Emma Watson’s African Adventure

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Emma Watson’s African Adventure
Emma loved the feeling of the African sun pouring down on her topless body as she suntanned on the back of their fifty foot yacht! There were only a few men on board: Jack, her guide, the yacht Captain, and two ship hands. Emma was pretty sure they were either sleeping or busy taking care of the yacht.

Emma was being careful to not sunburn her titties! So she had put a liberal amount of SPF 30 sun block on her white tits! She wasn’t out to get them tanned, she just loved the heat of the sun on them.

Emma was glad that she made this trip up the Congo River! She loved the many a****ls she had seen. As they continued upriver, the villages that lined the river had decreased in number. They hadn’t seen any natives for the last couple days. Her Guide (Franklin) assured her there were villages hidden behind the river foliage though. Franklin had warned her against leaving the yacht for any reason! Apparently some of the tribes made a living by k**naping white people and selling them for ransom.

When they approached the river banks closer than thirty feet, Franklin was always on deck behind a makeshift steel blind with his rifle and pistol at the ready. Today the river was wide and deep so Emma was unconcerned about the native threat.

Emma had just started reading Fifty Shades of Grey. She had seen the script for the movie, but had passed on playing the female lead! She would have been nude throughout the movie, which was not something she wished to do back then. That’s not to say she was against nudity in future movies, and she certainly was not against BDSM in movies. In fact, it was specifically BDSM that she found herself more and more interested in. This book was the fifth book she had read recently concerning BDSM and submission! Looking back, she found times in her life when she now realized she wanted to be tied up and/or punished for perceived misdeeds.

She had recently broached the topic of being tightly restrained during sex with her current boyfriend Jack. They had been dating for about four months now, so she felt okay about bringing up her more kinky fetishes with him. He had been supportive of her newly revealed likes and dislikes. Only last night, he had surprised her when he handcuffed her wrists together behind her back and spanked her ass lightly, all the time calling her dirty names and eventually play forcing her to suck him off! She had cum several times during their sex adventure!

She was feeling more fond of him after last night. She felt she could trust him to keep her sexual preferences in control. He wouldn’t knowingly go too far with her!

Emma looked down at her body. She was glad her breasts weren’t big and sloppy like some women! Right now they were a full B cup in size, whereas a year ago they were just barely a B cup. She was happy to allow them to grow larger, as she knew men liked big tits! She was also lucky to have small and hard nipples which even now were erect from thinking about her little bondage adventure of last night.

Looking further down her body, she knew men loved her ass! She had only recently began to enjoy being sodomized like so many of her girl friends! In the last few years, she had expanded her sexual likes to sodomy, fellatio, cunnilingus, bondage, submission and occasional lesbian strap ons! While thinking of this list, she began to wonder exactly what she had done before that! Jack participated in as much of that list as possible, and fully supported her needs for her other desires. He was even ok with her having sex with other guys! In short, he was the perfect boy friend! He was handsome, muscular, strong, understanding, creative, and tolerant!

Just this morning Emma had shaved her pussy as clean as a baby’s butt. Jack preferred her that way! While reading the book, Emma began fantasizing about her being completely submissive tonight for him. Anything goes for him tonight! Now that she had made that decision, she was in a constant state of arousal. She didn’t eat much at dinner and found an excuse to retire early to their common stateroom. She took a quick but thorough shower and put on her best makeup job! Then she put on her sexiest nightie!

She moved a chair to the middle of the room, sat on it, and put on her most effective blindfold. Lastly Emma put a sign around her neck that said, “Use me!” Then she waited! It seemed like hours. Twice she heard footsteps coming downstairs, but both times they were false alarms. They were most likely other men coming to their cabins. Eventually, her door opened! One of the crewmen said, “Miss Watson…!” and then his voice stopped mid syllable! Emma heard a few short footsteps on the floor of her cabin, a rough hand mauled her left breast and a thick tongue was shoved into her mouth! She shoved her tongue into his mouth as well! Then as quickly as she had been felt up and kissed, the man was gone.

Emma was pretty sure that Jack would show up in haste. Emma only waited another two minutes or so and Jack walked into the room. “Well well! Emma wants to be used does she? I think that can be arranged. Will you do anything I want? Anything?” Jack asked.

