Episode 77: Jessica and Lizzie

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Episode 77: Jessica and LizzieIt was the first day of the new school year – Lizzie and I were in the same Technology class along with a handful of quite attractive boys and girls. I usually prefer girls, but am quite happy to suck the occasional cock or two. It seems we had spent most of the summer holidays in bed – sucking on each other’s pussy and her Step-dad’s lovely cock. He had taken us to the seaside, staying in a tiny holiday chalet on the South Devon coast– it had a kitchen, bathroom and just one bedroom, filled by a king size bed. That first night, I had finished brushing my teeth, dressed in just bed-shorts; a towel around my shoulders just covering the nipples, I popped my head around the bedroom door. The room was in darkness, but the sound of sex from the jumble of limbs on the bed was unmistakable. My gorgeous friend Lizzie was naked, straddling her Step-dad’s erection – the soft glow from the bedside light illuminating the slick juices on his cock whenever she rose up on her knees.“Come on in – don’t be shy, little girl – it’s lovely and warm in here – you won’t be needing those pyjamas”.“Yes Sir”.I slipped them off, settling my pussy on his face. He had the most amazing sucking technique – now I know why Lizzie always smiled so much. She ground her cunt onto his prick as I ground mine onto his mouth and nose. We were definitely in charge of this fucking session until he bodily lifted me off his face onto hands and knees, to lie face-down, arse-up alongside his hot daughter. He was still fully embedded in her pussy, kneeling either side of her legs – that was a magical move. He held onto her hips as a sign of affection, not to stop her running away. Looking back I could see how engorged his cock had become – could I take all that? I didn’t have long to wait – he eased out of Lizzie and into me in one smooth movement. It was so big – I daren’t move – I could feel my lips quivering, but no scream came out, then Lizzie was underneath me, sucking on my tits to calm me down. Dad was being gentle, not rushing my first penetration – just easing in his gigantic cock tip to stretch my pussy lips to accommodate his girth. I only got worried when he gripped my hips, sliding his large hands forwards to stroke my tummy – perhaps hoping to feel the bulge of his cock inside me. The pain was gradually replaced by pleasure as my pussy gushed lubricant onto the largest thing to have ever entered my young body. Lizzie had done a fantastic job of keeping me calm and now wanted some fun herself – she shuffled up the bed until my face was buried in her crotch. I had never been so happy to eat her pussy – I rocked forward with each thrust – overjoyed to be the white fuck-meat in a black sandwich.Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better he came inside me – Oh Shit – No Protection. I burst into tears – I couldn’t get pregnant yet – I still wasn’t entirely legal. Daddy cradled me in his arms: “Baby – it’s all fine – remember I had a vasectomy and only fire blanks – so no babies from me”.Lizzie held me close until the sobbing stopped – then we all fell asleep.MassageWe stayed by the sea for four whole idyllic weeks, soon settling into a regular pattern of sex, sunbathing, more sex and massage. Daddy had rigged up a massage table in the tiny chalet dining room – downy blankets covering the hard table top with a large cylindrical cushion to slide under our hips. Whatever we had been doing during the day – sunbathing and sex, visiting beautiful countryside and sex or just staying in bed, eight PM was massage time. Lizzie and I took it in turn to strip off and lay face down on the table, while Daddy warmed up the massage oil. He was really good – stroking the oil into my skin – starting with the calves and thighs, then switching to my upper body, leaving the middle area until last. He had a marvellous technique for squeezing buttocks that leaves a girl begging for more. His long oily fingers reaching underneath to slide between slick pussy lips as my thighs opened up for him. Sometimes, if I was really good he would insert a thumb into my arse as he circled my clit. He would wait until I was gasping ‘Daddy – Fuck Me – Please Daddy – put your cock in me’, then casually mount the table, rubbing the tip of that gorgeous cock across my oily upturned