continued to stand as there weren’t any seats avalible still. When the bus stopped at the next stop, the group had gathered their things, excusing themselves as they pushed past others to head out the door towards the back. Kimmy moved herself father against the wall as they exited. The boy, taking a long look at the foreign girl as he brushed against her, soon getting off the bus. Kimmy hadn’t looked at him, though could see it from the corner of her eye but chose to ignore it. Once her stop came, she wasn’t hesitant to get off. She ran through the rough drizzle of rain where she then approached Jessica’s house. And after a few knocks, a bright girl with platinum blonde hair answered. Unlike Kimmy, Jessica’s breasts were double D’s whole kimmys were around a small B. “Get in here!” Shouted Jessica as she pulled Kimmy inside the house. Kimmy looked around while wiping her feet against the welcome mat. “Is this your house?” She asked while taking off her shoes. The place was very traditional Japanese, “No, it’s his.” Chuckled Jessica as a tall male came out of the kitchen. Kimmy noticed the males hieght before his toned, bare chest. He wore gray sweat pants that hung a bit too low for Kimmy’s comfort level, but this was apparently his house so she said nothing. “Nice to meet you Kimmy girl. I’m Daiji” He greeted before giving the girl a toothy grin. He neared a bit closer to the girl. Jessica stood, keeping her eyes on his body. Kimmy looked at them both before her eyes allowed themselves to wonder towards his pants, which seemed to leave a detailed print of his long member. He slid his veiny-muscular-hands down to adjust his joggers at his waistline, though as Kimmy expected him to pull them up, he lowered them…allowing half of his now throbbing length to peek from out his pants while he chugged down a bottle of water. “I’m going to go put stuff.” Kimmy said quickly as she rushed down the hall. She felt her blood making it’s way to her ears and cheeks. “Kim wait up.” Jessica called before running after her.Kimmy stopped, she realized she didn’t really know where she was going. She didn’t even know what room she’d be staying in. “Me and him were just messing around in the kitchen kinda…he was teaching me how to cook and..” her voice lowered, “god he’s good with his hands you have t-“ she giggled before Kimmy interrupted her. “I don’t give a shit Jes, I thought we’d be staying at your place or something. Not here with some, think he’s the shit, ass hole.” She whispered before turning her eyes towards the kitchen, she could see his shadow and briefly listened to him humming a tune in the kitchen.“And why did he do that? Who greets someone like that?!” Kimmy whispered before Jessica came close to her, folding her arms and shrugging. “He’s not some narcissistic ass hole trust me. He’s really nice and…he’s my boyfriend and he wants this house to be mine too.” She said with a smile. Kimmy furrowed her brows before gathering her thoughts. “So you guys are together and this is where you’ve been staying?” She asked. Jessica only nodded while tucking in her lips, a small grin creeping across her face. Kimmy slowly shook her head before looking around. “Whatever, where do I sleep?” She sighed, “Well just put your stuff in our room for now.” She said while opening the door across the hall. Their room had an earthy touch to it. From the looks of it, Daiji seemed to be religious, but kind of more free spirited. After setting her things down, Kimmy headed to the kitchen where she found Jessica steering something over the stove and Daiji with his hands on her hips. She watched as their hips moved in sync with each other’s. Though Daiji had kept his pants as they were before. And because his rear was more visible, it wasn’t hard to see his muscles flexing in order to press himself farther into Jessica’s ass when he moved his hips. Kimmy stood with her arms folded, she was in complete shock of how comfortable they seemed to be, knowing she was staying with them. A small chuckle escaped Jessica’s lips while she added a few more spices into whatever she was making. Daiji began to move his hand inside the front of her pants, his arm muscles flexing, which Kimmy knew, meant he was now touching her pussy. And before she could clear her throat, Daiji looked over his shoulder. He grinned, his facial expression sly. He knew Kimmy had been there. Quickly his smile became more kind as Kimmy seemed to now give off an expression like she had been caught stealing. She knew how bad it looked, the fact that she hadn’t said a word when she first entered. “Can you guys chill?” She asked before rolling her eyes and leaning against the cabinets. “Chill?” Laughed Daiji, “You were watching.” He chuckled as Jessica seemed to look slightly taken back that Kimmy was there. “No, I just came in and was shocked. Do you really have no respect for the fact that I’m a guest in your home? That it’s hilarious to make me uncomfortable?” She asked while raising her brow. Her expression becoming stern. At this point