“Yes Master…anything!” Emma answered.

“Very well! Keep the blindfold on tight, and take off the nightie! Under no condition are you to peek from out behind the blindfold!” said Jack. Emma did as she was instructed.

“Ok boys…come on in!” Jack said. “I want you two to fuck Miss Watson good! If she has any objections, then restrain her and just keep on going! She was using really nasty language last night to describe you two, so have no mercy!”

Of course, that was a lie! She hadn’t spoken about the others on the boat at all! Emma couldn’t object though or she would be breaking the rules for tonight!

In her dark world behind the blindfold, Emma felt two men walking in the room. One walked behind her, and the other put one of his legs between Emma’s knees.

Behind her, the first man grabbed two hands full of her medium length hair and held her head still, while the man in front dropped his pants on her feet. Emma knew what was about to happen, and it excited her! They were going to each fuck her mouth!

Emma felt a cock pushing back and forth against her lips. She couldn’t move to avoid what was about to happen to her, and she didn’t want to either. This was only part of what she expected to happen! Suddenly a large cock was shoved in her mouth! She gasped! “Whhuuniff!”

It took only a few seconds and that cock was pumping in and out! Emma’s lips rode open just a bit more than usual as the huge cockhead entered and exited her wet mouth! She loved it! She loved all the variety of cocks she had sucked in the past. She was an avid cock sucker since she was nineteen! Sometimes it seemed as if she couldn’t get enough cock! She loved the smooth cocks, and she loved the hard veined cocks! But her all time favorite cocks were the ones with really large cock heads! And this one may have been the biggest of the big cock heads. She could barely take it in between her lips! Once in her mouth her red lips were stretched tightly until they showed a white ring just outside her lipstick. She could hardly move her tongue!

“Mmpphhh!” Emma grunted. “Mmpphhh!” Emma’s head was being held steady and each grunt came as the man’s cock hit the back of her mouth. Emma was being face fucked hard! Her entire body shook as the cock hit the back of her mouth! In addition to the feeling in her mouth, Emma could feel her tits jiggling about.

After only a few minutes of being face fucked, Emma felt the huge cock start spurting it’s hot jizz into her mouth! Emma was completely unable to swallow it all! Each shot of cum forced her cheeks to swell up and his cum to leak past her lips and down onto her chin and tits!

This attack began so suddenly and finished so soon, that Emma hadn’t had enough time to get sexually aroused! She was just stunned by the entire thing! She found herself naked and covered with cum, but not aroused! Jack quickly removed her blindfold and cardboard sign.

“Well Emma, did you enjoy that? Was his cock big enough? Did you cum? Never mind, I know the answers! The pleasure derived from sex comes ninety percent from the brain, and you didn’t have enough time to get really turned on! Oh sure, you get aroused by contact with your tits, cunt, and mouth. But without having those body parts connected to your brain, for a significant period of time, you simply cannot reach orgasm! Do you feel aroused canlı bahis yet…at all?” Jack asked.

“Yes! A bit. I find myself fantasizing about getting fucked. Especially when you talk about my tits and cunt!” Emma said.

“Yes,” said Jack. And you just gave away the reason for it! You had time to begin fantasizing about sex: using your brain: hearing me saying “tits and cunt!”

“Let’s try a little bit of an experiment! I’ll try to get you hot by stimulating your tits and cunt, while you try to ignore me. Now this will only be a valid test if you concentrate on something else. So, let’s find you a book explaining mathematics. Math ought to get your mind away from sex!” Jack said.

Jack sat her naked back in the same chair with a book explaining basic calculus. “Okay Emma, start reading! Really concentrate on the math.”

About one minute into her reading, Jack squeezed one of her tits and began sucking it also. Then, he put a finger on her clit and began rubbing it back and forth.

After about ten minutes, he stopped. “How was it?” Jack asked?

“I can see your point darling Jack, but I was getting a bit horny there at the last!” said Emma.