buttocks.I had watched the ease with which Lizzie took his entire erection into her rectum (as he liked to call it) hardly more than a whimper as he penetrated her ring, but building to a full orgasmic scream as he pounded her relentlessly. Looking back at his length and girth that first time, I was certain he was going to split me in two. He held my hips to stop me from trembling, just nudging the tip against my puckered opening: “Just relax, Jess – let it open up for me – I promise not to hurt you.”Easy for him to say ‘relax’, it wasn’t his arse about to be violated – perhaps if I lay very quiet, it wouldn’t hurt so much. He was actually very gentle for the first week – always making sure I was fully relaxed and well lubricated, never rushing – just inserting an extra inch or so each day until I felt his thighs hit my butt – he was right in. I lay very still, trying not to breathe, as he pulled out then slid it back into my anal depths – it did hurt like hell. Then I remembered Lizzie telling me how she faked her first few orgasms for him to ease the pain – perhaps I could. She came over, sliding her hands under my tits to squeeze and massage the nipples, then kissing me through that first fake climax.He did stop, pulling out with a quizzical look – had I really cum for him? No matter, Lizzie took his slippery member to the back of her throat, extracting the sweet-tasting jism by hand and mouth. When I had calmed down enough to think straight, we swapped sperm from mouth to mouth, letting me finally swallow it all down. Lizzie and I talked long into the night about how to fix this – she was sure her Dad knew I was faking it just to please him, but not really enjoying the butt-fucking. She was determined to find a solution – even checking some online teenage forums for similar ‘problems’. The next evening she slipped underneath me facing the other way around – my head down between her thighs, her mouth reaching up to suckle my cunt. Daddy loved it as my engorged clit kept disappearing under her tongue while his oiled thumb held my butt cheeks apart, ready for penetration. I was so blissed out from the dual attention; I could hardly concentrate on thrusting my tongue into her slick folds.She held me tight when his erection replaced the thumb, keeping up the pressure on my cunt to offset the pain and pleasure building in my guts as he gently fucked my backside. Lizzie kept me on the very edge of orgasm until I felt her Dad’s red hot spunk erupting in my arse – now I could cum for real – my whole body shook – spraying his cum out of my guts back onto his thighs.BreakfastWe had nearly finished breakfast at the quiet beach-side cafe when the peace was broken by the sound of three powerful motorbikes pulling up outside.All heads turned as three muscular bikers dressed entirely in black leather and full-face helmets came in from the heat and spread out at the next table.Lizzie, her dad and I were only wearing light cotton shorts and tee-shirts – mine just reaching the thighs. My irrational fears of being [email protected] again bubbled up until the leader of the group removed the biker helmet and shook out her long auburn hair.Jana and Greta were well-tanned East Europeans, the third girl Elizabeth was clearly North African and even darker than Lizzie and her Dad. I tried not to stare as Jana removed her black leather illegal bahis siteleri motorcycle jacket – the heavy metal nipple piercings clearly visible through her tight white tee-shirt. She held my gaze, smiling at my silent lust, flicking her eyes down to my bare thighs then back up to my hardening nipples. Jana pulled a silky black thong bikini from her deep jacket pocket, stretching out the waistband between her hands, so the triangle faced me and the bare buttocks would be in her face. Lifting the crotch to her nose, she licked the spot where my clit would go, this made my thighs tremble.