she wanted to make clear to him that the perverted assumption he was trying to make of her, was false. Jessica lowered her smile before stepping towards her. “Kimmy, of course he’s-“ Daiji didn’t hesitate to interrupt her, “This is my house and I’ll do what I want in it, even when guests are here.” He said as he slipped his hands in his pockets. Kimmy could see he was giving her no kind expression now. “And forgive my assumptions, but you don’t look at all uncomfortable to me. I wonder if I had said anything, or turned around…would you have kept watching us.” He said as his brows furrowed in thought. Kimmy narrowed her eyes at them in disgust, seeing as Jessica too looked over at Kimmy, like she was waiting for her response. By now, she assumed Jessica would’ve jumped in and told her boyfriend that he was going too far or would deny what Daiji was acussing her of wanting to watch them, but she didn’t. At this, Kimmy was surprised and widened her eyes at her friend who seemed to not mind her boyfriends personality. “I did say something and I would’ve said something sooner if I wasn’t so..shocked at how disgusting you are.” She scoffed before turning to Jessica, “And you were suppose to make me feel welcomed right? You were suppose to make sure I didn’t go through another shitty semester and now you’re with some pathetic guy who you can’t even stand up against, for me!” She shouted. By this time, Daiji remained calm, although his smile had long gone. Jessica kept her eyes to the floor, soon chuckling as she removed her arms from around Daiji and headed towards the pot of food and güvenilir bahis turning down the heat. “Jeeze..remind me never to befriend another virgin.” Jessica mumbled.“Are you serious?…” muttered Kimmy.Those words triggered Kimmy’s anger, causing her to lung towards Jessica in hopes to grab her hair. But before she did, Daiji had grabbed hers. He managed to pull Kimmy towards him, messing up her pony tail in the process. Jessica turned around at their movement behind her, though only stood with her arms crossed and disappointment expressed on her face. “I think you had a bad flight over here and it’s causing you to act like this, you should relax before dinner.” He said as he began to drag her out of the kitchen and into the hall. Kimmy gripped his wrists and tried clawing at him, but he was 6’5” and strong so it was hard. “I can walk by myself let go!” She yelled. As soon as he reached his room, he moved her into the room before letting go of her locks.She turned around sharply to see as he blocked the doors entrance. Out of anger, she smacked him as hard as she could, clear across the face. She watched as his eyes widened behind his shaggy black hair and his jaw tightened. Though his cocky chuckle only appeared before he ran his fingers through his hair. Kimmy wondered if it was out of frustration. “You’ll eat in here tonight. If you chose to come out of this room besides taking a piss and shit, you won’t be staying with us. How you find shelter elsewhere isn’t my problem and I’ll make sure it isn’t Jessica’s either.” He said while keeping his smile. Soon the doors slid closed and she was left alone.Moments later . . . Kimmy couldn’t believe what she had went through in the past several hours. Her best friend had spent over a year in Japan and this is what happened to her. She seemed not to give a shit about her anymore, which wasn’t the Jessica, Kimmy remembered. She listened to Daiji’s laughter coming from the kitchen as she sat, wearing the pink gown she brought. Her knees were up and her arms wrapped around them. Her anger never left her. Because Kimmy was somewhat of a people pleaser, she felt Daiji had acted surprisingly calm against her outburst. And because she wished not to be thrown out, she listened to his request in staying put until the morning. The door was suddenly slid open and Daiji had appeared through the sliding door with a tray of food that held a bowl of soup, a cup of water and two chop sticks. “Would you like some Miso ramen?” He asked while walking up to her. Kimmy watched him, keeping her same angered expression as he sat the tray down. She looked at it, seeing as it was organized well. Like a perfect breakfast a husband would give to his wife one morning, maybe after some mindblowing sex. Though Kimmy felt more imprisoned than anything. Kimmy kept eyes on him after he sat the tray down. Once he stood, he frowned slightly, bending down to her height on the floor. “Why so angry? You slapped me and you don’t see me pouting or..slapping you back.” He said as he rested his elbows against his knees. Kimmy inhaled before leaning towards him to where they were inches away from each other’s faces. Daiji shot a glance at her lips, as she did his eventually. “I don’t pout, and you are a guy. You’re not suppose to hit me, and if you did..” She paused in thought before raising her brows and chuckling. She picked up the bowl of soup, twisting the noodles around the chop sticks. Daiji hadn’t broke eye contact with her. His smile