“Getting a bit horny” is a far cry from being turned on though. I know you prefer strong, muscular black men with a big cock above all else! While you were sunning yourself today, we hired what I thought your ideal sex partner was likely to be! His name is Djongo, and he loves fucking young white women! Let’s see how you like having sex with him! And before you ask, you have my complete blessing to be fucked senseless by him! As usual, I’ll be filming the entire night that you spend with him!” Jack said.

At Jack’s request, Djongo entered the small room and his eyes opened wide at the vision of the most beautiful young white woman in the world sitting naked on a chair in the center of the room. “I know you from Harry Potter movies. But you are a bit older now. That’s good because I don’t fuck little girls. Jack told me you would do everything I ordered you to do tonight! Is that true?” he asked.

“Yes, I will! This is a night of submission for me. I will submit to your every whim! I am yours for the entire night!” Emma said. In saying this, Emma knew quite well she might be told to do some very kinky things! She had done some very awful things in past submission nights. In the end though it had brought her closer than ever to Jack.

“Very well! I will lay on this bed and you will suck my cock for one full hour. But do not allow me to cum! If I cum, you will have disobeyed me! Do you understand? You will address me as Master all night long. Do you understand?” asked Djongo.
“Yes Master!” Emma had never been told to do this for a man, and she immediately knew it would be a challenge for her. Her cunt was soon wet with anticipation. Probably the longest she had ever taken on a cock without making it explode with jizm was around twenty-five minutes.

Emma got down on her knees and bent towards Djongo. Taking hold of his nicely sized dick, she put it in her mouth. She heard Jack start a stopwatch, as she glanced up at the wall clock. It was 9:13 pm and she started sucking Djongo’s beautiful big black cock! She put her hands behind her back and began fellating him! Her plan was to keep her hands off his cock, because using her hands always seemed to speed up the process.

She slowly began her cock sucking by pushing his cock as far in her mouth as it go and then withdrawing it all the way out until only the tip of it remained in between her lips!

Djongo groaned deep in his throat! “Oooohhh shit your mouth feels wonderful on my cock. In quick action, slurp my cock head in and out of your mouth bitch!”

“Shlurp shlurp shlurp!” Emma did as she was told! “Fuck yes you gorgeous young cock sucker! Don’t stop! That feels so good! ‘Shlurp shlurp shlurp!’ When did you give your first blow job? Was it given to one of your actor friends! I’ll bet it was! Or maybe it was given to a Director so you could get a good part in a movie! Have you ever taken money for a blowjob? What a whore you are!”

“Shlurp shlurp shlurp! Shlurp shlurp shlurp!” Emma gave him six more quick slurps and then took his cock out of her mouth to answer him.

“My first blowjob ever was given to an actor you’ve never heard of! In fact, he taught me all the ins and outs of the blowjob! And yes, I have sucked off a Director for a good part, and I once took money for giving head to a guy! So I’m quite experienced at it. In fact all the men in the business say I’m a great little cock sucker! Let me show you!” Emma said.

With that, Emma’s lips and tongue slithered down Djongo’s cock! “Fuck! Oh Fuck! How do you do that?” With his cock half way into her mouth, Emma was moving her tongue all around his cock! Then she used one hand to stroke his cock up and down as she twisted her hand at the same time! She repeated the motions about five times until she suddenly stopped with his cock half way in her mouth.

Emma held his cock there without moving for a few moments before very slowly pushing her face down further and further. His cockhead met the back of her mouth, when she continued forcing it into her throat, swallowing as she began deep throating his rock hard cock! She only paused when her chin mashed against his hairy black ball sack! All nine inches of his cock were engulfed in her mouth and throat!

“Glooaaack! Graub! Hhuummph!” sounds came from her throat as she gagged on his over sized cock! Emma moved her head off three inches of his cock and then shoved her face back down on his cock again! His cockhead reached the back of her throat and then she shoved it into her throat again. Emma loved doing this for her sex partners! Even though there was a chance he might cum directly into her guts!

Djongo’s cock was then completely out of her mouth and Emma said, “Did you like being deep throated! I had to stop or you might have cum too soon! After all, you commanded me to suck your big black cock for a full hour before allowing you to cum, and we still have a while to go!”