“We bought these at the beach shop, yesterday, but they’re much too small for us – they might fit you – why don’t you try them on”.I stood up and shakily walked the two steps towards her and took hold of the bikini bottoms, holding them up in front of my blue shorts.I had forgotten all about Lizzie and Dad until she laughed “You need to take off the shorts, stupid. We won’t look – honest”.Jana smiled “just slip them off baby – we won’t look either” and averted her eyes. I wriggled out of my blue denim shorts and then the white cotton panties – pulling down on the tee shirt hem trying to provide some protection. The bikini bottoms fitted perfectly – the tiny triangle hugging my pussy lips – the thong back snuggling nicely between my trembling buttocks. They felt so good – I just had to lift the tee shirt so everyone could see and feel. Jana gently touched me just below the belly button, then slid her hand downwards, skirting the edge of the fabric triangle to caress the inside of each thigh.She must have felt how wet I had made the thong – I was creaming even before she handed me the bikini top: “lift up your shirt baby – see if this fits your tits. Come here – I’ll help”.Under cover of my tee shirt, Jana held the two little triangles of fabric over my little breasts, flipping the halter neck strap over my head: “turn around baby, then I can tie these round the back”. Tits safely covered, I pulled off the tee shirt exposing a lot of bare flesh to the entire café – they cheered.“Are you old enough baby girl?”“Yes, of course” I lied, carefully adding a few weeks to my age.Pushing her chair back from the table, I carefully straddled her thighs, hovering my crotch just above her leather trousers. Jana slipped her left hand down inside the front of my new bikini panties: “Oh such a soft pussy, little girl – you feel gorgeous”.I was so glad Lizzie had shaved me last night – she said Dad was fed up pulling my curly hairs out of his teeth. I think she lied – it was already very short, but we both really enjoyed the lathering and shaving around my sensitive lips, leaving just a tiny dark ‘Brazilian landing strip’ to indicate puberty.Then Jana slapped my arse with her right hand – it came as a real surprise – I yelped – she kissed me to muffle the sound – all the other diners looked up – she waved them away.She slapped me again – rather lower this time, trailing her fingers under the bikini thong to stroke my stinging butt-hole.She now had me in a firm grasp – two fingers of her left hand buried curling upwards inside my pussy, one finger of her right hand pressing against my ring – I wriggled and it slipped in. Oh Shit, I was creaming – she was making me cum in front of Lizzie and her dad. Most of the diners had finished breakfast and left when we started making love. “Come for me” she demanded “Come for me, baby girl” she slapped my arse again – her words and caress took me right back to playing with my big sister.BeckyMy sister Becky was 5 years older than me – she had proper breasts and a hairy muff and everything – I was so jealous. One day she caught me in her room, parading up and down in front of the full-length mirror, admiring the way her latest thong bikini looked on my boyish hips and cute butt. She slapped my bare butt quite hard, allowing her finger tips to linger in the crack. She held one hand over my mouth until I promised not to scream. She slapped me again, sliding her fingers forward between my pussy lips to check for moisture – I was clearly beginning to enjoy the mixture of pain and pleasure.Grabbing a tube of Moisturising Hand Cream, she squirted some onto each cheek and smoothed it between my quivering thighs. The slapping turned to fondling – both her hands inside the bikini, swirling a thumb against my clit, fingers sliding up inside me front and back.“Come for me” she demanded “Come for Me, baby Girl”.I couldn’t help myself – I knew it was wrong – but probably not inc-est? I came like a train when she kissed me. After school the next day she wandered into my room wearing a very short grey pleated sports skirt and matching bra top. She bent over the back of my chair, allowing the skirt to ride up partly exposing her butt: “Slap me baby – it’s your turn”.I lifted her skirt hem and tucked it into the waistband, encouraging her to spread her feet. The first slap felt wonderful – so empowering – it even stung my finger tips – she flinched.