widening while she ate, “So what if I did, you’d only get me in trouble.” He said as he watched her slurp the noodles into her mouth. Once she swallowed, she furrowed her brows in thought. “Did you want to hit me?” Kimmy asked while giving him dull an expression he couldn’t really channel.His eyes fell to her soup, seeing as she picked at the pork which began to float in the broth. “How’s the soup?” He asked, deciding not to answer her question. Kimmy continued to eat for a while, while watching him. “You should go back to Jessica.” She mumbled before clearing her throat. Daiji paused in brief thought before giving her a false smile and leaving.It was now midnight, and the whole house had settled down. The music from the kitchen had stopped and so had the laughter and talk of Jessica and Daiji. The only thing lingering was the fumes of dinner. Kimmy couldn’t sleep. As she stared at the Buddha lamp that had been sitting on the floor across from the bed, she began to think. She wanted to go home, knowing where Jessica stood in terms of being friends with her. Her words “remind me never to befriend another virgin” stuck with her. Kimmy knew that her sexual inexperience was always annoying to her sexually active freind. She wasn’t like Jessica, a whore who called anything love no matter how temporary, “a dumb pathetic whore..” Kimmy muttered to herself as she let her anger fuel her.Her eyes turned to the sheets as she began to feel them. They were soft, and smelled like Daiji. She assumed the two decided to sleep in the living room, knowing the other room had been cluttered. And Kimmy didn’t want to sleep in his room. The sheets didn’t smell all that dirty, but they didn’t smell fresh either. They stunk of his essence, and she didn’t doubt the two recently fucked on those same exact sheets. At the sudden realization, she quickly sat up, uncovering herself before giving the bed a foul look. She stood up and began looking around his closet in order to find an extra sheet or blanket, and just as she was searching, she heard loud breathing. And although the house was fairly quiet, the walls were thin enough for anyone to hear. She stopped her movement and listened closely. It was getting louder.She quietly walked to the door, sliding it just a little as to not make any noise. The living room was dark, so she couldn’t see but held her ear to the opening. It was Jessica. She was panting loudly and her breaths were uneven. It continued for a while until her groaning began to kick in, “oh baby keep going” Jessica whispered quietly. Kimmy clenched her jaw while continuing to listen, opening the door more which shuvled at her force slightly. “Shit” Kimmy whispered as she kept her eyes to the ground. Jessica’s groaning didn’t stop, but she began to her Daiji..His moans were soft and attentive. For a moment, Kimmy had forgotten her anger and began to think of how it sounded as if he was aware and in control of what he was doing, whatever he was doing to her. “You like that shit?” He moaned rather loudly. Kimmy sighed in frustration before hearing several loud smacks against skin, which caused her eyes to shift towards the door. She assumed that was his hands giving her ass a spank. “Get down there and suck it good for that pussy.” He groaned. Kimmy furrowed her brows as she heard the sound of Jessica’s lips moving around his cock. She felt confused and disgusted and annoyed at the same time. Though it only caused her to open the door more. She walked over to the bed and laid down, listening as they continued. “You like that daddy?” Moaned Jessica. Kimmy looked down at Daiji’s sheets before she thought a moment before beginning to bite her lip. She removed her black, lace thong and tossed it aside. She licked and sucked on her fingers and eased them down to her pussy, raising her gown and began to spred her lips with her drenched fingers while closing her eyes. She rubbed herself intently, listening to the sound of what was now Daiji’s cock rimming into Jessica’s pussy from behind. The clapping was loud and so were they. Kimmy rubbed her pussy more, removing her scrunchy out of her hair and relaxing. She sucked air into her teeth as she got a good rhythm going. She could only rub herself, she hated the feeling of her own fingers inside of her. “Come bounce on this cock.” Groaned Daiji. While they switched positions, so did Kimmy. She grabbed Daiji’s pillow and placed it under her now wet pussy and began grinding her hardest against it. She closed her eyes, lifting her head up while clenching her jaw. She imagined the pillows touch was his mouth, his tongue exploring every inch of her drenched, tight cunt. She stuck her hands up her gown while throwing her head back. “Fuck my pussy with your tongue.” She breathed while squeezing her breasts. “You like that don’t dirty slut.” He moaned from the other room. “You’re the slut..” Kimmy moaned as she gripped the pillow where she imagined his neck would be. Jessica’s moans intensified, “Yes, oh yes please fuck me.” She groaned, whimpering