“Yes…yes your throat was wonderful on my cock! Quit talking now and put my cock back in your mouth!” Djongo said.

Emma did as he ordered! Her mouth engulfed his cock. “Emma! Get up on the bed now and swing your body around so your wonderful cunt is in my face! I want to eat you out now! I think that will inspire you to suck my cock even more fiercely! Come on! Let’s sixty-nine each other!”

Emma was thrilled at the prospect of being eaten out! Her heart began pounding even faster than before as she flung one knee passed his head and her cunt was only inches from his mouth! She soon felt his tongue flicking back and forth on her clit! It was like being manipulated by a very large snake! She was in heaven! And he was right! She started doing her best at sucking his cock!

She braced herself with one hand and grabbed his cock with the other! Soon she was bobbing her head up and down on his cock and stroking it. Then she paused with just his cockhead in her mouth and, “Shlurp shlurp shlurp! Shlurp shlurp shlurp! Shlurp shlurp shlurp! Shlurp shlurp shlurp!” she sucked him in and out of her mouth.

“Oh God, don’t stop what you are doing! I’m going to cum in you mouth!” he said.

Emma stopped though and said, “I have to stop because you told me to suck your cock for a full hour!”

“Fuck! Oh shit! I take it back! I want you to make me cum now! Go back to how you were working my cock! Please!” Djongo said.

Always wanting to follow his directions, Emma complied! “Shlurp shlurp shlurp! Shlurp shlurp shlurp! Shlurp shlurp shlurp! Shlurp shlurp shlurp! Shlurp shlurp shlurp! Shlurp shlurp shlurp! Shlurp shlurp shlurp! Shlurp shlurp shlurp!”

“Oh fuck! Here I cum! My balls are so full for you! Press your cunt down on my mouth and I’ll make you cum also! Oh shit! I’m cumming now!” he said.

“Wow!” thought Emma! “My mouth is full. I better swallow all of it!” But try as she might, some of his thick white cum escaped her lips and ran down her chin! “Yes…fuck my pretty little mouth! God his cum tastes good!”

Removing his still spirting cock from her mouth, Emma stroked it and was rewarded with several additional shots of his cum directly on her face, with one thick rope going directly into her open eye.

“Fuck yes, you big bull! Plaster my pretty little face with your cum!” she said. “Don’t stop eating me out too! Lick my cunt and make me cum! That’s the way, you black bull! I’m gonna cum now! Yes! YYeesss I’m cumming perabet on your tongue! Fuck yes! That’s how to do it! Aaaaahhhhh! Fuucckkk!” Emma pushed her cunt down onto Djongo’s face and wriggled it against him.

When Emma finally finished cumming, they both lay on the bed, eyes closed, with one of her arms d****d across his massive chest. They were both exhausted from their orgasms and they slept for 30 minutes.

Emma woke first. Looking down at his perfect black cock, she couldn’t help herself: she reached down and began slowly stroking it! In just a few strokes, it was hard again! So she positioned her still wet cunt directly over it and lowered herself down until his beefy cockhead touched her cervix! God it felt good!

In just a few strokes into her cunt, Djongo was awake and holding her hips. Together they worked to pump his huge black dick in and out of her fully expanded vagina. Emma could only imagine if this felt the same as giving birth! Looking down, Emma could see a large bulge inside her whenever his cock was fully inserted!

“Fuck me baby! Fuck me deep and fast! Make my titties whirl around and round with each stroke! Faster you fucker! Show me no mercy! I want it all! Make me take it all! I love your cock baby! I love it!” said Emma.

With a lurch, Djongo had her on her hands and knees and he was really fucking her hard and fast! “Is that how you like it cock sucker? Your cunt is still slick from before! Take all my cock!”

“Pull my hair baby! Pull it hard!” she begged.

With one hand he grabbed a big fistful of her long blonde hair! He pulled hard on it jerking her head back! Now Emma could only see the ceiling! With her head back, her tits were prominent! Each stroke of his cock set them to jiggling!

Emma’s body was perfectly on display during her doggy style fucking! She felt so degraded: so helpless! She loved it! Emma put two fingers inside her vagina to stimulate his cock even more!