“Stand Still” I bellowed in her ear, slapping the other cheek. This time I caressed her upper thighs, just brushing against her cunt – she was so wet.I couldn’t resist exploring the inside of her bra top – she shuddered as I grabbed one hard nipple, smacking her hard right up her butt crack. She shrugged her top off – both tits fell into my hand – they were so hot and heavy – I just had to chew them. I pulled her round by the tits to face me, now slapping them instead of her butt – she loved it. They wobbled even when one nipple was between my teeth – I pulled back, sliding one hand down, down, down between her legs. I pulled out two fingers worth of girl cum for her to suck, then shoved them back inside her cunt, grinding my teeth on the other nipple.I was silently begging for her to take control, then managed “my turn” in a faint whisper.Sitting down, Becky bent me over her knee – ripping off the flimsy panties. First the cooling dollop of anal lubricant, then the inserted butt plug and tirade of slaps to my thighs and buttocks got me very close to climax.”Show me the plug” – I had only caught a brief glimpse of the small shiny metal thing now lodged in my previously-virginal arse. One inexperienced boy with a bad aim had tried to get his cock in there, but apart from that, it had only opened to my fingertip. Now she was twisting the triangular sex toy with each slap, churning up my guts.“Please stop – it’s too much. I think I’m gonna cum”.She increased the pace, holding me down with one hand, slapping with the other – grazing the edge of the plug every time. I squirmed and wriggled, trying to ease the pain – until – bliss – my first punishment orgasm. It was longer and stronger than anything short of full penetration (I had still to wait a few years for that) – I creamed all over her legs – my pussy was pumping fluids in anticipation of a good fucking.Becky held me close until the shaking calmed, then she dropped the bombshell that she was going to University and tomorrow was her last day at home.“Don’t Go” I cried “I need you – you make me cum”“Don’t worry baby girl, we can spend all day tomorrow in bed, anyway I’ll be home at Christmas”.Sure enough the next morning, after Mum had left for the shops, the Post Lady delivered a large brown box – we raced upstairs to Becky’s room like two ch1ldren. She tore it open, revealing the longest, fattest dildo I had ever seen and a harness for strapping it on. “Try it on baby – I want you to fuck me with it – nice and slow”. She inserted the dildo and pulled up the harness, adjusting the thigh straps for my skinny legs. I thought it looked amazing, youwin giriş hanging down nearly to my knees. I wacked it experimentally against her bottom; she growled when it hit her butt plug.“OK, stop messing about and get on the bed…. No – face up you idiot”I laughed and rolled over – the dildo sticking straight up in the air from just above my pussy. I was still fiddling with the ridged rubber bit that pressed against my clit when Becky straddled my hips and lowered herself down onto the monster. I had no idea how she could take so much cock, and from her wide-eyed expression nor did she. Becky held her body about six inches above mine, joined at the cunt by the black rubber sex toy. I thrust upwards, driving more cock into her, then pulling back to twist the head between her slick lips.She was creaming now – long white trails of girl cum adorned the dildo as it left her body and slammed back in.She reached down to my chest, yanking the tee-shirt aside to get at my tits. Becky grabbed both nipples, twisting them in opposite directions until they hurt, all the time lifting up and slamming her cunt down onto the dildo strapped to my pelvis.“Oh you beautiful girl – you’re fucking me – make me cum – I need this”.Unsure what, if anything, else I could do to speed her climax, I reached around behind her butt to grab hold of the silver plug. I twisted – she came – her body went rigid – then the shaking spread out from her cunt down both legs and up into her torso. She nearly ripped my nipples off before collapsing on the bed beside me. We hugged and kissed, she licked my ear “now it’s your turn baby”.“No way – you’re not putting that cock inside me – it’s way too big – and I’m still technically a virgin”.Becky stroked my face, brushing her lips against mine “It’s OK pretty baby – I ordered a special thin blue one just for you”. She removed my harness and pulled it up her thighs with the blue dildo attached – it still looked awfully long for my barely-used cunt, but that wasn’t its destination. Crouching behind, she pulled me up onto hands and knees and replaced my butt plug with the tip of the dildo. It hurt like hell, but I didn’t cry – continuously wearing the plug had been stretching my butt for exactly this moment. It slid in fairly smoothly with a little more lubricant – I felt so full. She rocked