with each thrust he gave. Kimmy began to lick her breasts while she grinded, feeling herself growing hot and more wet. She bit her lip harder, moving one of her hands to her neck and griping it lightly. “I hate you.” She moaned, feeling her thighs tingle in pleasure. “I’m cumming.” Daiji grunted as his noises got louder. At that moment, Kimmy began to release. She let out a loud moan also, her fluids squirting from out under her even, which rarely happened. When the two were done, she heard their panting settling down and soon things had gone quiet.Kimmy sat hunched over, her thighs twitching as she kept her eyes closed and a smile crept on her face. She planned to sit there for a while and relax, when suddenly, she heard foot steps walking down the hall and quickly flipped the pillow and laid down. But the steps stopped as it seemed one of them went to the bathroom. She then heard another pair of feet heading down the hall and faked sleep once again. This time, she could hear someone standing at the door to her room. Kimmy wished she had shut the door right after. But nothing could be done now so she kept her eyes shut tight and pretended to sleep. After a while, the door was slid shut and they walked off. Kimmy opened her eyes and looked towards the door. She sighed in relief before turning on her side. But when she turned on her side, she noticed her panties were laying out in the middle of the floor and widened her eyes. “Fuck..” she whispered. She knew whoever came in, had to have seen them. After a while, Kimmy tried to forget about it and decided to get some sleep.The next morning . . . Kimmy decided to get up extra early and get ready for her classes. She cleaned up her underwear and everything else, though made sure to turn his pillow back over so her cum stain was easy to spot against his moss green sheets. Her stain was big enough to be very noticeable and appeared two shades darker than the pillow cases actual color. She took a deep breath before she smiled at the thought of one of them noticing and left for school. The bus in the morning wasn’t so crowded, but then again, Kimmy had gotten up way earlier than she had to. She wanted to avoid any confrontation with Jessica or Daiji. She found herself getting off at a stop that happened to be a few blocks away from the school. She headed down the street, looking around the area. While walking past a certain bakery, she spotted the light brown haired boy from earlier on the bus. He was with a group of others who sat with him. Kimmy decided to enter the bakery. She wanted to let the group, but mostly the boy know, that she was going to be internet casino going to the same school as them. She figured since she wore the same matching uniform outfit as the girls he was with, they’d know.When she entered, she held her hands in front of her while heading over to order something. She bought something she hadn’t really wanted before heading towards a table a few tables away from them. And though she couldn’t understand them, she knew they were talking about her from their constant gazed upon her. After a while, one of the females approached her. “Hello, you go to the same school as us right?” She asked with a bright smile. Kimmy smiled back and nodded. “Yes, I do.” She replied. “You can sit with us.” The girl chuckled while walking back to the table. Kimmy soon stood up, following the girl to the table, pulling up a seat across from the boy and sitting down. She made eye contact with him and grinned, watching as he looked away. “Do you know Jessica?” Asked one of the girls. “Yes..I do.” Sighed Kimmy. The girl smiled, “She was telling us about you, I’m so glad to meet you.” Kimmy smiled and giggled quietly, “It’s nice to meet you all too.” She said quietly before looking at the brown haired boy. “What’s your name?” She asked, trying to keep her welcoming smile. But the boy hadn’t given her not one smile. It was hard to determine whether he was very shy or just not interested. “Masaki.” He replied bluntly, his hands intertwining with each other. “I’m Kimmy.” She said while keeping her smile. She then looked at the others, “But you can call me, Kim.” Later that day . . . It was lunch, and things had already become awkward with Kimmy and her new Japanese friends. They glanced at Jessica and Kimmy from across the room, wondering why although the two were such good friends, they weren’t speaking to each other. One of the more quieter girls approached Jessica. “Why aren’t you talking to her?” She asked when looking over at Kimmy who held her nose up in the air while looking out the window. Jessica looked over at Kimmy, keeping her eyes on her for a while before looking back down. “We got into an argument earlier, but it’s alright..she just needs some time.” She sighed while picking up a rice cake and eating it.Kimmy looked at a more, full figured girl who happened to be sitting in front of her. Earlier in the day, the two had been having a good conversation. She also discovered the girl was not so close minded as