Eileen 3

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Eileen 3.. Part 3 of my adventure with MILF EileenWe dozed off in a sweet satisfied slumber, the next thing I knew was feeling her lips on my cock, coaxing me back to the world from a dead sleep, I opened my eyes and the room was lite from the day coming into full, I glanced at the clock and saw it was a little after 6 am, I saw beautiful Eileen taking my aroused cock deep into her mouth, it felt so good, I told it wasn’t fair that she was enjoying me and suggested she spin around and plant her sweet pussy on my face, she never removed me from her lips but spun and straddled my head so I could have access to her sweet hairy pussy, mmmm she tasted good, some of our evening pleasures were still clinging to her pussy lips, and this added to the flavor for this morning, we orally pleasured each other till we were on the brink of cumming, she quickly pulled off my cock and her pussy from my lips and slid down and rammed my now hard cock balls deep in her pussy, we ground our hips together and soon she was aydın escort cumming and spilling her juices over my balls as I too shot my load deep into her once again, the she sagged down and we hugged and kissed as she said “good morning stud” I said “and a good morning to you beautiful” we snuggled there for about a half an hour, cooing and humming feeling so relaxed in one another s arms, Finally I told her I had get ready to go as I had some work to get done. We got up and I asked if she minded that I use her shower to cleanup a little, she said as long as I dont mind sharing the hot water, We climbed into the shower and got the water hot, we soaped each other up taking our time in all the right places, soon I was “washing” her pussy and she got all hot and bothered and soon was weak kneed from another orgasm, and slid down the shower wall, this put my now hard cock even with her face, then took me into her hot mouth again, she told she would not let me go till I fed her a high protein breakfast, escort aydın after what seemed an eternity, but was in reality about 5 minutes she had me emptying my balls into her waiting mouth, she swallowed my whole load with a smile, We rinsed off and got dressed for the day me in my street cloths and her in her slinky thigh length robe, as we sat over a cup of coffee she told me she never had a man eat her after he had cum inside her, she thought this was awesome, I told her that men expect women to suck their cocks clean after the have fucked them so why not the reverse. this brought a smile to her sweet face. We talked about another go around in the near future like in a week or so, We checked our work schedules and decided that a mid week adventure in about 10 days would be great.During the few days we corresponded with copious amounts of sexual references applied that kept us both on pins and needles. One day she texted me and asked me what I knew about anal sex, had I ever thought aydın escort bayan about it had I ever done it, I replied to her that I think about it all the time but the partner needs to be on board and semi comfortable with it also, Why do you ask, she said she had talked to a few coworkers (women) and a couple had said they got great satisfaction of performing this act of total surrender to their men, she had never done this, her abusive hubby tried to coerce her into it a couple of times but she refused to even let him close to her most sacred hole.I let her know that I would be happy to show her how it should be done that would cause limited pain and discomfort especially for her first time is that is what she was asking. She told me she wanted to give it a try but wanted me to ensure her that I would stop if asked. I told her that on our nest interlude I would bring all the necessary items to make this a wonderful experience for the both of us. This conversation had me so aroused that I had to take a break and go to the mens rooms to relieve the pressure, I set my phone to record and sent it to Eileen, I got some of those devil and big emogie smiley faces in returnPart 4 cumming soon, cant finish today as duty calls (real job)

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