backwards on her knees and then right in until her thighs touched my buttocks, then I screamed. Mum burst into the room, she stopped in amazement at the sight of her two daughters having anal sex, asking Becky rather uselessly “what on earth are you doing to my baby girl? Stop it – stop it right now”I couldn’t see what she did, but I heard the slap of adult hand against Becky’s arse – probably hitting the butt plug. Becky yelped, driving the dildo deeper into my gaping arse. She was already holding onto my hips, then started smacking the outer edges of my butt, where she could reach. I came like a train, then Becky – only Mum was exempt from the orgasmic punishment.Becky left for University and I was grounded – enforced celibacy for three months except for one encounter until Lizzie joined our school and all hell broke loose.One-off SexOne day in late October I came from school as usual, ran up to my room and stripped off the horrid uniform skirt, blouse and baggy tights. Normally I would have just flung on jeans and a jumper, but today being so hot, decided on shorts, no underwear and a sloppy crop-top that showed a nice slice of tit from the side. Strange sounds were filtering up from the lounge downstairs – it was definitely my Mum laughing, and another voice I didn’t recognise. A young girl with long blonde hair, sexy blue eyes and a wicked grin sat in our kitchen. She was flipping through selfies of half-naked boys and girls with one hand on her tablet propped up on the table. The other hand, hidden from view appeared to be down the front of her jeans.“Hello” she said brightly “I’m Annie. My Mum said to wait here while she fucked your Mum”She could only have been half my age, really pretty, but clearly with a foul mouth. I turned to enter the lounge, she stopped me: “You are Jessica – the lesbian – Mum said I should ask you about using your wifi – this is rinsing my data allowance”.I sat down beside her, typed in our wifi credentials and logged her into my xhamster account: “Yes I’m Jess – here’s some of my favourites – do you like futanari”?She sat mesmerised by the side view of my tits and then the video of two girls with massive cocks fucking each other. The video was called something like Medieval Futanari, featuring two half-naked beauties in a castle embedding rampant cock in slick cunt.gelöschtShe now had one hand inside my tee shirt – the other still in her jeans: “will you show me how to become a lesbian, just like you”.Annie seemed so young – could I really? Her jeans buttons were already undone – she lifted her butt to allow me to pull them and her pale cotton panties down past her ankles and then off. She opened up to my exploration between her legs – her cunt felt really hot and slick – like it needed a good licking.I never could resist temptation – her Mother was only in the next room. I slid under the table between her feet – one hand on each thigh – head at pussy height. She opened up beautifully – she tasted gorgeous – all soft and creamy – with a tiny hard bud at the top of her cunt. She bit her hand to stifle a scream, the other hand holding my head against her open crotch; my tongue lashing her tender pussy lips. After a few minutes vigorous sucking she was very close to cumming – her thighs trembled – she slid right forward in the chair, forcing her clit into my mouth. She was holding the back of my head with both hands when she climaxed, letting go of a high-pitched mewling sound and crushing my face between her wet thighs.Her Mother and mine appeared in the doorway looking extremely flustered; her Mum was desperately trying to shovel her tits back into a black lacy camisole, barking “What the fuck are you doing to my little baby?”She dragged Annie up out of the chair – pussy juice spewing down her thighs, to stand shakily beside the table. The video was still playing on Annie’s tablet – my Mum picked it up, clearly fascinated by my viewing habits.I stood up, bending over the table, lowering my damp shorts: “Go ahead – I deserve it”.Annie’s Mum took the first whack on my bare backside – it stung, but I loved it. Then Annie slapped me, quite gently – letting her fingers soothe the area afterwards. Looking back over my shoulder, she was clearly enjoying it too – her slaps got harder and faster and the soothing strokes more intimate – right up between my legs until her Mother dragged her away for good, muttering “that’s disgusting baby – here let me punish her”.I only ever saw Annie once again after that – in the shopping mall. She was with a group of giggling schoolgirls, apparently fondling one fairly enthusiastically. She pulled away only when I slapped her arse, melting into my arms – our tongues locking. She squeezed my butt, cheekily sliding a hand into my back pocket “Love You” she whispered, then re-joined her u******e mostly-straight friends. I only picked up a few of their hushed words as I walked away: lesbian, futanari, punishment – Annie was turning into a very popular ch1ld. Back in the CaféRiding my cunt up and down the fly in Jana’s leather trousers: “can I have a ride on your motor-bike – I’ll be very good”.“You can have a ride on my strap-on if you like” – she unzipped the fly and inserted a purple feeldoe after getting me to lick it. I pulled the bikini bottoms aside perabet and slid my wet cunt down onto the slippery shaft: “what is this thing – it feels amazing”. She slapped my arse a few times to settle the dildo in properly – I grinned – she slapped me again: “you like that a bit too much, I think – you are a very naughty girl”. Jana now had both hands under my bottom, squeezing and stroking, pulling my cheeks apart – her fingertips probing my butt-hole: “shall I, little girl – do you want me to finger-fuck your butt too?”Looking across the table, I noticed Elizabeth and Lizzie getting it on – almost the same colour – both now topless – my Lizzie straddling the older girl – rubbing their tits together and kissing hard: “we can’t both be Lizzie, so I’m going to call you Lisa, my gorgeous baby girl”.“Oh, you’re hand is inside my shorts – can I touch you there too”?Elizabeth unzipped her leather motorcycle trousers – Lisa’s long fingers sought out her hot clitoris, rubbing it around in tight circles.That just left Greta, who I had assumed was also a lesbian – but she seemed to prefer older men – in particular BBC, and had both hands and her eager mouth around Dad’s big black cock.Then Jana asked very quietly in my ear: “what exactly is the legal age for lesbian sex in this country”? I only had to lie by a few weeks to be sixteen. She held me very close, as I slowly rocked my hips to take it all in – I was being fucked by the hottest lesbian on xhamster: “cum for me baby”.“I’m not sure if I can with all these people watching” I murmured.“Yes you can – just lean back so the dildo can do its work – gently up and down – no need to rush – here you can play with my tits if you like”.Jana lifted her tee shirt revealing beautifully pierced nipples each with a silver dumbbell complete with a hinged ‘D’ ring. I bent down to suck one – it sizzled against my tongue – Jana moaned softly: “you can keep doing that baby. Sorry, I forgotten – what is your name again?”“Jessica – all my friends call me Jess” as I came for her.In the ChaletEasily the best sex we had that holiday involved Lizzie squatting on her Step-dad’s face, rubbing her clit into furious circles and me impaled cuntally on his cock. We both leant forward, faces meeting above his chest to kiss and laugh; his hands were on my hips, holding me still as his erection made my pussy bulge with each upward thrust.“Go for it, baby” I urged my lover “make that pussy squirt”. I had watched Lizzie peeing on the beach and thought it would make an enduring impression on us all for her final climax of the holiday to be a wet one. Lizzie was panting hard under the dual action of her fingers and Dad’s tongue – she pulled back to beyond vertical, burying Dad’s face in hot buttocks, really opening herself wide. I watched in fascination as her pussy quivered, releasing a small jet of liquid, then the full hot steaming flow hit my face and ran off my tits onto Dad. Lizzie was squirting uncontrollably – it just poured out of her as if a dam had burst – her hand was shaking as her fingers kept up the relentless clit wanking through the orgasm. We all collapsed in a sodden ecstatic body heap, Dad having cum heavily inside me without warning. At SchoolI knew back at school, we had to call him ‘Head Teacher’ or ‘Sir’, but it was very tempting when brushing past him in the corridor to whisper ‘I love you Daddy – please make me cum again’, or some silly girly request.At school the Technology teacher was away and the class was taken by…you guessed – the Head Teacher and he had a surprise for our first