the rest. She leaned forward, glancing at Jessica before looking at the taller girl ahead of her. “Did you know Jessica has boyfriend.” Kimmy whispered to the girl. The girl scoffed in laughter before she shrugged. “Yes, Daiji. But most of us all have boyfriends.” She said while digging through her lunch box. Kimmy looked out the window, playing with one of her dark curls as she noticed too mature-looking boys walking across campus, “Does he go here?” She asked before turning her eyes back to her, “No, he’s in college.” She said casually. But it was no surprise to Kimmy, she knew Jessica liked guys older than her. Though Kimmy was clueless to the fact that Daiji was only 20. For a moment, Kimmy thought, turning to look at Jessica who then left the room with the group of girls, “I see..” Durning class, Kimmy couldn’t pay much attention. She was too busy thinking about how Jessica viewed her and this new person she was. She didn’t recognize her at all anymore. As the teacher spoke, Kimmy could see Jessica casting looks her way every now and then. It annoyed Kimmy, she knew if Jessica wanted to talk, she should be the first and not her, it was only fair that way.When class was over, she made sure she was the first to leave before Jessica or the rest of her friends. She quickly rushed down the steps, looking behind her before she turned a corner. But as she turned the corner, she ran into someone and nearly fell. When she caught her balance, she began to chuckle at the familiar face. “Sorry, Masaki..” She said quietly. He adjusted his uniform jacket before picking up his math book that dropped. Kimmy began to frown, seeing as he wasn’t looking her in the eye. “Excuse me.” He muttered before walking around her and heading down the next flight of stairs. Kimmy furrowed her brows in confusion, heading down the stairs as well and out the door. Masaki was so shy, and yet she wondered why he was always seen with girls swooning over him.The bus was as crowded as her ride home from the airport, Kimmy thought. This time, she had a seat near the door and managed to be present before too many passengers had taken up space and she was left standing. The day had been rainy and messy, and the ground was soaked with mud and water from others shoes. Kimmy began to feel tired as she tried to avert her eyes from others who happened to stand near where she sat. But as she began to sleep, her eyes were caught on a female in her mid 20s who’s red skirt was lifted and tucked into her panties from the back. She stood a few people away from her, with several others behind her as well, one was a male who had his hand near her rear, but it only dangled. Kimmy looked around, wondering if anyone had noticed or even bothered to take a photo, but no one cared. Everyone appeared like robots, lifeless until their stop came. Kimmy kept her eyes on the woman’s ass, thinking that surely someone would tell her that her skirt wasn’t being worn properly. But as people came and left the bus, no one did. After a while, an older male who was behind the woman began to move his hand across her ass, caressing it gently. The women began to look behind her as she attempted to move closer towards the front but with no luck from all the people.At seeeing this, Kimmy began to feel she should say something. Once again her eyes searched to see if anyone had been seeing this also. She noticed a woman who sat in front of the two was looking as well, but she seemed too shy to interact, so looked elsewhere.The man’s hands then slid into the woman’s panties, where he began squeezing her ass and rubbing it gently as the woman began to squirm under his touch. His fingers crept passed her closest hole and down to the one between her legs where he began pushing his aged fingers into it. Kimmy looked at the woman, seeing as her legs began to open more and her hand slipped beside her, lifting her skirt in order to give him more access since she began to like it,It became noticeable that he had been fingering her, though nothing had been done about it. His hand moved back and forth as he touched her, pushing his nose into her hair while beginning to smell it. The female flinched at the feel of his face close to her, but quickly relaxed, lowering her head as her legs began to shake. When people came or left, the male only moved closer to the women, pretending as if he wasn’t touching her. And she, looked at the man in hopes he’d continue touching her.The bus hadn’t been all that quiet, there were occasional bumps and sounds from the outside, but the woman’s quiet whimpering could be heard at certain moments. Kimmy noticed a small glisten between the woman’s thighs, seeing as her juices were leaking out and on to the floor as the man fingered her harder. ‘What the hell..’ Kimmy thought as she looked around the bus. She realized she missed her stop and quickly pulled the line, when the bus came to a stop, she took one last look at the two as they stopped, which they had for every stop. She then grabbed her things and left, heading the opposite direction back to the house. …“Is anyone home?” Called out Kimmy as she waited for someone to answer the door. She figured someone would be home by now, but no one had answered. She groaned, raising her hand to knock on the door once again when Daiji opened it immediately, giving her a cocky look. He was wearing a tank and black jogger pants this time. Kimmy rolled her eyes, pulling her hand back. “Thanks..” She mumbled, carefully watching him as she stepped passed him and into the house. He began to follow her as she threw her things on the couch and went to the kitchen. Once she got in, she turned around sharply, looking as he came closer. But she remained relaxed, opening a cabinet and getting a cup. “What?” She questioned. Daiji relaxed his face, appearing his usual self again. “Where’s Jessica?” He asked, leaning against the cabinets with his arms folded. Kimmy rolled her eyes, heading to the fridge and looking for something to drink. And even if she was bent over and revealing her ass through her school skirt, she didn’t mind if Daiji was there. She swore to herself she never liked him since she met him and that it’d never change, which meant she’d never try anything with him. “Don’t know, don’t care..” she sighed.Daiji removed himself from off the cabinets, finding himself behind her with one hand on the fridge door, the other reaching for a certain Japanese drink that Kimmy had been reaching for. She straightened herself, leaning her back against the fridge door as he took her cup and stood in front of her, removing the cap and pouring the drink into it. “Sleep well?” He asked while giving her a more innocent look, his eyes setting on her, seeing as she looked away when he did. Kimmy felt he was acting odd and it annoyed her, “Of course..” She muttered, attempting to snatch the drink out of his hand but only managed to spill it, getting quite a bit on her and him as well as the floor. He groaned, carefully setting everything down before looking back at her. “That wasn’t very smart.” He sighed, removing his shirt. Kimmy smiled, shrugging as she shut the fridge. “I never asked for you to pour me a drink, that’s what you get.” She chuckled before walking back to his room. She went to go get changed, but as she looked at her bags, she noticed her panties had been hanging out of her bag as well as her clothes and other things.Her mouth fell completely open, realizing someone had went through her things. “Did you go through my shit?!” Kimmy yelled. She turned around, seeing Daiji right behind her, his hands in his pockets with a small grin. The waist of his pants were hanging as low as yesterday, with his cock halfway visible and bulging as before, “That’s what you get for drooling on my pillow.” Kimmy only smiled, shaking her head slowly. “That’s not drool, it’s my cum.” She whispered. Meanwhile, the juice on kimmys shirt began to bleed into her clothes, getting her skin sticky and wet, so she untucked her blouse in order to change once he left. Daiji’s smile only faltered slightly as he pulled the pieces together in his head. “So that’s why your panties were on the ground.” Mumbled Daiji. At realizing it was him who came in the door last night, she felt a sense of relief deep down, knowing she wished he noticed. While he stared at his pillow-which was now clean prior to washing it-Kimmy took in his appearance. His shaggy dark hair was messy from laying down, and his cock looked as hard as it had been when he was fooling with Jessica, bulging thick, ready to penetrate at any moment. Kimmy didn’t want to admit that she wished she was Jessica last night, she felt her virgin pussy pulsing and tingling by the thought canlı poker oyna of Daiji being inside her. But she wasn’t raised to wish such a thing, she thought. So she tried to bat it away by filling her mind with bad thoughts about him. Her eyes quickly looked up at him before he caught her eyeing his cock. But as she tried to find something to say in order to change the subject, she honestly didn’t want to and suddenly, her body began to speak for her. “I imagined the pillow was your face..” she blurted. At this he turned around, not saying anything in return but this time listening. “It made me so wet..” she breathed in thought.While she spoke, Daiji decided to lower himself to the ground, picking up the mess he made from looking through her bag. And although Kimmy knew he was cleaning up the mess he made of her things, she couldn’t stop herself from continuing, “You act like such a whore Daiji.” Kimmy said quietly as leaned up against the wall. Her words brought a small smile across his lips as he crawled closer towards her, picking up a few more of her clothes and setting them aside. When he got closer to her legs, he looked up her uniform skirt, seeing as her light blue panties were soaked. “I won’t deny that.” He said quietly, his strong hands ran across her legs, caressing her calves before he began inching his face closer. Kimmy felt her heart pounding at the feel of his hands, her