“Oh boy! Oh! Fuck that pussy! Yeah fuck that wet pussy!” Emma said.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh fuck that wet pussy! Mmmmm yeah! Mmmm oh God yeah! Fuck that wet pussy!” she urged.

“ Yeah! Fuck that pussy! Fuck that hot wet cunt! My fucking cunt is so fucking tight! Oh yeah! Fuck it! Fucking white cunt!” she said.

“Oh yeah fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck me! Fuck it with your huge fucking black dick!” Emma said.

“Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck it! Fuck! Oh yeah baby! Yeah! Oh God it’s so fucking hard!” she said.

All the time he was pounding his cock in and out of her doggy style! He continued to pull her hair and pound his cock into her. They continued this hard and fast fucking for a solid thirty minutes!

“That’s the way! Bounce your balls off my clit!” she said.

It was quite warm in the cabin and they were both sweating. “Ok bitch! Here cums another load for you! Turn around and stroke my cock so I cum in your face! I always wanted to cover your prissy little British face with my cum! Now! Now take it all! Here it cums you cunt!” said Djongo.

Emma turned around 180§ and started jerking his big cock into her face! Just two minutes later her face was covered in his cum! Emma loved it!

“Shit that was fun!” Emma admitted.

“How many times did you cum, baby?” asked Djongo.

“I don’t know! I was on the verge of passing out from all the orgasms I had! Let’s just say my clit is well worked over!” Emma said.

“Well, go to sleep! You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had, and I’m exhausted!” said Djongo.

“If you ever want a repeat performance, find me and I’m yours!” Emma said.

Emma slept in until almost noon that morning. She finally woke to the pleasant humming of the yacht’s engine.

“Well…no shit! She’s awake! Did you have fun last night?” asked Jack.

“You have no idea! Thanks Jack for the entire night! My pussy is still tired!” Emma said.

“So, what’s on the agenda for today?” Emma asked.

“I thought we would change things up for a bit! Fancy a walk? The river takes a big loop today, and we have a chance to meet it later today if we take a walk across through the jungle. Franklin believes this section of the jungle is safe if we go with just him, me, and you.” said Jack.

“Okay sure. That sounds pretty good. I’ll just take a shower and I’ll be ready to go.” said Emma.

Emma came up onto the deck wearing long pants and a long sleeve shirt. It was unwise to go through the jungle with too much skin exposed. You never know what you might brush up against. Calf high boots completed her precautions. She really hated snakes! Of course a wide brimmed hat was a must!

She wore no scents of any kind. No sense in advertising her presence.

Jack and Franklin were already on deck waiting for her. “Are we ready to go then Boys?”

The three of them got in the small boat and they were taken to the edge of the river. Emma felt a bit vulnerable as the small boat motored back to the yacht. But, after all, they had been assured this was the safest part of the land, and the yacht was becoming very boring! The three of them turned east with Franklin in the lead, Emma in the middle, and Jack in the rear. Both men carried high powered rifles and they were both very confident!

Emma had an expensive camera which could take thousands of photos, and about 12 hours of high definition video. The camera kept Emma busy. She took large format photos of flowers and every a****l they saw, including bugs. They walked leisurely towards the rendezvous point. After about two hours, they stopped on the side of a small rise.

Emma turned to face Jack and Emma heard a sound like a windbag being suddenly emptied. A look of fear came on Jack’s face. Emma looked back to see Franklin with a long spear tip protruding from his chest! His blood was everywhere!

“Down Emma! Get down!” then he dropped his rifle on the ground next to him. They were facing fifteen large black men holding identical spears pointed at them!
“Fuck…they murdered Franklin!” he said. Both of them put their arms up in a posture of surrender. Soon they had Franklin hanging from a two man pole, with one man lifting the end of the pole.

“Shit Emma! They’re cannibals, or they would have left his body to be eaten by the local wildlife! Say nothing. Franklin’s dead body may be enough for them for a while and we can buy our way out of here!” Jack said. The murdering savages tied Jack’s wrists together behind his body. Emma got the same treatment!

Soon they were being marched down the trail in single file with Franklin’s body in the center, then Emma, and then Jack, and finally five of the black men bringing up the rear.