day. We had been discussing the rise of Sex Robots last term – we had even been allowed to watch some rather sexy videos of them performing. But now that we were all over sixteen and (in the UK) legally allowed to have intimate relationships, he had brought in Sadie. She was an early prototype programmable sex toy – blue eyes, blonde hair, sexy figure and ever-open mouth.He introduced her: “Ch1ldren, I’d like you to meet Sadie – she’s a Teen SexBot – supposed to be about your age. She is only on loan, and I need to hand her back undamaged next week – so be gentle with her”.We all gathered around, eager to get to know her better – the boys already grabbing at her tee-shirt, pulling it out of her denim shorts.“OK – she doesn’t understand spoken commands yet – only typed ones on your laptop; so >>> SADIE, PLEASE REMOVE YOUR TOP<<< YES SIR. Off came the tee shirt, exposing a gorgeous pair of firm, high breasts with deep pink nipples.Jamie whooped:>>> ON YOUR KNEES BITCH<<< I’M SORRY I DON’T UNDERSTAND – I NEED A COMMAND Sadie replied.“Oh OK” >>> SADIE PLEASE GET ON YOUR KNEES NOW AND SUCK ME – She knelt in front of Jamie, opening his fly and taking out his growing cock.He thrust gently into her voracious mouth, tangling his hands in her long blonde hair.Now Derek moved to kneel behind her, rubbing himself against her raised butt – he balanced his laptop on the flat area at the base of her spine:>>> SADIE PULL DOWN YOUR SHORTS.She undid the belt and wriggled them down, keeping her knees together.He tried to slide up between her hot thighs, but she was way too tight for his erection:>>> OPEN UP BABY – I NEED TO FUCK YOUR ARSE.Sadie paused for a long time, she even stopped sucking Jamie to think. There was an odd mechanical noise deep in her bowels and her puckered opening relaxed, fully lubricated to accommodate Derek’s erection. Sadie backed into him, taking the head of his cock, then the entire shaft in one smooth movement – Derek yelped.Now they were really spit-roasting her so hard Teacher got worried she might break.“OK boys – you’ve had your fun – let’s see what the girls can do”.“Just a minute” as they both poured cum into both ends of her young artificial body.Lizzie went wild “Yeugh – that’s disgusting – what are we supposed to do – lick it all out?”>>> SADIE – CLEAN UP THAT MESS AND THEN SUCK MY CUNT.<<< YES MISTRESS, SORRY BUT I HAVEN’T BEEN PROGRAMMED TO MAKE LOVE TO A WOMAN – WILL YOU TEACH ME?Lizzie just looked at me: “Jess – show her, and get rid of those boys – Dad can stay”.I knelt next to Sadie, between Lizzie’s legs, pulling her thighs up onto our shoulders, so that she could see properly. She typed while I sucked.>>> SADIE – WATCH WHAT JESS IS DOING – SEE THE WAY SHE CHEWS MY CLIT.Sadie tried it – a bit rough to start with, but quickly getting the idea how much pressure to apply to a teen vagina. We took turns licking Lizzie’s cunt, then I showed her how to insert fingers.<<< IS THIS RIGHT?>>> YES BABY – KEEP DOING THAT – YOU’RE LEARNING FAST.>>> SUCK IT BABY – GET A GOOD SEAL – APPLY PRESSURE (-10).There was the sound of an air pump – Sadie’s cheeks drew in around Lizzie’s pussy lips. Then something odd happened – Lizzie’s legs convulsed – she had her first SexBot-induced orgasm. I became aware of the Head watching his daughter intently – he had never seen her climax so easily – his erection slipped into my mouth, while Sadie lowered her cunt onto his upturned face.“Can we take her home, Daddy? We both want to fuck her all night”Head Teacher’s answer was lost in between the SexBot’s thighs – he seemed to be in agreement.Sadie started to slow down – an error message appeared on my laptop:<<< HELP – MY BATTERIES ARE DOWN TO 10% - PLEASE PLUG ME INI found a charging cable in her bag, amongst all the sex toys – plugged one end into a wall socket…>>> WHERE DOES THIS END GO SADIE?She was pointing to her bottom – it looked like a tapered rubber anal plug with odd metal contacts – it fitted her perfectly.<<< THANK YOU, BABY. HERE LET ME FIND YOUR G-SPOT.I lay down, Lizzie held my ankles – Sadie’s long fingers entered my wet pussy – oh she was good. Long strokes across my clit, then deep thrusts – her hand felt like my favourite vibrator. I didn’t even care that Daddy was now rubbing his cock between my tits, threatening to erupt on my face. I was cumming and Sadie was ecstatic.

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