mind still in a trance. “What did I do to you last night?” Asked Daiji as his hand traveled up to her knee. She kept her eyes on him, her lips hesitating to part in order to speak, “At first…you started to kiss my thighs.” While in a squat position, Daiji used both hands to caress her leg, kissing the inside of her thigh slow and briefly. His eyes looking up at hers. His grip on her thighs gentle, but firm as if he’d been waiting for this moment. Kimmy exhaled at the feel of his lips against her skin, her thighs tingling from the touch. “Like that?” He asked. Kimmy merely nodded, feeling her jaw tighten in growing frustration. Daiji continued to kiss her thighs while positioning himself so that he was between her thighs after pushing them apart. Kimmy watched him, her breathing increasing the farther he went up. She grabbed the end of her skirt, keeping it up with one hand as she used her other hand to run her fingers through his hair. His kisses soon reached the hem of her panties that were soaked, and suddenly she felt his face raise upward, not too hard nor gentle as his warm tongue ran across her drenched cotton panties, trying to get a taste of how wet she had gotten. At the sudden feel of his tongue on her clothed clit, she couldn’t help but exhale quietly in pleasure. Though before he could do it again, she gripped at his hair, pulling his face from out under her skirt. It took a moment for Daiji to get out of his dazed state before realizing she had pulled away. Even still, Kimmy fought for resistance. “Get out…I need to change.” She said quickly. She knew Jessica would be here soon and hoped to just masturbate to this moment after Daiji left, but little did she know..he wasn’t having that.Within seconds, her wrist was gripped and yanked away from his hair. He then gripped her by her arm, leading her to his bed before she was pushed down. Kimmy propped herself up on her elbows before closing her legs. His movement was all too fast, and although she wanted him badly, she was a virgin and didn’t know what to say or do. Her body wanted him to keep going, but her mind fought against her. “Daiji..” She called out quietly as she watched him nearly ripping her panties in the process of taking them off. The roughness of him removing them made them shrivel up and rub against her thighs, giving her a slight burn. He threw them aside, pushing his face against her thighs before pulling them apart. Kimmy only watched, a small lustful smile fluctuating against her lips as his movements only made her even more drenched in her own fluids. Once her thighs were pulled apart, he pulled her closer, running his tongue up between her wet lips several times before sucking the juices she released from before. He watched for her reaction as he did so. The feel of his wet tongue drove Kimmy insane, her eyes rolled back and her petite hands gripped the sheets as her brows furrowed with pleasure. “Oh f..fuck” she whimpered. Her thighs relaxed as much as they could, her body and mind giving him full control. Through his hair he watched her, squirming as his tongue moved desperately against her clit, sucking it as well as her lips. He wanted to taste every part. It wasn’t long before Kimmy began to thrust her hips upwards, pushing her cunt farther into his hungry mouth while moving one of her hands to his head. She ran her fingers through his hair, biting her lip as she made eye contact with him. Everything she thought of him had left her, it was nothing but lust now. Daiji then slipped his tongue farther into her pussy, fucking her with his tongue a few times before ravishing her pussy some more. “Yes fuck me with your tongue, you did that too.” Moaned Kimmy as she pushed herself farther into his mouth. “Don’t stop!” She whimpered, arching her back while feeling herself release. Daiji moaned into her pussy quietly, his sucking never ceasing as he felt her warm juices sliding down his tongue.She gently pushed his face away, sitting her upper body up to look at him after her breathing settled down. “I came.” She said before sitting up. Daiji gave her a small chuckle before grabbing her at her waist and pulling her so that her pussy touched the upper half of the unclothed part of his cock. He then leaned in, placing his hand at her neck to pull her close as he gave her a long and deep kiss. Kimmy was taken back at the sudden kiss, but opened her mouth to kiss him back. She felt his tongue slide into her mouth and closed her eyes as she tasted herself in his mouth. He soon pulled back, looking down at her, “I know.” The kiss and the feel of Daiji’s hard cock pressed against her pussy made her arroused again, though she wanted more regardless of what it would take. In that moment, she uttered the words she never thought she’d say to anyone for a while, let alone him. “Fuck me.” She whispered against his lips.Daiji knew she was a virgin from what Jessica told him, so he wanted to be sure this was what she really wanted from him. “Are you sure?” He asked before laying her down and running