Emma noticed they were all wearing just loin cloths, and they were quite full of what she imagined were large cocks and balls! Even at this time, Emma couldn’t help but notice how well endowed they were! The loin cloth of the savage behind her was a bit loose and at one time she saw a set of massive balls and a big cock.

It took about an hour for them to march to their small village. When they arrived, the savage behind her was taken aside and slapped hard by one of the black women. Looking at them, Emma noticed his cock was hard and sticking straight out in front of him. He must have been dreaming of Emma’s swaying ass cheeks as they walked together. Maybe she could fuck her way out of her predicament! As offensive as that sounded to her, she would do it if it kept her alive!

Emma saw two large stakes set in the ground, and Jack and Emma were soon tied to them! Jack’s hands were behind his stake, while Emma’s hands were tied above her head. Franklin’s dead body was kept off the ground. Three husky natives were carrying a very large black pot on a metal grate. It was taken somewhere behind their backs. Franklin’s body followed the black pot and Emma never saw him again.

Three savages began poking and feeling every part of Emma and Jack’s bodies. Naturally they paid a lot more attention to Emma’s body, and it was clear they were sizing her up for some kind of sexual adventure.

Now was the time for Emma to show her willingness to fuck all of them! When one of the well endowed men touched her breasts, Emma pushed her chest out to meet his disgusting advances! She closed her eyes and began to act as if she wanted his touching to continue. Emma saw his eyes open wider and a slight smile came to his face. He turned to the other two men and said something in a foreign tongue. They looked into Emma eyes and then seemed to believe what the first man side. Immediately they lifted her up enough that her arms were freed from the perabet giriş metal hook on which they were hanging.

Emma didn’t touch the ground until the four of them were inside one of the dank huts. While two of the men stood at the entryway, the third untied her bonds. The first man motioned towards Emma in a telling way. It told Emma she should take her clothes off and drop to her knees. Emma did exactly that! Now completely nude and on her knees, she reached for his loin cloth and removed it, exposing his fat set of balls and quickly hardening cock! Looking up, his eyes and his wicked smile told her everything she needed to know! This would have to be the blowjob of her lifetime!

Emma first cupped his big balls in her two hands and hefted them. They were heavy with all the cum she knew they held! It would take a really good working over of his cock to fill up his prostate so she could enjoy the fruits of his nut sack! She decided to call this guy Mano!

Mano’s cock was a solid nine inches long and of perfect girth. Emma felt she could deep throat him, fitting a goodly portion of it into her throat. She felt she had to surprise him, so she opened her mouth wide and swallowed all his cock in one long push! It had the desired effect! With his balls resting on her chin, he looked down and saw his entire cock had vanished into her mouth!

Emma went the extra mile by sticking her tongue out over her lower teeth and she began licking his ball sack! With one hand she began rolling his balls around and pushing lightly against her chin. “Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm!” Emma hummed deep in her throat! “Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm!” she continued with her deep throat hum job.

Mano couldn’t believe what she was doing! This white bitch went way beyond anything he had ever felt from the women of the tribe!

Emma pulled his cock out of her throat and gasped for breath! “Ahuh ahuh” she sucked air into her lungs, and then she forced his cock back down and, “Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm!” Emma restarted the deep hum job she was giving Mano. “Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm!” she went on.

Wanting to work on his cock, she pulled her face off it so she could go up and down on it while twisting her small white fist around and around. All the while, Emma had her beautiful brown eyes locked on Mano’s eyes! She knew how good a blowjob she was giving when his eyes closed and he put both his hands on either side of her head and began guiding her mouth where he wanted it to go! She took the hint when he pulled her head towards him.

Emma swallowed his cock again and pushed her head up and down so his cock went in and out just past the opening to her throat! The opening to her throat was slightly more narrow, so that his cock head got extra stimulation. Emma was giving him the best blow job he ever had!

Emma swallowed his cock again and then “Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm!” she went on. While she was concentrating on Mano’s cock, she felt two hands cupping her perfect tits from behind. One of the other black bulls had decided to get in on the action! He was squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples!

