Episode 141: Father’s Day

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Episode 141: Father’s Day”Happy Father’s Day, papa bear – I’ve brought you breakfast in bed”.Debbie, my gorgeous blonde teenage step-daughter stood at the side of the bed, utterly naked except for the 13th birthday present silver charm bracelet.She briefly slipped each of the heart shaped charms into her mouth, all the while watching my mounting erection lifting the thin summer quilt.”Where’s breakfast” I tried to ask innocently.”I am silly. You said we could have sex when my pubic hair started growing – and here it is”.Debbie lifted one leg over my face, holding her succulent bare pussy open for my inspection.”There – look – just above the clit – my first dark curly pubes”.She had clearly drawn the triangle on with a black eyebrow pencil, but eryaman escort I played along – running my tongue up between her soft lips to encircle her hard bud and then back down towards her tight butt hole.”No daddy – you mustn’t – not there – I haven’t had a shower yet – it must be really smelly”.Debbie needn’t have worried – she tasted divine – squealing each time my tongue entered her arse.Then her mum, Angela, walked back in from the kitchen carrying a tray of 3 glasses of orange juice, with a piled up plate of toast and marmalade.She looked utterly fuckable with her tousled dark hair, huge dark eyes and hardening dark nipples spilling out of a pyjama top that failed to reach her real pubic triangle.She slipped back into bed beside escort eryaman us, taking a firm grasp on my erection before purring “happy Fathering Sunday, luv”We had met and married when she was only 30, having given birth to Debbie at 16, so now they looked more like sisters than mother and daughter on holiday at the nude beaches.I never asked my step-daughter when she had lost her virginity or who took it, but suspected her real father who revisited Angela when not in prison, to beat her up or take whatever he fancied.Debbie was often troubled by bad dreams, only comforted by sleeping with her mother, interrupting our love-making until she accepted I meant neither of them any harm and was happy to curl up in our bed and watch while eryaman escort bayan we fucked.That is until Father’s Day last year when she insisted on joining her mother sucking my cock – they took it in turns at first, then both together sliding their hot lips up and down my erection.Angela cradled my balls in one hand, pressing her daughter’s head down the shaft with the other, then showing Debbie how to swap places.Finally I couldn’t hold back any longer – fortunately Angela was sucking – the sperm erupting into her voracious mouth, then swapping it with Debbie, who smeared it onto her nipples.”Can we fuck now, daddy – look, my breasts are starting to grow with your cum”.”Not yet baby – perhaps next year when you have pubic hair”.And here we are – only a year later – smearing marmalade between her delicious hot cheeks and eating her out, while Angela takes another mouthful of orange juice to blow my cock.”Please daddy – make me cum – I’m so close”.Did I fuck her?You decide.

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