his thumb across her cheek. She nodded, opening her legs and pulling his waist so his half clothed cock pressed on to her. He then dug his head into her neck, placing kisses along it while removing her stained top and throwing it aside as well as her skirt so she remained fully nude under him. While he kissed the groove of her neck, and down to her collar bone, Kimmy pushed down his joggers at the waist. She felt his cock spring out and poke her pussy. His cock was warm and hard against her wet pussy. The feeling of it on her felt heavenly to her, but she’d never admit it. Daiji traced his kiss down to her chest, licking down to her breasts where he sucked on her hard nipples. His rear muscles began to flex as he circled his hips to push his cock up against her pussy.Kimmy let out quiet moans, her fingers running through his hair some more as his grinding became more desperate. It wasn’t long before he grabbed ahold of his cock and rubbed it against her pussy, getting it good and wet before attempting to push it into her slowly. Kimmy gripped on to his shoulders tightly. She rubbed her clit, hoping to ignore some of the pain by doing so when suddenly he pushed half of his length inside of her. This made Kimmy gasp as her grip on him tighten at the sudden stinging feeling.Kimmy closed her eyes, taking in what it felt like. He felt warm inside her, and big, filling up the space inside her. She could even feel him growing harder as he kept his cock inside for a few minuites. She felt slight pain, but also a new feeling of pleasure. She opened her eyes, looking up at Daiji as he slowly began thrusting into her while laying on top of her. “You feel so good..” whispered Daiji in her ear as he bit it gently. He held her tight against him, breathing quietly as he fucked her. Kimmy kept her hands around his back, her breathing intensifying at this new feeling she was experiencing. Quietly, she gasped with every thrust, her fingers gripping at his back. Daiji groaned, deciding to speed up his thrusting a little more. His hips stayed pressed into her, grinding in circles. Kimmy felt goose bumps across her skin once Daiji hit a good spot inside her, causing her to moan loudly and cling to him more. He lifted his head, smashing his wet lips against hers and giving her a deep kiss while his hand gripped at her chin. Kimmy was in pure ecstasy. Her lips just as eager to open up for him as the ones of hers being penetrated now. She gave him a sloppy kiss. Their tongues slid carelessly against each other. Soon Daiji pulled back, looking at how desperate she became as his rhythmic thrusts began to make her shake. He grinned, now slamming his hips into her, watching as her back arched and she groaned in pleasure. “You wanted me to fuck you ever since you got here huh?” Daiji whispered against her sweaty cheek. Kimmys hips began to move upward, though she faced away at his question. But only made him move his face in front of hers, directing her chin towards him so she faced him. “Answer me.” He said while suddenly slowing his thrusts. Kimmy opened her eyes at the quick turn of her cheek, her hips pushing against him more in frustration of how slow he was thrusting. “Yes..yes.” She whimpered quietly. He then placed his hand against her ass, lifting her up and carrying her to the wall before pushing her back against it and continued fucking her, his cock swelling and pulsing inside her pussy which squeezed tightly around his length.He fucked her harder, giving her long strokes which had her trembling in his arms. “You’re gonna make me cum Daiji.” She moaned, her arms wrapped around his neck. Every time Daiji would pull out before making another thrust, she would squirt on his cock. “Good girl..let it out.” Daiji moaned as he felt her juices making a mess on his cock. His thrusting sped up as he felt close to the edge, pulling her closer as he gave her a few more long strokes before he soon pulled out and began stroking his cock, his long spurts of hot semen landed on her pussy. “Fuck..” Daiji groaned as he came. Kimmy watched as he did, panting hard as well Daiji, who pushed her back into the wall to give her a few more kisses. She kissed him back just as much, though the two heard a door slam from the living room. Kimmy waited for Daiji to stop, but he hadn’t. His lips moved to her neck, kissing it gently while Kimmy held the back of his neck and watched the door. She tried to relax as she heard footsteps walking up to the door before it was opened, all in a matter of seconds. Jessica came in, her face settling between shock and anger as her eyes met Kimmy’s. The sight of their sweaty bodies pressed against each other and her boyfriends cum on Kimmys pussy, told Jessica that she had gotten there too late. And although Kimmy could see how upset she was, she gave her a small grin anyway, waving her fingers at her. She kept her eyes on Jessica before kissing Daiji’s shoulder and saying..“I changed my mind, you’re right…he is nice.”

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