Emma felt him get on his knees behind her. Wanting him to be well pleased, Emma reached back and found his rock hard cock. He was guiding it into her soaking wet pussy! With a few deep thrusts, his cock became wet from her juices! Emma pulled it from her cunt and put the end of it at her asshole and pulled him into her ass! He grunted in surprise but he was soon pumping his cock in and out of her asses with wild abandon!

Emma was being spit roasted with one cock in her ass and another in her throat! Her ass was high in the air until she felt the third man moving under her. Then Mano knelt down in front of her and the third bull’s cock found it’s way into her cunt! Her ass and her cunt took the two new cocks like swizzle sticks! Emma no longer could control what was happening! She was being thunder fucked! She was air tight!

At one point, Mano and the third man switched places so she had a different cock to suck! His cock was slightly smaller than Mano’s cock, so it slid down her throat easily. Then, “Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm!” Emma continued! Once again she looked up into the eyes of a black man who was receiving a hum job from her throat! She felt like a complete slut! But she was determined to fuck her way to freedom.

It was little surprise when Mano began grunting and pumping his cock deeper and deeper and harder into her cunt! Emma had been pumping her hips up and down on the two cocks in her ass and cunt. Then Mano held her cunt down so that his cock was deep in her and she felt the first several shots of his jizz soak the inside of her cunt.

Soon Mano began pumping his big cock hard and fast once more, shooting his cum into her with each thrust! This put Emma over the top also! She began screaming onto the cock in her mouth: screaming her orgasm! “Ahhahahaha! Fuucckk meeee! Fuck fuck fuck meee! Ahhahahaha! Fuucckk meeee forever!”

This melee continued for another two hours, with Emma being fucked by all of them in turn. Even the man who began by fucking her ass was accommodated! When the four of them were done, Emma was tied with her hands behind her back against one of the walls.

Eventually the sounds from outside the hut calmed. Dinner and story telling must have finished for the night, but Emma was still awake. She had been sodomized by three large black cocks and her ass was sore!

Suddenly a large fat old man entered the hut. Followed by the first man she had given a blow job to. They stood there talking in low tones. Emma was hoping he had told the old black geezer about her oral skills and this would be the final trial for her release.

Mano seemed to be bragging about her to the geezer. Soon Mano reached down to Emma and undid the ropes holding her to the hut. He began talking to her and gesturing at the geezer! He rubbed her throat and made a humming sound. Nodding yes, Emma got up on her knees in front of the old guy. Reaching towards his loin cloth, she quickly undid it. Out came the longest cock she had ever seen! It was maybe 17 inches long and the same thickness as Mano’s cock. Mano began gesturing for her to suck it! She did!

Emma sucked the first four inches into her wet mouth while stroking the entire length. The geezer smiled a big grin. Emma was completely disgusted to be sucking geezer cock! Sucking off the first three young men had been a pleasure in comparison, but this was the oldest cock she had ever had in her mouth. Believing it was important for her to do her very best though, inspired her. Finally the 17 inch monster was rock hard and she took a deep breath and forced the full length of it into her throat! “Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm!” Emma gave him a hum job! Then removing it from her throat for several minutes, she took several deep breaths and forced her face back down on it, “Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm!”

The geezer knelt on the ground and Mano knelt behind her! With one hard push, Emma felt Mano’s cock go into her ass for the second time that night. By now she had learned to enjoy being butt fucked!

Mano didn’t last long though! After about five minutes of being spit roasted, Mano pulled his cock out of her ass and sent thick ropes of cum lacing on her back. Just as Mano finished, the geezer also began cumming in her throat and straight into her stomach! Their was no need for her to swallow. Emma’s eyes opened wide, staring directly into his face. Once the geezer finished, he pulled his cock from her mouth, trailing a long bit of his cum which he wiped on her lips!
Shit, she felt used!

Just then, an angry looking woman entered the hut and tossed Emma her clothes, boots, and hat and said something nasty sounding to her. She was slapped across the face by the geezer!

Mano motioned to Emma to get dressed and go! She was being released. And even better, Jack was waiting outside for her. Even though it was pitch black at night, Jack and Emma hurried away from the village. The two of them had been saved by Emma’s sexual powers. But Franklin was never seen again!

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